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Why did she even bother breaking lines…fuck it full send it Tony Montaña style🤣🤣🤣


Right, I thought she was over here prepping for the crew but nah she said this a solo mission


I guess that's why they were recording? Kinda unexpected twist as she just vaccumes up the entire plate


Don’t lie you wish you could Hoover schneef like this nana


I don’t, I’d be even more broke if I could handle that much!


When you prepare a snack for you and your friend but realize how hungry you are


Ma’am you have coke in your eyebrows


Because she's a proper lady


All the single ladies, all the single ladies


When I was younger me and my friends sold drugs and lived in some apartment in the city, we would take drugs to stay awake to sell more and so we would get creative with lines, we would spiral a gram onto a vinyl, play it slow and the challenge was to non stop sniff the line which spiralled into the snoot. We called it ‘Lionel vinyl’ and it was the powders equivalent of a beer bong


Please have your younger me hmu. I’m actively interviewing wing men of this caliber. You’ve got me hoping in Lord of War 2 - Nicholas Cages little brother will put his USA cocaine map line on a Pioneer PL-530 HiFi


I get the sniffles from dust these days, I’m not the man I once was


If you do it in a pile more of it gets stuck in your navel cavity, wasting most of it as it doesn't get into your bloodstream. Ideally, small and thin lines will get more of your product into your lungs, making it to the bloodstream. Source: Lost about 5 years of my life and $220k in savings to the cruel beast that is cocaine.


Hope you’re doing better now fam


Man, I have some bad news. If you were trying to skip your nasal cavity you were screwing up. You want to coat as much of the mucus membranes in your nose as possible. Then it absorbs into the bloodstream. Your lungs would work as well but then you are putting a bunch of big waste particles in your lungs. If you get a non-medicated nasal spray bottle and mix your shit with it, you get a great dispersal pattern, enough moisture to make it stick, and it is super low key.


$220k? Holy shit. No wonder the only people I know who do coke are trust fund babies.


cocaine isnt cheap. Idk if you’ve heard or not, but it’s a helluva drug


I like to think of it more like a misunderstood wild animal that does not want to be tamed but I love it but it keeps me up at night


She has principles. It’s how she justifies it. This is a ritual not a habit.


Anyone puts more than one line if front of me and they are all getting vacuumed 😝


Legend has it she's still awake


And will not stop talking


Or grinding her teeth.


Or asking what time is it


It's very important to agree with anything she says, even when she contradicts herself.


And locked up like fort knox in that same room to boot.


This cocaine granny is a national treasure and should be kept safe lol


That woman is 26 years old.




You called?




Women need not drugs for that.


And still in court fighting Captain Jack Sparrow.


I wanted to upvote but ur at 969. Nice


And here I was thinking that those were for everyone


What a good host—ooohhh ok then!


Holy shit. I think that would be a fucking overdose for a non-addict


I came here to ask that. Would a first timer OD or is that the normal amount to feel it?? Goodness she did that shit like a pro!


That isn't in any way the normal dose but I don't think a normal user would overdose maybe just become a statue for like 30 minutes


Nwh I think a regular user would probably THINK they'd have overdose and it would definately nto be pleasant jaha


Yeh this is the answer, constant reassuring that your heart always beats that way and everything is fine


Yep. And then your heart explodes.


That's an interesting username there, fella.


Ass spreads are the best types in the nudity department. Man is cultured af.


Very well put u/CovidInMyAsshole


That would be the correct response if she’d just snorted about 5 bong hits in under a min lol if you just killed an 8 ball your heart definitely doesn’t always beat like that, but on the other hand if you’re that gaked you might actually be persuasive enough to convince yourself that it does.


If this was proper good coke, they'd overdose for sure.


I know they add stuff in (cut it I think it’s called) but what do they add in that’s common and not some batshit crazy drug they mix it with?( it varies obviously)


non harmful substances they can use to cut coke is paracetamol and creatine


Caffeine, lyvasemol, milkpowder, lidoquain. Mostly stuff that has some effect like numbing your face more or being more awake, so you dont notice its cut as much. Some of this stuff isnt harmless, but less harmful than coke. Most dealerd dont want their clients to die, so they dont put in stuff like rat poison or fent.


^ This. They usually use a white piwdered substance + lidocaine. That way you can recognize laced coke a lot of times as its numbung effect is not the same as real coke.


I used to know…. someone that used to use inositol powder. Anyone who cuts coke with harmful substances are evil people.


You don’t wanna do that much if it’s your first time. First timers should do a line or two then see how you feel. The numb throat you’ll get from the drip might trip ya up the first time. I think it’s safe to assume shes built up a tolerance based off of the amount she’s doing. Also, fentanyl is no bueno.


First timers should just not do it.


I go back and forth with this idea. I am a person in recovery so I know how bad things can get, but there are also some experiences that drugs give you that cannot be replicated in any other way. I wouldn't want to tell people to deny themselves their opportunity just because I couldn't handle myself.


What opportunity? Coke is one of the dumbest drugs there is


It’s fun to do bad things


I thought it was pretty fun. I've only done it once but I understand how people get addicted to it!


It takes a few times to realize how shitty it is. Expensive, extremely more-ish, turns every event into just thinking about the next bump. Makes people talk nonsense to each other with both thinking they're saying the most insightful shit ever. I've never once woken up and thought "wow I'm so glad I did coke last night"




There is good and bad...way more bad, but there is value in negative experiencnes as well.


See my thought was “no way I’d feel anything off 3 or less lines the way she’s doing it” it didn’t hit me the immunity she must’ve built. I could tell it wasn’t her first rodeo but damn. Thanks for the insight I appreciate it!


LoL you could go for 3 but I wouldn’t try and keep pace with the woman in this video if it’s ya first rodeo


I feel like a lot of first timers of any drug on here should not keep pace with the people in these vids


Sound advice


Lol no one should, not even veterans! The sub is literally called tooktoomuch!!


As a regular cocaine user, that is definitely NOT OK for a first timer. That woman is a legend, and also I am willingly admitting that I'd be perfectly happy to take that much as well. I am a regular user, and lmao if someone that wasn't a user took that much, it would be rough for them. I don't think they'd OD, but depending on purity that is definitely an immediate possibility.


Most helpful cocaine user


Who is the least helpful cocaine user?


The one that never puts money 💰 on the bag but want to fuck it up 😆


Sounds like 75-80% of the cocaine users I've known


Exactly...we mostly suck lol


What's it like being a reg user? I've done coke so I'm not asking about the drug feeling, but more like do you hang out with people while doing it? At your house or in a bar? Is there a friend or group you know mostly thru doing coke together? Being a stoner it seems so strange to imagine doing coke instead. To me coke is something we get for a big weekend or some random gives you a bump, but like I doubt I would want to just hang out playing games and doing coke instead of gaming and baking.


Do you really want to know? It's exactly the same as wake and bake. I smoked cannabis for fifteen years, every day. I no longer smoke cannabis. However, now when I use alcohol, cocaine is my impetus. It feels exactly the same as when I would experience "whatever the fuck" and then smoke weed as my "thing". In exactly the same way, it is not lost on me that I am using because all of my friends use too. However, that's exactly why I used cannabis with friends. I'm not sure I ever wanted to "keep using" cannabis. However, I am not entirely sure that my understanding of that energy ever matured, and I am now in a space where I'm not sure if I want to "keep using" cocaine with my friends. But I do. The same as I did with cannabis. It just continues, and it is very easy to use. I use it in conjunction with alcohol. It's very interesting to hear your perspective, because that's exactly where I used to be.


Same, but lucky for me, this shit is so expensive here that i can afford like 1-2g once a month or two. And the bag usually won't survive long.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, I make more money than I need to live.


how do you check for quality and do you feel any mental/bodily health issues arising? i got into coke over the last year but still am really careful in its use. the comments here kinda blow my mind how little coke i use on a party 😂 what this women snorts is like atleast half a weekend for me


You'll learn. I am in no way as bad as I used to be, but I now know that there are different cuts and I have done enough (over the last seven years) that I can tell the difference between each cut. Pay attention, and you'll learn. Don't listen to the cocaine subreddit, listen to your own experience and impression of each cut. *shrug*


Are you guys using at each other's houses, or going to bars, or just anytime anyplace? Hearing that you smoked cannabis for fifteen years I'm assuming you're out of your twenties. Unless you're still going out every weekend it seems hard to imagine people doing coke regularly. Like, I'm surrounded by people my age who are settling down and me still being a weed smoker feels so out of place (tho I don't mind). But to imagine some of my neighbors just doing cocaine on the regular seems wild. Are backyard bbqs fun on coke? Do you go on some mini-vacation every other weekend? Or does it not matter what the activity is as long as you have friends doing the same thing?


Yes, yes, and yes. I am 34 and I do use it whenever I drink with certain people. I suppose what I was trying to draw out was how similar it can be to how I used cannabis. The habit literally feels exactly the same to me. I used to have a serious issue and use daily, when I was in my late twenties and was single. Very much a coping mechanism for various happenings in my life. What that rough period left me with is a lingering coke habit. I use between 4-6 nights and upwards of 20 night per month depending on what month it is and what I’m up to. I’m back and forth between being a touring musician and civil engineer, so I imagine that can illustrate it for you a little more. Other than that, yes at each other’s houses and when we go to bars. Exactly how we used to use cannabis. The habit is the same, barring the smoke every day all the time thing…though I have done that too with cocaine, as I spoke to above. Backyard BBQ’s are great with coke. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing. If there’s alcohol, there’s cocaine. Basically, any situation wherein you see multiple people drinking, you can assume that between 1-3 out of every 5 people are using cocaine, at least in my experience as an adult. It is very common and you may just not be tuned into it.




That’s enough for a small party 🎈


Depends on purity most likely it's shitty quality


I don't want to make stupid assumptions on this video alone but I am pretty sure this is in Mexico or one of South American countries based on how she skiis what I think is a quarter of a gram of cocaine in that one session. In the United States or other countries that would cost atleast 20 to 30 dollars. There is no reason for cocaine is cut in those countries because pure cocaine costs little as 3 dollars per gram.


Australia checking in at $300+ per gram


It's insane that there's so many people here that do coke when it's that expensive. I know so many people that are on basically minimum wage that are getting bags every other weekend. There's no way I'd make myself that poor for this shit.


It's around £100/gram in the UK for "pure" where I am and guess what, there was a police raid years ago that caught a large imported batch at the border or docking port - can't remember if it was by boat or plane. Anyway it was 6% purity *at the border*. It hadn't even went through the drug dealers in the UK yet. Who, in my experience, also cut it. I've never had anything remotely close to pure cocaine and I stopped taking it because it's expensive and terrible here. You'd have to order it directly from a production country/dark web or something idk. Such a waste of money from the streets though.


In Norway the police will give out statistics about drug busts, and the average quality of cocain has been >50% for the last 5years. This includes all busts done inside the country or at the border. I would suprise me if uk is that much worse quality wise


Last time I looked tbe DW stuff was 80% pure but I'm not sure. Never been a fan, it's too expensive and addictve.


That's why MDMA is very popular here, and to a lesser extent Methamphetamine ; the price is actually reasonable compared to Cocaine.


NZ checking in, no idea tbh but probably $500 a gram. When I was in oz $300 would get you shitty coke and that’s it


Nah like 60% of that is drip that’s going to be wasted. Most normal Coke users prefer bumps or small lines because your nose needs time to absorb it in your capillaries. It’s looks cool but that’s about it


Depends on the quality of the cut and the individual, but yeah, I'd assume some would die. Many would have a uncomfortable time at the very least


Depends on what it is, probably coke but could be a couple pain killers crushed up. My part of the waters people love to snort their pills since it makes it hit faster. It's bad enough alot of times they will give you opiates covered in a gel coating that will gum up your nose if you snort it and I've watched people meticulous peel off the coating with a blade and use a wet paper towel to rub it off just to make the pill snortable again. Also tolerance is a hell of a thing, an experienced coke head could take a gram of some low quality shit to the head easy. And the gram toxicity limit is for pure cocaine, even in Mexico I doubt many people have access to pure uncut cocaine so if you didn't have heart issues it wouldn't be pleasant but I assume most normal people would live through doing that much coke at once.


Hard topic. First we need to discuss what it is. Probably coke or speed. Then we need to discuss the purity of it and the weight of the person. If it‘s „pure“, I would argue, that a non-addict would at least need medical attention. If not, it would be very unpleasant for him. To make up my experience: Imagine a moment where you had an ungodly amount of adrenaline shoot through you. Maybe a car crash, some dudes mugging you, being seconds away from a fist fight. Imagine the comedown of the adrenaline, after the situation is over. That fucking awful feeling of being ready to invade a country while trying to sit calm on a chair. That‘s a few minutes, although most people exactly know how awful that feeling is. Now imagine that for the next 1-6 hours (depends on the drug). 4/10 not a great experience.


I miss the good old days where you didn’t have to worry about fentanyl and just had to worry about having a heart attack


In your country they cut it with fent? Holy shit that scary and also nonsense


It’s a HUGE problem in the US and in some areas there’s overdoses every few hours all day


Former NHL player Jimmy Hayes died less than a year ago due to having his coke laced with fent. No one is safe from cheap/scummy dealers


How they cutting coke with fent, if coke is stimulant and fentanyl is opiate


It’s cross contaminated. Using same shit to handle the heroin/fent that they use on the cocaine. Know what would erase this problem? Legal, regulated, taxed drugs. Wanna do meth? Fine. Here’s pure meth that’s heavily taxed to pay for the public health issues it causes.


Is cocaine well regulated in your country? Lmfao


In a way, yes. In that Fentanyl is way more regulated so it doesn't find its way into coke because it's rare and expensive.


Always found it crazy that in America and I think the UK, Fentanyl is so cheap it can be as much if not more of a sustainable habit than Heroin. You can't afford heroin so you get fentanyl, or a mixture. I seem to think they would make it more expensive because it's more potent, even if the dealer buys it cheaper - but I don't do opiates, so I guess I wouldn't know.


Not an opiate user (anymore), but from my understanding you'd be hard-pressed to buy *just* heroin in the US nowadays. It all has at least some fent in it. It might be less expensive, but the high only lasts 30-ish minutes, so you're taking way more of it. Shit is nightmarish.


It’s not even about price where I’m at. It’s just all that’s around. It took over the market and now ppl can’t even find real heroin. And it’s not just fent now it’s fentalogues and other synthetics w animal tranquilizers. Anyone that survived fent is now getting killed by tranq dope. If you don’t OD, then you get to watch your body rot from tranq (xylazine).


Medical fentanyl is also prohibitively expensive and well regulated in the US. The stuff getting cut into cocaine and other drugs is being manufactured outside of the US and is being shipped in illegally primarily from china and mexico.


Fentanyl is also heavily regulated here, it's just that the Chinese & North Korean fentanyl is so cheap that there is literally zero down side to just sending tons of out through the mail and assuming that a little will get through & for the Mexican cartels who already have their own distribution networks it is just another plastic wrapped brick to transport.


In eu drugs like fent or meth aren't used that much and I've never seen coke cut with fent here in eu, at least with amphetamine or some non-drug cut like lindocaine. Us dealer are so fucked up if they cut coke wich is a stimulants with an opioids like fent that is the complete opposite.


In eastern europe I have gotten fent-laced ecstasy.


Shit bro even ecstasy smh Btw i'm in the south eu but i've been also in the North for long period


Often times its just not properly handling your shit. Use the same scale for fent (powder) first and then whatever second without cleaning in between and its enough to be noticable or even dangerous.


Especially in Hawaii


No, not especially in Hawaii... This fentanyl epidemic has hit Buford, Wyoming *far* harder than any other place in the country, with quite literally 100% of its (surviving) residents being pretty hopelessly addicted since at least 2012. It’s sad really


My sister worked as a nurse in Beckley, West Virginia three years ago. She said the hospital saw more than 10 times increase on overdose of Fentanyl in one year. Shits scary as fuck.


I'm from southern West Virginia originally and holy fuck is it bad. The neighborhood where I used to walk half a mile to the store alone when I was 7 years old is... not like that anymore. My wife didn't want our 21 year old son walking one block over to McDonald's after dark. Zombies as far as the eye can see. We were having drinks on our porch one night and a dude walking down the street says, "is this guy with you all?" There was a dude about 7/8 dead in our driveway.




Buford is a ghost town. Its last resident, who had been the lone resident for nearly two decades, left in 2012.


😂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buford,_Wyoming?wprov=sfti1




That sounds like something a supervillain would do.


an upper cut with a downer? you would notice it at the first bump. most of the coke in europe is cut with speed


The issue is cross contamination. It’s not like dealers are throughly cleaning their scales or prep areas. It doesn’t take much fent to OD.


This should be part of the olympics .


It is it’s called Skiing


How quaint.


Hittin the slopes




I got high from watching this


For weeks.


I used to line up my shit exactly like this before finding out that I was born with a hole in my heart and *definitely should not* be doing coke


Yeah I found out about my PVCs, AFib, etc around 35 years ago laying in bed after going heard on night. I'll be doing my stress test and ECG at the Cardiologist tomorrow morning.


have had my heart implant for almost 7 years now. funny thing was right after the surgery they were like “umm… yeah, we found out there were actually two holes” “you gon close the other one up as well?” “naaaw, it’ll patch itself”


Good thing you didn't find out about that like old Jerry did!


Ar least she is environmentally conscious and doesn't use a plastic straw


A guy i knew who blew glass made a glass coke straw that was shaped like a short fork with two tines but was hollow. You could do two lines at the same time or flip it around and stick it in both nostrils and do a single line.


Sounds like a legendary dude.


This made my heart racing just watching


Damn Tia


So underrated fuck


Imagine the drip... 🤮


Exactly why I don’t see the appeal in these big ass rips people do. Especially if it’s already good


Shes the fucking vacuum from teletubbies


Who has the rest of that song? It was about to hit.


Writings on the table is Danish 😄


Damn, she cleaned that up faster than a Dyson


But not faster than a Tyson lol. I could imagine how scary that dude was after a night of getting into the blow


Bro imagine Iron Mike in his prime with nothing but testosterone and cocaine running through his veins? I’m getting stimulated.


We sure it’s cocaine?


Yeah I'm not so sure, might be [this stuff](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.insider.com/wiesn-koks-oktoberfest-drug-2016-9%3Famp&ved=2ahUKEwip16Tvxev3AhVQTcAKHclNATcQFnoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3zaerY4e1ZGlTACCsR5Muv) from Germany?


I was impressed by her making them but goood daaamn didnt expect that


there's no way you could do this unless that coke is cut to shit.


Cocaine is the fastest way to accomplish absolutely nothing. 2 years sober over here.


Imagine this being your legacy


Female Joey Diaz.




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Depends on how much it is cut also.


Makes my nose burn just watching


Damn granny been doing this shit for a long time.


I got an heart attack by watching. good luck to her.


I thought that was going to be for all of us grandma...


I'm from Australia and to me that seems like the only way to make a $350 gram of 5% coke worth while. I don't understand the hype behind cocaine, worst value drug if you ask me. I'll take a $5 12 hour trip on acid thank you.


Honestly probably a percocet. People like to snort them for whatever reason and they break up huge.


Is there any coke in that benzocaine?


Took too much ? Bitch we need more


Bro wtf… don’t invite her vacuum face to any parties


That's that 9 percent pure UK quality.


How is she still morbidly obese?


Giving old Steve-O a run for his money


I like to at least dip my strawberries in that powdered sugar first, the nerve of some people. 🍓 👃


Yee Haw


Did she just overdose?


Why rack up lines if you’re snorting the whole lot in one go?


Preventing blockages I assume. One thick line would be harder to get up than several thin ones, especially because her straw is quite thick so it would all go at once. Nothing stopping her from doing a long squiggly line though, aside from slowing her down.


Dude one line of that and I feel like I’m gonna die of a heart attack.


Is that what Ginni Thomas looks like with makeup or a wig?


I need an aftermath lmao


What’s the point in cutting it into lines? Just snort the pile.


i'd do blow with her


I dunno man... doesn't seem like the sharing sort.


I haven't smelled cocaine in 17 years and this video gave me the drip.


Idk surely that can't be very strong cocaine?


How can you do that much coke and still be that fat?


Workin both nostrils, damn, Granny


What's the point in lining it up if you're gonna snort it all anyways? Just put a straw in the baggie at that point


Ugh got secondhand postnasal drip watching this


All that dust for what was probably a 7.5 or a 10.


Doubt if that was even a ball


I doubt that was coke, unless it was garbage coke.


That's a Dyson supersonic


Anyone knows by they removed girls sniffing cocaine from porn sites? can't find a single video or two at least it's for a friend


Call me mean but how in the F is she still that thick lol with all those lines she should be looking like a Victoria secret model . Skinny af lol


She prefers Coke & Xanax to Adderall & Xanax. The difference would likely be legitimately shocking. Models will do blow, but they’re on Adderall. This woman is on blow, with no Adderall.


We don’t know if it was too much. Could be shit gear.


Jesus Christ I hope that’s sugar… but given how fat she is that would probably be just as dangerous.


Seems like a chill Tuesday evening during my prime


Impressive but you're not a Jedi yet


Beats coffee