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I don't think this is a normal or healthy way for parents to react.


Asian families: first time?


This is awful


"I'm not your daughter anymore! I'm running away!" *goes for a walk and comes back when I get bored.*


I remember packing my favourite toys, standing outside on like my neughbours lawn or something for like at max 30 minutes, then running back to my mom crying.


Omg this is such a cringy memory


Yup. I’ve only been slapped like once, but definitely pinching my ear and arm or being locked outside happened a few times.


Why would you get locked outside


Because back in the "good" old days parents believed kids were like wild animals and needed to be kept outdoors. Unless it was raining, because back then they also thought getting cold and wet would give you pneumonia. But then again, some parents might have locked their kids outside as punishment even when it was cold and wet out. That's just evil.


Bad grades in school, being a pain in the ass, etc.


I think that’s child abuse


My parents were undefeated in that era. Undisputed champs at shutting down all logic and asserting dominance 💪💪💪


And the people who defend your abusive parents were kids who lied, cheated, stole, or bullied others as kids, while you got beaten blue for getting a low A, looking at your parent funny, or just catching them in a bad mood.


No,not really, we are the same case.


Argument with abusive parents when you’re 8-11


Eh, I’ve only been slapped like once and I was being a fucking asshole and I’ve been pinched a few times. I got locked outside a few times too, but then I just used my imagination to play in the backyard.


I've never heard of parents pinching their kids as punishment before. Why is it okay for adults to inflict pain on their kids but if a kid does it to another kid it's extremely wrong. Yeah, beating your kid's bare bottom because they hurt another kid, that will really teach them violence isn't the answer./s


Bit middling here, but I think it's possible to have a good relationship with your parents currently and acknowledge that things they did were not exactly healthy or OK.


Are y'all okay?


Yes ^maybe ^^no


We are


Locked outside ??




8-11yo me: "Why can't I do xyz tonight" Parents: "because." Me: "because why?" Parents: "because i said so" Me: "why do you say so?" Parents: "because." Loop continued until they just told me to go away because they're tired.


Yes, this happened a lot


spot on "all of my friends have phones!" * only 2 of them do * also after getting slapped, and you cry : "i barely touched you! it was just a tiny push!"


When a kid argues "But all the other kids' parents let them \_\_\_\_\_", it's ten to one that all the other kids are currently arguing with their parents about how all the other kid's parents let their kids do the same thing.


If you need to use any kind of violence towards a defenseless kid I don’t think having a kid was a good idea to start whit.


OP, you don't know it yet, but this was abuse. I guess you can wait until it gets bad before you get help, if you really don't think it was that bad.


Eh this happened only like two times a while ago. Me and my parents have a pretty good relationship right now.


Ah, child abuse


next do arguments with parents when you're 12-16/17 or something


Yeah uhhh I think you need new parents. Kids can be assholes but their brains are literally not developed yet, so there's no point getting too angry at them.


same one here pal, used to be a wee cunt back before high school came around. slapped about like a dogs belly and kicked out plenty of times not the best memories but joys of living in scotland iy