Never change, LinkedIn.

Never change, LinkedIn.


I'm guessing this person hears "I've been busy" alot when they bump into people they know.


I'm really wondering what he thinks when a girl tells him, "I needs space..." which is obviously half a sentence. The other half is, "without you in it." But he's not going to understand either way. Space without him is useless.


He's also the guy that, when he's told "It's not you, it's me" actually believes it.


“It’s not you, it’s me that’s the problem. You like spending time with you, I on the other hand, don’t.”


I’m afraid you may be incorrect about that, as I do not like spending time with myself.


"You should rlly manage your space better"


"You are absolutely right. I'll get on that as soon as I'm not busy. I'm taking time to work on me." Lol


"I need space". "Fine I'll play Reinhart"


“You should manage your space better. If you need more, obviously you’re not using your space properly.”


"I mean.... just looking at my garden this year, you are absolutely spot on. 1 pumpkin plant exploded with vines everywhere. I need the next 6 months to strategically plan what to plant and where for next year. This will be rather time consuming. Please be understanding until then."


How’d you know? I don’t usually tell people about that


I think op was trying to say everyone who this person (the poster) avoids him/her by saying "im busy". Probably cus the poster is a cunt


Sounds like no one likes them.


"Why have all my friends been busy every time I've wanted to meet up with them for the last 6 months? Am I the only person who knows how to manage my time? [Boy, everyone is stupid except me."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZuktUfF0nE)


Sounds like they're a fucking Nazi of a manager who expects everyone to do everything at the drop of a hat


No, they are a wannabe manager that's posting dumb crap on their linkedin hoping their boss sees it and says "I've got to give this genius more responsibility!" And really their boss is just thinking "what a cunt, they'll spark a rebellion if I ever promote them!"


But, if you manage your time well, and someone just randomly pops in and asks something but you had plans....are you busy or just not managing your time well? These are confusing times.


Imagine being so obtuse you don't realize being busy means they are being busy with something better than whatever you want from them


Strikes me with the same vibe as "You're spending time on your hobby instead of doing something I define as *productive* every single second of your life? What a manchild!"


Probably a manager who wants people to work overtime to increase productivity, but also wants more time off themselves.


I think it's someone who is getting constantly blown off by everyone and is oblivious that they are the problem




This is almost word-for-word what my proud ancap cousin keeps regurgitating. I don't think I'll ever be able to understand that mentality


You should call him regularly, and every time you get his voicemail, leave a message along the lines of "hey I need to discuss something with you. Call me back when you're managing your time better."


Ancap? "Libertarian"? Basically, a conservative who ***actually*** doesn't want government interference to the point of breaking down and causing a state to fail? But also holds religious / conservative values to a fault? WHAT YOU MAKE IS WHAT YOU'RE WORTH Ancap? ​ That Ancap?


I think you mean the philosophy of heartless people that won't admit that there are intangibles that make life actually worth living, because they can't accept the fact that they have terrible personalities and nobody will love them, so love must be a useless farce since it can't be quantified so fuck women they're just after my money and poor people are just vessels for delivering my GrubHub orders while I spend 15 hours a day coding useless apps that solve rich peoples' chores. Those people, I think.


Exactly. AnCap.


Right, that AnCap.


Libertarianism is the philosophy of satan


Yes, I will often tell people I'm too busy to do x thing when really I mean, x thing is not a worthwhile thing for me to be spending time doing. I have the time, I'm just not going to use it doing that or talking to people who bring no value


Well you should tell people the truth about it, otherwise they will never stop asking you.


I've found telling people the truth actually causes them to hassle me more about it because everyone thinks what they want to do is important. So they keep trying to convince me of the value, or they complain that I'm mean and not a team player... It's simply not worth my time to tell them the truth


Yeah, what ever happened to simply saying "*That doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in. I appreciate you thinking about me!! Let's get together soon to catch up!*"


I casually mentioned a hobby I participate in on Friday nights and my boss said "wow, seems like if you have time for that then X task shouldn't be a problem for you" and I never felt more like telling them to fuck off. Like seriously, you think the admission that I have a life outside of work is an excuse for you to add more work to my plate so I won't be able to continue my non-work life? Even joking it was a dumb fucking thing to say.


Your boss probably wakes up, works all day, then goes to sleep every single day. People like that generally can't comprehend that most other people think their existence sounds miserable. What's the point of making a high salary if you work 24/7 Either that or they're trying to make you feel guilty for having a hobby in which case they can go jump in a hole


Was he by chance called Mr. Dickface?


Worse are the bosses who are constantly working, so you're expected to never stop as well.


And the very worst are the bosses who are constantly working, but who don't know how to do anything right, so they're constantly ruining other people's work of creating filler busywork to give the impression of working. But fucked if they'll take the time to learn how to do what they're trying to do, that would eat into working time...


I had a manager once who forced everyone to come in on a Saturday but she only came in once. Because upper management forced her to.


A few years ago we were really busy at work and had a dumbass manager. She asked my colleague to do some overtime cause “all you do is play PlayStation anyway”. He refused but was fuming. Any time after that when we were busy and she had to do overtime he’d get up at 6 on the button and be like “See ye tomorrow, I’m off to spend the evening on my PlayStation. Don’t stay too late!!” with the most overly-happy voice and expression. God it was hilarious.


Or they are a manager that has no life because they made their life all about their career, so they're online til the late evening hours and think everyone else is too, and wants everyone they're in control of to be as miserable as they are.


My SIL buys me books every Christmas. Not fun fantasy fiction or even historical biographies. Nope, they're always self help books. The most recent was "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People". I bet one of those seven things is not procrastinating, I'll know when I read it, eventually.


The kind of book a person gives as a gift says a lot about that person.


Yeah, I keep getting the subtle hint that she thinks I'm not good enough for her sister haha.


Obviously her sister, your SO, thinks you’re good enough.


Yeah we always just laugh it off and add it to the bookshelf.


I went on a date with a girl once. Asked her what kind of movies or tv shows she likes. She said “oh i don’t really watch tv or anything, but I read a lot of books” Oh great! Books are great. What kind of books? “Only self help books. Nothing else is interesting to me” Safe to say that relationship didn’t work out


Oof yeah that's a super red flag, especially since so many of those books are basically just "Horoscopes: The Extended Cut".


You know... I read that the first time wrong. I was going to ask, and re-read what was written and realize you are right. What a crazy and interesting take that person has on something as common as "I am too busy for you". ​ Thank you. Genuinely.


Yeah, I can spend a weekend busy playing videogames. I was busy enjoying my VR rig I built. I have no need to apologize for that. I'm an adult who dropped 2500 on video game hardware. It'd be stupid if I didn't use it. I can choose to bail or not on people to play video games and run through Skyrim or play in Aperture Science Labs or do whatever I want. I'm a big girl. Between the computer and Vive I spent money and will enjoy it, damn it. My hobbies are mine. I veer wildly between gung ho let's go do stuff like Muay Thai or kayaking or backpacking or camping or hiking and nerdy games. I probably don't have time to go to movies or bars unless I want to make time to see somebody. I prioritized my time how I wanted to.


My assumption, and I could be wrong here, is this is in a business setting. Like, "Hey does your team have time for--" and being pushed back on.


I'm always busy at work. Unless I'm getting paid extra for something I'm busy. I see no need to do extra stuff for work without extra money being paid. I've found that 95% of the time it does not get you extra raises or promotions. Extra shifts? Totally. Volunteer for an extra project beyond piloting a new laptop? Nah. I'll try new technology but I am not adding an extra project to my regular schedule unless it's not a question.


That... Hit a little close to home...


I’d explain that comment to you, but I’m so busy....


You should learn to manage your time better.




Learning how to tell my boss “no, I can’t” when he asks me to work on my days off took a long time but it has made my life so much better


No one should ever be scared of telling their boss "No."


He just doesnt realise "I'm busy" is polite speak for "You're not worth my time"


Mom, that you?


I've said it before and I'll say it again: LinkedIn is just Facebook in a necktie.


I cannot state how much I hate LinkedIn. Don't get me wrong, I hate Facebook too. Its full of twats that take some menial job title and then make it out to be something extraordinary. Receptionist is now director of first impressions | changing the world with a simple smile and hello. Away fuck off. Be proud of your what you do but for fuck sake don't overly exaggerate it. The other day someone posted how they bought a flat and made X profit on renting it out. Fan fucking tastic aren't you amazing. I could go on.


All I want from Linkedin is an entry level job that doesn't require three years of experience, people legitimately just lie in the job listings so that their listing comes up more frequently ugh


How about when it says your profile matches the listing and you have 0/10 skills.


Yep, no idea how I'm ever gonna land a job :/


Spent a few months on LinkedIn, applying for a dozen jobs a week. Nothing. Gave up and moved over to Indeed (which actually appears to focus on job searching rather than trying to masquerade as social media), and I've gotten four interviews in two weeks. Granted, what I'm looking for isn't exactly a high-skilled job market, so Indeed, Monster, etc seem to be better for that. LinkedIn is about making connections that might help you get that Director of XYZ job down the line.


Completely agree that Indeed is more focused on job searching. I wasted a lot of money on LinkedIn Premium thinking that would improve my chances of landing an interview. After six months, I got fed up and moved to Indeed. Found my current job there. Wish I'd done that earlier, lol.


I finally found a position by spamming my resume to every one click application in a 40 mile radius on Zip recruiter. Ymmv though, I had a lot less success with that when I lived in a smaller city


If you want a suggestion from someone who has handled some hiring: Write a really great cover letter, even if they don't ask for one. That can often be the decision maker to get an interview if you're similar in experience to another candidate because it looks like you work harder, even if the task is annoying.


Spam it out to anyone and everyone even remotely related to your desired field. A sort-of-related position? Applied. The position I want but they want twice my level of experience? Applied. Position to be the boss of the job I want? Applied. Just throw shit at the wall until it sticks.


This is my current strategy. It isn't going too well.


It sucks dude, but I have faith in you.


I was matched for a job in stock trading. They called me to express interest. I work in a print shop and am going for a degree in Journalism. I have zero of the certificates or skills they listed.


Wow....that's.....ridiculously bad. I knew their job matching/suggestion algorithm is shit but didn't realize they carry that incompetence all the way to the step of calling to express interest lol. I just unsubscribed to all of their job alerts because I kept getting shitty recommendations. I'm a wildlife biologist with some background in natural museum science, I've gotten so many emails of "13 jobs for wildlife in your city" only to open it and see civil engineering jobs. One time I was recommended a children's birthday party coordinator job at the city hall...........because the job posting had the word museum in it as the location.......NOTHING about that job is about the museum.


I got another call from a company who said they liked my profile and my qualifications. It was a software position. For people with a BS in computer science. I am still in school.


I'd be happy if there was an actual position and not a recruiter just data mining.


I have had 2 scummy experiences. One was a former boss whom I requested to connect. Despite them having looked at my profile (linkedin notifies you), 2 years passed and I got no response. Meanehile I've another former boss ghost-disconnect with me. One day, though, I connected with a Hollywood director with 500+ connections. Guess which 2 people suddenly requested connections? Such asshats.


I absolutely hate the corporate dick sucking. I'm not going to suck up to my past employer when posting about the new job. I fucking hate the guy


Not to mention the viral humble bragging posts. “I’ve accepted my dream job as Corporate Cog at Soul Sucking Company, Inc. I started out with very humble beginnings to get here where I am today. What a journey it has been. Never give up on your dreams!” Then there are 10,000 strangers liking the post. It’s like that 1 prayer = 1 like BS on Facebook, but may even be cringier.


>Receptionist is now director of first impressions | changing the world with a simple smile and hello. Away fuck off. Be proud of your what you do but for fuck sake don't overly exaggerate it. I don't know about you, but in college, I was taught that resume building had to be exaggerated. Because no one would look at the resume saying "Part time office assistant at my university". So you had to build and exaggerate that into something else that made it sound like you were doing way more than sitting at a front desk in your res hall logging maintenance requests and stopping residents from sneaking in guests. It was part of the whole "Companies want *experience* thing" for those of us too poor to afford unpaid internships.


Is there a subreddit purely dedicated to the utter wank that gets churned out by work-addled, attention-starved morons? I would read that shit.




Posts on LinkedIn are just business professionals jerking themselves off. Change my mind


I saw a post the other day about someone bragging she donated stem cells. Okay that’s great and noble of you but how is that professional?? Of course she was a marketeer.


Also, Steve Jones B.Sc. MDMA RFP QWERTY No one gives a shit that you're a certified meeting planner, Steve. I took a knitting course the same weekend, need me to put that in my title?


But while Facebook is full of unapologetic fascists, LinkedIn is somehow worse with its brown-nosing frenzy of "by the bootstraps" CEOs and "can do" positivity preaching.


That's why I haven't used it in 3 years. Just a giant virtual circlejerk between CEOs, "influencers" and people whose parents got them jobs but trying to pass off as "self-made"


I once saw a post where a guy said "I left work at lunch today. I didn't give a reason. Practice work/life balance." And so I looked, and he was the CEO of a major company. But yeah, sure, I can definitely punch out of my shift several hours early with no repercussions from management.


Of course. I remember one of my old bosses complained about none of my coworkers wanting to work on Christmas. She defended it by saying that she works chrismas all the time. Of course, she omitted the fact that she earned a salary as a Event coordinator while me and my co-workers earned $16 an hour per 3 weeks on average. Did I mention that a good chunk of my coworkers were over 60 and simply worked to supplement income?


All I get are invitations from recruiters to apply for jobs that: - pay less than my current job - are salaried (no overtime pay) - require me to move somewhere I don't want to live - require 10 years of experience for an entry level position - are at companies with abysmal glassdoor reviews No one ever contacts me on LinkedIn for any other reason.


In my career field it’s pretty much expected I have an online presence in the form of a portfolio, LinkedIn, etc. I don’t do much on LinkedIn but update my profile and connect with colleagues and potential colleagues in hopes of expanding my career prospects. It’s been incredible to me to see the number of unprofessional posts some users make on the platform with their legal name and job titles visible. I removed (unfriended?) an acquaintance last year on LinkedIn who works in advertising and posted some QAnon related nonsense to his page. I’m curious as to how his posts have impacted his career.


How about: I would rather do almost anything else than be around you?


Was about to say something like this. Saying "I was busy" IS good time management. It's just that whatever I was doing was more important than spending time with you


Isn’t apologising for being busy the exact opposite of being proud of being busy?


It's also a way to manage time. "Sure, I have a few minutes, but it's a busy day so we better make it quick." As opposed to "I have all the time in the world for idle chit chat because I'm so good at managing time that I can piss away a half hour on this call."




My boss does this, super annoying. They'll complain non-stop about how busy they are all day (while spending 3 hours of the day in meetings and taking a 2 hour lunch, i wish this was hyperbole), then finally sit down to do their work around 2 or 3pm. We're kind of stuck there until they leave, so most days we end up staying until 7pm or so (even though the rest of us have been working non-stop since 9:30, always eating lunch at our desks while working). It's extremely frustrating and frankly disrespectful, if *all of us* just did our work *during work hours* we could leave at 5:30 every day


I am very guilty of this.


From now on I shall reply "sorry I was in a meeting." The meeting may have been with the toilet or my child but it was a meeting none the less.


"I was in the middle of a ritual." Sounds more exciting, but a ritual can still be basically anything.


Away from my computer when a Skype for Business IM pops up and getting coffee. 'Sorry boss, I was in the middle of a ritual." Of putting a little bit of MCT oil and kerrygold butter in my coffee and using the milk frother to blend. I have butter just for coffee. I hide it behind the questionable jar of pesto in the fridge so nobody uses it for making eggs or something. I make my coffee and hide my butter. It's my thing.


❌ I'm busy : unoriginal, done, uninspired ✅ I was in a meeting : new, mysterious, bold


🎆 I didn't want to : honest, impressive, moving


"Was in a lengthy meeting with the Boston Dangler my bad."


Um...if you are actually busy and you tell someone that, I'd say you're managing your time better than the asshole with all that free time to bitch and moan at you.


Exactly! Every article I've ever read on productivity tells you to prioritize what you really need to do and drop the things you don't. "I'm too busy for this" means "I have more important things to do."


One of the most important lessons I try to teach up and comers in their careers is to let me and others know when they are too busy. If they have their schedules full and take on new responsibilities that will only frustrate everyone as deadlines will be missed. If they let everyone know "no I'm too busy right now, i can't handle it until next week/month/quarter" then its no issue.


The problem with this is that this person is judging the reader on an idiotic scale. How do they know that I'm not managing my time the best I can? How do they know I don't already handle things as efficiently as I reasonably can? Some tasks take a certain length of time no matter what you do.


I think what’s really going on here is unknown priorities. Busy simply means that there are more important things to do than what’s currently being asked of. No one is obligated to disclose their daily business to anyone unless it is work related and they are talking with their boss or coworker.


> Busy simply means that there are more important things to do than what’s currently being asked of. It's not even that, in all honesty. If I say I'm busy it's basically saying, "I have a bunch of crap on my plate already." I usually also affix it with something akin to, "If what you want is urgent let me know and I'll let you know if I can fit it in."


Ahhhhhh yes. The classic "this isn't remotely correct or doable in actual day-to-day life, but it's 'outside the box' so therefore it'll get likes and shares." I truly believe when people share crap like this, they themselves don't really believe it, but think it's what everyone else believes, so they wanna keep up.


That's exactly what going on. So many pf these people post BS that they never practice themselves. It's all about appearances.


LinkedIn is a cringefest oof


It’s also a polite way of saying “I don’t want to hang with you”. So if you’re gonna be a dick, you should know I hate your guts


I think this person just expects everyone to drop everything they're doing for them because that's what their parents did for them growing up. They weren't taught that sometimes people need to do things that don't revolve around them, such as taking a shit or going to work.


Yep, I agree. This is someone who thinks that they should be a priority for everyone, always. They expect you to drop everything to take care of what they need... The reality is probably that they are throwing low priority stuff at people and getting offended when that person didn’t come running immediately. Part of *actually* being good at managing your time is being aware of how much capacity you actually have for tasks and prioritising them properly. I have a feeling his requests just aren’t making the cut.


LinkedIn is becoming boomer/mlm heavy. Lots of retired guys and huns spouting conspiracy theories and getting overly angry when a brown person wins an award.


Truth is, business people love being perceived as busy even if they're not. Because being busy = success in their eyes. Linkedin is full of those types. So while I don't agree with this guy's gripe, he's pretty close to the truth.


Hell, Ben Franklin used to go into his printing shop early and light the lantern, then just take a nap. There is value in being seen as industrious. Of course he wasn't an ass about it.


The worst thing? I have friends who thinks this is the way of it. You are busy? Then you are a bad friend because you can't manage time well, and to top it all off when I apologize because I was busy, they tell me to stop apologizing, because it only makes me look weak and dumb. "Only dumb people apologize for their actions" I mean yeah okay, if I made a mistake i was dumb, but isn't it the sign of "smartness" or something that I know that I made that mistake and I apologize for it? This kind of idiotic bullshit just makes me mad...


They should not be your friends.


Yep, they sound more like dickhead bullies, but it’s not my life.


You need better friends dude... Those people seem very toxic.


So they encourage you to double-down instead of apologizing... Karen-like attitude. I would try to cut off from them.


LinkedIn become a cesspool of these kinds of stupid aphorisms. It is full of mid level managers at mediocre companies spouting off bad career and business advice as if they became CEO of IBM after starting in the mailroom. What’s worse is the political statements. Nobody gives a shit that Bob Jones (assistant regional manager of pig fucker factory) supports the troops or wants the BLM thugs tried for treason. We’re here to find jobs.


I hate when people conflate busy with important. To them, the busier you are, the more important you are. I’m busy because of kids and remote work and the stress of a wife who lost her job. But I don’t wear that as a point of pride. I’m TRYING to find a better way to balance my time. I’m TRYING to not wake up at night with tightness in my chest.


Hey, I have frequent chest tightness too, partly because anxiety *is just the best* and partly because I have frequent muscle strain. For me stretching can be meditative so it helps a lot on its own for that, but ...just in case it's not just anxiety, check your neck. If the muscles are bunched up tight enough it can pull on your chest via your back muscles and you'll notice it most at night in my experience. The more anxious I am the worse neck posture I have so it's a bit of a self feeding cycle. For me I know there's a muscle issue because the area will be quite warm and firm to the touch. It may not help, but in case it does, just check.


Embarassed about being busy, that is an interesting take LinkedIn. You may reach a point profressionally where your input is required across multiplef projects and initiatives. With that comes an endless slew of meetings, planning, documents, emails. You are busy, so much that when somebody wants your "eyes" on something, you come back with book a quick 15 with me and your only unscheduled 15 block is three weeks away.


Reminds me of a quote by Mary O'Connor this person needs to know of: "It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted."


LinkedIn's mouth is nothing more than a cock holster for CEO's.


This sounds like the entitled diva tantrum of somebody who has to actually do something themselves, or God forbid, wait.


What kind of bullshit MLM do we think the OP is part of? Imma go with Beachbody.


This is a boomer comment if ever I’ve seen one.


I never apologize for it and I stay busy, mostly doing things that I enjoy which doesn't include talking to people like that


what about work, bathroom break, dinner, literally anything. it's not my fault if you call me during dinner time. tho i bet dis dude prob turns around as soon as it's him who's busy. just pull out the uno reverse card on him


Ugh, it's always the "time management" bullshit they pull when they want you to squeeze 48 hours of stuff into 24.


Alright, how about "You're at the bottom on my list of priorities"?


I am going to go ahead and assume that anyone that tells this person they are “busy” meant they just didn’t want to deal with them.


Managing your time well means sometimes saying, "no, can't do that right now because I've scheduled my time and I am busy."


I mean, they're close? Being busy too often might mean someone is overworked, not that they can't manage their time


I apologize for prioritizing my professional life and my kids. Shoulda left work early and left little Timmy at daycare so I could grab a drink at the bar with you.


Uhhh, you shouldn't be at school all the time just manage your time well -this person probably


Everyone’s been busy avoiding this asshat.


I hate quasi-intellectual trash posts like this. That you said something with conviction in defiance of the status quo does not qualify you as a philosopher.


This is relatively mild, but it's surprising how crazy LinkedIn can be sometimes.


This assumes I’m in charge of what I actually am doing. That’s a bullshit assumption at best.


Something tells me he hears "I'm busy" a lot, and something tells me they're not busy and just don't want to be bothered by him.




I mean, I can understand if this is about someone who is trying to juggle 3 things at once so can’t throw in a fourth to reply to a text or something but if I’m just making dinner and need to pay attention to what I’m doing that’s not a time management issue, that’s just me devoting my attention to a task.


In reality, what "sorry I was busy" means is that you prioritized something else. It's rude to say "Sorry, it was more important to hang out with my cat." Most people try to avoid telling people things that will hurt their feelings.


I was too busy to read this, sry


It's your fault you haven't managed your time well enough to ensure your life can revolve around me at my request whenever I want it to. Obviously you being busy is a failure n your part to take ME and MY want's into account but I can't outright say that so I'll drag everyone else into it by using the worlds "people" as in plural rather than just ME the real message - singular. Because that would make me look like an asshole and well, I can't be straight up honest about my narcissistic and extremely selfish expectations so I'll simply try to gaslight you into feeling guilty for living your life the way that works best for you.


This is from someone who probably sits on their PC at work and posts nonsense to LinkedIn, all while their coworkers cover for them and does their work.


Fucking yikes


Telling someone you’re busy is the very definition of managing your time well.


"Sorry, I wasn't managing my time well while fucking your sister."


I read this and my heart sank for a moment because I'm swamped at work and I've asked people to be patient as I am busy with other tasks... I can only do one thing at a time.


People who are never busy = people who arent regarded as trustworthy or competent enough to be the one that is asked to do stuff. Change my mind


This same person thinks youre a failure if you're not always being productive, so which is it?


I guess they don’t know what busy since managing your time well would include...being busy? do they think you can manage your time so well that when you plan to do something you also plan to be able to just drop it?


That's faulty logic. Sometimes there is more water than the bucket can hold.


Says the person who obviously doesn't have enough things to do.


Got deadlines to meet. Projects to do. Customers to help. I'm busy a lot.


Fuuuuuuck this. Let's be busy. I don't want other people to get in the way of what I seem 'busy.' This is my life, ya fuckers.


This text tells you that this person is a moron trying to sound like he's got some secret knowhow when he's in fact clueless, and that you should seek employment elsewhere.


lol I work full time (sometimes 70+ hrs a week) and freelance as an artist in what little spare time I have. I'm always busy mfkr


I can't, I'm busy.


But if you’re not busy you’re not doing anything. So his point is that you should only be proud if you’re doing nothing?


Guess I'll stop doing things.


I am sorry I am busy, is exactly what managing your time well looks like. This person obviously doesn’t bubble up high enough in someone’s priority or schedule, based on that post I can tell why.


God I can't stand linkedin. Bunch of corporate prudes projecting themselves as the perfect corporate slave


"I'm busy" as a response to being asked to do more is just the polite way of saying "*what you're asking is not my priority*". Being asked to a meeting? Sorry there's a better use of my time (different more important meeting or doing more important work) Being asked to take on additional work? Sorry, I'm already fully allocated and what I'm currently planning to do is more important than what you're asking me to do. Being invited to a social activity? Sorry, I've already planned more important things that evening which could be watching cartoons in my PJs (with or without kids - no judgement). Sure there are some people who take on too much or accidentally prioritize the wrong things (e.g. working more than just an occasional evening over spending time recharging with your family and friends), but busy is not bad.


So instead of saying I was busy should I say "I apologise that you forgot about my 6 hour commitment every evening from 8PM to 2AM. I was predisposed as I have mentioned previously."


The amoral wasteland of the social networking arm of LinkedIn.


Linkedin is what you get when you have Facebook and suck whatever fun is left out of it.


LinkedIn is social media for misrepresenting yourself as a better person. Its the definition of cancer.


Has LinkedIn always been like this?! I work in the construction industry and it’s usually sharing projects, technology, or products. Now, it’s all about these crappy political posts. Just blah.


What if being busy was part of the time management for the day? Like working, or cleaning, or sitting around doing nothing and just telling the asshole you don't like to be around that you are busy when they ask you to hang out.


Oh shit. I guess I'm bad at managing my time because I've been sent 75 emails every day for the past 2 weeks.


So i guess we collectively stop working because we can't be busy??


In my work, I am busy with what is defined as a priority. You did not rise to a higher priority. Sucks to be you.


What an asshole


The people sly hat say this are the same hustle culture assholes who thinks it’s normal and healthy to be working 85+ hours a week on the regular.


Yeah boy, I study electronics, study for the entrance examination of the Uni I want to enter, and I take care of my baby brother and my sick mother. But sure I don't know how to manage my time.


Ummmm, conversely, "I'm never busy" is the same as telling someone "I never do shit, so I don't even have to worry about time management" ​ Yeah sure Bill, I'll get those TPS reports to you when I can.


This person reeks of the type that gets told by everyone that they're busy when in reality no one wants to invite them anywhere. Then they show up and you have to get everyone to say they're going home and check to make sure they leave so you can relocate safely. Fucking hate people who can't take a hint especially in a small town where if you just straight up say you dont want them there you start WW3 cause everyone will know by tomorrow.


just say “ugh talking to you was not on my schedule,sorry”


This is bullshit busy is busy if you have a lot of work and constant deadlines you can’t help but be busy. Plus it helps as an excuse when you want to politely get out of doing something else.


Every time I’ve used the phrase “I’m busy” it’s because I have higher priority responsibilities. Depending on who I’m telling that to will determine how much extra information I give. Example 1: Boss asks if I can pick up an extra shift on X day - No I’m sorry I’m busy with this important school project that is due the next day and I don’t want to risk not hitting my deadline by picking up the shift. Maybe next time, thanks for understanding. Example 2: Cousin texts asking if I have a minute to chat so she can tell me about some job offer she declined - For that, no. I can chat later this evening when I have free time. Also, knowing that you don’t have time for something because of other obligations is pretty much what time management is.


I guess i could embrace the radical honesty vibe and be like “I prioritized other things that are more profitable through a variety of metrics to me than you are.” But that just ain’t very *neighborly*.


I think it's the pinnacle of maturity when you know how many tasks you can manage before your quality of work diminishes.


It's great if you work at a place where you can reject work because you're at capacity, and I mean that sincerely--I wish we all did--but not everyone has that luxury. Furthermore, if I've got meetings scheduled that I have to be in that were scheduled in advance and done so in a way that I've managed properly, and I can't get to something someone else decides they want me to do at that time, that's not on me and my time management. That's called being busy. The OP is an ignorant take that ignores the real world.


Cut toxic people out of your life through prioritization!


Busy means "I don't have time for this creep and his task" It doesn't mean they're not managing their time poorly, they're actually managing their time very well by avoiding the creep.


I seriously don’t understand what the fuck this person is trying to say...if you are doing a task you are busy.....like if you worked for this person...and they saw you like tell someone that you were focusing on your task...did you fail in this persons eyes? Dafuq?...


In other words: Stop being proud of doing things


This is someone that has never been fully utilized at work and never been under water, trying to gatekeep people that have been. And it makes no sense.