Google Florida man and your birthday, here’s mine:

Google Florida man and your birthday, here’s mine:


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September 15: “Florida man suspected of smelling woman’s feet at library leads police on scooter chase” Bruh




October 10th Florida man accused of forcing small alligator to drink beer.


November 17: Florida man who strapped utility pole to roof of car charged with grand theft, officials say


March 18th: Round 1, Florida Man Assaults Women with Bowl Of Pancake Batter. March 18th: Round 2, Florida Man Breaks into home to eat egg rolls and gets slapped by homeowner.


February 29th A florida man set fir to his bed while staying at an hospital because he felt he hadn't the nurse's attention


Here's mine: Florida man accused of phoning threats to muslim center


What does “katana” mean?


Japanese sword


February 28th: "Florida man who allegedly threatened family with Coldplay lyrics ends standoff after SWAT promises him pizza" wtf.