It is best feeling when you are strongly dissociated and then your ego slowly come back. Like everything that you felt then was exactly how it should be and it is. Like I'm becoming one part of infinite possibilities my mind can produce and this one part is becoming a whole in a few minutes which is felt like eternity. Something like that. It is hard to describe indeed. Btw got 5gs coming after long ass break. I'm excited lol


Yesssss, it's the best effect for me! Like suddenly everything makes sense and I'm incredibly close to finding out the answers to questions like what is life, what's our purpose as human beings, what's my mission in life, why do we exist, etc.


Watch Cosmos during your next ket shesh. Mind = 🤯


Cosmos on Gaia?


Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey


I know exactly what you are talking about but never heard it described that way


"We did it. Guys we figured it out! Whoaaahhh" - me literally every time I do keta


Very nice description. Personally I see this aspect of the experience as the "dissolution of binaries." It is an incredible and profound feeling. Feels like a simultaneous or alternating zoom in/zoom out in your perception.


Absolutely to the point where on higher doses I feel like I’m a conduit for the will of the universe haha


You mean you *realise* that you’re a conduit for the will of the universe :)


Yes exactly! Idk how else to describe it, but it feels like you're a piece of your own puzzle finding its way back to itself and I know that makes no sense but at the same time it does


yesss i feel that


That’s a great description of something that’s real hard to put into words


Ketamine/DXM always feels like we are normally in a maze but are unaware then it takes you too this place in which you are aware of the maze whilst you also get a birds eye view of this maze, then puts you back into the maze and as you slowly come back you have that memory of what it was like too see that maze you were in whilst simultaneously being in that maze, like others have said confusing but that’s my description of the feeling


Just wanted to say… THIS. This is an amazing description of the experience that’s extremely hard to put into words.


Does it feel like you're 100 years old and have finessed the game of life?


I know what you mean 100%, it'd really hard to describe but I do get it


Absolutely. 100%. I've tried to explain this to people before.


Yeah! It feels like we're all following some sort of plot and everything's going according to the screenplay. It all suddenly makes sense like it couldn't be any other way, until you come back to the confusion of regular life.


Out of everything I have read in dissociative drug subs n ect this has got too be the most satisfying post/comments I have read, the feeling that you describe is what made me fall in love with dissos and too see it articulated and described it’s like scratching a itch that I couldn’t scratch


I feel this every time as well, except I feel it one step further. It’s not just a collection of every past k experience I’ve had but every future experience to. It feels like a return to the center




Yeah, I feel yah! Try K with [hemisync](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemi-Sync), it feels like you level mad up! Been experimenting with it lately and I'm always left with a feeling of equilibrium for days.


Yes, although I could hardly describe what's happening in words, when I hole it's like I go back to the time in my life 14 years ago when I first used ketamine, during which I felt I was experiencing previews of my future. I see the same ceiling and people I knew back then, feel them vividly in my mind, and get a glimpse of the center of my spiral timeline, a place at rest, where I will always exist as "me." It feels like everything is working out as it should. But it's mostly a sensation, not linguistic thinking in the moment. It makes me feel happy I can more likely induce this experience if I read something that seems to come "full circle" like paradoxical social behaviors or beliefs as I come up, before I put my headphones. Last time I was on Reddit reading posts by a Canadian sick of the "communist government mask mandates" so he was recruiting members for a self sufficient commune... lol


Damn I get exactly that




absolutely! my first time doing k, i got to the precipice of the k-hole and i felt like i was doing the ketamine in the past, present, and future, as if these different timelines converged at the point i tried ketamine for the first time


Yeah that’s not bad! I’ve always thought that it strips things away and I can see what is actually important in life. Gotta have that journal handy for after!


that's what happens to me too. i suffer from severe anxiety and depression among many others, so when i am in a terrible situation with myself and take a small dose of k, everything becomes clearer, i can actually look at the issue from the outside. helps a lot. i don't do it often though.


Spot on


I experience this as well, especially if I do enough to khole


Know exactly what your le saying and I feel the same. It gives me a cyclical universe vibe.


Best description of a K experience that I could not even fathom into words....mind blown.... I thought I was the only one....like you know you've just figured something out or unlocked something deep inside the subconscious that's very important, yet you still quite don't know what???


Yes, man! It's such an interesting feeling. And for me, that feeling radiates into the things I do as well. When I make music on ket, the ideas I have and decisions I make feel totally right and just intuitively good. When I then listen to the music sober, I find it very creative and good. Satisfying stuff!


I get this a lot on pcp analogs


Yeah its an amazing feeling i feel that for once the world makes sense


Nothing like coming back to yourself.


first time i did any dissociative i watched a dave chappelle comedy special and that was beyond full circle, i get like his whole routine was designed to be concentric circles in a way




Circle K man


Like everything makes sense while you don’t get anything? Like everything just feels right, almost god-given?


When we go deep, my buddies and I always say “we’ll figure it out” and laugh cus when you come out it feels like you come full circle.


Yes I totally get what you mean! Thank you for putting it into words


Better than a therapist! It causes parts of the brain to better interconnect. Tomorrow's my last night to cook, and I got a ticket to ride.




For sure. And I believe similar experience is also attainable, -- even surpassable, -- through other, non-pharmacological means; such as through certain meditative practices, when done correctly, habitually and rigorously, both communally and ascetically. Even more than that, only through such practices, -- I believe, -- can the experience be *sustained*, preserved or lived at all, as it's precisely such types of practice that train the mental muscle necessary to carry it onward. Even though the experience might feel to be eternal or transcendent beyond the bounds of time, commentators have elaborated on Patanjali's concept of *samadhi* to grade different levels thereof, such that ultimately the practitioner would have gained the skill to hold onto and elevate the experience of *samadhi* from acuity into continuity or perpetuity. (See the *Yoga Sutras*, chapter IV, verse 29.) This is a type of experience that William James would refer to in his *Varieties of Religious Experience* (a.k.a. "spiritual experience" or "mystical experience"). James pointed out that he was able to "understand" Hegel only once high out of his mind on nitrous oxide. "[James] concluded that while the revelations of the mystic [could be said to] hold true, they [would] hold true only for the mystic; for others, they are certainly ideas to be considered, but can hold no claim to truth without personal experience of such." The problem of ineffability is thus crucial. There is that certain "thing", that "truth" (for a lack of a better word), that cannot be defined or communicated through words, but only gently guided to, or alluded to between those people who have already experienced it. This is strongly reminiscent to me of the final passages of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (translation from the original German [1921] to English by Kegan Paul [1922]): > **6.5** When the answer cannot be put into words, neither can the question be put into words. *The riddle* does not exist. / If a question can be framed at all, it is also *possible* to answer it. [. . .] > **6.52** We feel that even when *all possible* scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life remain completely untouched. Of course there are then no questions left, and this itself is the answer. > **6.521** The solution of the problem of life is seen in the vanishing of the problem. / (Is not this the reason why those who have found after a long period of doubt that the sense of life became clear to them have then been unable to say what constituted that sense?) > **6.522** There are, indeed, things that cannot be put into words. They *make themselves manifest*. They are what is mystical. [. . .] > **6.54** My propositions serve as elucidations in the following way: anyone who understands me eventually recognizes them as nonsensical, when he has used them—as steps—to climb up beyond them. (He must, so to speak, throw away the ladder after he has climbed up it.) / He must transcend these propositions, and then he will see the world aright. > **7.** What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence. And again in the life and words of St. Thomas Aquinas (according to Paul Thigpen): > On the feast of St. Nicholas, 1273, while celebrating Mass, St. Thomas received a revelation from God that caused him to stop writing, leaving his brilliant lifelong work, *Summa Theologiae*, unfinished. He told his secretary: “The end of my labors has come. All I have written appears to be as so much straw after the things that have been revealed to me.” > When his friend begged him to finish writing, Thomas insisted: “I can write no more. I have seen things that make my writings like straw.” The saint died three months later. > We have no reason to believe that Thomas’s vision was a retraction of what he had written. [. . .] / Most interpreters agree it’s more likely that St. Thomas had a vision of heaven’s glory that day. Compared to what he saw, everything else seems worthless, no matter how magnificent it might be. In his later life, Wittgenstein quoted: > Bach wrote on the title page of his *Orgelbüchlein*, 'To the glory of the most high God, and that my neighbour may be benefited thereby.' That is what I would have liked to say about my work. And again in Kierkegaard (from Danish): > If a person can be assured of the grace of God without needing temporal evidence as a middleman or as the dispensation advantageous to him as interpreter, then it is indeed obvious to him that the grace of God is the most glorious of all.


Does it feel like you're 100 years old and have finessed the game of life?


solvantsgot me feeling like this EVERY time


great way to describe the experience


For me it happens with nitrous. I can feel the wheel of time and space spinning through the different slots of moments or thoughts, and eventually coming back around to the original point in time or whatever it is. That’s the best explanation I have.




It’s a real common effect. People with long term k use and addiction issues start to notice ‘serendipity’ in everything in life.


I know this feeling well. Ketapiphany.


level up


Never done ket. Hope to try it soon. But this absolutely happens to me on DXM. And also on shrooms. Only dxm is more literal,in that I can clearly see everything from a birds eye view and decode the proper way to move forward in most areas in my life that day to day I usually don't have an answer for. And shrooms are more emotional. Like I couldn't tell you woth words but the thing just happened where everything is connected and like you said,its all come full circle. Like a soulgasm of synchronicity


Yeah that’s a dissociative thing , I also get that in a more sped up trippy way on N02


Nyc street k from the chinese feels like an rc because k holes be mad weird sometimes from straight up black outs, or i flop like a fish on the floor. Theres must of all no closed eye visuals