Damn, great match from Carlos, especially after a lot of recent 5-set matches. Huge bummer for Ruud, through. Casper has been a part of a lot of big moments for other players this year (Djokovic's 1,000th win, Tsonga's retirement, [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/tsyg7m/zverev_invents_a_new_way_to_double_fault/), Alcaraz's 1st Master's trophy, Nadal's RG, Shelton's huge breakthrough), and has been nothing but class in every defeat/encounter. I would have loved if he got his own big moment at the end of it instead of just attending someone else's.


Perhaps the ATP finals? Would be fitting for Mr. Consistent. Although I really want a slam for him. But he'll be among the favourites for 3/4 slams next year imo. Although, Djokovic and Nadal are far from retired


deal status: ✅ - real


Beyond his physical abilities, really seems like Alcaraz has some special intangibles. This was a match that he straight up willed back to his favor. In a slam final as a teenager.


Was extremely emotional in the 2nd and then brought it back multiple times in the 3rd and 4th. First of many


Fucking animal To have the fucking insane classic he did against Sinner on Wednesday, coming off a crazy ass 5 setter on Monday, to follow up with more insanity on Friday….the fortitude to go through those ups and downs and match point he faced…absolute animal


Right?! Like what did we just witness 😂 the last 3 matches Alcaraz played were some of the best matches I've ever watched.... Back to back to back. So happy to be a tennis fan right now


He was laughing when he lost the point that he saved three times! I think he just straight up enjoys the game and has fun playing good points, win or lose. That's a great mentality to have.


The way he plays looks so fun, it’s infectious. I’m infinitely jealous at how much he can do, because his full arsenal allows him to have the most fun as possible Whenever theres a huge scramble where both players are running their hardest, win or lose the point, hes smiling so hard


It's like he developed his skill set specifically to have the most fun possible at a tennis club where they don't charge you by the hour but by the match.


Mental is everything


Carlos is younger than a good chunk of /r/tennis, and yet, we will never have even half of the fortitude he had tonight!




God, I hope you didn’t hurt your back grabbing those chips.


omg that was you?! excited for the 30 For 30


Absolutely. The way he activated survival mode in that 3rd set when Ruud was in command and then clutched out the tie break had Big 3 mentality written all over it.


Same with Tiafoe. At a certain point, he just went back to his natural instincts and just outplayed his opponents. Nothing complex


I think there’s something with these players and Iga, and a few others, where they are down and they just know how to mentally stick it out and just power through the most difficult of scenarios. It’s really impressive and I think separates the superstars from the rest of the pack. I think other players have this, but recently those are the ones who stuck out and displayed that tenacity the most, to me.


Crazy thing is that he has a lot of improvement too. His ceiling is ridiculous.


Elite mentality.


They said something during a match the other night, how Carlos trusts himself, even if he loses several points, he knows he's doing the right thing and he's going to keep going for the shots and plays he believes in. Clearly, he got into several holes all throughout the last few matches, but his belief, that got him into the holes, also got him out of those holes and eventually earned him the titles. It paid off in the end. He didn't become confused, hope for the opponent to cool off or implode, no matter what the score was, he was trying to impose his will on his opponent. He would miss some easy shots, but he kept going for it. I mean, I guess the trophy speaks for itself, he was doing the right things. Again, glad I don't gamble. I was ready to bet on Casper.


You can't just beat him with consistency. It's all about the clutch game on the decisive points and he handles it better than almost anyone on tour.


That was really what hurt Ruud. Ruud was playing well, but Alcaraz won those clutch points that he needed to in the third set.


He really elevated at the tiebreak


Funnily enough, that’s exactly what Sinner and Foe did to him in tiebreaks. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. Also that 7-0 breaker from Sinner was god mode.


The fact that he closed that last game out with ease (3 big serves) was spectacular. Miles away from that 2020 final with Zverev and Theim where it seemed like neither guy wanted to win.


And to think he was facing match point against Sinner on Sinner’s serve. Insane title win man


dont bring that up. too soon. it hurts




Turning a potential 6-5 set point loss to go down 2-1 into…a magnificently won championship! This kid is gonna go places!


Don’t forget this kid was one point away from going out in the QFs; just unbelievable resilience


And he playing so many freaking 5-set matches along the way! It’s really incredible how he doesn’t even seem exhausted!


The fact that he isn't emotionally exhausted is what's most impressive. He's young so physically he can bounce back, but so often players face that pressure and struggle in their next matches. He never had a let down


Absolutely deserving! So happy for him.


Carlos Alcaraz. World #1 at age 19, the youngest ever. That is incredible.


US Open champ, youngest World no. 1 and more wins than anyone else on the ATP tour this year. What a season!




Truly amazing accomplishments while still in a year that Nadal/Djokovic won the other 3 slams. Obviously there is some weirdness with the rankings, and Novak's self-inflicted career wounds, but it really doesn't take away from Alcaraz's ascendant rise. This tournament makes me happy for the future of tennis with Carlitos, Ruud, Sinner, etc. all really rising to the occasion.


Cliff Drysdale used the term before the match, which, as far as I can tell, makes it more official than ever


The thing with Carlos is I’m not even scared that the pressure is going to get to him after winning a slam, his mental toughness is out of this world for a 19 year old


Casper Ruud 🤝 Ons Jabeur Making and losing two GS finals in 2022


Gotta feel for Ruud, I hope he wins multiple slams in the future


He’s got a chance at the French after Rafa retires in 2038


By that time, Rafa Jr will be there to continue the Nadal dominance though 🤷‍♂️


It really must sting, being good enough to make it there, but still not yet able to go over that final bump… I’m sure they will though. If they’re good enough to go this far, then it’s all but guaranteed for them!


>then it’s all but guaranteed for them! Not even close to guaranteed, especially for Jabeur whose already 28. Chances to win a Grand Slam don't come around every year for everyone not named Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Serena Williams, etc. Lose a Grand Slam finals and there's a decent probability you never make it back.


Yeah look, as grim as it sounds, whenever a player loses a slam final everybody says “they’ll be back and win one soon”, but with the exception of Medvedev, they really don’t. Tsitsipas, Berrettini, Zverev, Kyrgios, can go back as far as Ferrer, even Pliskova in the womens. Hell, Thiem won a slam and fell off the face of the earth. You’ve gotta be in a rare vein of form to get to a final, and to get back you’ve likely gotta go through one of the big 3 and a couple of the guys I mentioned just to get back to a final. Take into account injuries, form dips, other guys like Alcaraz breaking through… you’d really wanna take your chances while you’re there


Just look at Leylah. She beat the hardest side of the draw and now it looks like it will be a while before she gets a chance again.


Leylah and Ruud's runs are completely different though. Leylah heavily overperformed expectations. Ruud has been steadily improving and playing at a high level, so he's definitely a way stronger GS contender.


Yeah but Ons has steadily improved every year and is now having her best year ever where she made 2 consecutive slam finals. That's very different from Leylah. Ons has been the clear 2nd best this season and the point gap would be much bigger if Wimbeldon had points.


Gotta sting today even more considering first slam final jitters were nonexistent for Carlos today. Ruud has the game to win it, and hopefully he will bring the mentality up next year to score a deserved slam.


RIP Next Gen.. NextNextGen is here, and they're actually living up to the hype... We all saw glimpses of something very dangerous in that last set.. How will Alcaraz lose once he starts serving 5-6 aces per set?


Ya I can’t remember ever seeing him serve that well. If that is what his serve potential is, he will actually be unstoppable. Not to mention him serving like that under the pressure of the greatest occasion of his life


I’m so happy I started playing tennis a year ago and started following the matches this spring. Feels like I joined at a great time 🥹 Congrats to Carlitos, his USO draw was no cake walk, both the title and ranking are so, so well deserved 🇪🇸


we really just skipped two generations lol


Ruud and Jabeur fans probably need therapy now


Ruud tho looks more composed. He knows he was not favourite (Actually he said his objective was to reach QF), and he is 23. Ons was a big contender, and 27, way different situation.


One problem for Ruud is that Alcaraz is younger...


I am currently looking online for sessions now


I am legit in disbelief. I almost cried ffs


Anyone wanna guess how many slams this kid is gonna win? This sure as hell isn’t gonna be his last


Not gonna guess. I've seen too many fade away or suffer injury. Look at the other names on that youngest number 1 list: Hewitt, Safin, Mcenroe, Roddick. 12 Majors amongst them all. Let's just bask in the amazing tennis we just watched this week. Not everyone has to or is going to be a Fed/Nadal/Djokovic. Amazing display this tournament. He seemed to just will himself to win, even when momentum swung against him. It's going to be fun to watch him.


Sure, but Mac got 7. Not really fair to lump him in with the rest


True. But the feed I watched kept throwing him up there with them. Even with him in there, you have a little more than half of Nadal. He won 7 even with a relatively long and healthy career. He probably would have won more if he actually trained and practiced. People keep expecting a new generational 20+ Major winner. It may never happen again. Let's just enjoy the players. That's what I'm getting at.


The big 3 have skewed people's perspectives. McEnroe won 7 which makes him an ALL TIME great. Same with guys like Lendl, Edberg, Becker, etc. If Carlos gets anywhere past 5+ GS titles, he will be considered in the same league - just not in the league of the aberrational big 3.


That djokosmash on the last game speak volumes, I would say 20


The lego hair too.


At least 2


As long as Tomic doesn't finally decide to start winning every slam I think you're right


Think going 20+ will require a couple other big time players to keep a player motivated. It's really hard to tell now but if I have to guess, I'll say around 10 because his game has all the characteristics of aging well.


Yeah people forgetting that when Sampras set 14 that seemed like a huge achievement, and it was. That beat Laver’s record of 12 and Laver was remembered as one of the very greats. We’ve been spoiled to witness the cross-surface long-lasting dominance of 3 of the greatest players of any sport. If Alcatraz matches Becker (6), and Agassi (8), and McEnroe (7), he could still be remembered as an all-time spectacular player.


We’ll be looking back at this post in 10 years!


15 years from now, we'll be able to say we witnessed one of the greatest players of all time win his first Grand Slam.


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We just need to remind ourselves that anything can happen, especially with injuries. Just look at what Theim is going through. We should just hope that this slate of younger players keeps as healthy as possible.


I'm going to guess 12-15


Too early to say anything. Hewitt had 2 slams when he was 21. Then had none. But i feel, he will win atleast 10 slams given lack of competition right now


Lack of competition? Sinner, Medvedev, and many others will give him all they can for many years. Plus Djoker and Nadal aren’t done yet.


at least one.


Birth of a dynasty


Alcaraz honoring the lives of those lost on 9/11…and then I realized he wasn’t even born…and now I feel much older than I am 😭




Jayson Tatum?


This will never stop being funny


Overheard in Arthur Ashe locker room after US Open final: “He got me,” Casper said of Carlito's win over him. "That f***ing Carlos boomed me." Casper added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times. Casper then said he wanted to add Carlito to the list of players he works out with this winter.


Ruud : he fucking boomed me


Not to mention he's only a teenager as well. To add to that he's only nineteen years old. Impressive stats for a 19 year old


Dead legs. 24 hours on Court these two weeks. Youngest since Nadal to win. Youngest No. 1 ever. Get on the f****n hype Train already, this kid is the *Real Deal*.


He had less rest than all of his opponents, consistently playing 5 setters until 2:30 AM And yet each match it looked like his opponent gassed out before him. We just watched one of the greatest players of all time in 15 years, win his first Grand Slam.


Nah this match he looked gassed since the first set; he just willed it through. He genuinely looked like he might just crumble (at one point having double the UEs of Ruud with less winners). But he brought himself back in despite clearly being exhausted.


he won a GS final in which he hasn't played close to his peak level. surely we are witnessing start of an all time great career.




Guy was only 17 when the pandemic broke down.


Crazy thing is before COVID hit he was already dominating challengers. He may have gotten here even faster if not for COVID.


I never thought Hewitt's youngest World Number 1 would be broken but wow. What a tournament for Carlos. Sky is the limit


The future is now, old man


Turned it around completely in that TB.


He wasn’t even alive when 9/11 happened, and he’s world #1 and a GS champion. I’m too fucking old


First teenage male number 1


Ruud is as classy as it gets


We have possibly entered into a new dominating era in mens tennis. Really happy for Alcaraz and how many great things he will accomplish. Gutted for Ruud 😔, but the future is very bright for him.


Yeah same. Ruud did so well this year too. I can’t wait to watch these guys for years to come


Yeah, based on the rate at which they’re each improving, Alcaraz, Ruud and Sinner are each going to be incredible to watch in the next few years


Can't feel gutted for Ruud- he played well, didn't choke or beat himself


Yeah, unlike his last time at a GS final where he looked pretty out of place, this time you could tell he was very prepared and seriously contending for the win. Unfortunately for him, alcaraz managed to save his ass in the 3rd set. It would have been a very different match if Ruud went up 2-1


That was a magnificent match. I'd take a 4 setter like that over a 5 hour grindfest any day. Amazing talent and guts from both guys.


Nerves of steel on the lad. Such a developed player at such a young age, it’s staggering.


“No time to be tired” GOAT mentality


The year is 2042. Alcaraz is going for his 80th major in a row. John McEnroe is still spending every point talking about whether or not Alcaraz is tired/spent from the three 5 setters he played in the 2022 US Open.


Nothing more annoying than McEnroe claiming any mistake is due to “fatigue catching up to him” or because “he got tight.” You ever think it was just a regular ol’ miss, John?


We already knew it but now it's official - THIS KID IS THE REAL DEAL!


Moya training Nadal, Uncle Nadal training Rudd, Ferrero training Alcaraz.. Seems spanish people have learned a thing or two about tennis lately!


Lately, more like the past 22 years. Spain has been insanely stacked between Nadal, Alcaraz, Moya, JCF, Ferrer, Verdasco, RBA, PCB, Feli Lopez, etc.


Go a little further back and you have Brugera and Corretja too.


I'd say more about making an individual sport a collective thing, if that makes sense. You might not remember, but in the early 90s, Spanish tennis players such as Bruguera o the Sanchez Vicario brothers couldn't stand each other. It was a constant war. Forget about doing anything together in the David Cup, for example. Something changed and now they all seem friends and the veterans are training the youth and it seems like a right tight ship.


Uncle Nadal coaches FAA


Last year, this kid beat a top 10 player in a grand slam out of nowhere, he would finish in the season in the top 40 after confidently winning the next gen finals. At the beginning of this season, he said his aim was to make it into the top 10 by the end of the year. They said he was cocky and overhyped. He achieved that goal before even the 2nd grand slam of the year. Earlier in the year he also mentioned he felt like he played one-to-one with the top players. They called him cocky and overhyped. He beat novak and rafa back to back en route to his second masters in as many surfaces, still before the French. By then, he said he felt ready to win a major. They called him cocky and overhyped. Few months later, he wins his first grand slam title to simultaneously become the youngest world #1 in the history of our sport. The season isn't even over yet. Carlitos "Estoy hecho un Toro" Alcaraz, ladies and gentlemen. The future is now.


Many knew this kid had TONS of potential from the jump and to see his meteoric rise as just a teenager has been such a joy! THE LEADER OF THE NEW SCHOOL!


Oh wow, so now he can serve like a fucking demon too? Cool, cool.


Congrats Alcaraz! His mentality and conditioning is wild, and only 19. It really is finally feeling like the start of a new era I don't want hear people calling Ruud boring, he plays solid solid tennis. It's too bad about the set points in the 3rd, I wanted him to get that so bad, but he still played well. I hope he sticks around the top 5 and gets that slam title


Nice final. Heartbreaking for Ruud, but still gracious in defeat. (Hope he’ll have his GS moment too!). Solid play and I’d say he lapped up most of the interesting points actually! Seemed poised to win until that tiebreak in the 3rd. Alcaraz just kept the momentum going, and served great in the final set. Congrats, Alcaraz! Excited for what he’ll do in the next years!


The level of tennis in this match was amazing. I want to say that this the most exciting USO I've watched in many years. The overall level of tennis was unlike I've seen in a long time. These new young guys are something special. Sinner continues to look legit and is going to hopefully be around for a long time. Tiafoe may have finally taken that next step. Cilic has regained form this year and I hope he can take on a few more years of this quality. Kyrgios will hopefully continue to take tennis seriously. That Medvedev match was insane. Khachanov played insane most of the tournament. His match against Kyrgios was mesmerizing through the last 3 sets. Other challengers like Berrettini and Rublev still look strong. Ruud's style will keep him at the top for a long time. And Alcaraz's play was nearly inhuman. The next few years are panning out to be a panacea of quality tennis.


I just wish that people will stop underestimate and make Ruud out to be worse than he is. He is outperforming Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, etc. this year and he doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserve.


People are talking about "another 20 years of this" but honestly 20 years ago nobody could have known Roger/Fed/Nadal would be competitive in their mid 30s, it's completely unprecedented but also because athletes in general have way more longetivity. Who knows how good sports medicine will be in the decades to come, it may even be longer. It's not just tennis either, you see athletes last. Alcaraz may be around for a very, very long time. This will not be his last by a long margin.




None ever did it in their teens. Absolutely wild from Carlitos


Thanks Andy.


Looked it up because I was curious, Martina Hingis was 16 when she won the AO in 1997 to became women's #1


Most wins on tour. 51 wins


Good effort by ruud. Would have liked a fifth but Carlos was amazing


Was rooting for Ruud, but Alcaraz just deserved it more. Had a much tougher run-in to the final and simply had more tools on his belt in the final. Ruud’s consistency and technique are admirable, but he just seems to lack something extra, something special to take him all the way in these games. Edit: Ruud also has to work on his first serve, 4 aces in a 4 set match will not be enough for grand victories. Alcaraz relied on his strong serve and a couple of times it was a lifesaver for him.


Youngest No.1 in history, US Open champ at 19, Saves a match point in the QF, beat FOUR top 20 seeds, and played three 5 set matches, back to back, to back. Real deal might have been a joke at first, but this is just unbelievable. You've earned it Carlitos. Vamos 🇪🇸


So sad, Carlos can't have a drink legally in the US


He probably will once he gets back to Europe.


im trying not to overreact but this kid is literally joker nadal hybrid at 19 8-10 slams is a lock barring major injury


Nah it feels different. With Zverev, Tsitsipas, Thiem, etc it always felt like "ehh maybe they're next in line" but Alcaraz this tournament made me feel comfortable were looking at the next future dynasty


Yea, I mean Zverev and Tsitsipas have still yet to win a Grand Slam. Alcaraz has now and is the youngest #1 ever. There's definitely a different vibe surrounding him that the others didn't have. You can see "future all-time great" written all over him.


Also because none of them were real Slam contenders at Carlos's age, let alone winning one Zverev never even made the semis until 2020


Wait weren't people comparing his style to Federer due to his aggressive style? or are the nadal comparisons due to same nationality and how good Nadal was at a young age. Either way what a player Alcaraz is


and Novak's haircut and Djokosmash. It is definitely Federer-esque as he's able to switch from defence to attack easily. People are making comparisons to Novak and Rafa since they have 2HBH


Yeah you can see some parts of all the big 3 The Djokovic part would be his flexibility/returning ability


I always assumed it was because I've never seen him give up on a point, game, set, or match. Like, ever.






With that consistent and aggressive hard hitting? Heck no, he's more Federer like.


hes got the shotmaking of federer and the physicality and mentality of nadal and joker kid is the future


The shotmaking of Federer The physicality and nationality of Nadal And the haircut of Djokovic


Y’all underestimating the big 3. 10 slams is not normal. Even just getting 3 slams is a serious major feat.


Carlitos future GOAT trajectory!


Iga will talk to him now.


Now I'm wondering how tough Carlos is going to be after this huge confidence boost. 1st Slam at just 19 years. Youngest #1 in ATP history. This is not some regular stuff. This is history in the making.


I think if anything, the pressure is gonna rise dramatically from this point. Nadal once said to reach no1 was difficult but doable, but to remain no1 when everyone else is after you, there lies the real challenge


Just a staggering couple of weeks. The power, the fitness, the variety, the decision making, and sheer will power he showed these two weeks as a 19 year old is insane. The scary part is he can improve almost every facet of his game. The way he served in that last game gives you a glimpse of how good I expect his serve to be. This is the kid to beat this decade. 19 years old, world number 1, and GS champion. Just not normal. Hope he stays healthy and entertains us the way the big 3 have for years to come.


THE HYPE WAS JUSTIFIED HE IS OFFICIALLY THE REAL DEAL what an incredible run for carlitos! fucking amazing stuff.


Congrats to Carlos. But what a sad way to start a week as Casper’s fans.


To think it could’ve ended with sinner


History made and he's only 19, unbelievable no?


Carlito tried to see if the top of the trophy opened because he didn't know where to put the $2 million dollar check. lmfao. I always wondered if the top was a cover as well....


This final what’s the anti 2020 final, neither player really crumbling under pressure, great clutch plays and clutch serving


So what should the “Alcaraz will never win a slam” gang now talk about?


My favourite was “has no pedigree at slams” after making 2 slam quarters as a teenager


“He’ll never win another one” Then, “No way he wins a third”


"You must be stupid to think he'll win a 25th."


"He only won 50 grand slams. If Mury didn't have to play the Big 3, he'd have 60 grand slams. Not even close to GOATed."


moving out of their moms basement


Carlos = Charles in English A Charles was crowned this week, a Carlos was crowned tonight. Long live King Carlos.


The Carlos Alcaraz monarchy is the only monarchy I will accept


Ferrari disagrees


Praise be


2 masters title A grandslam and the now the number 1 player in the world. What a year!!!


Huge lol to those people who called him “overrated”


Carlos finally gets to get his photo op with Iga! Congrats!


I cannot believe that this kid is 19. Insane. His trophy cabinet is going to be stacked.


Damn poor Casper. They making him just awkwardly stand there while Alcaraz lift the trophy. Respect but I probably would’ve like to have left to the locker room after receiving the runner up medal.


Carlos got like 7 aces in his last 3 serve games. If this kid develops a consistent serve he's unbeatable.


JCF said Carlos is playing at 60% of his potential with lots of room for improvement 😳 RIP Next Gen 🪦


Both played really well, but Alcaraz is something else. Ruud played much better in this final though, credit to him too.


As a Norwegian I'm fucking heartbroken. I truly had hope when Casper upped his level in the 2nd-3rd and Alcaraz looked tired. But can't help be impressed by his clutch returns and powerful forehands. And the serving towards the end. Congratulations to him and all of Spain


After 3 5 setters in a row, you wouldn't expect Alcaraz to have much left in the tank, but Alcaraz delivers. Cannot wait to see the future of Alcaraz!


I think we will be remembering this US open as the event where the change of guard happened. With Alcaraz winning it and players like Ruud and Sinner showing what they are capable of, it truly seems like the next generation has arrived.


And then we will have a djoko nadal final at the ao


or Djokovic defeats Alcaraz there lol, assuming he could play


There is an alternate timeline where Alcaraz has the same incredible run and then…. Djokovic in 3


Ending the year with 2 slam finals and at #2. Not bad Ruud. JAAAAAA


There’s still about 3k potential points since the year hasn’t ended. Seems like the race is still somewhat close between the top 3/4 before end of year and depends on how much tennis each one plays. 2 slams finals on different surfaces is rare in a breakthrough year.


He still can make a run for n1


Someone please give a hug to Ruud :(. Should have won those set points in the third set.


Will Iga finally go out with him now 🥹


Love the follow through! Finally a next gen we can get behind!!! Zverev, tsitsipas, etc take note


not gonna lie, that was some real deal shit


I really wish Carlos an injury free carreer so we can see him playing for a long long time


I think Alcaraz is special (obviously) I just hope his style holds up and he stays healthy


I think it’s telling that he never really went God mode, other than with his first serve in the fourth set. We’ve seen him play much, much better than this (when he hasn’t played 15 hours of tennis in the previous four days) which is not only an indicator of how strong he is mentally, it’s also terrifying for the whole ATP. Also, that moment when Ruud outplayed him and he did a kind of Djoko pastiche while laughing straight down the camera? Priceless.


Ngl I teared when he was celebrating with his box.


So excited for Alcaraz having his big breakthrough, not only by winning his first slam but by becoming #1 in the process. The physical and mental strength on this guy are unreal. That being said, I'm already sick and tired of him being compared to the big 3. Let the man have own career. I also really hope Ruud wins a slam one day. Such a nice, solid play style.


After the previous 5-round matches where he fought, Alcaraz deserved to win this championship. And he's also the #1 player in the World -- at only 19.