As far as I know, that's not possible with clips that are already merged. I stopped merging clips in Premiere because of this, along with other things like the fact that you can't change the "interpret footage" settings after you merge. I imagine you'll also end up with timecode issues if you roundtrip with other software. The most reliable way to do it is to just sync it in the sequence. Edit: the only workaround I can think of is to transcode your native media to something like ProRes or DNxHR, offline your merged clip and link it back to the transcoded media.


Thank you!!! This is super helpful!!


Merged or multi-clipped. I don’t use merge and I don’t think its the standard. If they are multi cams than it won’t matter. Just proxy like normal


Just select all the footage files in the project bin, right-click > create proxies. It'll auto-link the proxies to anywhere the footage is in any sequences.