Upstairs kindle, downstairs kindle and an older one still at my dad's when I visit


I also have an upstairs and downstairs kindle! Haha




Me too!


Several kindles and a kobo for library books. I find eink devices quite irresistible. Lol


I now have three: my original 2010 keyboard version, a 2021 Paperwhite, and a 2015 Paperwhite that I got free. I've wanted a white one since I got the keyboard model in 2010, but I talked myself out of it because I thought it would get grimey so I got the gray one instead. Last week Woot had a white basic model for less than $30 so I ordered it, but they sent me a 2015 paperwhite in black instead. I was going to return it, but they gave me a refund and told me to keep it. I'll take the free one to work instead of reading on my phone.


Where in woot, would kindles be under? I’ve been exploring the app, but can’t find it.


They are usually listed under computers, but they don't have them everyday.


Ok, thank you.


Twinning. lol.


Isn't the point of a kindle that you only need one? Lol.


I don’t but I’m really tempted of buying one though. I want to get an older version of the kindle for sure. I got my kindle a few months ago, I’m thinking of getting one for the road just in case, so I don’t loose this one since Kindles don’t have trackers on them.


I have a...number. One at my desk (old, but good for references or bored moments between meetings). One downstairs for when the wife wants to watch something I don't, which honestly, is more time than I care to admit. One that travels with me around the house and out into the world on those rare occasions external human contact is required. My Paperwhite SE is my main device atm, mostly.


Home kindle, on the go kindle :D


Have 3. One on the nightstand (PWSE), one is on the coffee table (Scribe) and one is in my work bag (Oasis LTE).


I consistently have 2 because I live in Turkey where Kindles are not officially sold, so if one gets broken, while technically I can go buy one from a third party importer, I'd really prefer not to because they're usually significantly more pricey. So I kind of need to have a back-up. I got my Paperwhite 4 in 2018 from Italy, then got a basic 2019 model from the US as a backup, then upgraded to a Paperwhite 5 in 2022 while I was in the UK and then sold the PW4, but I couldn't quite warm up to the big screen of the PW5 so got a basic 2022 model from Germany last month and then sold the basic 2019 model, which leaves me with the basic 2022 version as my main Kindle and the Paperwhite 5 as my backup. Yeah I realize how I sound. I might have a problem.


I have a basic 2022 and a kindle fire. Obviously the fire is not the same. I also have the app on my phone cause I always have my phone on me


I just have one but I’m seriously tempted to get a second one to use for travel…..I’m just not entirely sure if I travel enough to justify getting a second one though. :/


3 of my library holds came available at the same time. I have 1 or more of the new books on each of my 3 Kindles, with wifi turned off. I can read them at my own pace, without worrying about the books expiring.


I started the year out with only one kindle, but now I have three lol. As soon as I was serious about trading my old PW5 in, Amazon switched my account to me having to send it in first (vs instant access to the discount). Didn’t want to go without a kindle so I bought the PW11 (kids bundle) figuring now I’ll always have one to trade in and as a backup. LOVE my PW11, but I ended up asking for the Basic over the holidays intending to use that as my ‘on the go’ kindle…. But now I’ve been using that more so it seems to be becoming my primary device. At least until summer when I take advantage of the waterproof feature of the PW11.


I have more than 2 kindles (I'd rather not be specific) and use them all. Basically read multiple books at any one time so one book per device. I also rotate as to which is the MAIN kindle (book with priority) at any one time. Right now, my voyage is my main device but still read on the others. Prior to this, Paperwhite was my main device.


I only had one for some years, but now have a bunch (gadget fiend). Upstairs, downstairs, bedside and take-a-long are my minimums now. I also have one dedicated to magazines.


Kobo for Library books, Kindle for everything else, both for travel.


I just have the one. I don't see a reason to have more.


First, are you enjoying Before the Coffee Gets Cold? I only have 1 kindle (paper white) but was debating an oasis. If they upgrade it this year, I’ll probably buy it. BUT I started my ebook reading when B&N released their first nook, so I have a fairly decent library built in their ecosystem, so I keep a nook around.


“Before the Coffee Gets Cold” is a lovely, lovely book. Just make sure you have some tissues handy as it can get a little sad at times. I’ve read the first and second books in the series. I’ve got the third sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read. Anyways, back to topic at hand - I’ve got 2 Kindles (a 2nd gen Paperwhite and an Oasis) - but I only use the Oasis. It pretty much goes with me everywhere!


i have a kindle oasis and a kobo libra 2! i read ku books and arcs in my kindle and the rest on my kobo. thinking of getting another kobo (the one u can write on) too lol


The kindle in my flair is the only kindle i use right now. Never really had to purxhase another one, sinceni dont have a sister or brother. My dad isn't reallyninterested in reading too. So I'm the odd one out.


I have an oasis that’s usually with me and a kindle fire that I use when my oasis is charging. It used to live at my SO’s house before he moved here.


I have 4. Paper white and fire 8 are for US account. Normal one and fire 7 are for Japanese account.


I have one (older Paperwhite) for the beach or travel, and one (newer Paperwhite) for home use.


Three kindles. 🫣 Bedroom, downstairs, and purse. They were all purchased years apart but I came to realize I like using all three. (Although I prefer the Oasis, which is in the bedroom since I do most of my reading before bed.)


I have an Onyx Boox and a Kindle


I have a Paperwhile and a Basic. They have different Amazon accts, one is in Japan, the other for US so I can still access Japanese books


Living room kindle, bedroom kindle, fire tablet to read stories on wattpad, and an older fire tablet that's now retired, but I won't part with it because my granddaughter gave it to me.


I have 3 kindles, 2 books, 2 kobos and 2 Sony readers… I kinda have an issue 🤪


I own a 2nd gen Oasis and a new Paperwhite which I got exclusively for the warm light. It was worth it. Now thinking about donating the Oasis. The extra battery on the Paperwhite also was a nice perk.


I have 4 active ereaders 2 kindles (a white 2019 basic and the paperwhite SE) and 2 kobos (Libra 2 and Clara 2e) and I rotate them around depending on my mood My sister also has my old paperwhite 1 and I have my old Kindle 4 at my parents house still I like tech what can I say


Three kindles. Scribe: general home kindle Oasis: the kindle I keep in my purse Voyage: the kindle I use to read in the bathtub lol


I have 4. 👀 Kindle basic 8th gen, Paperwhite 10th gen, Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite 11th gen. Bought in that order. Now, Kindle basic is going as a gift to my friend who is an avid reader. Paperwhite 10th going as a gift to my mom with child profile of mom and me loading books for her. Kindle voyage and paperwhite 11th will stay with me. I use them both.


I've got 3. I take my Scribe to work, and I have an Oasis that I mostly use at home (I like to read in the bathtub). I have another, older Oasis that is mostly a spare but that I sometimes take to the doctor/dentist/whatever.


Guilty 🤭🙌 So I have an oasis that I use at home or at my office. Whenever I’m travelling I use the paperwhite. It’s just more sturdy and easy to carry. Oasis is bent at a different angle and is very slim. Oasis won’t be able to handle “the rucksack traveling”. On the upside it’s very elegant without a cover.


I’m thinking about getting a Scribe. If I do, I‘ll take my PW with me to an appointment, but I probably won’t use it as much aside from that.


I have one Kindle currently, but (counting the Kindle) I have 4 e-ink tablets. I currently just use the Kindle to read Kindle books, but I use the others for things.


I just got a PW5 to substitute my ages old K4, so I have two, but won't be using the K4 anymore, maybe I'll swap its battery for a fresh one and gift it away. Also, 99.9% of my books are sideloaded and thus Whispersync doesn't work.


For a while, my Voyage was my “home Kindle” and my 2019 basic was my “on the go Kindle”. No real reason except the basic was cheap and I wasn’t as worried about damage, etc. After a while it got annoying to juggle, so my basic is my go to.


Gave my 2018 paperwhite to my older sis and kept a 2007 Kindle 1 I got on eBay for 12 bucks. I can’t tell the difference.


I have a Kindle Oasis and a Kobo Elipsa. I use my Oasis at night in bed since the Elipsa is too big to hold comfortably while lying down


Both my daughter and I have 2 each. We have our older paperwhites as travel kindles and use our oasis as home kindles. I also have a Boox note air 2 for reading on a larger screen or taking notes. I have even considered getting an e ink phone because I love epaper so much.


I have a bunch but mainly use 3. Upstairs, downstairs and office.


3. Upstairs, downstairs, in my purse.


I have..... several.... Some of them have the same Amazon books and magazines on them, but almost all of them have completely different materials sideloaded from other sources.


I have the OG kindle, kindle touch, and 3 kindle fire devices. 🤷‍♀️


I have a kindle basic and a Paperwhite and use both! Convenience


I have 4. My husband likes to upgrade them for me. I use the Oasis most often, but ever since I got the S22, I mainly read on my phone. The screen is huge. It's not as nice to read on as the Oasis, but it's easier to carry around.


I have my old paperwhite 3 still but don’t use it


I have an Oasis for home and the latest Paperwhite for commuting and travelling because it has the same charger as my phone.


Scribe and Paperwhite. Since getting the Scribe I’ve used the Paperwhite in the bathtub and that’s probably the most use it’ll see outside of the odd instance where I think the Scribe would be unwieldy. Like I could throw the Paperwhite into a deep jacket pocket for killing time in a waiting room but that won’t work with the Scribe.


Work Kindle (lives in my school bag) and Home Kindle.


I have the scribe and the paperwhite. I've also got the old paperwhite that I no longer use.


House kindle and going out kindle


I have 2, an Oasis for at home reading and a Paperwhite for on the go that stays in my work bag.


I don’t need to have more than one.. I use my Oasis everywhere: when am at home and take it out with me. And I use Audible on my iPhone or Apple Watch when I am at work or when I am walking out my dog :)


Can anyone tell me if sync issues occur when reading the same book between kindles? I do it on the app vs my kindle all the time but have never tried on both of my kindles. As soon as I got my paperwhite signature my old paperwhite went in a draw. Just got it out to charge to make sure it doesn’t die and was wondering if I should use it as a downstairs kindle and then saw this thread


Ive never had issues with syncing so long as they are all on wifi, and in the event it’s a library book that it’s sent to all devices.


Sometimes it takes a while for the kindles to sync. I usually notice this when reading on my pc browser then switching to my Paperwhite. If I know that I’m going to be switching devices soon, I’ve found that it goes smoother if I have the second kindle open and awake while actively reading on the first device.


3 old paperwhite new paperwhite (nightstand)and the new kindle( purse) and the Kobo Clara Hd( I love the warm 💡..doesn’t sink across platforms..ugh sad and exporting annotations I had to use software in order to storage and export. Next I had to find a way to. Upload my book wireless which was another hassle. If your not into software engineering I would just stick to Kindle ecosystem it has user friendly interface imo.


Yes, take a 2015 era kindle on the road,chuck in my bag and a 2021 paper white beside my bed.


I have a very old Kindle 4 (without touch and light), bought in 2011 and a Kindle Voyage, bought in 2015. Since I have the Voyage I haven't used the Kindle 4. It wouldn't make sense to me to buy a new Kindle and keep using the old one. It would mean that the 'old' one is actually still usable, so it wouldn't make sense for me to buy another one. And, if my current Kindle were to become unusable, I think I would never buy a Kindle without being sure that I could take it everywhere.


I take 2 on vacation, one to use and a spare in case #1 fails


I have 3


Office has one and home.has one and I sync them from time to time


One Kindle + Kindle app on phone, Kindle app on tablet, Kindle app on laptop.


I have 3 use them as - 1. Outside - oasis 1 2. Bedroom - Pw 11 signature ed 3. Around the house and small books - Pw 6


Just picked up my second Kindle. Still deciding whether to give away the old one or to carry in my bag as my mobile Kindle.


I have two! I thought my old one’s battery was rubbish and the screen was flashing a bit so I got a new for Xmas a couple of years ago, but it was no better! Quite disappointed. However my mother broke hers shortly after so she was able to take it. I wonder is the new 2022 one better?


Still rocking my 2013 paperwhite version as my only kindle. The battery life is showing its age, but it still works.


I have two. I use one to download my kindle unlimited books and then put it into airplane mode, that way I can return books but still have them on my kindle, and then my first kindle reads anything new in my library


My wife owns three. The newest model is for home. She also has two others. One for work for reading on breaks and lunch and then a third for buisness trips.


I have an Oasis which is used primarily for reading in bed and an O.G. Kindle DX which is used during the day.


I only have that I use but I still have my last one which I think is a pw 2015, and that is just in case mine breaks. I upgraded that last one as I was having major issues, but I think it may still work. I'm at home most of the time anyway so mine just travels upstairs & down with me.


I have one with regular books and an older one with manga on it.


My old kindle is my travel one. If stays in my purse so I read on the go! My new signature Paperwhite is my at home kindle. Really enjoy having two!


I have 3. An older Paperwhite, an Oasis, and a Signature Paperwhite which is the one I use everywhere. I keep the other two charged and loaded with whatever I’m currently reading just in case the Signature goes down for whatever reason. May sound excessive but I was happy they ready to go during a few power and Wi-Fi outages.


I have an oasis 3 which i recently got (i use it before bed) and since the battery drains fast i decided to purchase a paperwhite SE (this one will be my on the go kindle) can’t resist building an amazon ecosystem ;)


And here I was debating upgrading to an oasis and giving my bf my paper white se so we can buddy read kindle unlimited books lol


I have a 7th edition paper white for the backlight and an 8th edition basic I use for audiobooks. Sometimes I like to listen and read along so I use both at the same time


One on the nightstand. One in my bag.


Yea. I have the new Paperwhite and the old Oasis. I thought I’d love the Oasis more, but the new Paperwhite is just better, even without buttons.


I do! I have an Oasis downstairs by my bed for night reading, and my PW SE upstairs for living room and on the go!


I have one PW Kindle for bedtime reading because it doesn't have blue light. I have a cellular Samsung 8" tablet that I use to read during the day and when I'm out and about and perhaps waiting in a line somewhere. I'm never upset about waiting if I'm reading! It's easy to keep the two devices on the correct page with the cellular of the tablet.


3 Kindles (Basic, Paperwhite, Voyage) and 1 Kobo Libra 2 and I don’t even know why. Kbye.


I have 4 of different types. I use the fire for magazines or graphic novels so I can see the colors. I have one kindle hooked to my boyfriends prime account so I can get the first reads and prime reading on that. I have one hooked to my Amazon which has KU. One of them is filled with books from the old owner so I keep that for all of those books. Is it excessive? Yeah. But reading is my one area of Luxury spending so it works for me.


Oasis for the living room, Scribe for the office, and a color e-ink device for reading comics at night before I go to sleep. I also have an iPad. I have a bit of a gadget problem. 🤣


I have a kindle Oasis for home and a paper white that is smaller and will fit in a pocket.


kindle scribe & Paperwhite! One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Would love to have another one for on-the-go! 😍🤓


Yes, but I’ve given one of them to my daughter. She reads even more than me.


Use my DX in a zip lock baggie for bathing. Use the Oasis for everyday. One Oasis is in my car so I am never without. One Oasis is in my purse.


A new Scribe for larger reading projects, and my old Oasis for carrying around.


I'm considering getting a 2nd one so I can have a home kindle and a car/gym kindle.


5. Three in almost daily use. Two voyages I’ve brought back to life that I keep as backups.


All I’m reading is clutter clutter clutter.


I have the Paperwhite SE but I also have the app on my phone and iPad Pro.


Too many. Mine: upstairs oasis 3, downstairs oasis 2 (got used for $50), voyage (used to be for work) Kids: PW5 for my 8yo, PW3 for my 10yo and an extra PW3 that isn't being used ATM.


Yep, I have 3. 1 by the bed, 1 by my chair, and 1 in my purse. All set to Whispersync so it updates my location, and I'll update my location in the book before I leave the house. I actually read more books by having one always near me.


I have 3 at the moment...lol. At one point I had 4. Gave one away. 2 Paperwhites, 1 basic and 1 Oasis. I don't have as much time to read as I once did, but when I do, I use either my main paperwhite or oasis. Depending on where I am. If I'm in the car I tend to take the paperwhite as the oasis, although made out of aluminium feels more fragile.


I have 2 presently. Kindle Oasis and bought the Scribe. Oasis I deregistered and factory reset giving it to my father!


I'm up to four now... Oasis, the original (well, my first... the '19 model). Bought for the larger screen and page turn buttons. Paper White '18. As it heated up a bit in Texas, didn't need a jacket anymore, and realized how the Oasis didn't fit my jeans pocket to well. Prime Day deal, I jumped on the Sage model. Paper White '21. All the perks of my previous Paper White, with a screen closer to the Oasis' size. Gifted the Sage Paper White to my 84 year old grandma, she's gotten a lot of use out of it actually. Kindle Scribe. I mean, I went with the Oasis originally for the larger screen. For the house in particular, it doesn't get larger than this.


No but I do use the Kindle app and a kindle. They're on different accounts so they don't sync. I end up using one more than the other


I own 4, especially back when they were 4GB each. I have 2 4s (Paperwhite 2013 and 2015) an 8 (Voyage), and a 32 (Paperwhite with the 6.8" screen and signature edition I believe it's called for the extra memory). All mostly filled without having any audiobooks. My kindle collection is some ridiculous number over 5000 by now and contains a good part of my physical library digitized. At least Amazon is finally adding epub support, but dropping mobi. For pdfs and djvus, which are the default format for my digitized books, the Kindle sucks so I use my Galaxy Tab or Boox Note 5.


I have several. I alternate but I read my voyage the most. Now that I have a scribe, I read it when it’s not too cumbersome for that size. The kindle keyboard is one of my faves so sometimes I charge it and read from that. I gave my old white paper white to my girlfriend and the kindle 4th gen doesn’t get used at all


I have 2. Kindle PW 2015 that I don't use, my main one is the Oasis 2nd generation but I'm tempted to get a PW Signature to read when I'm outside.


The way to read annotated books is to have the book open on two devices at the same time. I have zero Kindles but have the Kindle app on numerous devices.


One for me, guests, my sis has the Fire HD so I can enjoy it while visiting or she can play films when cooking, and uncle who really really wants to read the Sherlock Holmes collection but always forgets to.


Kindle paperwhite 4 and Kindle paperwhite signature edition I avoid reading on both, since I can't follow up highlights and notes on two devices for the same book


During my first upgrade I gave my paperwhite to my sister. On the second upgrade I gave it to my sister, and then she gave the first one to my brother. They don't read much but I kinda like knowing they have the kindles if they should decide to.


I admit I have several, but for "good" reasons: 1) I read a lot for my job as a teacher, so I upgraded over time for higher resolution or larger screen size to help me with work. 2) My wife has been sick for several years, so I upgraded once for a better screen light, so I could read in bed without blinding myself. 3) I have donated a couple to my kids. 4) Ultimately, I think why many here have several, is that we get psychologically tied to books — whether that be print or digital. My older kindles remind me of graduate school, my kids' births, or other significant moments in my life.


Unrelated, but Before the Coffee gets cold is so good! Have fun :)


I have a 2010 Kindle Keyboard, a 7" Kindle Fire, and just got the new Basic Kindle 2022 for travel/commuting. I also have Kindle app on my phone and other tablets, but I prefer the eink displays and love the new basic one.


I thought I was crazy for even considering purchasing a Kindle Voyage just *a week* after buying my PW11 (I went for it and bought it anyway) It's so cool to see that many people own multiple Kindles without feeling ashamed haha if I could, I would add even more e-readers to my collection. I just love gadgets so much!