>other 22 continue with regular season What? What happens when they're scheduled to play one of the 8 remaining teams then? Will the schedule just have to always change on the fly? Will there be a period late-season where the games that were messed up have to be made up?


I don’t think it would be that complicated. Team A plays Team B and C plays D in the tournament. The next game is the winners playing in the tournament and the losers playing in the regular season. They’ve already had experience releasing half the schedule at a time during the covid season so they could easily just adjust for the missing matchups if they do that again.


I'd be all for them doing the 2nd half schedule release later like they did in 2021. That way they can have better info on which match-ups are best to do National telecasts for


[deleted for privacy - /r/PowerDeleteSuite]


Yeah this is a real thing. People have jobs to book events in these buildings, you can't just hold 3 months of the year hostage for the NBA to schedule at their own whim even if it would benefit the NBA consumer. These buildings host concerts, NHL games, conventions, lacrosse, indoor football, etc.


Yeah I remember the Astros had to postpone a Taylor Swift concert because they made the playoffs


The crimes of the Astros will never end.


another examplr i remember is a wnba team had to play in a different arena because disney on ice was scheduled


I love this idea


This would be such a disappointment for advance tickets.


So we don’t get Knicks blazers on espn again!


Yep. They wouldn’t even have to change venues. A scheduled home game stays as does an away game. It would be pretty cool if they make the Christmas Day game the championship. It would definitely be something cool to watch.


That seems like a logistical nightmare now that the NHL (who shares many of the stadiums) and concerts are going to be in full swing




I guess so? So in that case games would be switching places in the schedule? That could cause weird travel circumstances. But then why can't they do that with the Final game too is my next question lol


Also gonna cause weird ticket issues for fans if the game they planned on traveling to see in March is suddenly in this tournament.




>I feel like its also impossible to maintain the balanced number of home/away games too. Unless this tourney doesn’t give seeds home court. It works because it's all in-conference games until the last one. For each season it is: * 4 games against the other 4 division opponents (4×4=16 games) * 4 games* against 6 (out-of-division) conference opponents (4×6=24 games) * 3 games against the remaining 4 conference teams (3×4=12 games) * 2 games against teams in the opposing conference (2×15=30 games) So pre-tournament they just need to make sure each team has only played each "4 game" opponent at most twice (home and away), and each "3 game" opponent at most once. Then they can adjust the 2nd half schedule accordingly with pretty minimal disruption. The only issue is with "2 game" opponents in the other conference, but that's why the final is an extra regular season game, because it's the only one that could mess with the schedule format considerably. Plus, those are often huge ticket sellers for small markets, where you'll only see stars from the other conference once per year. Season ticket holders wouldn't be happy if suddenly the Cavs hosting the Warriors gets cancelled in January because it happened in the mid-season tournament, for instance. So they'll preserve those, but make the in-conference games more flexible. Post-expansion it gets a little bit trickier, but almost all of what I wrote still applies.


Yeah. Someone mentioned they could just not release the 2nd half schedule until later like they did in 2021, I think that's the only way to make it make sense lol


In theory they re-organize the games from later in the year. I imagine they'll schedule more flexibly in 23/24?


I'm just still finding it hard to grasp that people will really care about this. Maybe it'll come in time. For example, say RJ Barrett is nursing a mild injury. If it were a playoff game, I'd feel comfortable with him playing through it if he and the team thought that was safe. On the other hand, I wouldn't feel comfortable with him playing through that injury to help us claim the In-Season Tournament championship.


It’s gonna be part of the 82-game schedule tho, so the ‘in-season tourney game’ is just another regular season game, if a team doesn’t wanna prioritise it then it’s fine


Is this some extra credit assignment


it's not even extra credit, it'd be if a teacher randomly gave you a meaningless gold star for homework you're getting graded normally on anyway


Depends on how much the gold star is worth, and I don't think nba and players have figured that part out yet


I thought it was a million dollar bonus for every player on the team? or was that just one of the proposed incentives from last year?


Yea from what I’ve read it’s a million dollar bonus for players on the winning team, a big incentive for the lower players on the roster, not so much for the stars, it will be interesting to see how much teams care about this


I think it’s enough to make the big stars care about it a little bit though. A max contract is ~$35m, so $1m in prize money would be about 3% of that. I make $XX,000 a year—if my boss presented some sort of performance incentive where I could make $900-$3k (3% of $30k-$100k) for ~2 weeks of hard work, I’d definitely be motivated to work harder to some extent.


Goodness that’s actually a lot of money for an in season tourney 1million for every player interesting.


And the reaction to it is like if you decided to just not do the assignment at all because of the sudden threat that it might result in a sticker. Just pretend the sticker isn’t there! You were going to do the assignment either way. How does this change things?


There must be incentives coming out soon. Millions of dollars to the winning teams and cuts to the players? Doesn’t sound like it would mean much still though


Well at worst it means as much as any other November regular season game. But I think it will mean something to players. It will be the first time in their careers that they can make any extra money for a regular season game. Every other game has been the same fixed salary. I think it will be hard for it not to mean at least a little more to them.


I mean, have you seen SpongeBob?


I mean I'd like if I got a gold star on my homework though


Realistically it’s like a bowl game in CFB


That’s great and all, but that’s kind of the whole issue. Why would anyone prioritize it? Why would I care as a fan if the Bulls won it, and then went on with their year to go get railed in the first round of the real playoffs?


Cups work in European football in part bc there are no playoffs. It’s a chance for a team to get something out of the season even if they don’t win the championship. Way different when there are multiple rounds of playoffs - and no tradition behind the cups.


This, plus those cups usually have teams from lower divisions and it’s a great chance for smaller teams/players to showcase themselves at a national level. Lots of players find success from a single elimination game moment


A lot of those cups are also mixed leagues where you're getting teams that wouldn't normally play each other, it's not like Euro teams or Chinese teams will be involved in this. It's just going to be more of the same, but now it's a "tournament". Feels like change for change sake and I don't like it, personally.


random spitballing: more championships = more chances for your fav team to win = more fan engagement? Or maybe it will just build storylines for the real playoffs


It's good for storylines and for fan engagement in a sport where casual fans will often say they don't pay attention until after the new year. If it gets the million dollars per player reward money that's been rumored it's also an interesting selling point for vet min players who might put more stock into teams playing the tournament seriously because vet min players will get a 40-50% bonus for winning.


Let’s be real here: it’s also good for gambling. Gambling apps are growing now with it being legal. Increase betting “who wins the cup!” Bets. They need to make the winner get a better seed. Like if you win the cup you can pick what seed so you can pick who you play etc. Just my two cents.


If the winner gets to pick their seed, doesn’t that heavily impact the importance of the remaining regular season games? It would lead to so many more games that “don’t matter.” Imagine a team plays heavy minutes and secures the first seed, but as a result a random important role player or Star player gets injured. Winner of the tournament (could be normally a 2nd seed) selects them and knocks them out in the first round.


i think you’re right about the gambling angle but wrong about being able to pick their seed. that would be a massive change and make even more games irrelevant i feel like


this is the nba version of those mid-season college basketball tournaments like the bahamas invitational or whatever, not another championship lmfao


But even those tournaments draw from various conferences so youre getting teams that dont usually schedule each other. This is more like the acc deciding to do a mid season acc only tournament months before the actual acc tournament....it's just unnecessary


oh sorry I forgot to put quotation marks around the word "championships" it's the NBA Finals but the NBA Mid-season championship


I think there's also a meaningful difference between the way a team plays in an "elimination" game vs. any other regular season game. During any other game, you might get your young players into the rotation more, experiment with plays, or "load manage" your normal starters. Prestige is a solid motivator for competitive people like athletes and players, though. These kinds of games are also good "pseudo playoff" experience for both vets and rookies. I think it'll be good. There are bragging rights, we'll be hype if and when it happens, and I think teams and players will mostly rise to the occasion to be invested. The format is also fun because it's way easier for a mid team to get hot at the right time, like the Bulls and DeRozan did for a bit last season, and make some upsets. Statistically, I'm pretty sure basketball is the major sport that has the fewest upsets when it comes to a 7 game playoff series. There are just so many individual plays, and the teams are so top heavy, that over 7 games things tend to trend towards the averages established earlier in the season. Having things be more random, but with lower stakes, seems like a win for fan bases of small market teams in particular, who maybe aren't in contention, but are still strong enough to go on a heater for a few games.


I just feel like I can already envision this subreddit clowning fans of the team that wins this for celebrating it. It'll be the 10 times worse than the "Mickey Mouse ring" comments the Lakers got in 2020.


We’ll all know they’re actually frothing salt monsters on tilt, though.


It’s going to be like when Minnesota won the playin but worse.


Cause at least those other 7 teams that got fucked in the first round didn't win the tourney!


if the bulls are playing the hornets in a random regular season game, a lot of people won't care if the bulls are playing the hornets and they get eliminated from the tournament if they lose, it adds a layer of investment for fans.


I’d assume the voters for MVP will start weighing the tournament heavily if there’s a close race and one guy won the mid season and the other got booted first round.


Professional athletes are incredibly competitive. They’ll prioritize it because there’s a trophy on the other end. I assume there will also be money for the winning team. Might not matter to the starters but could be big for the bench guys and the starters wouldn’t want to let them down.


“other 22 continue with regular season” What? What happens when they're scheduled to play one of the 8 remaining teams then? Will the schedule just have to always change on the fly? Will there be a period late-season where the games that were messed up have to be made up?


It sounds to me like they'll do something like 3 or 4 rounds of swiss, and then cut to top 8 and play the elimination matches. Playing swiss rounds means everyone gets to play, and the schedule can be made flexible enough that players play one round scheduled pre-season, and then in each following round teams will either be designated as "home" or "away" during those timeslots, and then get paired accordingly? There might still be gaps in that, but I can see someone good enough at logistics getting it to execute cleanly enough.


Yea they would need to find some kind of playoff standings incentive too, or you'd just be working to make your strength of schedule tougher and risk lowering your end of season rank


I totally get that, but if a Knick was dealing with an injury, I wouldn't want him to play through any meaningless regular season game, this included.


I’m a huge fan of English soccer. From what I can tell you, it will almost certainly be second fiddle to the league, and worse teams may care more because it’s a chance to win something. But on the whole I don’t see many fans caring, or even teams for that matter.


Yeah the league cups are way less a priority than they once were among the bigger clubs. I could see the same happening in the NBA.


League Cups work because of the amount of teams in them. It's always fun seeing a big PL team losing to a 3-4th tier Football team. Imo this cup will get stale because of the small amount of teams involved.


It just feels a little phony to me to say like, this particular regular season Knicks-Wizards game is more special because we give out a little trophy afterwards.


Yeah can't wait until the Kings win this and we celebrate our championship? I Cope


Yeah this is incredibly lame -- it's a way to save face by still having the "tournament" that Silver for some bizarre reason has a hard-on for... and also *not* increase workload for the players. So I guess I'll take this "tournament" over adding games to the 82 and having an actual tournament, which will never work in the NBA.


the tournament seems like something to appease the betting companies, especially with more states potentially legalizing gambling come november, they gotta be preparing for a huge influx of payola


Yeah and the report that the NBA has already approved Seattle and New Vegas for two new teams... it all adds up, IMO. Still don't really like it.


I can't wait to see the New Vegas Deathclaws!


It's just some games with a name attached to it, guys.


This is even worse because it’s the exact same field as the playoffs


Excellent point- sometimes that upset comes from a totally random club and the PL squad is their bench and some academy players, so there are a lot of not-so-known faces involved. The NBA version might be the regular starting five for Houston smacking around the Warriors "young core" while their vets rest. So nothing special, really.


> Yeah the league cups are way less a priority than they once were among the bigger clubs. In the EPL*. Other countries have domestic cups too and some are equally as important to the league. Brasil for example, awards more money than the winning the league does so its pretty important to win. They both also award a spot in the Libertadores (which is the Champions League for South America). So in Brazil even the big clubs are trying hard in the Cup games.


I don't get why anyone would care about this either. If you're a good team, what's the advantage to winning first round and having to play better teams for the next 2 games that count towards the regular season. The East was a very tight race last year. Getting to play 2 weaker teams could be a much bigger advantage than trying to win a meaningless tournament.


Ya, that is the thing that is confusing me. If you go deep into this thing does that mean you end up playing more regular season games against the best teams in the league? Sounds like a pretty shitty prize to me. I can just imagine a team getting dropped from 4th to 5th seed and losing homecourt because they went deep in the tournament and played a couple extra games against the top 3 teams in the league instead of playing the Rockets or some shit.


why would you care about any regular season game OTHER than the in season tournament, since this supposedly gives you actual rewards for winning and still counts towards the postseason? why would you not want to see basketball with higher stakes?


So why even have a regular season? Let’s just make the whole season one giant playoffs where every game matters.


Is this not the current state? An elaborate 82 game round robin to determine who reaches the knockout stages? Have we always been watching playoff basketball?


No it's the opposite; regular season, playoffs, finals, those are just ways to develop stats that are used to decide on off-season trades and acquisitions. We've been watching an off-season. It's an eternal off-season.


(takes another rip) Man it’s just offseason NBA drama all the way down


Why do people care about the regular season games that these tournament games will be replacing? People are so hung up on these games being “pointless” and how players won’t care but they ignore that the regular season games they are replacing are just as pointless. Player’s and fans aren’t going to suddenly care less about November games than they did before.


No one thinks they'll be less important than a regular season game, but what makes a mid-season tournament game *more* important than one? Part of what's weird about it to me is that what makes single elimination so hype is that it's the end all be all, but losing here is like the tiniest speed bump. An 8-team tournament is only 3 games, and it's december, so even if your team is eliminated, they'll probably play again in like four days There's just no stakes to it, unless they have some juicy reward


People care about winning. All of the people saying “this is stupid” right now will care as soon as their team is playing the games. The fans of the winning team will celebrate. Minnesota went ham over a win in the play-in. Imagine if they also got a trophy from it


The biggest incentive here is money. The amount of ad revenue the league will get for the final game will be insane. If that money is then rewarded to the players when they win, it will incentivize players to play seriously, especially those with smaller contracts. Either that or the team gets a lottery chance or something of that nature


There’s literally no downside to this, still 82 games, still counts as regular season. Especially if money is given to players, they will care. Everybody wants to win. It won’t be playoff basketball but it will definitely be better than November regular season basketball


Most players don’t want their teams to have a lottery pick.


This is fine I think as long as there’s no extra games added. Probably makes scheduling complicated though


There’s gonna prolly pool teams in groups or something and schedule accordingly that those teams face each other, rank them and decide the finalists. It’s worth a shot given it’s gonna be incorporated into the 82-game schedule


What is the carrot that will make teams/players care about this cup? Edit: >The NBA and NBPA are still working to finalize the In Season Tournament concept, which includes to-be-determined prizes for the eight teams that advance to the single-elimination round, sources said. Oh boy! TBD prizes!


I want TBD! Is that new?!


Prizes plus the games actually count for your record. I was skeptical this tournament would work since fans don’t care about financial incentives but this is a decent idea


Fans care about winning. When this actually happens, the teams in that 8 team pool will care


Also the key is that it’ll be single elimination. That will make it a lot of fun I think which is what the nba is looking for. They’re noticing that single elimination games draw a lot of viewership and excitement.


Why don't they just make it a 32-team single elimination tournament, then? (Or 30 with two byes until expansion.) The whole pools section seems silly if they're just regular season games that happen to count extra.


So wouldn't it be better to lose the tourney early so you can go back to the regular season schedule and player easier teams?


They get an extra million, last we heard. But I don't see what that does for fans.


Adds some importance to random regular season games


Casuals will tune in to the games because they hear the word "tournament." when in reality they're still just normal regular season games. The rest of us psychos will still watch because that's what we do.


If the games have the same intensity as regular season games then I don't think it would make a difference. People will still just sit like a regular game.


I mean we'll see just how "intense" the games are, and it'll likely be based on whatever incentives they give out to make the players want to win it. But if it gives even a little bump in the ratings that covers whatever it'll cost to run the tournament and get sponsors, it'll be worth it to the league.


TBD prizes could be anything, like a boat!


I mean they’re giving out rings for the summer league now haha! So I’m sure they’ve got some (probably ridiculous) idea in mind. Rings for everyone!!! You can’t just manufacture prestige, so to get players on board with caring about it, I imagine the “prizes” would have to be substantial.


I feel like they need in season incentives above straight cash. Like the winning team has red tape removed from the timing of extensions. Not minimum or maximum, but simply when they're allowed to offer. Give the team the ability to contractually reward their players. Also give the winning team another exception. The Stern Cup Exception. Something around the biannual level to add 1 player. Don't have it count against the roster limit (so players aren't playing for someone to straight up replace themselves or a teammate). Don't have it count toward the cap/tax. It'd be a valuable tool for a team down the stretch specifically in buy-out season as they ramp up for the true championship.


I love this line of thinking. These sorts of incentives are probably not great player motivators, but they get management and coaches (and fans) on board, which goes a long way.


This line of thinking is terrible for competitive parity. It means that teams capable of winning the tournament - aka already good teams - are now going to get even better. Meanwhile the teams at the bottom who actually need help can't win the tournament and can never get any of these bonuses.


Every win gets you a lottery ball


That sounds messy from a scheduling perspective


at minimum the winner of that tourney should be guaranteed a top 10 seed, or something like that. If its just money then we wont see stars play


Its literally still regular season. The load management is kinda crazy these days, but theres no reason to believe stars wouldnt play


That’s what I was thinking too, at least a game at the end of the year to play the 10 seed. A little more incentive for a team that may never otherwise make the playin/offs


Or just count winning this tourney as like 5 wins or something when it comes seeding time.


Honestly that’s the only way I can give a shit about this tournament. If you win it counts as extra wins or something like that. Otherwise no one is going to pay attention to it


The games are part of the regular season so they count as regular season wins and stats


Legitimately a really good idea


So what’s the point then and why is the incentive for doing well an extra game


No extra games, but I think the idea is to drum up the TV ratings. I can already see it, “Watch the NBA In Season Tournament, your life is pointless without it!” 😁


No extra games? Why are people bitching?


Cause they’d didn’t read anything besides “in season tournament”


I remember being on this sub when the shot clock was changed to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound and you should’ve see the reaction. This sub swore up and down that it would ruin the game.


A lot of people still dont like that though lol


Most dont care


People hate change


Yeah fans were almost universally against the play-in and it turned out to be awesome so I’m willing to give the league the benefit of the doubt on this one.


the play in is a cool idea with stupid execution a team that has over 7 or 8 more wins than the 10th seed shouldnt have to play them


Many still hate the play in.


Yep. I still hate it and probably will always find it stupid. But tbf I do hate change.


People will eventually just get used to it as needing to be top 6 in order to make the playoffs without a “wild card.” The MLB and its one game wild card makes even less sense since it’s a 162 game season, but people got used to it and enjoyed the chaos of the one game.


I agree, but the mid-season tournament is a blatant way to boost the ratings of games in a time of the season when even the players don’t really give a shit. Play-ins make more sense at least.


I agree. I’m not super on board with the in-season tournament, and I say that as a soccer fan as well which has in-season tournaments. Usually teams just rest their star players for the first few rounds of the FA cup anyways, so maybe NBA teams would do the same.


I like it and it’s exciting, but it’s still dogshit that a team can be 10th out of 14 teams and still reach the playoffs at the end of the year


Well it's 10th out of 15 teams and soon to be 16. Doesn't make it that much better but still.


NBA already had too many teams make the playoffs and they decided to expand it lol


The play-in is still stupid. If teams were chosen for the playoffs by division and not the conference, it might make more sense, but that's not the case.


No. Because these games are meaningless as far as we know. It’s just the normal regular season games but scheduled more complicated.


Yeah the no extra games part changes this from being really stupid and unnecessary that puts extra strain on players to just some marketing seasoning for the games already taking place that we can otherwise ignore.


I don't call all that much, but it just seems unnecessary. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I find the NBA product really good already and I don't think this does anything to improve it.


Doesn't it say the 2 teams that make it to the "Finals" get rewarded with an extra game, though?


Because it’s pointless and gimmicky


Add a guaranteed playoff spot as a prize and you have a good idea in your hands.


The NBA is trying to be more like soccer. It's just not going to work. European soccer doesn't have a playoff at the end of the season to determine the champion. It's regular season results only. The parallel cup tournaments are thus fundamentally different than the regular season. It's literally a different competition and thus has meaning. What's more, those cups are open to all teams in the country and not just the top league. It further differentiates the competitions in scope and meaning. That's why U.S. soccer fans still care about the U.S. Open Cup even though MLS has a playoff. Having an in-season tournament that is subordinate to the main competition (because it is literally part of the regular season)? I can't see why anyone will ever care.


I agree the Cavaliers have been calling themselves a basketball "club" for years now.


I respect the idea the NBA has to generate additional revenue. I’ll add that nothing about this in-season tournament draws my interest. It’s about as relevant to having the best preseason record.


David Stern would not approve of this


November is too early in the season


The purpose of this is to make the early season more interesting


Early season is already exciting imo coming back from the off season.. it’s the mid season where it’s a bore


You'll hear most casual NBA fans say they don't start watching until Christmas, the fall is NFL season


Yeah I'd love to see this start right after Christmas. Maybe even repurpose Christmas day as the opener. January is a bit of a bore but I also think there should be some time between the tournament and the trade deadline in February.


What does this even mean lmfao


so, what's the point of this?


Increasing mid-season ratings. Thus making more money. No other reason


November isn’t even mid season tho. This will literally be 4 weeks into the season


What’s the point of any of this? Eat sleep hoop fuck then you die.


Most r/nba users only do two or three of those




This just seems pointless imo


Agreed. Why would anyone care about winning this


Fans are immediately just going to clown the winner to the point the players dont care. Imagine the Lakers winning the tournament after 30something games coming off an offseason, then missing the playoffs because the team cant stay healthy more than half a season? No ones gonna take it seriously


I want this to happen so badly


wouldn’t teams rather not make it to the final 8 and play worse teams to gain a better record ?


In 30 years all major sports (except for soccer) will be unrecognizable because of all the gimmicks being put in. I remember watching my first baseball game in years that went to overtime, and they had a player immediately go to second base? Such trash implementation.


I already wasn’t sold on an in-season tournament but this sounds even more questionable than I first thought.


The NBA keeps changing rules for people that don't watch the NBA anyway in order to make fans that actually watch the NBA wonder what the fuck is going on. The only award so far is that the last two remaining teams both get an extra game in the regular season. That's probably really appealing for LeBron or Kawhi or Giannis. Automatic playoff berth? That makes the play-in useless. A lottery draft pick? Are we just adding more draft picks? Or just saying a really good team that could win the tourney and then bump a bad team out of the lottery to help widen the talent parity in the league?


So fucking stupid. Does Silver really think star players will care about glorified regular season games just because the word "tournament" is in front if them? Players will still be load managing like crazy


I’m still curious as to who, outside of the business minds in the NBA actually wants this? It just sounds pointless and gimmicky.


Conference champion already pointless


The NBA trying to become more like European football and European football trying to become more like the NBA is something I never thought would happen


Why will the player or the fans care ? What is at stake?


And the point of this is what?


this is kinda dumb imo


Unless the winning team gets an automatic playoff bid or something why should any of them give a shit?


This is just... Obtuse and lame.


Feels like they're just making more and more stuff up to be able to manufacture new era's with more accolades and debates


This is such a shit idea and some convoluted trash.


This is still a stupid thing and I hate that Silver has been pushing this since he took over.


Sooooooo fucking stupid


What's the point of this lmao


Don’t like it. The league is making too many changes too soon. Just shorten the season by 10-15 games and keep the play ins. But they won’t of course because 🤑


You want something people will actually give a fuck about? Make it similar to the FA Cup in England, where all levels of soccer teams compete. Hold tournaments in big cities that allow amateur teams to compete. Have games played at Rucker Park and other famous courts. Thirty teams advance to play one and done games with the 30 NBDL teams. Winners play one and done games with NBA teams. So on and so forth. Furthest advancing amateur team splits a million dollars. I would love to watch an amateur/semi-pro team play an NBDL team. Those games would actually mean a lot to both sides. That's way more interesting than trying to convince myself a regular season game has extra meaning because it's part of mid-season cup that the players barely care about.


This is just an excessive money grab.


Get you someone who loves you as much as Silver loves the idea of an in-season tournament.


What is the point of this?


So nothing changes, but now a few games "mean more" and a team will get an award no one cares about.


Honestly just sounds like another spot for the NBA to make some ad revenue. It’ll be the Kia In-Season Cup with the Pepsi Cup MVP and all that


So... teams with easier schedules in the beginning get a leg up?


It’s neat if it’s just one extra game at the end, wonder what the incentives are


Financially I understand why teams would never go for this (and why players would be hesitating) but I wish the entire in season tournament was held in one central location like Vegas with the final four being held at the all-star game location. A March madness style tournament with the best players in the world would be amazing along with giving these regular season/tournament games a totally different feel. I’m all for the change but if the majority of the games just have a regular season feel then I’m not sure how excited I’d be vs a normal game. Regardless, I’m excited to see how this goes as you know Adam Silver has been planning this for a looooong time. Hope he gets it right.


This doesn’t make the regular season any more interesting haha. Only the playoffs will still matter


Can't wait for the first time a team load manages its players in the tournament final. I mean, if it only counts as a regular season game, then why would the team care?


This sounds exactly as meaningful as those "who has the championship belt" threads that get posted here every so often.


Doesn’t this really stuff around with strength of schedule?


This is a weird fuckin idea.


Durant is already making room next to his play in banner


I still don’t get why this is a good thing when this isn’t anything like a league cup in EPL or champions league where there are more teams involved. This is going to be so fucking dumb I fucking hate it.


Should give some kinda boost If the winners end of season record ends up in certain ranges, they get boosted to the next tier 11-15 guaranteed 10th 9-10 guaranteed 7th 7-8 guaranteed 6th 5-6 guaranteed 4th 2-4 guaranteed 1st 1st guaranteed HC entire playoffs even if other conference 1st seed has better record +1m per player


Give the winner extra cap space and it'd be more interesting


I'm already annoyed at the over-the-top commercials that are going to exist to try to make me care about this.


*"What is this the fucking UN now?!"* -Johnny Sack, The Sopranos The regular season continues to become meaningless


I was pretty torn on how I felt about this but coming on here and seeing Reddit universally against it has me absolutely convinced that this is a fantastic idea


Still not liking the idea, but will fully reserve judgement until the rewards are determined. If winning this in-season tournament nets you a guaranteed playoff spot or home court advantage throughout the playoffs, maybe? I can see players playing each game as a regular season matchup, but unless the incentives are worth something of great value, I could see the two finalist teams playing the back end of their roster just avoid the wear and tear of an extra game on their rotation players.


This whole concept is completely unnecessary