Seven ways to cope with anxiety

7 ways to cope with anxiety

"What will happen?" "I think I can not do it", "I worry that he will not like me because..." Anxiety - that often prevents live peacefully and fully. With it you can handle, experts say. Even if it has already become chronic.

If normal anxiety turned into a chronic, then it automatically becomes the leitmotif of your life. And does not disappear even when the leaves off of a buy alprazolam online stressful situation, which forced to start worrying. Chronic anxiety is harmful in that it merely prevents a person live. He suffers from the emotional side, there is little that brings joy in life and gradually start to break relations with colleagues, friends and even loved ones.

Anxious people are often not in a position to be disciplined, neat, begins an affair and does not complete it by the target date. Such people avoid public speaking, corporate parties, dinners with colleagues. The sense of alarm always goes in tandem with an inferiority complex. Anxiety is normal - it is property of the person to respond to upset someone's criticism, afraid of this or that have not yet occurred event. If this does not get stuck, then this behavior is typical of almost all people. But if such reactions occur frequently, you need to work on them to change some of their views. And if to address chronic anxiety in addition to independent work on a need to help the therapist and even the use of drugs, the usual anxiety lends itself to self-correction. We must learn to govern themselves - this is the main motto.

The main "key" to relieve anxiety seven

1. If there is a temptation to run away aimlessly, scoring work - you can not do this in any case. More than that - it is necessary to set a goal in itself and that any cost to achieve it. Career achievements are necessary to improve self-esteem and support.

2. Locate the two types of activities outside of work. Some days, click to load yourself useful physical activity, and others - to relax. For example, join a pool, dancing, aerobics, the gym. Or loans of active volunteering. This is the first case. For relaxation may also be useful yoga exercises, breathing practices. Try to leave on the nature or a walk in the park, forest. Condition: deliberately not thinking about that disturbs. Because only in more or less rested and soothed state man is able to think constructively, to look at the world with clear eyes and make the right decisions for ourselves.

3. Learn to notice the happy moments of his life, added to the success of even the cleaning on your own desktop. Change cautious, anxious thoughts and reactions to peaceful and joyful. Also, do not pass by and others' victories. Congratulations to all, sincerely rejoice for the people. This will give you strength and respect.

4. If you do not get even, force yourself to smile at strangers in public transport, shops, on the street. It may be fleeting or non-binding smile, but it will bring pleasure to you and to whom was addressed. This exercise helps to realize that even if such a "trifle" as a smile, many respond in kind, and become helpful, it means that the world is not so terrible and serious reasons to worry very little.

5. If there is an alarming situation in your personal life or at work, which takes away your strength, try to switch to something else and dedicate this case a certain time, connecting most of its energy. For example, enjoy a health, beauty. Surely you've been putting off your visit, let your dentist or the hairdresser. Outline a schedule of visits, select the desired amount from the budget, and - go ahead!

6. From alcohol should be abandoned for a while. Or use it in small doses. Because it just seems that it relieves anxiety. Temporarily it may be so. But after going to get worse - from the realization that you're back to reality. That's why most alcoholics and drug addicts - internally extremely anxious people. So do not play with fire.

7. If you have a friend, a friend, a man whom you trust, talk about their worries. The realization that, in spite of your problems, the closest person accepts you for who you are, to help cope with anxiety disorder. It is possible that you will need to turn to a therapist, psychologist for advice.

By the way

According to a study conducted in the United States, almost half of working Americans feel constant stress and anxiety. About a quarter to cope with stress, nervousness, insomnia, etc., have taken drugs. Despite this, only 9% of working Americans have been officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. In the US, anxiety disorder is the most common psychiatric illness.

It is interesting

When a person is in a state of anxiety, his breathing is often shallow, making the body there is a lack of oxygen. As a result, people become even more depressed. And then from anxiety to depression far. Coping with respiratory failure will help special exercise.

It is necessary to take a deep breath and hold your breath as long as possible. At this point consciousness switches to the not to miss a moment of inspiration, unknowingly hangs threat to life. The problems at the time of fade into the background. This moment - your winnings. Use it to get out of the direct effects of stress. To this end, during exhalation completely relax your muscles, while inhaling just lean back. During the subsequent exhalation, lean forward, exhaling slowly flowing portions.

Question topic

"Maybe I should get a divorce?"

Our marriage two years and do not remember that last week and we have no quarrel. My husband always grumbles and for any reason, and I go at it on occasion and conflict. Tired! He seems, too. Feelings have cooled down, we rarely even hug each other. I do not know what to do. Maybe get a divorce? Or perhaps improve the situation?

The first thing I would like to understand the nature of nagging your spouse. From experience I know that just displeasure at the person does not appear. After all, if your spouse behaves so from the first days of living together, it means that he had to demonstrate these features of his character before marriage. And here is a question for you: is it you do not want to notice it? But to return to her husband. Apparently, among you there is a warm emotional contact and trust that must exist in a happy family. But in your power to install them. Just be aware that it is not one day, and perhaps months. Just like that, "from the sky" good relations not "fall". They need to build and grow, as if you were raised a beautiful tree after getting the seed in the ground. And it's not easy. You and your husband are expecting from each other a certain ideal behavior, the model of which every one of you came up with himself. Forget the insults, sit down and talk with her husband confided that he wants from your relationship than he was unhappy that you feel when you hear his criticisms or comments. Maybe he needs more manifestation of love and understanding to her. Perhaps limps intimate side of your relationship. Do not be afraid, take the responsibility. And only when you say to yourself: "I did everything I could, but it did not work", you will be nothing left to do, how to file for divorce. But according to the letter, you are not ready to so act toward her husband.