Those are two different questions.


They do have the same answer though (at least to me)






Zverev Also zverev for the second part (post Acapulco)


I don’t think there is a player I dislike that much but people here saying zverev, kyrgios, Penko, rune have the worst attitude but it’s really Corentin Moutet


yeah but he featured on the groundbreaking song Drip so he is forgiven




Moutet is playing mostly challengers so nobody cares but true he has bad attitude.




Paire. I think he is a disrespectful person.


Zverev too




I know this is petty but I think Taylor Fritz has the personality of wet cardboard, and none of those videos with Morgan that are meant to be charming make him look good at all he just looks a bit shitty (and I remember Miranda Cosgrove talking about him being a bit dim/not that fun) so him




That’s actually the video I thought he came off poorly in- he was being really shitty and she outright said they don’t usually play together because they fall out when he could’ve just said no instead of speaking to her like that on camera lol


that interview is really funny to me because not only does Fritz come off as a bad partner and really focused on himself, he also just seems to be a "no thoughts head empty" kind of guy


Wait when did Miranda and Taylor ever cross paths?


They dated for a hot second


Kyrgios and Rune, both need to grow up


Maybe hot take: Rune is heavily misjudged because of the Ja incident and since then has shown extreme growth especially in his great run to end the year. I specifically remember a situation where an advertising sign blinked and the umpire missing it. Despite being frustrated, rightfully so, he was very respectful and we'll behaved.


Seriously. People are way to rough on rune. He’s like 19 I’m an insane competitive environment that is way more global then when Federer was his age. He say one wrong thing he’s judged for years. Federer didn’t have to worry about that until he was already like 25…. Give him a break guys. I’m 100% confident all of you have made mistakes especially at a young age


As a Denmark-hating swede, I have to agree. He is a little younger than me, I for one recognize a little of myself of him in me. He for sure have grown and matured, bit by bit. Kyrgios however, man, wonder when he’ll grow up.


Off court he always comes across as friendly I think. Especially earlier very direct (typical Danish). Probably also too direct for how own good. Not just about controversial things. Also about tactics. Earlier he gave very tactical honest interviewas after games. Highly interesting actually. Now he is holding back more. I think earlier probably only Danish audience listened to them.


funny example to choose given https://twitter.com/TheTennisTalker/status/1586752354992488449 > A few rants from Rune 🇩🇰 to the umpire > "What the f\*ck are you doing?" x 2 > "You must be f\*cking kidding me" > "F\*ck You" > "You don't even look at me, your too proud to look at me, your like a king" > Lahyani "don't talk like you did, don't want these kind of words, have respect" Rune went on to post a video three times in as many minutes on Twitter to complain about Lahyani's umpiring: https://twitter.com/holgerrune2003/status/1586786691540475904


His words were harsh (though honestly f*uck is a word you will hear every hour at a Dansih office. It migrated into Danish as a mild word. But of course Rune should know it does not work like that in English and on the big stage. But Rune was right. The blinks were gigantic and the game should have been replayed. It was a crucial game too. It is not like Rune started complaining out of nowhere.


i was responding to the point about Rune being respectful and well-behaved. he very clearly was neither during the match and after the fact (calling Lahyani sleepy and mocking him for the perceived failure).


I dont know why you call it a perceived failure. He was complaining about a wrong call. From a referee. Like any other athlete.


i don't know why you keep dodging the point about Rune being disrespectful lol it's a perceived failure because i don't think it's an objective case. Lahyani would have had to notice the sign in the brief period of time where he moves his focus from Rune to FAA because his job is to be looking at the lines on Rune's side while he's hitting the ball; without seeing the timing of the incident and how it affected Rune, he can't make a decision to replay the point. perhaps he could have done that if the timing was different, but that's why i think it's more unlucky timing than a mistake


We won’t agree on this. For the record I don’t think Rune behaved elegantly. But you have to consider this is a very decisive game in one of his first ATP finals (first 500). It was a very important match for him. At first I thought he was losing it. But when they showed the replay and you could see the gigantic flash the sign gave right in the direction he was concentrating I understood his frustration. I can understand that the referee can miss it. But that does not mean it was not a clear mistake. The ball should have been replayed. Some supervisor (considering this is a final) could also have notified the umpire. I think what made Rune angry afterwards was mostly that the umpire would not listen to him. I think he felt the umpire still had no clue what he was talking about. I can understand that frustration. I think his feeling was that the umpire was being arrogant. Look at a football player being denied a clear penalty. It is not like Rune hit anyone or threw balls or rackets. I guess what I am saying is I on the other hand don’t understand why you keep questioning it was a mistake from the umpire. If a linesman does not see a ball being out does not mean it is not a mistake.


It might be a hot take in this fed but not overall. He was harsh with his words but he was right about the sign. And it was a crucial game. This is an even hotter take but even the quarter final against Ruud has more to it than portrayed in the jokes in this fed. Watching the game I think it was pretty clear it was part of the tactics from Ruud to get Rune worked up. Ruud kept talking to him. It was well played because Rune went right in the trap. I personally also suspect Rune is right about what happened afterwards. We will never know. But it was very stupid to go on about it. And more importantly I think he learned from it. He has also strengthened his team, worked with a skilled mental trainer, the same the beat badminton player in the world Victor Axelsen uses. Rune’s temper is part of his game, part of his energy. At 19 he is already immensely popular in Denmark. People know he has the potential to be one of the greatest. And of court he might at times be young but he seems to mostly just to be a happy, friendly young man - who lives for one thing: Tennis. I think this is what separates him from most other young players. He is not just good. He lives for tennis. Like the very best often do.


Kyrgios yes but Rune acts like typical teen coddled by his mummy. He had his share of tantrums but imo he will grow up out of it. Same can't be said about this manchild Nick.


well, Rune did grow up a bit, he didn’t choke against Djokovic in Bercy, which is a sign of serious game growth, few are capable of that, but I understand that you meant his behavior on the court.


Kyrgios, also think he is a tad overrated


Cilic but only bc of his pigeon-toe serve, triggers me for some unknown reason lol


For me it’s his ball bounce before the serve. Bounce 15 times, look up at opponent for a second, then look down and bounce 10 more…..


omg, I so here for this. His serve drives me crazy, I can’t watch him. I dislike watching him most but I don’t dislike him the most.


haha ye I noticed that. It's so weird.


Don't like sonego even tho I think he's incredibly talented and solid on his best days, one of those players who I will be mildly shocked if he never has one tournament somewhere down the road where he has a big result. But him, I can't stand his grunt he just doesn't feel very likeable to me, personality puts me off. Berdych I used to never be able to stand and would root against, didn't like watching his game and his personality and actions were questionable and seemed a bit arrogant or rude some days, even though I appreciate on his day he was close to as dangerous as they come And lukas rosol idk man murray said it best tbh he really didn't put himself in good positions to be well liked although again I do appreciate again also he could play a hell of a game when he brought it


Kyrgios. Can’t stand him.


top 3 are Zverev, Basilashvili, and Sandgren, and i have no idea how anyone has any other answers tbh


what did Basilashvili and Sangria do?


Basilashvili is a domestic abuser and Sandgren is a huge racist


He was cleared in court.


Plenty of people from his country were talking in here about how their system is lenient towards domestic violence, Casey Anthony was cleared in court but you know…


Yes, but I still trust them more than the reddit hivemind.


so was Meyer Lansky.


I'd go with Kyrgios and Tsitsipas because of their tempers, and despite their impressive skills. Albeit I agree these are two different questions, they just happen to get the same answer in my case!


Rune. I used to like Nadal but his fans have ruined that for me. That's not Rafas fault though. I really hate Errani. She's utterly awful. Negative player with zero highlights. I'm not really a fan of Murray because he's so awful on court; fist pumping opponents errors, always muttering and being generally grumpy and miserable. Despite that he gets a pass from everyone and I find that irritating. I don't like Maria Sakkari either because she promises so much and delivers so little. I love everything else about her.


Murray is a headcase on the court and it does make it less enjoyable to watch him. But I think ppl give him a pass bc they recognize him as a good dude off the court.


I never liked Jimmy Connors. Didn't like McEnroe when he was playing, but I'm mostly OK with him now.




Kyrgios 🤮


From ATP: Kyrgios, Zverat, fratbros trio opelka, frtiz and tommy WTA: Sabalenka coz she screams too much and is sore loser, sometimes Raducanu but it's only when her rabid fans are active and hype her too much.


For worst temper: Kyrgios is #1, Zverev #2, Tsitsipas #3. Most disliked: Zverev. Woman-beater **and** ref-beater. POS to the max. In the WTA, Genie Bouchard. Tone-deaf drama queen. Osaka I dislike the most but she doesn't have a temper.


My least favourites are Fognini, Tsitsipas and Fritz


What did fritz do?


Nothing in particular, just stupid reasons in his case


Tommy Paul & Jack Sock (since Davis cup incident), Stefanos & Genie Bouchard


Sock didnt say anything bad tho right? He was just a bystander


It was Sock who didn’t want to play doubles with Rajiv at Davis Cup.


Wow what a clown. What was his reasoning?


He wanted to play with his bros instead of one of the best double players bc he totally thinks that davis cup is frat party.


Lol I thought Sock was actually a reasonable guy, but guess not. He’s played with ram plenty of times so I thought it was just the coach’s call. Tommy is a way bigger tool tho




Haven't heard this about Sock, can you kindly post some proof of this?






This should be top comment and it’s not even closeeeee




Djoker and Rune




Tsitsipas & Djokovic


medblehdev for both questions edit: there’s a rumour that he’s got the smallest d* ck on the tour, and that’s why he’s always so angry


Andrey Rublev. He looks like a clit


maybe that's why many women and not so many men seek him out




Tiafoe is great...love that guy. Do you mean more specifically the frat pack, which Tiafoe isn't a part of?


I thought that too, but after laver cup and his comments… i dont like him that much


Im with you. Any American.


what did he say?


https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/xo1oho/the_tiafoe_greek_yogurt_comment/ personally thought it was very harmless


I’m curious too


Zverev and Zverev


I don’t understand how djoker is people’s MOST disliked player? Anyone want to explain?


i can boil it down to this: he’s dangerously anti-vax (99 of top 100 atp players vaccinated with at least 2 doses, who was the outlier?). i already didn’t care for him because he yelled at me and a friend of mine when i was a ballkid (15) for something we didn’t do but rather bc he was upset he was losing (not acceptable behaviour for someone at the top of the sport). but the anti-vax thing was a real cherry on top. I’m a physician in a pediatrics hospital and the pandemic was horrific- we were in a war zone. hearing anyone, especially someone that famous and with so many young and impressionable fans, be so publicly anti- public health and anti- health care was damaging


It is a dangerous discussion. And personally I struggle to understand people who did not get vaccinated. But despite that I feel it is people’s right. I have not followed this part of the debate very closely but to me it always seemed it was a personal choice from Djokovic. Not him making any campaign or telling others what to do. I know it is difficult but I think one has to respect that. Also I feel many people forget the cultural aspect. Because of reasons that are complicated and way to long go get into here Djokovic’s take on it was not unusual in Serbia. The opposite actually. When people judge it from their own cultural world this should be remembered. Serbia was and is very vaccine sceptic.


Well put. I appreciate you sharing your perspective


I really admire Djokovic for taking a stand against governments forcing vaccination. Even if you are pro-vaccine, don't you believe in medical freedom? The guy is a professional athlete at the top level. Of course he wouldn't want to take an experimental "vaccine" that's causing heart problems. Do you honestly believe that 99% of players are fully vaccinated? We're talking about elite level athletes, young and in top physical condition, to whom covid presents no real threat. Don't you think these athletes just got a doctor's note or a doctor to sign off that they were vaccinated? I'm 99% sure that a lot of them did. I would hardly say he's anti-health care. It's always amazing to see how doctors cling to the 'pandemic' situation like it was the end of the world because the medical community can't admit how wrong they were. The most egotistical and "intelligent" community that's always been trusted by society is now losing major trust just because of how wrong they were in promoting vaccines that don't work in preventing or transmitting disease, while actually causing a shit ton of other issues that the medical community simply ignores because their egos are too massive to admit it. Good for Nole to use his influence to make other people question and think for themselves.


hold a 3 year old in your arms while their parents are quarantined from the room and watch them die. then tell me what you think about government mandated public safety and health measures (like, for example, seatbelts. same idea.)


No one is going to argue that it's a tragic thing to see a 3 year old die. That doesn't change the fact that you're missing the point, like the general insanity in keeping parents quarantined from their dying child, and the fact that a 3 year old dying from covid is probably a 1 in 10,000 or more incident, and that vaccinations and quarantines have caused an entirely new set of serious public health problems like adolescent depression, suicide, general population drug overdose, obesity, a rise in child and domestic abuse, alcoholism, random blood clots and untimely deaths in healthy young people etc. Enforcing seatbelts is hardly the same concept as forcing people to inject themselves with pharmaceutical mRNA with side effects up the ass. Give me a break dude. you also fail to acknowledge the fact that the vaccines don't work at preventing or transmitting disease. I (not vaccinated) caught covid from a fully vaccinated person, who passed it to three other fully vaccinated people - and this is the typical story of how the vaccines 'worked'. Instead of making logical arguments you rely on the emotional story of a 3 year old dying from covid, when it probably makes no difference whether or not that child was vaccinated, and probably as many or more children die from the flu. as i'm sure you know, most of the people dying from covid now have been vaccinated. millions of people die every year from respiratory illness. People are capable of making their own individual health choices, and individuals are sovereign beings of planet Earth. No government has the right to tell any human being what medical treatment they put into their own bodies. A human body is not government property, and that's the point.




if you saw people die in front of you because of that virus, you might feel differently too


Any American.


Tsitsipas and Ostapenko


Tsitsipas is the only player I actively dislike. Partakes in gamesmanship, has complete lack of respect for the game, and has beef with more players than I can remember (save Fogini)




It used to be Nadal for all the butt-picking, time violations and coaching. Now it’s Novak for his moronic vaccine stance. On the women’s side, arrogant cheater Maria Sharapova, and hippo-with-a-frying-pan-and-an-attitude, Jelena Ostapenko.


IGA. I still find it difficult to believe at her pro level that she waved her arms at the net trying to distract her opponent. This is such an immature Juniors move and I lost respect for her.


Zverev and Ostspenko


Ruud. Tsitipas. I think I like almost everyone else on tour


Ruud why?


That’s Runes account


Ha 😅




Idk everything about him annoys me and his fanbase is insufferable






Europeans, except Nadal!