Post Match Thread: Leicester City 4-2 Manchester United [Premier League | Matchday 8]

Post Match Thread: Leicester City 4-2 Manchester United [Premier League | Matchday 8]


United next games: - Atalanta - Liverpool - Tottenham - Atalanta - Manchester City Good luck Ole.


You could keep the list going a lot longer. With the way United play, there aren't any easy opponents.


Any team that presses: United: I'm in danger Ole post match : they wanted it more than us... We go again lads


Ole: I am the danger


I mean after that it's only a one game break as it's then:- Watford Villarreal Chelsea Arsenal They had a ridiculously easy start to the season followed by all of the rest of the expected top-7 inside 7 games. As others have said though, with Ole's United, they're about as likely to beat or lose to anyone


Ole's United in his first season were good against top teams as they sat deep and hit on the break. Ole was under immense pressure, then beat City and Tottenham back to back within 4 days. They ended up taking the most points off the top 6. Last season, United only beat two sides in the traditional top 6. Outside of beating Leipzig and PSG (which was made redundant as they then lost the group with their game against Istanbul). Ole has to hope that he can summon his first season form rather than continuing the recent trend, otherwise he is gone. However the crucial issue is that he has tried to make United play more possession based football, rather than just sit deep and break. And he doesn't seem to be equipped to coach that properly and avoid getting hit on the break.


Soyuncu's slabhead >> Maguire's slabhead


People say Kane's a mouth breather, but Maguire looks like he breathes through his fucking ears. He also has the face of a 16th century English peasant.


Genuinely looks like a Witcher 3 npc


Fuck mate. You killed me


I'm thinking more from Kingdom Come: Deliverance personally


Soyuncu legit looks like he fought along side legolas and elron in the battle against sauron. Whats a prem match when he helped take down the all seeing eye of mordor


Legolas and Elrond weren't in the same battle. Sorry. Carry on.


I wish Ole paid attention to details as much as you do


Ole just chillin' in the Shire through the whole thing.


He also has a bigger cock


And better hair


It is fabulous tho


He reminds me of that photo in the barbers that you pointed at when you were kid, "I wan' tha'". Always came out with a bowlhead and a bad case of depression instead though




Your mom


About 25000 Leicester City fans about 2 hours ago.


Disappointed Vardy didn't SUIIII, usually can rely on him to be a shithouse


If he was the one who scored the 4 th goal I'm sure he would've done it, I think he just wasn't sure if his goal would be the winning goal


That’s never stopped his shithouse celebrations in the past


Did United sign Sancho, Ronaldo, and Varane and somehow get worse?!


After watching the highlights on Match of The Day (a match commentated on by Guy Mowbray no less), I genuinely didn't notice Ronaldo was even playing.


I wish they just give us back Sancho ... We could be challenging for the title if we just retain our players for 1 year ...


Happy to see Maguire put the Leicester shirt on one last time


*After all this time Harry* *Always*


On a serious note selling him for 80 million was one of the most genius moves of the past decade. You guys absolutely robbed United. Hats off


To be fair, at the time they were absolutely fucking desperate for a defender..... not a good one, just anybody. We coulda sold my dad to em for £35-40 million, and he's been dead for 9 years


Man under the slab>slab head


RIP your dad though.


Vardy destroying a lacklustre Man Utd with an under pressure manager. Nothing changes.


The manager won’t change either


It's going to be a long flight back to Manchester.


Lose to Liverpool next week and United could be behind Arsenal.


WE ARE BACK. What a performance.


Season reset.


Absolutely. From the first 5 minutes everything felt good again.


Now come on lads, how is Ole expected to do better with 500 million and Ronaldo? He's doing a great job if you ask me.


He needs time


Arteta was given a whole month. Ole? Give him 2 or 3!




arteta actually won silverware (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


[Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it. Let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Ole's at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. Man United are BACK *vigorously rubs hands*](https://media3.giphy.com/media/meCBwNdPNMV5RWzAJA/giphy.gif?cid=790b761115017b5fe184413984cad31c2bb27443b03ddf7e&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g)


Never gets old


Woodward: "Thanks, Rio. But it's 3:15 in the morning, mate. Hanging up the phone. Bye."


Just imagining Rio actually saying the words “vigorously rubs hands”


God I love this so much


Owen's stupid face makes this even better.


Maguire with one of the worst performances by a good CB I've ever seen


Ole before the game said "He didn't train a lot, i'm not sure he is ready"... Why the fuck are you playing him then ?


"Maguire had originally pencilled in this weekend’s game against his previous club as a comeback date but doubt was cast over that happening when he felt unable to rejoin training until 24 hours before kick-off." - the Athletic. He was a doubt to even join training 24 hours before kick off...


It was a condition of the sale .... he has to start matches against us ;)


4D chess


He can't be trusted left in the locker room at the King Power. Best to have him on the pitch where you can keep an eye on him.


he scored a hattrick for Leicester


Said the same to my mate. 3 goals are on him.


He was definitely not fit, and it's embarrassing that he played the entire match. But what can you do when Ole has his untouchables in the team.


I know Bailly is stroke inducing at times but surely he has to be a better choice than Maguire with no training.


Bold of you to assume any United player recieves training


Literally everyone and their nan could see he was being rushed back in except for Ole. He literally resumed training YESTERDAY and played 90


That's Ole's worst quality, he doesn't trust half of your squad. So the players he likes are over played and have to play through injuries.


He's the worst manager I've ever seen at squad rotation. He so obviously has his favourites


My favorite Ole lineup decision was benching Fernandes in the FA cup semi final last season but playing a full 90 in the 2nd leg of the Europa league tie against Roma


This pissed me off so fucking much. He also played Bruno against Real Sociedad in the Europa after we beat them 4-0 in the first leg. He's a joke of a manager.


Literally facilitated or directly at fault for all 4 goals today. Unbelievably poor performance from him


Here lies united unbeaten away record that saw them winning absolute fuck all during the run.


We won having Ole as manager for all this time. Priceless.


Jokes on you, I already expected dissapointment. Can't ruin my weekend this time :(


I expected disappointed and I'm still disappointed.. This was beyond bad




Sad Siuuu :(


Loving how Utd fans are begging for Ole to get the sack and every other footy fan is begging for him to stay




After watching that game there should be no United fan thinking that they’re in the race. You have to really ask yourselves how far this man is going to take you.


They were never in the race lmao. Even after signing Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane. My friends made fun of me when I said that before start of the season.


the amount of Pundits predicting them finishing 1st-2nd this season had me feeling like I was taking crazy pills.


My United friends said Klopp was a one season wonder after last season's blip, and ole would show him up once he got the signings he wanted. They also say Salah is average, and till last season kept saying he was also a one season wonder. So more like sour grapes, which is so sweet for me


He's not taking us far at all. He did his job as bringing the "culture" of United back. That's it, that's all he was needed for. Now is the time to find an actual Manager with tactics


Lampard vs Tuchel


Sacking Ole would be devastating for us neutrals. Half of football's banter would be gone


I’m convinced every united flair that defends him is secretly a watford fan that is spamming social media to see if they can keep him longer


Maguire at fault for 3 goals. Horrendous performance


he scored a hattrick for Leicester


Literally nobody is ever going to take Manchester United seriously until they sack Ole, he is beyond a mediocre manager it’s hilarious. Any other big European club that has high aspirations would’ve sacked him a loong time ago.


Hope he picks up a couple of wins now, he's in real danger of fucking this up for everyone


I actually can't see it. Look at their fixtures. The end is nigh I'm in bits here. Give him a 10 year contract United remember that goal in Barcelona!


United will turn City over in a freak result and buy Ole another 4 year contract.


As a Liverpool fan I can totally see us taking the first loss of the season against United next time. Thus, making Ole keep his job longer. I hope the rest of you assholes will thank us then....


yeah need to pull one out the bag, in general their upcoming fixtures are pretty tough. Imo they do what they did with Moyes and wait.


Liverpool needs take one for the team


Atalanta. Big Atalanta win will give him a few more games.


I can see it happening. Atalanta press high united hit on counter 7 times


I'm pretty sure Ole will park the bus, the game will be boring and the result will be a draw.


Any other club with high aspirations wouldn't have given him the full time job in the first place. The fans and his friends in the press have protected him enough, there's no hiding anymore.


Arteta will outlive Ole


One of them has a trophy and the other one has Ronaldo


It's in the scriptures


Arteta will be the one to get Ole sacked. Like Cain and Abel. You've heard it here first. Mark my words.


Arteta has won the FA cup and beat Man City and Chelsea on the way to it. Ole parked the bus in the 70th minute against Villareal


If Arsenal win then they would only be 1 point behind United's "super team."


Arteta has won a trophy and had a much worse starting base than Ole.


Day to day Ole has seemed slightly better but i mean arteta got that late season run and actually won something, crazy to think


Ole has a better team, a decade plus of managerial experience, and more money to spend.


Next game is with Liverpool. Salah will tear this team into pieces lmao. Maybe they sack him then.


Watch them win lmao I can definitely see it happening.


They’ll score a stoppage time deflected winner from Ronaldo and Ole will be safe for another month.


Ole's speciality: consistent inconsistency


Would be poetic really as he took over after Liverpool fucked Mou’s United lmao. Full circle and all that. What comes around goes around.


Shame Shaqiri’s gone


Bless that lovely, cuboid man


Origi masterclass imminent.


United to get outshot 3-24 but Bruno scores a long range shot to win it 1-0, saving Ole’s job.


This is genuinely so on point, I would not be surprised at all if something similar happens. DDG puts on a masterclass and then Bruno/Ronaldo score for a 1-0 steal.


Any United fan who still believes in him must not be watching the games I can't understand it.


Suprised the camera didn’t catch him smiling at full time


Who do they get at this point? Yes, Zidane is jobless, but dont think he will join United for variety of reasons, least of all language. Conte?


Our owners haven't proven that they have high aspirations to begin with. Ole is the perfect buffer for them to hide behind.




Images you can hear **IT'S TIME TO GO**


RIP Claude, what a legend.


I prefer not to speak


If i speak i am in big trouble


I can take that loss well, simply because finally this useless unbeaten run nobody ever gave a shit about is over and the commentators can stop fucking mentioning it. 29 away games unbeaten in the league, like who gives a fuck, there are 10 draws in there.


Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it. Let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Ole's at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. Man United are BACK!


Will never ever get bored of this


Will never not upvote this


What baffles me about that game to this day is that I still don't know how anyone with a footballing brain looks at that game and thinks "If that game was played 100 more times, PSG win it at least 99 times". It was so clear that It'd shithoused their way to a win opposed to aging well. But we got that quote, and Oles at the wheel. And I'm grateful.


It's going to be sad when Ole is gone and this meme can't be used


It will be used for the next manager.


It will never be the same


Oh, it'll still be used don't worry


*rubs hands vigorously*


Ole: *[smirks]* at least we scored 2 goals eh? It's actually remarkable that Ole has tried nothing and he has already run out of ideas lmao


I gotta say props to ManU fans because in our case, 6 bad matches of Pirlo and everyone knew he was gone in the summer. The backing Ole gets is unreal but he does not improve at all, I would dare say Pirlo improved more in one season than Ole has in 3




Let's be fair. It was 90% Vardy but I doubt Daka minds.


You simply can’t be an Ole in modern football anymore. You can’t be a man manager first anymore. A complete joke of a manager for this stage who gets by off the individual quality of his players with no greater plan. Look at how Klopp and Tuchel especially maximise their squads’ quality through their tactics. Klopp also has a really distinct tactical identity which he still has the nous to adapt to his players. What Ole is doing with the attacking prowess of Pogba, Fernandes, Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani, fucking Cristiano Rolando is pathetic. Never change it.


> You simply can’t be an Ole in modern football anymore. You can’t be a man manager first anymore. Good post. The league used to be full of guys like Ole in management jobs. Decent guys who'd played the game, could relate to the players and get on well with them and just send them out in a normal sensible formation and let them express themselves broadly how the wished with some basic guidelines from the manager. To be successful in football now you need to bring all that but also be an insane tactics/strategy nerd like Pep, Tuchel, Conte, Klopp where you create these incredibly fine tuned machines of a team who are coached to within an inch of their lives and who know exactly where the manager wants them to stand in every situation. You can't just go out there and vibe it out anymore.


Ole is on the brink of establishing an international powerhouse of a football club. We have Pogba, we have Bruno, and we have Greenwood. The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and soon we will be destroying the likes of Barca and Madrid left and right. Ole has molded us into his newest iteration of his high pressure attacking side that can be likened to Fergie's 08 side, but better. Bruno is the new Park, Mason is the new Ronaldo and Cavani is Tevez. Just look at our win against Roma. We destroyed them, absolutely humiliated them. It's a wonder Paulo Fonseca hasn't been sacked yet. My god was that a display of brilliance. Bruno scoring two, Cavani scoring two, Pogba heading it in the goal, just for Mason to come off the bench and score a worldie. There are always haters, but they just talk shite due to spite. They are fake fans, and only real fans see the beauty of our football.


Was this originally a serious comment or was it a pasta right from the start?


Dead serious. Classic r/reddevils




Delusional muppets haha


I think I just shed a tear. Masterpiece.


Lmao what’s this?? Hahaah


A copypasta


“Bruno is the new Park” absolutely kills me every time i see this pasta, how on earth are they similar


If Ole is putting the pieces together then let the puzzle pieces remain in the box


Now hear me out ... ManU aren't that far from greatness. They just need to sign a superstar player, a Ronaldo or someone similar, and then they'll be top of the table in no time.


The irony is there are people in the world of football who get paid lots of money who unironically say this on radio, TV, newspaper columns etc.


Pretty sure Ronaldo might see to it himself Ole gets the sack. Dude looks absolutely pissed


He can't complain that much, he was shite today.


The whole team was shite


Ole should get sacked but Ronaldo has to be pissed about himself today aswell mate




Can the people critical of Ole please remind themselves that he scored a goal 20 years ago?


Just a young Steve Bruce


Vardy’s winner came sooner than u/PSGAcademy posted Rashy’s equalizer lol Maguire - Lindelöf is the worst CB pairing since Maguire - Lindelöf


1. very embarrassing. he really is a PE teacher. 2. get fucked 3. did Sancho do anything useful? didn’t tune in until 75’.


Sancho was anonymous, rashford had an instant impact


Sancho didn’t really. He just doesn’t fit system and neither does Ronaldo (somehow).


What system?


Sooo when is Sancho making his debut?




Just wait for next Sunday


Wednesday before that.


I can see us shithousing that game, then we’ll go to the Liverpool game feeling good about ourselves and then get hammered


No defense, just vibes


Harry Maguire cost more than Virgil van Dijk.


Well, [ain't that some shit](https://talksport.com/football/823542/man-united-virgil-van-dijk-liverpool-transfer-victor-lindelof-charlie-austin/). >!Fuck everything!<


It was hilarious reading all the ridiculous comments from United fans when VVD was responsible for conceding a goal earlier this season. Meanwhile Slab was directly at fault for three this match alone.


All those united clowns thinking they were title contenders at start of season with all the signings lol… i said u guys were delusional and it shows game after game


So having just caught the highlights on Match of the Day, my main points: - Soyuncu plays 500% better with Evans alongside him. - I've been saying all along that we build from a solid defence, and that a good defence will give us more confidence going forward, and I think today proved me right. - Rodgers often talks about intensity and that's been missing so far this season. Today we ran Man Utd off the pitch. They couldn't match our intensity and we reaped the rewards for it. - Our players played for each other, without ego, but with the confidence to take our chances. - Maddison and Tielemans had good games today. I think more confidence in defence and better intensity from the team as a whole has put a bit less pressure on them. Much of the problems we've had with them so far this season has been - in my opinion - caused by them trying to take responsibility and overplaying the game. Today they could push forward more confidently and play with more space. - He made not have scored today, but Iheanacho absolutely proved his worth with his work pressing. Brilliant finish, but a brilliant bit of work by the Seniorman to make the opportunity happen in the first place. - On which point, Vardy and Iheanacho seem to have a psychic link with each other when they press. - Rashford's goal was probably something we shouldn't have let him get away with, but it is part of the risk of the high line. - Greenwood's goal was just one of those special strikes that happen every now and then. - This Daka kid seems to be the real deal. I'm willing to bet he'd have buried his first chance if he'd had a few more touches of the ball before that to get into the match a bit more. His actual goal was really nicely taken too. A last second deflection made it really awkward, and getting his feet sorted out to control it and turn it in is *much* harder than he made it look. This is the Leicester team I've enjoyed watching for the past few years. Hopefully this will kick-start a good run of form as we play with intensity. As a final note, having seen the Liverpool-Watford highlights as I type this up: - I've missed Ranieri's interviews.


Mourinho and Van Gaal got sacked for less despite winning trophies and playing better football with lesser players.


Just got back from the game! Wow we've had some insane matches against Man U over the last few years; 5-3, 2-2 Maguire equaliser, now today. Unreal game. So impressed with Leicester, Man U to have those incredible players and not be able to play and type of progressive football at all is embarrassing. What we would do with players like Greenwood, Rashford, Sancho, etc... Tielemans incredible, Evans a rock, Soumare, Castagne, Amartey will all go under the radar but were immense. Great game!


Ole has no tactics. Midfield doesn't exist which messes up the attack and defence... Man Utd have too many world class players, some United fans are so delusional they will keep defending him while hating Mourinho who had a shit team with better results. Give this team to a good coach and he would do better than Ole.


*Man U extends Ole's contract*


Maguire mightve played the worst ever performance ive seen from a professional footballer


Always amusing seeing Ole on the touch line aimlessly waving his hands and staring on to the pitch in the final minutes as United drop more points lmao. It’s time to accept they need proper manager.


Unlucky eh ? At least the boys had fun on the pitch


wonder if ronaldo has regrets about choosing united over city


United should go all in on Conte while he’s available. This isn’t just on missing Varane or a better DM, whole season as been shaky




If we hire Southgate I'm done with football


> they like Southgate lol. HAHAHAHAHAAH


Ole to Gary would be hilarious


Absolutely shit performance all over. Ronaldo uninvolved, Pogba keeps fucking pulling down players and conceding fouls, Maguire and Shaw misplayed pass after pass. No cohesion in our team and Schmeichel barely tested. If someone didn’t see this game, they’d see 4 goals conceded by us and be surprised. But it could’ve been way worse. Fuck off the lot of them! The manager can’t pass for the players but my god there was no attacking intent whatsoever. Gonna get played off the pitch the next few weeks.


I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.


Ok, Ole is a very average manager. I get that. But have Man U forgotten he scored a very important goal 2 decades ago? Extend the contract.


6-1 to spurs last season, 4-2 to Leicester. Progress?


Im probably taking this loss if it means our tactically inept manager gets sacked. Im so fucking done, this is taking me back to LVG days. Just playing Maguire for the full match today should be a sacking offense


lol no chance ole gets sacked after this


I pray they keep him and he keeps giving the football world great performances like these


This is what we needed, he'll be out after the City game. No way we and he survive the next 6 games. I just hope they don't Sack Ole alone, get Phelan, McKenna and Carrick the fuck out of there too!