1g PE was a good starting point for me. I was surprised by how strong they were compared to regular cubes! I personally wouldn’t suggest taking over 2g first time but 1 or 1.5 should be good! Kinda depends on how much you like to take of regular cubes. I love PE and blobs- enjoy!


I suggest this. Anything 2 grams and over will begin to feel like hero territory. Thing is I get an unusual lucid clarity with my larger 2 plus gram albino penis envy doses. Something I can't say about something like golden teachers. GT or similar experience gets incoherent at times which I would say is normal with a heavy trip. Ape's give me a certain lucidity during the experience. I'm much more in control of my thoughts and my ability to think opens up as if I'm firing on all cylinders but tripping my balls off all at the same time.


I feel similarly about the mutant strains I've tried such as Enigma/TW2 and other blob/brain mutants. Oddly lucid mental clarity even when you're deeeeep into a heavy dose. Big fan of that element!


Thank you!


1g to start I'd say imo






2 grams is a good time... Idk what made me do it, but I ate 4.5 gs once of ape and I got rocket launched into outer space an had full ego death and everything, that was the hardest I've ever tripped in my life lol


THIS!! I ate 5 grams of pe without realizing they were more potent than regular cubes. That’s exactly how I describe it. I got launched into outer space for 4 hours. Same with the ego death and everything.


“They” made you


Ego deaths are probably some of the most scary experiences too have, i took 8g’s periodically throughout the night until they all caught up to me, same thing just got launched to another dimension 😂😂


I'm curious how you ended up with blobs?


I'm not sure why it happens but it happens to me on first flush sometimes too. An explanation as of to why would be awesome if anyone has one.


Did you do a casing layer?




That'd be why


Nawwww it doesn't happen every time it happens here and there but it's not common enough for that to be the case. If so it would happen every time. It happens in the first flush only as well. If casing was the case that wouldn't be the case either. I have never used casing. So much unnecessary work. Especially when you're 50+ tubs deep and alone.


That looks about a good dose lol


All of them!


One time I ate a .3 Pe blob as a micro to start the day… needless to say hit much harder than I wanted😂


Same! Ate a .3 PE in the morning and felt like I was about to trip most of the day, definitely threw me off.


Aborts and blobs just hit different nicer on the stomach tho






Lmaoooo my man gonna get s e n t


Don’t do 2.5 for your first time with these. You won’t enjoy it


I ended up doing 1.5 and I definitely did not enjoy that. Way too intense and I’ve done 4 gs of regular cubes before. There were some cool points but the first hour and a half was insane


Good starting point would be 1 gr. I started with .5 grams of PE blobs recently and felt pretty darn good


Yea one day I thought it would be nice to take 5g of them and my girl the same dose man when I tell u it turned into a horror film quick smh we both thought we were gonna die but I will say we def experienced telepathy like for sure sure


5g lemon for my 1st ever PE and it was amazing 🤩


2g would be about 4g of reg cubes.


They don't look as blue as some I've had. I took some that were damn near purple, and they were AT LEAST 3x potency. I fucked up n took 3gs of those n that was goddamn terrifying. I've taken about 3 grams that looked like this (I had a tolerance) n it was like taking 6g of strong cubes. Probably safer to take 2 if you're not looking to really freak out n talk to aliens lol. The experience can be much like a long dmt trip.


Remember PE is for all intensive purposes a designer strain, and a damn good one at that. I haven't personally experienced the blobs yet that I have heard comes with bulk spawn (my first bulk PE spawn is about a week away from this). I imagine 1g like a normal PE 1g will be enough for most people to have good visuals. I would say it depends on what your normal dosage is. If you normally are taking 1g trips or 3.5 gram trips I would stay around the same measurements until you see if the effects are greater or less then you are used to handling with these


I understand penis envy is supposed to be stronger than most cubes. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried any myself. I did just order a few tidal wave X penis envy. And another one that has penis envy in it I think it was the TAT Smurfs. From what I understand most cubes have about the same psilocybin content. Even going off of a website that has strains listed with the potency of each strain. Well that was that particular strain from that particular batch. Kind of like with marijuana, I was a bad tinder for about a year and a half. Not every plant was the same, even the same strains. Different breeders. I’m not trying to argue or start any fights, I’m still new to all this myself. I’m just trying to be on the outside looking in kinda


smash 100 gram wet get out your face in outer space shite bag if you dont 🚀🚀🚀🚀


I'm a total noob what is this




What are PE blobs


This looks about right for a beginner boof


I have a full trip on just a gram of PE.


What are blobs??? And how do they happen??


1g but no more than a whole piece cuz that will rock your world


Depends on how much you take with regular cubes. I personally like a good 5 to 5.5g dose with regular cubes. PE I tend to go down to 4g due to potency. Mutated PE Blobs can also be a little more potent than a regular PE fruit of the same weight. Just gauge your dose about a gram or so less than what you take on a normal cube strain and you should be fine.


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 3.5=5ish grams do the math


And from my little experience that looks like sclerotia. If correct, I would definitely start off with the one G LOL. Very clean and beautiful sclerotia I might add


I'm a proponent of microdosing in the beginning honestly - especially when you are beginning to use mushrooms. Starting with .5g as a microdose (or .75g if you are on SSRIs) is a good way to test the waters imho


2-3 gs fly high


-0000.2-000.0351-... or2.5 grams Best of both worlds —- 4-5 for a trip that will make you feel like you didn’t miss out on them by taking too little- it depends what your intent is


1 gram is a good place to start


If you’re experienced...than go with 2-3 grams. I personally don’t dose less than 5 G with my most potent variants....and that’s a light dose for me🤷‍♂️


I think, don’t quote me! They are 30ish percent more potent so…. Do 30% less than per usual lol. 🤷🏻🙃


Since blobs don't have the Hydrogen molecule attached there is more weight per volume than regular cubes.


??? Blobs don't have a hydrogen molecule attached??? Attached to HWHAT? Blobs are not molecules?? Da fuq are you talking about? More weight per volume... Sure... They're more dense, and arguably more potent... But exactly what molecules are you discussing and can you provide any references discussing the chemical composition of blobs vs mushrooms in this context cos this statement makes zero sense