I pour mine while it's comfortable to hold. I have enough time to pour every plates and need to way it hardens. (500ml media bottle) can't tell why your jar cool that fast! Do you pour with the plates stacked? (Faster pouring than handling every single plate)


Semi stacked. I have like 4 stacks cause it feels more comfortable and my sab isn't that tall. The jar is 750ml btw, but someone said they use a 1l jar without issues


If you pour one plate in few seconds, and don't lose too much time between each stacks, i really don't know how your agar may cool that fast!


Agar begins to solidify around 115°F. I like to heat my media bottles up in a microwave until the agar has liquefied. When the media bottle has cooled enough that cooler water won't cause the glass to crack due to energy transfer, I put the bottle(s) in a pot of water with a sous-vide set to 117°F. Watch TV for an hour or do somethin else to kill the time. I can usually pour around 25 plates with minimal condensation before the agar starts to solidify again. If you don't have a sous-vide, an IR thermometer will be your best friend.


I don't understand - I start pouring at just under 120 degrees and it's easy to hold, and I don't have any trouble finishing the pour. Are you sure you're getting your agar fully melted in the first place? It has to get up to 185F before it fully melts - I actually let it bubble from early boiling before shaking it up to disolve everything. Are your sterilizing your agar? 20 min at full pressure in the pc.


Why dont people do no pour tek?