I'm just thrilled Spurs are where they deserve to be after their constant nonsense this season. They've had games in hand on everyone all season, and have had some stupidly undeserved wins. Table at least evened itself out. I'm torn on whether I want them to get Conference league football or not because it'll disrupt their schedule but then again if they get no european football their income goes down, meaning maybe they'd actually negotiate for Kane.


They'd have to negotiate for Kane anyway, he is on 1 year left. This deal has always been entirely on Kane. If he is content with playing Conference and renew, I'd rather not have him anyway. If he puts pressure Levy, then we will get a reasonable deal done. Levy is not a daft businessman; he knows the situation he's in.


Nah - Levy is spiteful and a prickly bastard. He’ll lose Kane on a free just to make a point. But, no Europe gives Kane more leverage to demand a transfer and try to Antony his way out


He won’t lose out on 80-100m. That’s quite stupid when they literally are about saving money over winning by sacking Jose.


Yeah there's no chance, if they miss Europe they need that money, once Kane goes that whole team will fall apart without major reinvestment letting him go on a free would be suicide


I agree with this. Levy is not selling Kane here even if he has to let him go for free the next summer. The guy holds grudges and hates us.


Liverpool fans only had that 7-0 to cheer about. Brighton fans couldn't contain themselves "haha we ruined Manchester united's CL chances, go on liverpool!" Enjoy that Europa league theme, WOAH-OH-OAH-OHOH. He who laughs last, gets the first laugh after the guy who laughed before him and if he laughed that time, imagine how good the laugh will be when you last laugh last.


Tbh I like Brighton as a team but some of their fans has turned quite cocky recently for their good run. Leicester was champions and won the FA cup as well and look where they are right now.


I support Brighton and United, in my experience their fans aren't so much cocky as riding the high. Most are actually pretty humble about the whole thing and fully expect to be back in a relegation fight in the next few years. They do not like United though at all, between the two FA Cup semi losses and that post-whistle pen a few years ago they have a major chip on their shoulder. Makes it pretty awkward for me lol


Yeah. But tbf we lost both matches against them this time. So we need to return the favour next year.


their fans are fine lmao just normal fans


>Enjoy that Europa league theme, WOAH-OH-OAH-OHOH. Ngl Europa league theme slaps.


Spurs in UECL and i think that's the tipping point for Kane


I mean he has played UECL for them before... They went out in the group stage last season😂


It would also be the tipping point for Leeds. Another little bonus.




Spurs are playing Leeds. If Spurs win Leeds get relegated


they go down if spurs beat them


Ooooh!! Spurs can do a good thing then. They may win!


Not in Europe would be even worse. Especially given that they were a shout for CL a few weeks back.


Don’t speak so soon… Leeds beat them on the last day to stay in the league and Brentford beat a rested city side to leap frog them into the UECL spot…




They are getting rejected by all good managers atm.


Put money on them getting Graham Potter in. He'd probably do a good job with Spurs, given the time and patience from fans.


Let's hope they don't even pull that off


Whatever it takes for Kane to submit a transfer request


I mean if he doesn't already want to submit one then he's a lost cause.


This is the last update. WE'RE IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! * Manchester United and Newcastle United are in the UCL. * Liverpool and Brighton are in the UEL. * Aston Villa, Tottenham and Brentford are fighting for the UECL spot. * West Ham will qualify in addition to these teams if they win the UECL final. European qualification explained: * Top 4 qualifies for UCL. * 5th and the winner of the FA Cup qualifies for UEL. * The winner of the EFL Cup qualifies for the UECL. The UEL and UECL Cup winner spots transfers to the highest placed non-qualified team if the cup winners have qualified through their PL placements. The winner of the UCL and UEL also qualifies for UCL, but the winner spots don’t transfer if the winners have already qualified through their PL placements. The winner of the UECL qualifies for the UEL, but their spot will be in addition to the 5th and FA Cup spots if they don't qualify through those. Full rules here: [https://www.premierleague.com/european-qualification-explained](https://www.premierleague.com/european-qualification-explained)


I remember when you first made the graphic few weeks back and people were critical, having hard time understanding it. Kudos to you for improving it so much!!!


Thank you! I got a lot of good feedback from you guys that I used to simplify things. It's been fun!


C'mon the Villa boys, what a massive turnaround under the Super Unai Emery, getting the conference would be the cherry on the cake after this brilliant season


If we don't get 1 point from the last game we don't deserve to be in the UCL /s


We need 2 points to beat the Saudis ;)


Chelsea will get at least a point from their last home game against Newcastle. 3rd for United is all but guaranteed. Let’s rest the 11 for the final


I want villa or brentford in UECL. That will leave spurs with no europe next season, Kane will then leave spurs to sign for us in order to play in UCL


I want to see spurs in the conference league please


Why not Villa instead?


Nothing against them but Spurs winning means Leeds are fucked so..


Spurs can win and out of UECL if Villa wins as well


The best timeline


Hoping for Spurs win vs Leeds too, though Spurs winning or losing has little to do with whether they are in UECL. If AVFC wins they are in it


Didn't think of that!


Only if they draw my home club Rapid Vienna.


Any difference finishing 3rd vs 4th?


PL prize money and not having to suffer the NUFC fans bragging that they beat us.




So if United beat City they have qualified for the CL, UEL and UECL all in the same season. Has that ever been done before?


Guna need a bigger squad


The bin dippers did it last year I think


Underrated comment




Can someone explain how Brentford is still able to get into the conference league? I thought they needed a minimum of 60 points to get there, but the max possible for them to reach is 59 points…


7th gives UECL. If Brentford win, Villa loses and Spurs draw, Brentford will finish 7th. The 60 pts threshold is to **guarantee** qualification. Villa are the only ones that can guarantee UECL if they win, because Spurs can only get 60 points. The other teams have to rely on other fixtures going their way.


Oops, my bad. Just had a second look again. For some reason, I read the graph as saying Aston Villa already had 61 points when they actually have 58. If Brentford win they get 59 and if Villa and Spurs lose they remain at 58 and 57 points. Clear.


And actually Brentford GD is much higher than both. If Brentford wins the other 2 teams just need to not win for them to get the spot




Worse luck - Spurs failing for any Europe would all but guarantee Kane would leave. But they’ve got Leeds whilst Villa have Brighton. Not saying we *should* get Kane but I’d like the option


This Villa team under mr good ebening would absolutely tear up the uecl tbf


These charts have been great btw: nice clear, intuitive presentation of information - surprised not used more in football coverage


Jesus, if I was told after the Brentford game United could potentially get 75 points at the end at the end of the season, I would have laughed. Taken some awful pastings this season, all things considered its been an very good first season for Ten Hag


Hope Spurs and villa win last matches, Spurs not even in Confrence League, Kane to us and Leeds relegation would be a perfect end of season.


Let’s all point at the scousers and laugh


Neither liverpool or soton have anything to play for at all, curious how that game will go