This group is basically just constant posts like this. No idea why I’m even still in it

This group is basically just constant posts like this. No idea why I’m even still in it


The rhyming in this "poem" makes jenny from the block sound like Shakespeare


I will have you know that I am a military wife. It's a label around which I've made my life. I will never need a job or degree Because my husband provides for me. While my husband is training, I am bored Sitting in an empty house that I could never afford. When he's putting his deployment money in the bank, I'm also down at the commissary, wearing his rank. When my husband is away defending the American dream, I'm at a girlfriend's house, pitching a pyramid scheme. When my husband is off sleeping on sand and rocks, I'm at the mall, buying handbags and flip-flops. And when my man comes back with a head full of PTSD, I'm nagging him to plan a trip to Disney. But my life isn't all easy, I want you to know The only thing on AFN right now is a game show. Not only is my husband gone and away, Cracker Barrel is closed down for the day. I'm the one left behind with the kids and the bills, And there was this one time we had to live at Fort Sill. I hope that you don't misunderstand or misconstrue, I have the hardest job in the Army, it's true!


This is 100% and I hate people who act like "being left" is a real job. Even IF you have a job and IF you're fully parenting children, you don't need to beg for respect for that. If anything it's unfair to the deployed parent bc kids become accustomed to asking, scheduling, and deferring to the parent who is at home.


If they could actually be silent, that'd be great


The use of periods where there should be commas made my brain melt a little


"Salutes I do not give" Actually, I do give salutes. Or I did once. I was driving us onto base in my husband's (then boyfriend's) car and when we stopped at the gate the guard saluted my husband but I thought he was saluting me so....I said hi and saluted back. Husband just shook his head and informed me that if I REALLY felt the need to interact I could just nod in the future. By the way, is it true that in the Army you salute the gate guard back but in the Navy you don't? I know the Army has all kinds of different rules like that whole "I'm wearing my cover indoors so you know I'm packing heat" thing.


Wait you’re not supposed to salute military members if you’re a civilian? America plz. 🤦‍♀️


I'm not sure how all that works, to be honest. I know the President returns salutes but maybe because he's the CIC? I don't thin regular run of the mill civilians need to worry about that, though, because they don't get saluted. The gate guard was actually saluting my husband and I just happened to be there in the driver's seat and I assumed it was for me!




The Dependa Creed


“But my job is just as tough” That really blows my gasket. 😡


My wife is in one of those groups. Before she joined it on FB she had no idea what a dependa is. Now she gets daily firsthand experiences.


I just joined one, they are very real


The fact that she rhymes “seen” with “seen” makes me wildly uncomfortable.


The third and fourth line do not rhyme. It's bugging the shit out of me. \#proudtrussgirlfriend \#dogmawm \#catmawm \#bossbabe \#youwilladdressmebymyboyfriendsjobtitle