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The high road may take longer, but the finish is much sweeter.


Yep. He's already a better President than Trump could ever be.


Ok but Trump has always been a POS so the comparison bar is incredibly low, few could ever get down to Trumps sewer level


President** Trump never got close. *lost the popular vote, Russia stole the electoral college for him **impeached


Corrupted the US Government and sold out our democracy for personal gain


Well except for the ACA Trump dismantled Obama’s legacy. I wonder how he feels about that.


Not really. He hasn’t been able to legislate much at all and did most of the dismantling by Executive Order, which can be immediately undone by the next President.


Fairly blithe point of view. Sitting here in DC, I’m telling you the damage done to federal agencies, judiciary is unmeasurable & irreparable.


And the large loss on the world stage. Obama had the TPP carefully crafted to curtail Chinese power. Trump left that, essentially giving China economic power over Asia. And that's just the one example . . .


He also gave Syria to Russia and Assad, abandonded the Kurds, hastened the return of ISIS, assassinated an Iranian general for no fucking reason, and got over 100 American soldiers traumatic brain injuries and laughed it off, among others.


and let's not forget that he MOCKED a handicapped man on TV, put children in cages, and spirited many of them off in the middle of the night, never to be returned to their families--this friend of Jeffrey Epstein.


Oh yeah, and also he cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and is trying to raid social security funds to pay for it, and he raised the national debt at a rate faster than Obama's 8 years, and he and his family have been illegally profiting off the Presidency by funneling taxpayer money into his own properties with raised rates, and he let MBS murder and dismember a journalist, and he let Erdogan's secret service beat American protesters with no repercussions, and he regularly gives away American military and intelligence info to Russia, SA, and Israel, and his 2016 campaign also coordinated with Russian intelligence to run an online propganda campaign using stolen DNC emails, and also he obstructed the investigation into said illegality by firing his way through FBI and DOJ leadership, among others.


To emphasize on this: [id suggest this article](https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/12/9/20962980/trump-supreme-court-federal-judges) (it has main sources inside to back up its statements if you consider vox an untrustworthy source) Biggest in my eyes being that he replaced a moderate conservative supreme court judge with a corrupt hardline conservative judge and soon to be giving the judiciary complete veto power over the federal.


Its my understanding that Mitch McConnell is more to blame for refusing to consider judges under a democratic president, (claiming any D elected into office for his second term is immediately a lame duck), then stuffing the federal courts with a litany of corrupt hardline conservatives to protect *Citizens United* and erode civil liberties based of constitutional precedents. [More judges appointed than any other term, or entire presidency, in the history of the nation](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_judges_appointed_by_Donald_Trump) They now own 1/4 of the nations federal courts by lifetime appointment, and its not even election day yet.


The United States have been under the current system of government for 232 years. In that time, our people have endured civil war, economic depression, foreign aggression, terrorism, disease, corruption, cultural upheaval, the burning of the capitol, and Jeff Dunham. Nothing is irreparable, it is only a question of how long will it take, and how much will does it require.


We’re still healing from that last example. It may take all the will of every citizen, but goddamnit I want to be alive the day we are truly repaired from the devastatingly mediocre mainstream puppetry of the 2000s :’(


16 years. In 16 years of steady liberal(DNC) Democratic control of both legislatures and the executive, we'll be roughly recovered from the purges of anybody who cares about their jobs, the shredding of regulations, the granting of corporate fiefdoms, and the infiltration of our agencies and our courts with political cultists. Then we'll be ready to start actually improving on the status quo ante-Trump. To destroy is easier than to repair. To do it any faster you need to find somebody willing to attract enemies, who is willing to game the system by exploiting weaknesses in the (recently relaxed) rules, willing to disrupt power structures. Not a uniter, but a divider; A change agent. The sort of person who'll pack the Supreme Court or invite new states into the union \*just because you can't fucking stop him\*. Somebody willing to regularly fight with the most centrist elements of his own party, and someone who can win, turning them into a regimented, disciplined task force aimed at the goal of repairing and improving the country.


It's on hold until after the election. The bad faith argument the Repugnant party brought before the supreme court to bring back pre existing condition denial abuse will work the second the Manchurian Cheeto cheats his way to the presidency a second time. And then it will take a fucking constitutional amendment to unfuck healthcare in this country. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.


What if he wins again?


If you are worried about that, VOTE!


I was optimistic like many people too, that feels like a long time ago, I was so optimistic that I could have bet my house that trump wasn't going to win, like I said, "I was an optimistic once!" Ps. Before you start lecturing me, let me tell you that I'm already registered to vote


Right there with you! I was 100% certain he wouldn't win, until he did.


Funny thing? Trump's team didn't think he could win. It's been said before that when they did they just kind of looked at each other like "shit... What do we do now? We didn't plan for this!"


Nope. It was gonna be the Trump News Network blasting anti-hillary attacks non stop in between commercials for Trump branded buttplugs


I was at work, and my boss asked if we wouldn't mind turning on the reports on the radio by the dish pit. As soon as they announced he won, she looked at me all cold. She starts saying all this "how did this happen" and "what have we done" stuff. I was also in shock. She then tells me "I mean, I only voted for him cause I didn't want Hilary, but how could we let this guy win?" I have no more commentary to add.


hahaha, that's great. "How'd he win by getting my vote?!?"


Sounds like the same masterful thinking that made brexit possible.


On election day, I was watching a report from the New York district where Hillary Clinton lived, there were very few people voters in the place, I was surprised because I thought that place would be packed with voters, I had a bad feeling after watching that segment!


Hillary killed NY with 59%.


After skimming the Bernie victory thread I am CERTAIN he will win again. Endless Bernie or Bust type comments.


Don't forget. People woke up on Election Day, waited in line at the polls, and voted for a fucking dead gorilla.


Who got more write-ins though? Harambe, Yoda, Darth Vader, or Ben Carson?


It's not 'if" at this point... we MUST recognize that he and the GOP are doing everything in their power to disrupt the coming elections, from gerry-mandering to corrupted machines, to tossing people off the voting rolls, etc. Not to mention the corrupted Electoral process, we have to realize those Electoral reps have been compromised. I am convinced that trump & barr are doing everything they can to keep his seat in power and then they're going to pull a 2008 Putin. The USSA is totally fucked.


The judges trump is appointed so far will go on wrecking havoc for years to come!


I imagine it gives him and his coward supporters a boner. Because they're always going to be too stupid and worthless to understand destroying is easier than building.


He was a better President than Trump since day 1 of Trumps presidency.




He accomplished that on day one of his presidency.


Even with both hands and his conscience tied behind his back.


Better human. Better soul too.


A better human


As an Australian looking into the USA , Obama was a very highly regarded example of statesman . A figure head of America , Someone a nation could be proud of. A good speaker , polite. , family man who never seamed to rise to the bait and was a man of the people having come from the working class . A fine example of being an American , or was at least perceived to be by people of the world especially on Europe and Australia . Trump on the other hand is a joke , crook , criminal and is playing the system . He unfortunately is making the position of President a laughing stock to the world which is a tragedy !


And Trump does like 18 backflips if you say the slightest negative thing directed at him


While He physically can’t do that i’d like to see him try.


Actually he can do back flips. In fact, no one can do as many back flips as he can. He knows a lot about back flips - much more than anyone else. One time he did a bunch of back flips and people were just so blown away by him doing all those back flips and people remember that. You know why? Because they want to. They believe in America and nothing is more American than doing awesome back flips.


Isn’t it so interesting that you can read a comment like this & know whose rhetoric you’re imitating. The name isn’t even there & it’s obvious. These years have brought us some crazy shit!


It's like a high-powered PC emulating a Super Nintendo. Emulating that software is not very difficult.


I was talking more about how you automatically know who’s rhetoric it is. I wonder if you take an excerpt from Obama’s speeches & not include the name would you be able to tell it’s his.


Not really through text. Obama's signature was his speech patterns and his pauses, tones, etc., Really hard to convey in writing unless there's a lot of context along with it.


Bullshit. That sounded nothing like Trump. They stayed on the topic of backflips.


I love backflips, they are great. Really good. I once saw a man in France do a back flip, nice backflip and nice country. I hear they have good food and I think I’ll try it one day. I mean they’d probably give it to me for free because who I am so why not. Ya know what I mean? A Democrat would never get free food though, never. Because people don’t like them. I mean when’s the last time you heard about a Democrat in France? I know I haven’t. And France is a great county. Very nice. Very pretty. If I was president there I think I could make it 10 times better. The people love me there


Too coherent. I ran a 200% Trump filter on your text. Actually, backflips, he can do so - in fact, no one in the world, not one other person, and there are so many, just, billions, and they - and the knowledge is just bigger and greater, and it's - and the Democrats, they won't tell you this. No they won't. Hillary Clinton, Crooked Hillary, she won't - but that's why we won, isn't it, folks? That's why we - and we keep winning. And I'll tell you, believe me, he knows things about backflips, many, many things. Tremendous things, much more than anyone else, in fact, I was just telling - again, and the Democrats, the so-called phony impeachment, you want to talk about flips, and your president, I'll tell you, people will say that - but he did, and just last year he did a bunch of back flips, so many, so many, and people were just so - and the mainstream media, the fake news, they don't want, the MSNBCs, the failing New York Times, and they wonder why - calls from the Olympic team, and I said thank you, and they're lovely people, but we're just so busy, aren't we, folks, so busy, but thank you, and just, just blown away by all those back flips and people remember that and they talk about it and many people are still talking about it now because they believe in their president, they don't believe in impea - nervous Nancy! - it's America, and nothing is more American, truly, they talk about baseball, apple pie, and I've seen the MLB numbers, and they're not great, and if they want help, maybe they'll give us a - and the backflips in baseball, very lacking, very, very sad.


Holy shit. I would honestly not be surprised if this shows up in his Twitter.


Be able to sue him for plagiarism.


Hey, they got AlCapone on tax fraud.




Holy shit, we voted Michael Scott into office...


My uncle, he was a gymnast, very fit, very good genes, see when you go to a backflipping school, and of course the democrats do terrible backflips...


Even video cameras are so bewildered at the beauty of the moment they’re unable to record it. They break down mid rotation. They can’t handle it.


Everyone knows how good he is great at back flips. He's the best back flipper in the country. Tons of people tell him that.


Big strong guys cried when he did that, the best back flips they had ever seen.


Grand Canyon.


I like it!


I would also need the [Goofy yell](https://youtu.be/MUL5w91dzbo).


I'd like to see a curse where his body does a backflip anytime someone says something negative about him. He can't control it, his body just does a ragdoll physics backflip, in place, of its own accord.


It would be worth seeing that degenerate pos trying to get into his "...applied on wig..." and tumbling off into the abyss that is the Swiss cheese of his fuqd up mind.




Is this the definition of Ironic? The biggest snowflake in the world is a leader to men who claim to be the most “alpha” of them all?


"How many super models have YOU slept with?" That was an answer I had gotten. In my case none, but I haven't had to pay for it either.


DiCaprio for President he has the qualifications


I mean the dude thinks he’s “alpha” for sure. I think the trend still follows: if you actually insinuate that then you’re probably dumb af and looked at very different than you think.


Can’t even admit he made a mistake. “Covfefe” is a real word! Kansas City is in Kansas!


Half of it is. But not the half you wanna go to lmao


My dad is a big trump fan. When the KC thing happened he called me and said it’s right there give the guy a break omg!!!


And then calls it Lugenpresse.


Say? All you have to do is rip a piece of paper


Obama is a better person than Trump. The Obama family is a better family than the Trump family. The Obamas are better educated, comport themselves better, and have contributed more to society. Easily. Pile on the way in which Obama was treated, and this reality simply magnifies. This manifest truth flies in the face of everything that Trump, and tons of his supporters, were taught or came to believe, fervently, about black capability and white capability. In a nation that is and always has been comprised of racism - in structure, in action and in belief - a man and his family still emerged to be simply better people than the Trumps, deep down, even see themselves as capable of being. It's a veritas so completely unhousing as to be slightly unreal for those as ignorant, egoistic and lost as Donnie Johnnie, his family and adherents. And they cannot handle it. Simple.




Not just the leadership skills, but the intelligence required to run an NFL offence, right? That’s why Warren Moon was so impressive, for a Negro. I didn’t enjoy NFL games at my uncle's house.


The same can be said with George W Bush. During his presidency he was blasted on late night TV (SNL, The Daily Show) almost nightly and not once did he retaliate with insults or cheap shots.


God I miss the days when republicans were on the right side of the hot-crazy scale


They used to have morals well atleast they acted like they did. Trump is so bad we're saying a guy that sent America to war on a lie is better than him.


I can't think of a president in modern history that ever did. Or even in all of the history of the country for that matter. Trump is not a real president. Not by any standard.


Do you remember his face while dodging those shoes?


Obama started day one during an economic crisis and overcame by bringing us out of it Trump started day one in a social crisis of his own making with a good economy and tried to claim he created the economy. Idiots think he did.


The Obama family didn't steal from a charity dedicated to helping children with cancer. The Trumps' bar for decency is pretty close to the core of the Earth.


God damn do I love how well composed this reply is, it's composition alone spits in Trump's face.


Theyre a bunch of pathetic, ignorant haters. And arrogant to boot. Deplorable is too kind of a word


And for any Republicans who are butthurt about the quote, remember that "they" doesn't just mean Republicans but specifically Donald Trump. > “He doesn’t have a birth certificate, or if he does, there’s something on that certificate that is very bad for him. Now, somebody told me—and I have no idea whether this is bad for him or not, but perhaps it would be—that where it says ‘religion,’ it might have ‘Muslim.’ ” 


Do american birth certificates seriously have a field for religion? That seems wrong.


They don't. Trump is an idiot.


No but dogtags do, though Trump wouldnt know about those either (neither would Obama firsthand, but he never dodged a draft)


The absolute horror! How could a god fearing child caging hypochrist ever endure a Muslim in office!?


Why would it have the religion on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE? On top of that even if it did, who says he has to stay that? What an odd thing to say.


It’s because republicans are gigantic snowflakes.


It’s because he had that awesome Anger Translator


[I miss Luther](https://youtu.be/HkAK9QRe4ds)


Yes, We have Eric Cartman in the white house.


Neh. Too clever. More like Veruca Salt. Spoilt little brat who tantrums when they don't get their way.


And a big reason for that being that they got pretty much everything they wanted all their life and never faced consequences.


I didn’t always agree with Obama on some topics but fuck me the guy was professional, Trump is like a fucking stupid child he ain’t suited to be the president.


Easiest way to explain it




I love it when you don't agree with people but still respect them. Like that shit right there is what defines us as humans. Every other mother fucker on the planet will kill you.


Agreed. One of my nagging issues with Obama, though, was how he dealt with the Flint Michigan water situation; that was definitely not a shining moment. Aside from that and a few other smaller issues though, yeah, nowhere near as bad as Trump.


Thank You Obama, we miss you!


As a non american i can tell that during obama's america actually felt like the leaders of the world, nowadays we look at you like UK's authistic child


He never even cussed during the prayer breakfast.


Obama is not a saint, but he will never be remembered as a scumbag, like 45.


*Laughs in drone strikes.*


For every president that held office in my lifetime there is good they did and there are horrible things they've done. Every one of them though understood diplomacy to the degree that at least they attempted to keep their treachery private and didn't do a touchdown dance after every modest achievement. Through whatever administration and its ups and downs, I never thought that level of social maturity was a gift that was at some point no longer going to be expected or repeated.


Obama - graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, and taught Constitutional Law for 12 years. - if you think he’s stupid, it says more about you than it does about him. Remember these? **Crazy-trump’s conspiracy theories** - http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/58-donald-trump-conspiracy-theories-and-counting-definitive-trump-conspiracy-guide


Was also the first black Editor at Harvard Law Review despite never writing an article for them, even more impressive!


Editors don't write articles though... So I'm not really sure what you're saying here. Was he also unqualified to be president because before that he never commanded an army?


My super racist dad and I quit talking during the Obama years. He swears up and down that he can prove Obama isn't from the US, when I asked him what his proof was he would refuse to tell me. I actually saw him a few weeks ago and he was still talking about how he could prove it.


What a pussy. If you can't demonstrate the evidence, just admit you you believe it based on intuition (to put it kindly). It's like people that claim Trump is smart but dumbs things down for his crowd. All I need is a 5 minute clip of him speaking off the cuff more intelligently than a child could. Easiest thing in the world to prove.


If he’s not from the US can we have him? I’d love for him to be Prime Minister of the UK


Class A. I genuinely love him. He’s smart, insightful and gives the space to hold opposing views but still treat people with respect and dignity.


That’s because he is an adult.


Thanks Obama for the great job and class you Showed (opposite of what we now have)


I don’t agree with all his policies or decisions, but wasn’t it nice to have a president you could quote in front of your kids. Funny enough, almost no one ever thinks they got exactly the president they voted for, but dignified people always seem to rise to the challenges.


I was just saying that today. I’ve voted for presidents on both sides of the aisle, and I don’t think I’d ever have been devastated if the other guy won like I am now. Educated men who had some modicum of diplomacy and listened to their advisors - imagine that! Even if I didn’t agree with all of the policies, I could sleep at night knowing that at least there was a decent human being behind it all.


Think you have hit the nail on the head. Again, deeply disagree with Kennedy but the first thing he did was surround himself with great people. If the President is or wants to be the smartest guy in the room, that’s a very serious problem.


Bingo! The issues with Trump go beyond what his policies are. He is a legitimately bad person. The cognitive dissonance people have when throwing slanders at Obama while turning a blind eye at Trump is astounding.


Funny, that. Remember Obama’s 2009 back-to-school address? Conservatives lost their minds claiming he would indoctrinate American schoolchildren. Quoth Florida GOP Chairman, convicted felon, and general asshat Jim Greer: [“As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama's socialist ideology”](http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/09/04/obama.schools/). [Obama’s actual speech](https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/remarks-president-a-national-address-americas-schoolchildren) was about the importance of studying, working hard, and staying in school. The only thing noteworthy about it other than the Republican Party’s terror was this line: “I know that sometimes you get that sense from TV that you can be rich and successful without any hard work -- that your ticket to success is through rapping or basketball or being a reality TV star. Chances are you're not going to be any of those things.” [Jim Greer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Greer?wprov=sfti1), by the way, was arrested a year later for fraud, grand theft, and money laundering. He served 15 months in prison for stealing over $100,000 from the Republican Party.


Obama is a hundred times a better man than whiny baby Trump could ever hope to be.


Also 0 Twitter feuds, of which there were 0 with teenage girls. A shame that this cant be said for every president.


Some people are classy professional grown-ups. Other people are gross amateur children.


Didn’t realize at the time how good we had it. Now it’s a daily “OMFG!!”


We went from an amazing president to a twitter finger happy Oompa Lumpa. Smh


First off, do not compare Obama to the liar in chief. That is all.


Because that man is a President and jesus fuck do we need one again.


Obama prosecuted journalists, ordered assassinations via drone strike and engaged us in like five new wars. Good thing he never said the fuck word.


Five new wars? Where? Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Where did Obama send troops?


Well the big ones are Libya and Syria. Maybe not five wars, I kept thinking we'd done more with Ukraine/Crimea. But he didn't withdraw us out of Iraq/Afghanistan either, so we just ended up adding to our count of conflict.


Bombed 7 countries almost every day tho.


I read something yesterday, claiming that Trump's count of drone strikes has surpassed Obama's 8-year count within the first two years of his presidency


That's why the definition of a Snowflake is Any Republican! Period!


God I really miss him


He did wear that 'suit'.


Yeah, well, what about that *tan suit* fiasco?? That time he rode a BIKE with a *helmet* on?! How quickly people forget about the *elitist mustard* incident!!


Oh the horror! How could we have ever voted someone like that into office?? /s


Not the mustard!!!


President Obama is an absolutely amazing person, husband and parent. I still think his policies were bad.


Yes, he was a very stoic mass murderer


Let's not forget he danced Tango at Argentina and did it quite well for a first time.


Remember back in 2011 when Obama made a fool out of Trump in front of all the elite White House guests?


If I remember Obama for one thing it will be that he was always the adult in the room.


Trump raped his own wife. lol.


I bet all those civilians he droned are happy to know that the guy who murdered them has decorum


The difference between having class, and a fat fake spray tanned ass..


Instead he illegally spied on american citizens, droned (executed) US citizens, armed mexican cartels, armed ISIS, gave uranium to Russia, gave billions to Iran.....


Then he decided to make all his buddies rich by screwing everyone with Obamacare. He sure is the king of screwing small businesses.


Such a low bar. But to be fair, thats the only bar Obama's 2 terms can clear. Remember he always was caging kids on the border. Droning civilians indiscriminately. Bailing out banks and screwing over home owners (like as soon as he got into office).


Christ, he was bombing tons of children. How can you celebrate him?


Was too busy spying on his opposition to sling insults.


He just investigated his political rivals and gave guns to criminals like a gentlemen and in secret


He still did absolutely nothing


He's a way better person but he still bombed thousands if innocent people. But hey, that's apparently OK unless it personally affects you directly...


Still bombed the shit out of middle East.


Class. You either have it or you dont


A class act


Remember when Obama charged journalist sources with the espionage act? An act meant to be used against foriegn spies? And that he did this more than any other president in history? https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2017/06/28/534682231/once-reserved-for-spies-espionage-act-now-used-against-suspected-leakers


He was too good for this country actually.


I mean in attitude maybe. In actions, he did quite a lot of questionable things.


Are you kidding? He once wore a tan suit! That is so much less presidential than a profanity laden rambling public speech from a thin skinned narcissistic racist fat diaper wearing orange faced self proclaimed genius. In fact I blame that suit as the downfall of all western society....signed, the Republican Party


It’s called character and maturity.. and even willingness to hear dissent with respect. Conservatives wouldn’t understand. Trump *is* a manifestation of a conservative persons character.


Rejoice: you have a king now. No more Dijon mustard and tan suits. 'MURICA!!!! Boy, do you look backward as a nation...


That's because Obama is a gentleman.


Obama represents one America: the immigrants and kids of immigrants and African Americans who actually value America's supposed traditional values more than the other America of angry racist white people who want to burn down the entire country and blame their own problems on the "other".


His domestic policy was good even if it didn't work out the way he wanted. At least he tried. And on a personal level was a much more decent person than trump. But his foreign policy was horrendous especially in South Asia and the middle east.


45 captured the ears by shouting for birth certificate. Otherwise why would they vote an coastal elite who was a celebrity, & who was born with a silver spoon. Remember how he came down on his gold elevator to declare his candidacy!


Hard to believe the same country that elected the orange lying retard also elected this guy. Not American but dang I miss him. Come on America. November.


President Obama is the polar opposite of trump


Class v. Crass.


And what did it do for him except leave him totally impotent for 8 years?


It’s called CLASS! Something Trump would never understand in a million years.


But but but that's a gray suit! How dare he?!


When they go low, You go high. I’ll never forget that from Michelle.


He was the greatest modern day president


Never forget the balls on this one for wearing a khaki suit. Bless him forever and ever.


It isn't fair to compare a educated civilized man with dignity and integrity with the gutter of human society . Trump was so jealous of Obama he wanted to overturned everything all his accomplishments. Can't wait for Sanders to kick his bacon ass.


I can’t wait to have a president that actually acts presedential.


Real man not angry orange baby


A Prince by comparison. I miss President Obama an I'm not even American.




That's because he's a class act! He's nothing like the orange train wreck we have now.


Bama rocked!


Damn I miss him. This puts a tear in my eye. It is so true.


I thought he was the beginning of great things for our country. I thought we would all begin to model him. Boy, did I misjudge the retaliation of hate. So either we end it in Novemeber or we move further away than we've ever been from becoming a great country.


Only 83% upvote? The butt-hurt conservacucks must be angry! Trumpflake tears


Be the better man. Here’s the best example the country has to follow


The fact that people can compare him and Trump and still side with that fat orange fuck boggles my god damn mind.