Trying to sleep on an overnight bus, dude in front of me has his phone on full brightness. Dimmed phone to the left for scale.

i’ve never seen this sort of bus this is amazing


i’ve never seen this sort of bus this is amazing


Currently in Vietnam. This type of bus is very common for longer trips within the country. Roughly translates to “Laying beds bus”


that sounds really nice. i would take public transport on long trips if this was an option


With AC and all, oh muhhhhh gawd. All I'm saying is, if spa or something had like a closed loop track through a wooded area, that you could pay for a whole package where it ends off with a good night's rest like this.


And random stops in said woods for hiking/fishing and whatnot! Billion dollar idea.


Do you want dungeon train? Because this is how we get dungeon train.


It’s like a party bus but for relaxation. A spa bus.


Check out asmr role plays


Just gotta make sure you don’t sleep past your stop, I wonder how they manage that


I’d guess it’s one fixed stop and you’ll be woken up


*smacks your face* “Get up!”




Just asking, is smoking allowed?


Sleep Masks exist...life changer when traveling especially if the slightest bit of light affects you aka me.


This OP… man has still not learned how his environment works… you can’t control it only the way you react to it. Be prepared, other people may be different than you. Just so you know the person on a plane my choose to put the reading light on, try not to post his pic to vietnams most wanted.


Was just about to say "are you in Vietnam?". I just rode the cabin type sleeper bus and the plastic was the same.


Wow! That's amazing! I like that bus too...I wish I had the same bus here in my country..


where to? I once did the Hoi An to Hanoi bus and it was 18 fkn hrs and a local bus so no proper stops lol


I miss those. Not great if you're over 5'9 though..


I took a sleeper bus from saigon to mui ne just over a week ago, currently somewhere on the ho chi minh Road lol


Mind if I ask where you’re heading? Took a similar bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang about 2 months ago! Enjoy your travels 🙏


kinda wish we had that in the US... our long distance busses just have regular bus seats 🥴


I've taken a couple in China but they have a big problem that even travel guides will warn you. They smell like feet. Not just a little, but a LOT. It's a wall of foot odor when you walk into the bus. The Chinese didn't seem to notice it. I gagged and almost decided to stay but really had no choice. Had to do it twice. Yeah, real nice.


Surely one gets used to this odour after a while. I lived near farms for a few months and got used to the smell of manure after a while. It was still horrible, but I got used to it


They have them in the US now but they are premium. https://napaway.com


This is what I immediately thought too. Definitely never seen one in the United States


I just rode one, I feel like it would only work in countries where rules are a little less strict as I almost got catapulted off the bed going up some mountain roads. I could imagine someone getting sued in the US. Japan has the first class airplane seat type sleeper buses though. Sleeper buses are specifically good somewhere like Japan where hotels can be expensive and taking a bus cuts out a night.


I think there’s one that runs between LA and San Francisco.


Those places are like other countries to me. I love in Mississippi


Same! I wish we had these in the US, it would definitely make traveling much more better/comfortable and significantly cheaper than an airplane.


To be fair, you can see the guys legs in the 'pod' type thing and it looks very comfortable. However, as someone over 180cm, I've done a few of these buses in Vietnam and you have to kind of lay sideways and bend your legs to fit in. Hell


Because you've never raised your wand. Do it and the Knight Bus will appear.


Do people know what sub they’re in? This is definitely *mildly* infuriating.


Thank you. No one understands this. Everyone is saying this is only mildly annoying but that's the damn point.


Mildly annoying =/= mildly infuriating, because annoying is significantly less than infuriating


Unfortunately I’d say there are more posts here that are incredibly infuriating than there are that are truly mild. This one’s a genuine mild specimen.


Had this happen once to me. it was a shared sleeping/nap space at work. Told the guy if he could turn it down. He did not realize there was such a setting. I even showed him how to enable auto-brightness with his own tolerance level. He was very appreciative after. There are really people who do not know such capabilities exist. The tricky part is telling them that as they may take it wrongly


So many posts on this sub have me going did you try talking first before posting.


I add to that the suggestion on how to approach as well. Most people do not know how to do so. In a number of cultures, people are always done what is told of them and if they ask they will get berated.


Night busses are real??


Ya there was one in Harry Potter


Take her away, Ern!!




Im trying to get in that bussy for sure


Ayo hol up


This bussy busy. Aint got no time to stop!


Several YouTube channels feature the ones in Japan


yeah it appears they are more common in asia


Hold up. Just hang on one second. There are OVERNIGHT BUSSES WITH ACTUAL BEDS IN THEM????


Yeah I'm a vietnamese and they're quite cheap actually. A one-way trip to đà lạt (a popular destination in the summer rn) is just 30$(and that's the higher quality ones with wifi, decked out rooms with tvs and a bathroom)




Once people start taking their shoes off you know that bus is stinkin!


I love your username. I’m guessing you made your account when tRump was president and yes, I’m mad as hell at DUMP and all he’s doing too


Brighter than the sun ![gif](giphy|3ov9jQsTzqjSyIWRDa|downsized)


Probably has no idea that dimming is an option,


Auto-brightness has to be intentionally disabled for it to blast full brightness in a dark room.


I can't see the picture. His brightness is blinding me. Jesus? Is that you? *Walks towards the light* Oh, no. Just my stop.


Just cover your eyes with a Tshirt or soft cloth, and have a good night.


But it’s mildly infuriating that he would have to do that. The entire point of this sub is to complain about things that don’t have a massive impact on your life but cause you some sort of mild inconvenience


I do that every night because I can’t deal with any kind of light, and can’t stand the elastic in sleep masks. It works really well!


i have a weighted eye mask that is kind of just a rectangular blob, doesn’t go around the head with elastic so i don’t get headaches. stays on all night because of the beads inside. 10/10


Oooo thanks! I’ll look into that!


of course! unfortunately i don’t know exactly where it’s from, my gf got it back home in south africa but i’m sure there’s similar things elsewhere!


Have you tried eyelids? I hear they have a special “low light filter”.


Roll to the left. Problem solved.


I doubt he even realized, I often don’t realize before my so asks me to turn my brightness down, or I accidentally leave my flash light on cause I’m always looking for shit that I lost


Yeah I have to prompt my partner to turn his down. Idk how he isn't being absolutely blinded though, it hurts my eyes from across the room wtf


You can get used to it, however it's horrible and your eyes feel dead after and will hurt, always remind people that auto brightness exists


Gotta bring an eye mask next time.


Did you ask him to turn it down or did you just stew in anger? I already know the answer...


Bus full of people overnight? Oh, there's something stewing in there for sure.


Can you poop on the bus? If there is a toilet, someone is definitely gonna go number 2 and not do a courtesy flush.




Well the point of the entire sub is supposed to be *mildly* infuriating problems. Not surprising that a lot are not too hard to solve


Right this sub is mildly infuriating at this point. I don’t think people post on here asking for solutions.


I was always wondering why some people sleeps on the couch while being married. My wife's the person on the right .. im the Guy sleeping on the couch 😂 Those kind of people are stubborn and selfish 😅 PLEASE dont tell my wife i Said that ☠️


Some people reply with something to the effect: oh, I don't have this problem, hence you are exaggerating, and I don't care for your problem because it hasn't become fashionable yet. It is YOUR problem, how dare you bring it to a sub for 'mildly infuriating'. Those around you shouldn't care that you can't sleep, even though lowering the brightness of their phone would not cost them a thing. It is by the way the most common attitude to ANY high functioning autistic sensory or socially related issue.


“Why don’t you just grow a pair and tell them to turn it down”


I was not complaining about that comment. Though I can see how some one can be discouraged by previous reactions from people to simple requests especially if the person doesn't display expected facial expressions or have the expected voice tone...is incapable of judging or adjusting their tone correctly.


Well yeah isn’t that the correct way humans should interact?


The world doesn’t revolve around you buddy.


Nor around your needless selfishness and disregard of those less fortunate than yourself in having the abundance you have when it comes to the lack of sensitivity literally and figuratively.


If you're sleeping on a bus you'd do better to just get used to having to put up with annoyances. You're not going to police the world. And if you're the kind of person who a phone screen that far away from you can keep awake, I don't know what you were expecting. Did you think you would get a good night's sleep on this public bus?


You don't get it: a decent person accommodates those around him, especially those who need accommodations. Being a jerk because you can, is low. It is not healthy for your soul.


I'm actually not obligated to accommodate everyone around me. No one is. And if this person never spoke up, then that's on them. It's not up to the person holding up the screen to read his mind


You are going in circles just to avoid responsibility to be a decent human being. Your points were discussed earlier. You don't have to be decent, that is true.


No see you're doing the thing where you're acting like accommodating you in this situation would be the right thing. Accommodating you is not automatically the right thing. You're also trying to obfuscate the fact that people are not accountable to you by calling them bad people for not being accountable to you.


Dude this is very straight forward situation. Either ask the person to lower the brightness or put a damn magazine over your head and go to sleep. I don’t care about your first world problems.


I was actually raised in a third world country. I still would wake up shaking if I could not get a good sleep due to noise or light. It has nothing to do with privilege, it has to do with mental ability to tolerate stimulus.


his retinas... his poor retinas...


Must enjoy burned out retinas.


cab you tell the difference with your eyes closed?


Yeah, it’s like trying to sleep when the sun is up without blinds


Sounds like a gross exaggeration. Plus you could just cover your eyes w something


I agree with the second part of your comment, but definitely not the first. For me, any peep of light when I go to sleep looks like the sun is up. Edit: spelling


“My imagining of what happened trumps your actual experience”


Stop whining




Pray tell what country is this this is bad ass concept


I did mention in a previous reply. This is Vietnam, very common for long distance trips between big cities. Great alternative to flights imo because you’d only have to show up maybe 20 mins prior to departure. I paid roughly $8-$9 for 5hrs trip one way.


Wow that is cheap


Didn't even need to click to know you were in Vietnam. This is the reason I don't go to cinemas anymore. I've also been on sleeper buses here with karaoke/full blown loud music at 3am.


These buses exist in India, but all the seats have curtains for privacy.


Oooh I’m blinded by the lights… (sori couldn’t resist)


I would go blind from using it that bright. Then again, maybe he's so blind that's the only way he can see it. Either way. Stop.


The mf is burning his eyes. Not to mention headaches for the next day after.


What about closing your eyes? Don't tell me that light burns your eyelids too.


If Stan Shunpike is driving thats just the Knight bus to Diagon Alley.


Man I would not be comfortable in there. But anyway, who the fuck ever has their phone that bright at any point?


You're reclining on a bus, be grateful. Put something on your eyes and reevaluate what hardship means to you.


What is an overnight bus and how do I find one!?


This whole bus looks too bright to sleep without an eye mask anyway. Especially since there are blue lights for some stupid reason. They should all be red.


“Use your words.”


Isn’t this the thing from Harry Potter


Funny you asked that. I never knew these night buses were actually real. Where else are they other than Vietnam?


They’re there in India as well. They’re called sleeper buses.


China. But they smell like feet. See my comment about it in the thread.


Lol Ewwwww! I was wondering about the sanitation in those buses.


Everyone takes their shoes off to lay down.


They are all over south east Asia, im here now and have caught a couple. Eg, Cambodia, Laos


Did you communicate that his phone is disturbing you? Probably is just aloof and not a dick


How can it bother you with all the other lights that are in there


Exactly its either black darkness or it doesnt matter


yall have both taken stoopid pills.


waaaahh oh nooo. He has his phone settings a way you don't like! What is it with people on this website and karen-ing out about how other people act with their own private property? You're obviously not trying to sleep if you're busy whining on reddit


Oh noo, a post in a sub about infuriating things on the internet that you don’t like. Better whine about it. Maybe I was posting because I couldn’t sleep.


Oh, my bad, didn't check the subreddit. Oh well still, wtf eve is an overnight bus? Lol what is this Harry Potter 3?


Op have to tried closing your eyes?


That’s on you dude, if you’re traveling without an eye mask you can’t expect anyone to cater to you.


...did you actually try to address it? Just politely ask him to turn it down because you cannot sleep. In the time it took you to make this post you could have probably fixed the issue and been on your way to slumberland.


The whole sub is about mildly infuriating stuff. It's a whinge sub, not a "please help me" sub


Theres no reason it should even be mildly infuriating. If i said "i turned on my TV and it was too loud, thats mildly infuriating" that would be stupid, i can just turn the volume down


I had one of these clowns as well. Red eye flight, screen on full illumination working that VERY important spreadsheet. He shut it down about 30 minutes from landing https://preview.redd.it/vu255w8aeq2b1.jpeg?width=1242&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6c71d7b8dc6fb764368af51709ab018aaadda51b


Not annoying at all. Failure to prepare with eye mask.


Close your eyed and you won't see it.


You know light is literally the only thing you can see with your eyes closed, right?


I doubt if a phone light from that distance would be noticeable. Unless, of course, maybe your eyelids are thinner than other people's. Or you just want to whine.


Thankfully, no photos of bare grippers


meh got used to it cus my mom always has her phone on max brightness even when its dark


Y ru sleeping with ur mom?


no, but in the couch, porch etc... when she's visiting


Fuck that guy.


Maybe it's me but it's no one's responsibility on a red eye flight, or bus to make you able to sleep, as long as they are being quiet. The really cool thing is they sell sleeping masks. And they've been around since the 1930s. That's almost 100 years of a solution to your problem. #STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF RANDOM PEOPLE AND POSTONG IT ON THE INTERNET


Then what is Reddit good for?




That's literally 95% of Reddit. Are you new?




they make eye masks. not the other guys fault you're unprepared for an overnight trip.


Sometimes I think this place should be called "Karen's Korner" Really? You are worried about his phone? The whole inside of the bus is lit up. Seems like maybe your life is going so well this is all you can come up with. People like you infuriate me.


People infuriate you because they don’t have bigger problems? That sounds pretty personal. You cant gate keep other peoples problems because your life isn’t going well.


I’m complaining about what bothers me. Do you see how much brighter the phone is relative to every else? Feel free to judge a stranger online with no background context lol


I'm judging based on the evidence you provided. In this picture, I can clearly see the entire inside of the bus. Why are you not mad at the bus driver for having the inside lit up? I just can't see in the picture how that guys phone is what you focused on. Ever take a nap at the beach? People cover there faces to block the sunlight. You could have figured it out.


You're literally judging a stranger online with no background context with this post.... take it down a few notches, bud


Except he isn’t in any way, shape, or form. Theres literally a picture of the context for OP. Take it down a few notches, bud.


Not the commenter he's replying to, the person in the picture...


I’m new to this sub is it just people complaining about dumb shit for attention?


that bus is kinda sexy. also maybe go to a attendant?


Could one have sex in one of these buses?


You can have sex anywhere if you try hard enough ![gif](giphy|d3mlE7uhX8KFgEmY)


Do people have sex on these buses or is that prohibited?


Dude… have you ever thought to shut your eyes?


You need to worry about your own shit. Turn over and sleep.


If you cannot sleep with lights on, maybe the night buss isn’t for you.


You're getting downvoted but yes. Obviously he knew he was a light sleeper and sensitive to light, he should have prepared for it by getting a nightmask


Sucks being you, because people don't care about yiu


Did you know that you can get a sleep mask?


Stop being a wuss and ask him to lower it?


Your first mistake is trying to sleep on a bus


That’s made for sleeping


Look at the interior lights and then decide if anyone can sleep


Godamn I hate people sometimes. There’s just always someone, somewhere, that can’t read a room or is oblivious to what might make others around them uncomfortable.


I mean, you're the douchebag having to take an overnight bus lol. Get used to it.


It's called close your eyes and you won't have that issue.


There is quite a bit of ambient light going on here anyway and the person up above, one bed down, also has his light on high. Like… bring a sleep mask. Or ask him nicely to lower his brightness. Can we please stop with posting pictures of people every time they do something that irritates us?


You’re obviously not tired. Go do some shit. Do enough of it, and you can fall asleep on a fucking ladder.




Sleep mask


Are you incapable or unable to turn on your side and face a different direction? Or are you required to turn your face directly towards the brightest light available to you? I don't understand what the problem is here. You act like you're unable to turn your face a different direction.


So turning your head/facing a different direction would’ve been too much?




Didn’t say anything about phone usage. I didn’t mind the person in front of me or anyone else on the bus. It was just difficult to fall asleep with that level of brightness pointed at my direction.


With your eyes closed you wouldn't even know, you aren't trying to sleep, you are on your phone taking pictures of strangers that are minding their own business.


Can't sleep? Close your eyes!


You can still see light when your eyes are closed


Honestly close your eyes and go to sleep lol it can’t be that big of an inconvenience


Sleeping mask?


You should’ve prepared no other person should adjust their comfort for you


Based on your logic, your neighbors are free to party on a weeknight until the AM and you should go out and spend money on noise canceling headphones just to catch some sleep so you can go to work the next day?


It’s a shared bus.. just how you paid money they did as well… you should’ve planned ahead bough ear plugs and eye Covers etc common sense and it’s legal for neighbors to have music until 11:30pm


Shared overnight bus* there’s an announcement prior to departure asking passengers to respect others since most people will be sleeping, which is the whole purpose of this bus. It’s infuriating to me, hence why I posted it here. Feel free to disagree


By your own logic, he should not need to prepare. Why should i have to wear an eye mask because you wont turn your brightness down? I shouldn’t have to adjust my comfort for you.


His the only one who’s complaining I bet the rest of the ppl have things that bother them to yet they adjust


Can the beds recline completely to make a flat surface?


Not OP but yes they do. The main problem is they're super narrow and you can be sharing the space the size of a single bed with a stranger.


That makes it much less inviting then


OP said they paid 9$ for a 5hr trip. I suppose you could pay 18 and have the space to yourself.