Injuries are a recurring problem with Sinner


He needs to add some weight to his frame. This is a lanky person problem lol.


Meanwhile Alcaraz looks like Superman running around on the court, knock on wood for him.


Alcaraz took time out to pack on a wall of muscle Seems like you have to bulk to protect the body from everything


Can he catch a break? 💔❤️‍🩹 Also hope that he’s not going to play *another* 250 before Vienna 500 and Paris 1000. Come on team Sinner, get a grip with this amateur scheduling. He’s not going to qualify for Turin. Why risk further injury to disrupt the preseason?


I have a feeling that he will retire from Florence too and as much as it's sad not playing a tournament in your home country, it will probably for the better and it will lead him to avoid 250.


I’m hoping he only plays Vienna and Paris at best. I believe in this kid. We just have to be patient.


After that there's the Davis. If Italy ends up winning that, it will be a great source of confidence for Jannik and it will probably be the final recovery from the USO ending.


He's not going to qualify for Turin anyway dude. He's gonna lose 250 points next week and he defends a SF in Vienna.


Turin only counts your current season. Not points dropping. The points dropping will only affect his ranking - and seeding … Is he even going to finish in the top 20? He’s going to be screwed for AO if he doesn’t do well in Vienna and Paris. Which is why it makes no sense to go play another 250 before Vienna and Paris, risking injury before those big(ger) tournaments. Anyway, he’s missing a huge chunk of 6000 points just from retirements/withdrawals/issues at Miami, Indian Wells, Rome, Monte Carlo, Roland-Garros (especially). Then missing a chunk of 2000 points from poor performances at Cincinnati and Montreal. Guess the silver lining is he won’t have many points to defend next year. Can only go upwards. Unless the physical issues continue, in which case it will be heartbreaking.


He is playing Florence.


Yes, as the title says, but I hope not. He doesn’t need it before Vienna and Paris. He didn’t even need Sofia. Now look.


He reached the quarterfinals of US Open. I assume he would have played the semifinals and finals if he got that far. Considering that, he didn't play too much. Remember he plays tennis professionally. There are contractual obligations he has to fulfill.


Definitely, I understand, but his choices don’t seem to be the smartest. For *his* physical longevity and career long term… Just compare to Alcaraz saying no to Laver Cup despite repeated negotiations, and the prestige associated. Because his team felt it was important to not disrupt his season and add to his already heavy schedule. Many times this year, I’ve wondered if anyone on team Sinner pushes back his decisions, or if he just does whatever he wants. I know one reason for leaving Piatti was basically zero freedom. And that’s understandable. But at 21, he’s not exactly mature enough to be driving all his own decisions, regardless of how apparently academically smart he is. I love Sinner dearly, watch every match, and something just hasn’t been quite right all year. He arrived on the tour in 2019 playing with a cold steely energy full of power, and now he’s like half that player, almost always nervous and unsure of himself. Totally unravels once the easy misses start flowing. So many horrific tactical decisions… The main thing that separates Sinner and Alcaraz is that Sinner is full of doubt, and it shows every time he steps on court. Doubt and the weird passive energy he’s had all year. Alcaraz win or lose, is full of belief. At this point, I swear Alcaraz believes more in Sinner than Sinner does. (He’s always talking about Sinner being his biggest rival, hoping they can be like Fedal etc)… Hopefully it’s just the coaching change affecting Sinner. I hope next year there’s progression. This year is done.


Italian press about to blame him for being weak


Do they not like him?


They’re always overbearingly critical of him, on Twitter I even saw some Italian accounts saying he was weak and faking injury


What do they say about Fognini?


That’s sad.


That’s so sad. He’s the best men’s tennis prospect they’ve had since Panatta imo


why do they hate him? also what are "some Italian accounts"? media accounts from legit orgs?


Overbearingly critical of Italian team and athletes.


I really like Sinner's game, and I hope him and Alcaraz can become the best big rivalry in our game. Although some of this is bad luck, one thing which I feel he really can do is focus hard on getting bigger and stronger in the offseason. Players like Andy Roddick, Andy Murray, Lendl, Agassi etc have done this for great results, and as of recently, Alcaraz had a great transformation this past offseason and we've clearly seen the hard work pay off. This would really catapult him from top 10 to top 3-5, fitness and durability is huge in today's game more than ever.


My boy needs to hit the weights harder lol


He legit needs to strengthen a little bit physically muscle wise, take a leaf out of alcarazs book


I think he is very skinny naturally but he has bulked up a little since the beginning of the year though


😢😢😭😭get well soon Yannick!


Time to get a new physio.


He’s got a good physio now. Jerome Bianchi. 2nd new one for the year. This one (Jerome Bianchi) started after Roland-Garros, and is good - previously worked with Tsitsipas, Sharapova... Sinner hasn’t really had any issues under Bianchi till now, and this was an unfortunate accident. Wimbledon and US Open too, he twisted that ankle while running for shots. That’s not the physio’s issue. Maybe he needs to look at the shoes he’s wearing.


He wears the Nike Court Air Zoom Zero, which are not really known for ankle stability and wear out fast and become slippery. I’m sure the pros have higher durability but he split steps every point and most matches are at least 2 hours so. That’s a lot of mileage on a pair.


ohhhhh, seems like he is injury prone That is not a good sign


Guys guys guys dont panic. Get the boy on the Djokovic diet... Injuries begone!


Just like Musseti and Tsitsipas after losing against Novak at RG 2021, Sinner will never recover from that loss against Novak on Wimbledon 2022. Okay, they will maybe recover, but it will hard and take some time. I could add here even Federer's loss against Novak on Wimbledon 2019. Who knows how would things go for him if he won that. This is just a proof that Novak is the most dangerous opponent for tennis players. He takes your legs, your soul and completely destroys you physically and mentally. Nadal for example is a sprint type of player, tries to go pedal to the metal the whole match and win it quickly, not interested to make you suffer.