You’re high. Big surprise


You're high and anxious. Stop taking edibles or smoking drugs and it won't happen again.


This is why I can't smoke or eat edibles. I felt the same way last time I tried (Pre nursing). Take a shower and lay down to some videos. You will be ok.


ur just high and u will be okay!! i heard that crunching on a few black peppercorns can calm you down when being high. you might try that!


You’re high.


Put on a good movie, or play your favorite video game, or go hang out with someone you trust ( DONT DRIVE) You should try to enjoy this. you have a certain amount of control over your state of mind.


I’ve had a terrible edible experience before and felt like I lost like complete control of bodily functions. The key is really just to wait it out, drink some water (or have ice chips), and maybe find a calming show to watch. Nature documentaries are really calming if they aren’t violent. I suggest Life in Color on netflix.


Anxiety, I had the same feelings. I felt like there was a bubble I couldn’t click in my jaw, anything too close to my face was too big and made me feel sick, my legs felt weak like I was gonna collapse. Take it easy, make sure you have someone dear near for comfort, everything will pass with time and you’ll be ok! Try to enjoy it while you’re there, you can close your eyes and play music or watch a movie to distract yourself! Good luck!


It’s different.


What you’re experiencing are manifestations of your own anxiety, trust me, you’ll be ok and you’ll get through this, deep breaths and try to distract yourself, you can text me what you’re feeling if you want.