How would you guys tackle a huge story?

How would you guys tackle a huge story?


Personally, I would have all three main characters in the same novel but different stories. Each chapter should have (but doesn't have to be) the main character's name at the top. The stories flow, the characters are their own, maybe they meet and separate on the way to the big finale. The only problem I find is naming the characters. You don't want names too similar, or secondary character in separate stories confused with another. Also, if you're planning on three separate novels for the characters, your audience might not stick around. If they fall in love with the main character in your first book and learn he/she isn't in the second, they might not bother reading it. It might feel like a chore, especially if they have to read another two before the climax. Have you looked at Game of Thrones? All main characters are pretty much introduced at the beginning, then they all branch off - but are brought together by fate/destiny/coincidence towards the end. (If they haven't been killed in some way.)


Okay, my best advice?? Get a big sheet of paper, or a roll of big paper. Literally draw out the LITERAL plotLINES on the paper. Get a visual sense of everyone and everything going on. Leave enough space that you can fill in plot/character/worldbuilding notes throughout it, leave notes for yourself such as "Drop X hint here". If it's too cluttered in your mind or on a google document - spread that shit out. Draw the map of your story (in pencil of course) and it'll make a lot more sense. When you write massive stories, you have to be more of an architect.