Haunted house ideas

Haunted house ideas


Not sure if it'll work, but a reflective surface to walk on and a mirror above or draped black fabric with figures on it that you see when walking over the reflective surface. It's like walking over a cavern, kinda surreal if dark. You can put bright coloured spiders, pumpkins, etc so it's not super spooky. If the area/budget allows, doing a maze with a couple of dead ends that have motion sensing animatronics or even people in costume. Stretchy fabric in an old window frame that's front or backlit with a person/figure that presses against/out. Archways to access different area that has gauzy fabric dangling, can go creepy with bugs/etc or just keep it simple dark fabric. Blacklight responsive sidewalk paint, use on boards setup as walls that give a surreal pain effect. Paint with a variety of Halloween subjects, ghosts, pumpkins, dancing skeletons, etc.


I always liked the blind box creepy feeling stuff at that age, you know … where you reach into an enclosed box and have to touch something gross. Like spaghetti noodles presented as worms, grapes as eyeballs, etc. maybe you can do one section like that with less jump scares for the kids who are too scared to go inside an actual haunted house.


Yessss!!! Omg that was my favorite thing as a kid!


Could mount or hang pool noodles to create an semi-blocked pathway that kids can still navigate through. (Think fun house at carnival) Bonus points if you use a black light to make the neon colors pop. Bubble fog machines are fun "Scary" carved pumpkins lit with different colors (led candles) Boombox/Bluetooth speaker playing spooky sounds Glow sticks for the kids to wear from the local dollar store


I’m just sitting here really jealous of your kickass neighborhood.