Prostatitis and erection every reason to virility influence

Prostatitis and erection: the causes of all the male power of influence

BPH or prostatitis - inflammation is occurring in the structure of the prostate (prostatic cancer). We have several forms of prostatitis, as in all diseases. Prostatitis and erections are closely linked, if you run a disease, buy viagra online the intimate life issues provided.

They are quite traditional:


There are two basic groups of factors of prostatitis. There are external and internal factors.

External factors: the impact of harmful bacteria; infection viral infections.

Internal factors: some features of the structure of the prostate; blood circulation in the prostate violated (refers to persons suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids, diseases of the colon).

There are also factors that have, provide fertile ground for the emergence of prostatitis:

- chronic diseases (not installed on time or uncured 100 percent infection:

- tonsillitis, sinusitis, dental caries, etc.);

- sex life is conducted regularly; exchange processes are violated or there are some hormonal disorders;

- groin subjected to mechanical stress, was injured;

- groin exposed to the damaging effects of low temperatures;

- person moves little, leads mostly sedentary lifestyle;

- People drink alcohol in excess of the recommended norm.

Prostatitis, provoked by the action of bacteria, has a rather sharp form and carrying heavy. The most dangerous bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas coli, chlamydia and others.

What are the causes of impotence

Often erectile dysfunction prostatitis occurs as a result of the transition of the disease in the acute form, but the causes of the onset of impotence is not a prostatitis. The main culprits of impotence - psychology and physical condition. Suffering from severe prostatitis man forced to endure acute pain that can affect the mental state. Pain leads to anxiety disorders and depression, which ultimately affects the impact on potency.

Pain in the epididymis and prostate cause discomfort during erection and during intercourse. As a consequence - the development of erectile dysfunction.

How to treat impotence

If impotence arose because of prostatitis - it is treatable. The process of recovery of erectile dysfunction include ridding the body from infection - the originator of prostatitis, eliminating blockages in the gland. When medication is completed, the pain in the prostate area will also be removed, and then returns to normal and the psychological condition of the patient.

The treatment process

Treatment of any of the diseases with the diagnosis begins. If we are talking about the problems in the genitourinary system, which are the cause of the disease, the first thing you want to deliver the semen for analysis. The doctor will examine the semen analysis and assess the level of cross-system bodies. Also, if there is a need for this patient by urologist-held ultrasound androloga recommendation procedure penis, scrotum and possibly abdomen. Prostatitis among patients urologist - one of the most popular diagnoses. The disease is eliminated by injections into the area of ​​the prostate gland, receiving homeopathy, antibiotic agents, drug therapy.

When given a set of procedures has completed its task and eliminate the infection and blockage, the patient does not simply lose the sensation of pain and discomfort that has become habitual for him during sexual intercourse. Additionally, recover quickly erection morning libido, ejaculation will become stronger.

The potency after treatment

Some of the patients who were able to get rid of prostatitis, still complain about the lack of erection and do not know how to restore potency. This indicates that a person is experiencing is not the physical and psychological problems and in need of correction of its neuropsychiatric condition.

You can also give an explanation of practicing urologists, who believe that the absence of an erection and prostate in no way related. Many doctors believe that the problem lies elsewhere. A man may experience similar difficulties in connection with the improper functioning of blood vessels, due to the effects of diabetes, renal failure and other diseases associated with these bodies, mechanical injuries.

The main symptoms of adenoma - pain, decreased body tone, difficulty during urination. But, in fairness, it should be noted that is rather difficult to find out the true cause of sexual dysfunction. To determine the exact cause, you need to apply the methods and Doppler kavrnozografii.

How are prostatitis and potency?

To answer this question, we must understand what value is the prostate in achieving an erection. In the chronic form contributes to scarring of the prostate gland. This type of tumors is the consequence of severe prostatitis.

Formed prevent scarring receptors respond to pulses of the cerebral cortex. Another argument, saying the relationship prostatitis and erection - a new theory of scientists that the prostate can produce their own testosterone.

However, this theory does not yet have the evidence base, but one thing is certain - Prostate converts testosterone into another form, more active. The scientific name of this form - five-alpha-dihydrotestosterone. Thus, we can say - violations of the prostate have a direct impact on the quality of the sexual life of men.

Prostatitis and libido

Libido - unconditional reflex, he laid in the human at birth by nature itself, and in the future reflex becomes active under the influence of environmental factors. Find out what happened initially: inflamed prostate due to regression of natural sexual desire or libido decreased level of the prostate - is difficult. One of the causes of the disease is the absence of sexual contacts.

The lack of such contact can, in turn, have two reasons:

- for health reasons;

- because no desire.

In any of these reasons, the problem starts with the slow movement of blood in the pelvic area - a medical fact. Stagnation leads to inflammation of the prostate aseptic form and ultimately - to erectile dysfunction. Moreover, long-term lack of treatment leads to impotence - onset of irreversible form of erectile dysfunction.

Prostatitis - is, above all, the inflammatory process. Inflammation of the prostate leads to abnormalities in the body systems, the sensation of pain in the genital area. Especially sharp pain in the excitation and ejaculation. Orgasmic sensations at the same time, may be violated - they will not be clear. The picture for the patient experiences will be lubricated - from blurry to disease. Troubles of this kind constitute a serious blow to the psychological state of man. Saturation of the body is reduced androgenic quickly, harshly.