DIY rear fender mounted groceries holder

DIY rear fender mounted groceries holder


First: thats a sick bike, and those saddlebags are great. I've had them on my daily for like 5 years. Second: how does the pillion seat attach? Was thinking you could remove the pillion pad, put the crate or whatever on the fender in its place, and then use the stock seat mounting holes to secure the crate.


Thanks man that honda has seen it all. Its a great bike (minus my pet peeve no oil filter) So theres 2 bolts that the front mounts for the pillion attash to the rear of the saddles base. So for mounting points i have the rear saddle mounts and two 1"paired holes over the center of of the fender where the tail light used to be. If i have to drill more it certainly wouldnt be the first time ive drilled on this bike. Edit: also big vouch for thr kemimoto bags i have here. Like $30 on amazon. Strong, very adjustable good features and lots of little pockets. Can hold a full size 6 pack. The cup holders can hold a 12 oz. The velcro small pockets can hold a phone, wallet and a pack of smokes.


I have a couple of ammo cans as 'saddle bags' I have 50 cal cans but they make bigger ones. Might not give you a ton of room but probably enough for a weeks worth of groceries.


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