If you placed that bet today and won you would have placed another bet soon and lost that and so on. The only way you can win now is to not spend anymore money gambling. Any gambling win now is just a future loss


This is so true.


Thankyou so much for your reply. Ofcourse I would of lost it all back. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm so naive to think i could of atleast kept 20k behind and only gamble with the 10k "profit". I will keep on fighting this teribble addiction. Day 15 Tomorrow! Started to exercise again . Feeling happy at work life is so much better without it. But that 20k loss is still hurting me. It took me a year of hard work to save it.


It’s takes a year to earn 20k and 10 minutes to lose it. So do your best to not gamble Keep your hard earned money A dollar less waged is a dollar more gained


In a similar boat myself, took me 6 months to get some economies (with a low payment), wasted them all in ~3 weeks, mostly on football betting too. Almost all bets I lose are on one event, it's so depressing. But yeah, even if we'd win... in the end it goes the same, this shit is incredibly unpredictable sadly. And for me it feels like a curse, every time I'm close to winning something against it happens, with almost no exception. Anyway, if you made 20k in an year, which is a very, very big sum, than you'll be more than fine if you stop betting.


You have to get to a place mentally similar to what they call the physics double slit experiment aka wave particle duality. Here it out…. If you would have placed the bet then the butterfly effect comes into play and you lose one of the bets. Reality is not what you think, and gambling is a way to probe it albeit unsuccessfully. This advice is coming from a half atheist.


This is very well said. I have been gambling since 2018. I thought I was winning big. I like to think that I am very good and a responsible gambler. However, when I calculated everything, I found out that after all of my so-called winnings, I am down $4,380.19 after three years of gambling. I know it might not seem a lot but man, the time I spent researching for stats, etc wasn't even worth it. Sleepless nights.


True as fuck. This is exactly me.


That is the irony of gambling addiction. When you play, you usually lose and when you win, you will eventually lose all your winnings plus more. Be happy that you were able to put your paycheck in a safe place. By not participating, you have already won.


if u put a bet, would have lost.


Yeah you could’ve won the $20k back. But you definitely would’ve gave it back. If not the next day, you would’ve gave it back sometime after you’ve been clean, when the horrible effects of gamble aren’t at the forefront of your mind like they are right now. Congrats on 2 weeks clean. But part of the battle is staying focus on the bigger picture. Stop making parlays. You wouldn’t even have known how much you could have made if you didn’t make one. You got one foot in and one foot out. Take the other foot out, and start looking and moving forward. Cause right now you’re moving forward, but looking back. If you were focused on the bigger picture, you’d be appreciating the fact that you’re 2 weeks clean. It’s your two week anniversary and you’re spending it regretting the fact that you aren’t where you were 2 weeks ago. By the way, you’ll stop beating yourself up over all the money you’ve lost after you accept that it’s in the past. No your gambling past won’t magically go away once you accept it. It’ll always be apart of your growth. But the only way to grow from this, is to accept that what happened happened, and to stop looking back.


That was just a coincidence, you can't really predict the future! Nobody can, ffs


You need to completely shift your attitude about gambling. It's not about money at all, it's the addiction, that 30k wouldve been lost quickly because you suddenly think you're a genius and go for 100k, and so on, and so on.. Think realistically, who would go through all the bullshit of starting up a gambling business to give it all to you.. That win would've been the worst thing that could happen to you, because you'd give it all back, plus more, instead you've shown restraint, keep it up!


Oh trust me I know your pain 100000x completely. When I used to gamble.....the wagers I put with real money I lose. Then..when I quit gambling, every ghost pick I made on a game in my head won. Really makes you feel like crap. Its pretty sickening....thats how the gambling gods work...theyll always find a way to screw you when you play with real money and then rub it in when you dont gamble and let the games win you had chosen hypothetically in your head to make you feel like you missed out. Gambling works in mysterious way to make you feel like this. I actually did this like a week ago, I picked like 5 games and all of it won in my head. im like where was this when I put real money down? Of course once I put real money on a game ill lose. Its so sick it actually help me stop gambling...I couldn't handle that pattern and pain anymore the cycle was crazy. smh.


Thank you all for the encouraging advice. I rly needed that.