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So, for years my wife would lay back and I would lay between her legs and give her oral. She loved it. I loved it. All was good. Then, we tried me laying back and her sitting on my face. Oh my god. Game changer. I personally like the slight submissiveness that it make me feel as the giver. And, my wife. Holy hell. She sits on my face. She starts humping and grinding her pussy against my mouth and chin and nose. For her, she says the pleasure is magnified like 10x compared to her laying down on her back. Don't get me wrong, my wife has always loved receiving and requesting oral. But, now, she is like an animal. She prefers sitting on my face and facing the top of my head. She says that feels much better than her facing my feet. Over the years of her sitting on my face. She has grown fairly dominant in the practice. She loves it. I love it. I like it, again, because she is a little dominant and I am a little submissive with it. It also gives me much more flexibility with my hands. I can easily finger her. I can easily play with her breasts. And, I can get to her asshole if that is something she wants at that particular time. Every women is different, so ymmv. Just the other day we were in bed, my wife pushed me back, crawled up on me, and said, "I have a present for your face." It's so fun the next day when the light catches our bedroom just right and I can see her finger and hand prints along the top of our headboard.


This is the sweetest thing ever 🥲


Female - after I got a bf who was really into eating pussy, I actually prefer face sitting. It gives it a bit of Domme vibe, plus it's just super hot and it feels super empowering! What makes it even better is that he loves it too - he has said if he suffocates, this is the way he wants to die so no worries. I sometimes check on him like "can you breathe?" and he mumbles "no, so keep going" lol. It's amazing, you have to try it!


It would be a hero’s death.


A mound worth dying on/for.


Glory Glory, what a hell of a way to die


Lol that's me with my gf. Don't get off unless i stop. And, even then, I guess it's up to you.


Your bf is my idol


10/10 mood


Haha!! Yes!! This!! It’s like choking, but for men. This is the way I want to go. Doing something I love!! Smother me with face sitting!!


Lol I think choking is like choking for men. A better comparison would be that it’s like deepthroating for people with vulvas


Actually, a woman can choke a man with her hands, and a man can sit on a woman's face. And we can into details with homosexuality and non-binary people


I agree 100%!! So many options… The underlying message is still that it’s okay to explore, consensually of course, with your partner and just because they’re being choked or smothered a bit doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying it.


Crazy how people reacted to you just telling the factual truth lol. Stereotypes about men and women just hold people back and limit what people feel confident doing sexually because they feel it’s “wrong” to not follow the script. Eating pussy isn’t just for men either.


I can't believe we have to clarify these things in THIS sub


Not my boyfriend but new lad I have been fucking around with has given me the confidence to sit on a face with no regrets. (I’m 215lbs 5’2) he enjoys it a lot and the dominant vibes off it, turn me on even more.


I prefer this position with my wife. She is in control and moves where she wants me to be.


Best oral position ever🤤🤤🤤




I've never thought of this before. I feel awkward when I face-sit so I usually think he's just joking when he suggests I do so. I can see the appeal now. Thanks for sharing your perspective 🐱


I feel awkward when face sitting too. I feel like I’m smothering my partner. I can’t relax enough to enjoy it so I just don’t.


I used to feel that way.. don't, they love it. There is a hilarious TikTok video a guy made where he says.. "Ladies, when you sit in a chair, do you just hover over it? When a man asks you to sit on his face, SIT on it" 🤣 obviously you want him to breathe but I think you get the point.


There is no reason to feel awkward because you're smothering your partner a little, in the right setting this can actually be pretty hot! As a switch I'd compare this a little to giving head all the way to the bottom, my face buried in his thighs while he's squeezing my head into them, almost getting no breath. But that's fine for me, super fine actually! I enjoy a little breath control and I can always tap myself out, so its no big deal and makes the whole thing just hotter. Same reason I love getting smothered by women, have her literally sit on my face and rub herself into it is a pure expression of lust and immensely hot. If you don't feel fine doing that, that's okay! I just want you to know its not nessecarily a bad thing for your partner. Just like some people really enjoy giving head, others do love to be smothered :) If they ask for it, they're probably very into it. (edited to add punctuation)


If they mustered up the courage to ask for it, they REALLY want it. Don't second guess it, go for it!


That's kinda the appeal of it lmao


I think my wife feels this way too. She'll do it for a little while, but then wants to move on to something else pretty quick.


It's also hot as hell to look up and see your partner. Whatever insecurities you may have about that situation —its unlikely they're thinking about them. Just smother them, grind into their face and treat them like an object meant solely for your satisfaction. Spin around and tease them with your hands and mouth. Rub your cheeks over their face and soak their face. Spin back around and work their face until you orgasm. Lean forward so your breasts hang over their face. I don't think they'll complain (so long as they can breathe). Then get up and walk away without even so much as a thank you.


Damn daaamn, thanks for the inspiration 😏


It's hot af don't feel awkward


This, 100%! If I'm in control I'll climb on my man's face and have a whale of a time. He usually makes me squirt everywhere though, so he is still a little in control. If he's in control he'll pin me down and go to town, although sometime he does tell me to sit on his face so I can squirt all over him. I think it's a matter of confidence, enjoy! Edit: so many spelling mistakes




For sure! As I've gotten older I've become more confident, and the confidence has been met very warmly.


I was going to say the same. With age, comes more experience & confidence. I have grown so much over a time, & the confidence helps to explore & try more.


This is so true. I feel somewhat empowered like im going to ride that mouth and please myself how I see fit. Also though I have more control holding onto a bed rail I can balance and ride better 😋




Oh my gosh so much yes!


I prefer laying on my back. Face sitting is just overall annoying. I have to worry about not smothering his face or losing balance. I can’t just relax


Why not hold onto something then, even if it's just a wall.. Doggie position is always an option too, surprised nobody mentioned that. Oh great, I'm wanting that now 🤦🏻‍♀️


Use the headboard for balance


I have, it’s just annoying. I’d rather just relax on my back, it also allows for fingering when I’m on my back for the g spot. Usually more intense


Yess! This comment is to the T! If I want to control- I'm on top and if not on my back.


Face sitting is ok if he doesn’t mind you grinding on him while he’s going to town. I prefer being on my back and he can change position how he needs to, and he can get a hand in there too. That’s very important to have.


On my back because he can finger me while he's working


Fingers during oral is my sweet spot…. But my partner had mastered fingers during face sitting and oh. em. gee is it great. I can sort of grind away on both his fingers AND his tongue at the same time, and I have a bit more control yet he’s doing all the work. Perfecto.


Can you describe how he manages to do that?


I read Perfecto as Petco. 🤣 Me? I’d have just liked someone to go down on me in *any* position.


Ugh this is the best thing ever


Men can also use fingers when face sitting…and it’s heaven. And about the question, I am female and I love to be eaten out in any position my partner wants, I enjoy and appreciate All of them. I also appreciate my partner wants to give me oral.


Exactly this


Yessss. I need that.


Why can’t you be fingered while on top? If anything, it’s easier because they’re not also trying to prop themselves up at the same time.


I'm a woman and my guy just woke me up for morning sex. I sat on his face and I was on my back both. It just depends on my mood. This morning I was half asleep so I preferred feeling kinda lazy and just lying back to enjoy it. But sometimes I'm feeling so horny I just throw him on the bed and sit on his face, taking charge and grinding into him. Depends 🤷‍♀️


Thank you for you


Yep 👏


I'm a girl on the chubbier side, so I'm always scared I'm going to kill someone with my weight and thic thighs, so prefer being on my back.


I’m a chubby girl and I sit on my husbands face alll the time. He loves it and has literally said “if I die, just know I died doing what I love”.


Ultimate death is death by snu snu. It’s the equivalent of Vikings wanting to die in combat lol.


This is the way


If he dies, he dies.


What a way to go . “ Here lies Joe , never had a face sit before but he gave it a go “


Shakespeare who?


This ⬆️




His bloodline was weak!


Yeah I’m also on the chubbier side and I think I’ve only face sat once? But I usually don’t do it. I’ll be hooking up with a friend soon and he told me he likes it so, we’ll see how it goes haha


Oh my god, I have the same fear and I also get conscious about wanting to sit on my man


Me too man. It scares me a lot. I also feel like that make me not want people sitting on me either. My breasts are larger and I just don’t think there’s room there to sit. I feel like it takes the wind out of me I even if it’s a tall person supporting themselves with their own legs. I feel suffocated.


The suffocating is the best part of face sitting for me personally, that's what tapping out is for!


Aye that’d be a great way to go out


Death by snoo snoo


Your probably making someone real sad with an attitude like that


Both are nice. Face sitting means that I have to be more in control, and laying back means I'm more passive I guess. If a guy knows what he's doing, both can be very good




I just left a comment saying that I'm surprised nobody mentioned "down dog" position.. that's amazing too


Giving your lady oral in the down dog position is especially sensual. Yum. But giving her oral while she lies on her back or 69 is also quite special. And there's always something that feels very good about giving her oral while she straddles your face and you can look up into her eyes and see the pleasure on her face. You don't have to have a favorite when you love all methods of giving your lady long, intimate, sensuous, oral sex until she has an explosive orgasm or multiple orgasms. Just thinking about it makes me hot.


How could I forget about 69 ? Lol Yeah I have to shut those thoughts off, it's been too long plus I'm at work and shouldn't even be on here.


Thanks for that link!


face sitting 10000% >>>>>>


As a guy, face sitting with a girl is honestly my favourite thing to do in sex full stop


I'm a guy, I don't care which I get as long as I get it. I adore giving head no matter what position it's in, providing we are both comfortable. If you wish to have a seat on my face, Go ahead! If you want to lay down and have me eat you out that way that's fine too, I just want to eat you out regardless.


Let’s meet bro


Why did you get downvoted so hard for this?


I like lying down more, because it's more relaxing, but my boyfriend thinks it hot when I sit on his face. And I like to see him enjoy too ;)


i prefer being on my back. i don’t find it to be all that enjoyable in any other positions.


Same. I am envious of women who can get off orally in other positions.


Unlike some people here I don't think laying on your back is a sub move and face sitting is dom. I think it truly depends on the relationship and how youre behaving. If a guy asks me to sit on his face I feel like he's in control. If I'm on my back holding his head I feel like I'm in control. But either way it really depends on how you're acting. If you're sitting on his face and grinding down on him then of course you're in control. If you're letting him take the lead then he is.


I prefer laying on my back. I get super self conscious face sitting.


I like to watch him doing it and moving and interacting while he does it, so I guess that’s actually not entirely laying but kinda half sitting with bended legs.


I am a girl and I love it both ways, if it is true that lying down is more relaxing, it is like leaving it in his![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes) hands to give you pleasure while you just enjoy the moment. There's also the option for you to take full control of your body and decide to pleasure yourself by rubbing all of your pussy on his face, both ways are sinfully delicious😈


As a male, I love both for different reasons. It's definitely more practical and more straight to the point when she's on her back and it's also comfortable for me and I get to see her reaction and face expressions when I'm doing it - meaning, this position is best for the more romantic/intimate sessions or if she's being a sub. Then there's the kinky side, so her laying on her back won't cut it. Sometimes I'm on a "sit on my fucking face and rub yourself all over it" and that shit is amazing, both for me and my girl.


Option number 3 is doggy though. Which is also amazing and a little bit of both


I prefer on my back because it's hard to stay up for long for me. My knees are weak :'(


Female here, I also don't enjoy sitting on face as I find it very uncomfortable. I prefer to lie back and grind that face


I feel like a lot of the anxiety women have with face sitting comes from the idea that we are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing during sex. Like, I have friends who hate being on top bc they don’t like the angle they’re being viewed from. But honestly I prefer to be on my back because face sitting makes it hard for me to focus on pleasure because I’m too busy trying not to smother lol.




me too bro... me too




Just do it. Don’t be scared


I feel you bro😞😞


Aww, we're mot that scary.


On back. Too many other things to worry about with face sitting. Am I hurting him? Do I look fat? My legs are getting tired. Can he breathe? 69 is viable option though.


I'm a man. For me it's "all of the above" so long as I get to please. It helps that I think of cunnilingus as the bestest thing ever.


As a big girl, the concept of sitting on my hubs face scares the ever loving shit outta me, even though he keeps asking. I told him I needed to lose some weight then we could... I've lost like 20lbs and still avoiding it... I think it's just my own mental prison though because I hated my ex and had no problems if he suffocated and died under my vagina so I'd sit on his face occasionally tbh but I love my husband and I'd hate to do that to him. Mental locks on specific acts are hard to release control on 🤷🏼‍♀️


An underrated comment 😂😂 surely before he actually died he'd be able to make some kind of sound or give a signal by pinching your hips or whatever so you'd let him breathe? Lol


So my concern is that he'd just decide its worth dying for. He has told me that if he were to die to please put on his tombstone cause of death 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I'm a girl, I cum from both and oral is my most favorite thing in sex. I prefer on my back but my husband prefers I sit on his face. If I'm on my back, I can relax and enjoy as much as he can give me.. If I'm face sitting, I am fighting to stay up as I want to melt and I'm concerned about smothering him when I cum, but he absolutely loves it. He gets to lay back and only move his tongue while he gets smooshed by all my lady bits. Death by snu-snu... 😅


On my back, I enjoy being fingered while it’s happening


My husbands and i’s favorite position is 69 and I’ve found that face sitting is my favorite position for oral! It hits the best spots while I get to please him too! It’s ok to be nervous, but just enjoy it!


I prefer on my back most of the time because it’s more pleasurable for me. I do ride faces, but I can’t orgasm that way.


I don’t think face sitting feels as good but it’s fun


On my back, I love to squeeze my nipples and for him to put two fingers in my ass at the same time.


I love to have a woman sit on my face, but sometimes I can’t breath and I literally think that I might die. I would be proud to go that way.


I like both. We do it with me laying on my back most of the time because it’s easier for both of us, he can finger me, he’s in control (which we both enjoy the majority of the time). I think i might have a slight preference for sitting on his face though, because i can guide him to the spot that feels amazing and he knows it feels great for me. I also seldom take charge in sex, so when i do, it is very much appreciated.


When receiving oral sex I prefer laying on my back, but that's mostly because I'm insecure about my body. When giving oral sex to other women I don't have a preference. I love both. When my girlfriend sits on my face it's super sexy and I love the dominance aspect of it, but when she lays on her back it's easier for me to move around and maybe put a finger inside her while I'm going down on her. Both are great.


IMO: Lying down > on all 4s from behind > face sitting


As a guy, I’m not picky at all. Just happy to be involved 😅


I was nervous too. Now it's my favorite. My husband loves it and it turns me on so much to look down and see from that angle. Also the gravity makes everything more intense 🥵


Just ask... any where, any time, any position... it's been years... I miss it


I'm a male Be on my face. *fucking drown me with that thing*


As a women, sitting on their face has alot to do with their nose for me. Smaller/petite nose = lay on my back Big/pominant nose = sit on face. Its also up to what they perfer too!


Male—on her back. Not a big fan of face sitting


Honestly laying on my back because I'm bigger than my boyfriend (he real skinny) and I panic. as much as he says that'll be an enjoyable way to go I do not want him dying that way


If he dies he dies sis


im a guy and I prefer her laying on her back. I can control what I'm doing so much better.


I feel like on the is a good go to


Man here. I like both. I've never had a woman sit on my face on her own. I feel like sitting on someone's face is an aggressive move. Which explains everything else I have to say about this. If I do it, it feels like I'm dominating her which can be good depending on our relationship. If she does it I feel submissive which also can be good depending on our relationship. Layin on your back is default. So I feel like you only sit on someone's face for that added power tension.


Definitely laying down. It's just more relaxed and I don't have to worry about breaking his neck.


Male here, I like them both. I can't say I have a preference. When she's on her back I definitely love the view.. having her legs spread in front of me and her torso, breasts, and face visible all at the same time is very hot. I do like being in control and using fingers together with tongue is easier with her on her back. At the same time, I also love 69. Having her on my face and sucking me at the same time can be just the ticket for both of us cumming at the same time. I also like being able to eat her cream as it drips out of her, something face sitting easily enables, but which requires more oral.. violation.. should she be on her back. Finally, with her sitting on my face, I can more easily fit her cunt on my mouth and her clit in such an area of my tongue for maximum effect. I don't personally consider this a submissive position as many do; I call it topping from the bottom.


I've tried face sitting before and it really doesn't do it for me for some reason, even though I love it when my girl gets a little kinky and dominant. However, I absolutely enjoy when she's laying on her stomach. I'm an ass guy, see, and I adore being smothered by her ass cheeks while I eat her out. Maybe play with her asshole a little bit, eat it a little bit... Idk, I think many guys have an ass kink.


Let’s talk about being eaten out in all 4s position or lying on tummy and arching ass in air. So fucking hot for me to receive this way with ass in his face


I prefer on my back because I can lie down and relax and get into it. Sometimes it takes me twice as long sitting on someone’s face because I get too focused on my knees and joints and how they’re feeling and adjusting myself so that’s comfortable instead of whether or not I’m even feeling their mouth on my clit lol.


Guy here, I just loveloveLOVE my wife sitting on my face, esp. when she's facing the top of my head, so I can look up at her and see her tits and face as she gets off. On her back is awesome too, because of fingering and such. I guess people think that her sitting on my face would be her more in control, but there are plenty of times when she tries to withdraw from my face when she's getting close to orgasm and she's feeling almost too sensitive. But if her legs are above my shoulders, I can wrap my arms around her thighs from the back and hold her down against my mouth. She can't get away!! Drives her mad, esp. when I growl into her pussy!!!! All your orgasms are mine, lady!!! Remember there are other things to do doing oral, like grabbing her buttocks and squeezing (harder, the farther along she is toward orgasm), or grabbing her boobs and tweaking her nipples, or just holding each hand tight as she orgasms. Early in oral I also like to lightly drag my fingertips up & down her sides.


This is definitely a fuck around and find out situation! Woman here, and sitting on a partner's face is definitely no way for me to cum: I feel like I have to hold myself up a bit, and can never really relax, and the angle's not quite right for my body. But do mentally love the view of his or her face, the slightly dominant aspect, and the sheer naughtiness of it. Can't cum that way, though, so for real satisfaction, it's going to be on my back. But see no reason why you can't do both, enjoy them, and find out what works best for you and your body!


Does it need to be one or the other? Our favorite is now me on all 4s at the edge of the bed or bent over something while he works from behind. Hardest orgasms I've ever had.


All I can think about when I’m sitting on someone’s face is if I’m suffocating them and it personally ruins it for me. Onto the REAL debate which is: laying on your back or having your puss ate from the back. And the answer is from the back 😂


I like it when a woman sits on my face. Cos she can take control and guide her pussy around my mouth.


I prefer to lay back and relax and let him have access to move around and surprise me, not use him as a toy.


Depending on my mood .......but I much prefer to lay on my back and just spread my legs wide to let the guy just go to town and enjooooy!! Love watching a guy go down on me! Can't lie 😜 If I really need to get off right then and there I'd gladly hop on and ride a guy's face ofc!


I find it extremely difficult to face sit. On my back is ideal, but I’ve got thighs like a vice. I’m always self conscious that it could be really uncomfortable for my partner, but I can’t help it when it feels good.


I have more control sitting (69) I feel no obligation when I’m on my back and that is also nice.


Both. Face sitting is great for a few minutes, going down while she’s on her back is great for a few hours.


Never had my wife sit on my face. I can do a lot more if she's on her back if I'm honest


Love when my lady sits on my face while I'm jerking off, the smell of her big arse and pussy drives me crazy 😋


I went through a phase in my twenties during which I would just sit on a dude's face and masturbate while he ate me out. I'm a dude too. It was pretty sexy for me. I like when a guy sits on my face better than any other way. Like, lifting your legs by your ankles and going into happy baby is wierd for me. I am not into back to front either. I can like, hook my arm under a guy's leg to lift it a little bit, and then I can eat him out. I've only eaten a woman out once. It was my twenty-second birthday and I was trying to impress her boyfriend, so I don't know.


Honestly I love it when my partner sits on my face. It gives me way more reach and hit the spots. I also like it because i can also masturbate while I do it. It's awesome lol


Both, depends. I find face sitting more “intimate” in a way…


I love lying on my back best of all because it’s the way it feels best to me, but I *love* face sitting because it feels powerful and also I can suck him off at the same time. They are different experiences for different moods.


I like both but face sitting is the winner for me I get off on the power element of it. Normally in 69 position is best when he eats me out at that angle and can still breathe. When I sit on his face facing him I normally end up nearly breaking his nose lol I can help grinding into his face . Not that he complains.


Take a seat young lady even better if there cum dripping from u


Definitely both


Love a woman sitting on my face and suffocating me in their juices


I like when she sits on my face.


Prefer her to sit on my face.


Def nervous about the idea of face sitting but since I like riding… very interested 😈😆 I am good not being in control, so on back or belly are good.


Not keen on sitting on faces honestly but it’s more of a me issue. It’s nice but I can’t get in the right headspace. I do enjoy standing while receiving or laying down the most though


Depends but love both


Depends on the situation. I definitely enjoy her sitting on my face but I can do a better job when she is on her back. Both are necessary though, we mix it up.


Easier for all on her back


Guy here, I would prefer on my back and she moving where she wants to licked, etc...


Face sitting is definitely hot, but I prefer lying down so I can be comfortable and really focus on what I’m feeling. So a bit of both.


I prefer lying down. My fiancé prefers me lying down.


I prefer to lay down tbh the whole idea with oral is just such a intimate thing for me. I would be overthinking if I tried to sit


Both I'm a male


I’m a guy I think of it like this. If I want to give her oral for my pleasure I want my face rode. If I want to see my wife squirt all over the place I want you on your back so I can control it and use toys




It depends on the mood for me but I love both. When they lay on there back I can look into their eyes which is incredibly hot.


I enjoy 69 and the woman laying on her back. I'm not a fan of the solo face sitting because I prefer being able to breath or else I tend to lose my erection. 69 is ideal because I get pleasure and I have easier access to the woman's pussy and asshole to play with my tongue, fingers, and maybe a toy.


Prefer her to sit on my face but I have to ask her. She’ll never do it on her own even tho she knows I love it.


It depends on the mood. Don’t forget face down, butt up from the rear is a option too.




i much prefer on my back, face sitting always seems to just feel very ~ w e t ~ to me in a gross, unpleasurable way & their tongue is almost never in the right spot.


I am a female. I prefer giving both ways to my partner. She loves either way. I like receiving only my back or standing though since I present as the masc partner and feel more comfortable in that position.


Face sitting with the anus right in my nose so i can smell your musky smell and eat all the juice


Female here! I'm a facesitter! It's super hot to make my husband a super mess. He loves it and I had to get over my fear to do it. I'll do any position that my partner lays me in. I prefer to be on my back with my head slightly over the edge of the bed for sucking. If I'm rimming, I love my face being sat on or him on top in a 69.


As a guy who loves giving oral I’m very open to both. On her back then I can control what where and how I lick, nibble, finger her, whereas on my back the actual grind on my face is just delicious. The woman then determines how hard and fast she goes. Depending on which way she’s facing I can also reach up to her breasts and play with them at the same time. Just wish i could do it more often! Sigh……….


Tbh I like it when I’m face down and my butt is up in the air. It feels much better than when I am on my back and I’m scared of smothering my s/o as I’m a bit chubby again so I never sat on a face.


For my own sake I like to be on my back since I can relax and focus more, but I also really enjoy when my partner gets really into it so if he wants me to sit on his face I will happily oblige




As a female being on my back makes me feel more dominated. Something about watching a guy eat me out makes me cum hard ! If I'm feeling more in control I sit on their face. However I prefer being on my back or being eaten from behind


Personally like to have her suffocate me usually dominate in the bedroom but there’s just something about face sitting that’s just so fucking sexy




Laying on my back with a fat blunt


I prefer face sitting 😊


Guy here - It makes me feel mischievous as I'm being forced to do something I really get off on doing!


69 so I can bury my face in that sweet tasty pussy


When she rides your face it's hot, it shows she got the confidence to be more dominant for a change. As a guy I look for a submissive girls, yet like when they want to ride or instigate the sex. My point is don't always be a starfish, as hot as it is. Get into it.


I definitely prefer laying down, or even 69 is okay. Sitting on someone's face can be a little awkward 😅


Sitting on the face is easier on the neck, unless when lying you have your ankles beside your ears.


Laying on my back. I don’t like anything about face sitting. But you guys sure seem to love it so whatever.


Laying on my back all the way. I’m not stressed about my weight, not to mention I can enjoy it much more (I just feel more).


Face sitting. I felt too insecure to try it until a couple of months ago, but I’m glad I got comfortable with it because I cum so much quicker and more intensely.


Laying on my back I struggle with facesiting due to SA


face sitting