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I'm honestly so fucking happy that they got this level of success when they needed it the most. They knew their entire future was at stake, had the balls to call the album 'I never die' and actually ended up making it their career's biggest hit yet. Soyeon's weeb heart must be so happy and relieved with this anime like story arc


in an interview she compared their year apart and subsequent group return to one of the One Piece arcs lmao. Anime is truly never far from her mind


Tomboy isn't my favourite song of theirs, but still, the way this comeback has cemented them as legitimate stars in Korea just makes me emotional. A largely self producing group of young women, who consistently challenge the narrow confines of how women in the public eye should act, and who are supportive of each other through their creative and personal growth? Hand me the mf tissues.


Gidle milestones or achievements always makes me happy. Some were saying they will disband, look at them now, they are shining so bright..!


Good job G-Idle! I remember fans used to be pretty concerned about the future of G-Idle but it looks like the kids will be alright


I was concerned too, Mainly about charting like they used to, not over them becoming irrelevant or struggling since the fandom mainly stayed ,it was the growth that got stagnant, but I could never have imagined this level of a hit after a huge scandal. It's not just Tomboy, My bag is still 24th on Melon daily chart & Never stop me is around 150, those are impressive numbers for Bsides, 3 months after release.


Excited to see if G-Idle continues the growth but they sold pretty well, seems like the fandom has been quite loyal and even grew a bit. From what I know, the girls are booked and busy as well


They could've sold 240-250k if albums were stocked properly, and yes the girls are really busy, they have their own reality show airing, Yuqi & Shuhua are cast members for two upcoming variety shows, Miyeon has 2 fixed Mc gigs as well as her Google play show, Minnie released an Ost & is featuring on the upcoming Heize album, Soyeon had a bunch of big variety appearances & an Ost last month but seems to free (writing & planning for the next 10 albums ) right now.


I admit I was worried, yes... And even if I liked the album, the initial (I'm talking about first day) reaction in international spaces wasn't the most positive ever, mostly for Tomboy itself, so it didn't immediately reassure me about the comeback. But everything went better than any predictions after that!


God I would have liked this song so much more if they used way less English. Lmao one of the best things about K-pop is that if the lyrics are… questionable, I can just live in blissful ignorance because I don’t know wtf they’re actually singing. I truly wonder if the heavy use of English was meant to appeal to the western/international market?? Or is it like… on trend in the domestic market? Like who was this for? Soyeon pls just rap in Korean 😭 Anyway rest of the album is fire and I’m going to need more Yuqi rapping because when she came in on My Bag with that RUMBLE RUMBLE I fucking lost it.


i think the english is definitely more for the benefit of koreans lol. can't confirm it, but i heard soyeon's original korean rap was too vulgar, whereas you can get away with more in english, and korean people are less likely to care about the weird flow and vaguely nonsensical nature.


Omg the shared experience of “wow that sounds cool but idk wtf they’re saying.” 😭 Also true on getting away with more in English. I see you Oh My God (English version) 👀👀👀


I'm pretty sure the Korean version was a bit more ... Suggestive


Lmao I meant more in the sense that they somehow made a song that was already pretty gay, blatantly and unquestionably gayer in the English version. IDK who was behind that decision but bless them 😭🙏


I personally think Tomboy is their weakest title track by a good margin but it’s done so well so I’m happy for them. I don’t think any of us could have anticipated how well it’s still doing, months out


G-idle is just so amazing


I’m so proud of Soyeon and IDLE girls 😩 They had REALLY hard time, but came back stronger than ever. Hope for the bright future and growth for my girls.


4th gen is in great hands.


Genuine question: with the release of tomboy, how popular is Gidle now in Korea? I figured they were stably famous since debut, and may have dipped a little under the table in 2021, but they’re undoubtedly skyrocketing rn. How popular is tomboy in Korea too? Like one of those you-hear-it-everywhere songs, like next level?


Love Dive and Tomboy are everywhere. Have relatives in Korea and they confirm that you cant escape the songs even if you wanted. Hell they endured a PSY comeback, a Big Bang Comeback and now a BTS Comeback and they are still in Top 3 of most all charts.


Tomboy embodying "I Never Die" (album name) like its an oath. Cheers Idles! Heres to more!


That album title was seriously a throwing down the gauntlet move, I love it. G-IDLE are just so *bold* in everything they do, it makes me so proud.


I can’t wait for award season! Soyeon better be up for some producer awards!


I think it is the biggest 4th gen hit of all time


GOOD JOB to them. TRULY DESERVED. T.T I wish every group had a dope and fierce producer like Soyeon. Gidle keep putting out these great music with their unique flavorful voices. What a line up IDLE has with MINNIE, MIYEON, AND YUQI on vocals. And the concepts and performances all really come in a nice package brought by all members. <3 Soyeon, produce some badass track for ITZY as well please, all you guys better collaborate again like you did way back in DIVA. T.T


A mega hit indeed, Gidle is dominating Korea, they just need more physical sales to match other ggs


And in 2021 people were so convinced they were done for (or at least wouldn't grow anymore)... I'm so happy for them!! It all feels so so surreal haha


I am once and records always need to get broken, good for G-Idle!


The best thing about this success is that the song is self produced. They are absolutely phenomenal. I'm very happy for the girls.


Tomboy is just amazing.


Cant imagine how hyped their next comeback will be


congrats to them once again. love to see another talented group thriving


This is probably the earliest SOTY we had in awhile. Gonna be hard for those releasing in the latter half of the year to compete honestly


Well as a once that makes me a bit sad but records are meant to be broken! The song has really grown on me a lot and it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular it’s really addictive. Soyeon outdid herself this time around


Gidle will have a good future, Tomboy is really the Next Level of this year, a true hit.


can’t wait for the awards season really, hope i won’t be disappointed


indeed a mega hit


(G)I-DLE never dies!


Although i didn’t like the song at all. By numbers and charts, decent contender for SOTY. Love dive is alsp going in that zone


I don't know but i somehow realised that when someone left the group,the group became a success/had a hit.


the disparity between this songs domestic and international popularity is so funny. this song may have broken records for *worst* chart performance in the west


I'm really curious about what international chart you're talking about ? Because its international chart performance is the best for any Gidle song and one of the best for 4th gen. It has 133 million views on YouTube,gains about 550k+ daily, 55 million on YouTube audio version, gains 500k+ daily, 62 million on Spotify,gains 500k+ daily. It's also been charting on Billboard global excel 200 chart for 14 weeks, which is only behind Eleven, Savage & Wadada for 4th gen songs, & is most likely going overtake Savage & Wadada.


Does it matter? It's not a competition. If Koreans love Idle I'm all for it, the more girl groups on top domestically, the better. Edit: and apparently they are doing great, it's their best song internationally and one of the top hits of the 4th gen - which makes the point even worse.


😒 really? You thought this and wrote this and thought to yourself that it was good? What's your point exactly? Anyways, Tomboy was created with the Korean audience in mind and it is successful there. Some other songs are created solely with the intention of being marketed in the west and they are successful there. And some are successful everywhere. Why do you need to show your toxicity here. If a song created for the western audience is successful on the charts congratulations to them. If a song created for the Korean audience is successful on the Korean charts that's also a great thing. And they didn't do badly on the Billboard charts 58 out of 200 songs isn't bad. It's great Y'all antis be creating standards that your faves can't achieve by calling this a bad chart performance. Touch grass


Was it really that bad?


Not at all. It's one of the most streamed songs released in 2022 by a Kpop group on Spotify and it was (G)I-DLE's first non-K/DA song that reached the Spotify Global Top 200. It also did quite well on the Billboard Global Excl. US chart. That said, it is true that it wasn't quite as big internationally as for example "Love Dive" which is also a huge hit domestically but it was still (G)I-DLE's biggest international hit too. (purely based on numbers)


Nah, just some super vocal critics on Reddit / twitter.


No it really didn’t. There is criticism from international fans(specifically Western) because of the way English is used in the song but it’s still doing good. It’s fine to dislike a song but what’s the point in making up things.


my soyeon I'm so proud of you<3