That is odd. I use 1000ml bottles and pour 30.plates per bottle starting when they hit 125° F stays liquid the whole time. Agar doesn't harden until below 120 m, not sure exact temp but maybe you are letting it cool to long..


Mine is 750ml. I rly don't think i'm letting it cool for too long cause i can barely touch the jar. I wouldn't be able to hold it if i were to only touch the glass and not the lid, that's how hot it is. Also, being too hot creates too much condensation and that might lead to endospore germination (happened recently)


Yeah I hold mine with bare hand when pouring. I'm not really sure lol. You sure you didn't use too much agar powder on accident?


Wow that is really odd. It shouldn't be cooling and clumping that fast. I wrap a clean towel that i use for my lab only around my beakers to pour cuz they pretty hot at 140. I know people who pour at 120 f and so I wonder what temp you are getting to pour at. I would suggest a thermometer for sure We use just a head one and it works fine. But ideal is the inferred ones


A dirt cheap way of switching your agar pouring container might help. These [little glass bottles](https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdwebimages/350x350/33977.jpg) that you can find in nearly any grocery store work fine for sterilizing and pouring agar. The brand name and actual contents don't matter. Put the lids on loosely, the agar is ready to pour when cooled enough that you can comfortably squeeze a bottle in your bare hand.


PGT's recipe is 4g corn syrup, 8g agar agar, 12g potato flakes, 400ml/2C water, (drop of food coloring) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pqJxFpsE84 And you can scale that recipe up or down (1g,2g,3g:100g water)


Oh yeah i know that video but i don't rly think the recipe itself is the issue here. Also i use dextrose instead of corn syrup but it works out to the same amount of agar overall