Totally normal. Hang in there, do your best, set reasonable expectations for yourself!


We're a year and a half in with twins and I still struggle with laundry and keeping the house clean. Pacifiers were definitely our friends for a long time. In the early days, I would fold laundry on the floor next to them when they were doing tummy time, or they'd hang out in their rockers. A secondhand mamaroo helped the crying at bedtime, but you definitely need breaks from the crying. 10mins of them crying if they're safe and have had their needs taken care of (diaper, bottle, burped, whatever) isn't the end of the world. If they take a decent nap, try to plan out ahead of time what you could get done in that hour or so- 5min quick clean off the bathroom, 5 mins quick in the kitchen, 5 min here and there where you need it. If you need the tv to babysit your 2yo, then so be it, or maybe they could "help" lol. It's fucking exhausting with just twins and you have two other needy humans- if all you do is keep everyone alive, then you're having a productive day in my book.


Normal. Godspeed friend.


A piece of advice I’ve shared with any new parents, but especially with twins.. make a whiteboard list of things that you’d like done around the house. When someone comes over to visit and asks what they can do to help, point at the whiteboard list! This may be less effective in the age of Covid if you’re not having visitors


Normal!! Similar aged kids to yours, we are in a small house with no storage and it’s always some form or crazy or another. We do ALWAYS do dishes and laundry. But every other chore is when we can. Best thing we did was declutter and really get rid of stuff as we go. Having less has made it easier to keep ontop of… and when things get nuts there is only so much that can end up on the floor!! After dishes and washing, set a ten minute timer before you go to bed to run around and get a few jobs done. It’s amazing waking up to a small bit of tidy (even it’s it’s just the toys in the toy box, or the bags hung up etc!)


I second this. We have been doing a massive purge after realizing our capacity to deal with “stuff” was diminished.


My twins had swing time in these we found used at once upon a child so we could clean. We added extra toys they will fuss but it will be ok. You have to do what you have to do. It sucks that your husband works nights but hopefully he is helpful when he is home. Ppd is a very real thing and more common with twins. Its not bad to say you need help.


I only have one and I have the same struggle. I work full time and my husband is in school full time and my daughter is in the lovely stage where she dumps her toys and drops them all over the house, when the twins come idk what the heck I’m going to do lol don’t be too hard on yourself!


Big baskets to just throw everything back in again real quick.


Oh we do! I have the large plastic ones from target, we used to have the fancy woven but she turned out to be trying to eat them and breaking pieces off 🤦🏻‍♀️ she likes to take the toys out and throw them over her head then sit in the basket. Anytime she throws toy IN the basket we all stop what we’re doing and cheer and clap lol. Hopefully she catches on soon


Mine are 2 and they do help put the toys back as well as first emptying everything :)


She’s not as enthusiastic yet about putting back, she’ll be 20 months if I get these babies to term so I’m hopeful if we keep working with her putting her toys away will be a skill she’s got down by then. It gives me hope that yours can at 2!


Totally normal. When our twins were baby’s, I’ve turned one room into ‘laundry room’. I made a rack for every person in the house and hung their washed clothes on their rack so I didn’t have to fold because I didn’t have time for that. Fresh clothes could be used straight from the rack. Just recently I’ve started folding again, but only because we needed to use that room again. My twins are 2.5 years old now. Other housekeeping tips: clean the bathroom while showering yourself (I did it while my hairproduct was working in, once a week). Let your 8 yo help vacuum or robotvacuumcleaner. And get any help you can get, from your husband, family, friends, neighbor. Any helping hand on any time can make all the difference. I also had a period when I slept with my clothes on, so I could get out of bed at anytime. I changed clothes when taking a shower, but it wasn’t everyday for a certain amount of time. 😘 And set your priorities. We skipped all social interaction for a certain amount of time. Because every ‘free’ moment we needed for ourselves to relax. Family and friends had to wait (unless helping hands). Keep hanging on, there will be more time and space for anything else. But for now all that counts are the well-being of you, your babies, your older kids and your husband. If anyone has a problem with that, it’s their problem and not yours!


I’m right there with you! 6 week twins, 2 year old, and 6 year old and husband works nights sometimes. I tell my twins out loud sometimes “I hear you baby, I’ll be there in a minute. You have three other sisters” When I say it out loud it helps me remember how big of a task I’m attempting!


Yes, totally normal or at least it was for us. Starting around 8 weeks to 12 weeks the babies were up more between bottles but I couldn’t entertain them with anything yet, once I could entertain them it got easier. I highly suggest a high contrast mobile/pictures or even turning on a ceiling fan. (It sometimes worked for my daughter, not my son). My son would have meltdowns because he would get over-stimulated and overtired around 5:45pm, so I would wrap him up in a swaddle, and rock/sing to him in a dark room until he fell asleep. As for the house not being clean, me to 🤷🏻‍♀️. Mine are 5 mo old now and I normally get them both in the pack n play with the mobiles going in morning and am able to run around and get some stuff done, but it’s not much compared to what I did before babies. I’m still not cooking most nights, the instapot has been a good friend to me.


Sounds normal. You get (kind of) used to the crying


Give yourself some grace! You aren’t getting graded on how clean the house is. Your job is taking care of the kiddos and that’s hard enough!


That sounds fully normal. For the stress, can I recommend checking out KC Davis on her Strugglecare website or her tiktok? She's got a lot of interesting things to say about how, when you're overwhelmed (kids, health, whatever), you should just aim for functionality instead of perfection and remember that care tasks are morally neutral. Here's her website: [https://www.strugglecare.com/](https://www.strugglecare.com/) She has printables and such but her philosophy is also out on her TikTok. The shop is mainly just a convenience, she shares everything openly.


For laundry I wash and dry. I do not fold, I do not iron. I only Iron if it absolutely needs to be for work for example. Saves me a lot of time. Just throwing the clean laundry in the wardrobes. For the kids I sometimes even leave it in a basket in their room to pick it up and put it on them again. Everyone is doing very much fine with this system. Cleaning if I am in the bathroom for a bad/shower I clean it at the same time once I get out.


Super, super normal. 8 weeks is hard. The evening crying is normal but it sucks. Just yesterday I was saying to my husband “remember when they used to cry for two hours every night?” Now it feels like a distant memory. Don’t sweat the house stuff. Do the bare minimum at this point, and enlist any help from family or friends. It gets easier once the twins are mobile because they’ll be able to entertain themselves for a while. I’m usually able to cook a meal or clean the kitchen while my twins (10mo) and toddler bumble around the living room playing. With twins that little and other kids, it’s okay if they cry for a couple of minutes. It’s not going to hurt them. So many times I’d be changing the toddler while listening to two screaming babies, or have my crying, tantruming toddler trying to climb my legs while I was making bottles. It gets easier as they get older but there will still be difficult days. But you’ll learn not to beat yourself up over the bad days and to roll with the punches that life throws. Hang in there. You’re doing great.


Normal normal normal.


8 weeks? This is normal to above average. I had 5 & 2 yo when my twins were born and there’s still laundry everywhere and children competing for attention at 21 months.