Six ways to improve brain function

6 ways to improve brain function

Our brain - a complex system with unlimited potential that we can use only a few percent. Due to impulses coming from neurons that make up the brain controlled the body's activities. Under the influence of various exogenous and endogenous factors the activity of the brain can be oppressed, leading to disruption of short-term and long-term memory, attention and mental activity. These changes in brain cognitive functions can be a manifestation of a variety of neurological syndromes and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.

According to the WHO, only from dementia worldwide suffer 34.7 million people, and there is a tendency to increase the number of people suffering illness data.

Due to the urgency of this problem, scientists from different countries have developed different methods buy adderall online of investigation, treatment and prevention of cognitive disorders of the brain, with particular attention paid to optimizing the functioning of the brain and improve cognitive function.

The main methods of improving brain function are:

Proper diet food, supersaturated with trans fats and triglycerides, increases in cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein, which leads to atherosclerosis and occlusion of cerebral arteries of plaque. Such a poor diet leads to a decrease in oxygenation of the cerebral cortex and inhibits the activity of neurons that play a leading role in the processes of thinking, learning and memory.

Eating healthy, balanced diet, rich in trace elements, essential fatty acids Omega-3, improves the performance of neurons and their synapses.

The main products that improve brain function:

Intellectual Activity

Research scientists from Stanford University suggests that people who are engaged in intellectual work constant, much less at risk of developing cognitive impairment and dementia. To improve the functioning of the brain need to regularly reading books, solving puzzles and logic problems.

Social Activity

In order to maintain brain activity on our toes, neurologists advised to visit various clubs, exhibitions, galleries, discuss on various topics, and to communicate with others.

Physical activity and recreation

Lots of studies conducted in 2010 showed that children aged 8-12 years are engaged in sports and lead an active lifestyle, better developed hippocampus - part of the brain responsible for different types of memory.

Through physical exercise improves cerebral blood flow, which has beneficial effects on blood vessels and neurons in the brain, thus improving memory, concentration and spatial orientation.

Systematic training of attention and memory

To train memory and attention, you can use the method of association, memorization of any material and repeat it at regular intervals. Also it has a positive effect reading, logic games, learning musical instruments.

There is a simple exercise to improve memory:

American science journalist Dan Hurley developed jointly with neurobiologists special online software for intelligent Lumosity training. Games that are included in the Lumosity, allow a person to develop the focus, to train cognitive functions, and abstract thinking.


As in a dream place the most important brain vital processes (information processing, obtained during wakefulness, the transfer of short-term memory into long-term), the body just need to rest for at least 7 hours. If the person is asleep in less than 7 hours hours then it sets the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, leading to deterioration of memory and attention to the regulation of the whole organism.