Where do y'all get your wood from?

Where do y'all get your wood from?


Trees mostly, sometimes porn


Your mom


It had to be said.


Doing gods work


The hardcore southern dudes usually "have a guy" who owns property where hardwoods naturally grow. It's not uncommon for someone to have a business selling wood they harvest and chunk up for smoking purposes. I dunno where you're located but ask around some facebook groups or something.


I live in the south (lots of hurricanes to knock down trees) i can find a pretty good supply of oak or even pecan if I’m lucky. People on craigslist sometimes post if they’ve just cut a tree down.


Depending on where you are located, sourcing certain woods can be a costly venture. If you have the option, reach out to local orchards or sawyers to see if they sell downed limbs/unused portions of the tree from processing.


Craigslist for sticks, walmart for chunks.


My yard.


Home depot sells hickory and mesquite splits for 20 dollars. But also i look at craigslist and offer up for free wood. I live in pnw where we get a lot of down trees, people constantly getting rid of wood.


I live in the Canadian version of the PNW (love there too!) and both Alder and Pin Cherry grow like weeds here, someone, somewhere always needs one or the other removed. I do buy hickory pellets and use a tray in my vertical or smokehouse. Use Alder for mild smoke and the heat, hickory pellets for flavour.


Contacting a local arborist can payoff. They're always looking at free ways to get rid of material.


Facebook marketplace has a lot of options. But I haven't actually bought from anyone on there yet.


Have said this before: do a Google search for orchards in your area, give one of them a call. Often they will sell chunks that they cut from cut limbs. One near me has like 10 different woods to choose from


Pretty much all planted trees in my area are live oak, so I can get wood when neighbors have trees trimmed or removed, sometimes I can find when a person dumps a tree road side. The other part of the bbq hobby is hunting for free wood


In my area there are like twenty plus wood dealers on facebook selling oak, hickory, and pecan wood in pallets, cords, and ricks. Most people probably buy them as firewood. Crazy to me that people buy wood in bags at big box stores


Ace hardware


From trees! Lol but seriously I cook on a kamado so don’t require much wood. Just grab bags at heb or the meat market. They both have great selections of mesquite, hickory, cherry, oak, etc. I know a lot of people find cords on fb marketplace and Craigs list


Find a local firewood place. They will sell you seasoned wood.


Facebook marketplace is my favorite place. However, when I know people are getting a hardwood cut down, I ask for cuts to bring home a split.