You say smooth and my brain goes straight to nobels odr-1/boss sd-1.


I definitely vote ODR 1 as well. Such a versatile drive.


The Dude. Or OD-2r. My two favorites anyway.


DS-2, on turbo with the gain and tone maxed. Not as harsh as you'd think, just need to turn it off the instant you're not playing any notes.




Came here to suggest a Zendrive. I have a Hermida Audio Zendrive and it does that smooth singing lead tone better than any rat I've tried. Go for it!


I have a Zendrive that sounds great into a Klon. And I boost the Zendrive with a TS. Makes the Zen sound so full and smooth


I'd recommend a blues breaker style pedal. I love having one after my more mid-forward drives. So like a JHS Morning Glory, a Boss Blues Driver, a Timmy, etc.


Several options that come to mind from my own experience: Longsword would be a great choice and has a lot of range, including getting pretty heavy. A SmallSound/Bigsound Mini would be perfect but are OOP and expensive now. Xotic BB would be very much in that wheelhouse too. Maybe even a Hudson Broadcast would work, especially stacked with the 1689. ThorpyFX The Bunker would be something slightly different to look into. I had no complaints about mine. Another one would be something OCD-based, especially the Fuzzrocious Demon or Lil Fella. They have a good range and sound good no matter what amp or setting I've run them into. My recommendation for most drive pedals is the Dr. Scientist The Elements, which with all its options, can kind of be anything you need. It'll go from a light clean boost, to an EQ'd OD, to a very loud distortion. The various clipping options would help you to smooth things out too.


Is it possible to use the boost switch on longsword independently?


No, the Boost function only works when the pedal is already engaged.


Thank you!


No prob. I do wish more of these pedals with boosts etc were independent. It's one reason the Life Pedal is so great.


Seriously, it’s such an odd thing to leave out imo. Maybe just a much more difficult build? Idk


Agree and yeah that's the only reason I can see why, at least as someone who doesn't know much about building.


Same. Do you still run the longsword in spite of that limitation? I literally was about to push the buy button but then didn’t because of the boost thing. I have so many drives I don’t NEED another, but I do want to try the Longsword…


Nope, no longer have one, but I try *tons* of pedals, so it's not much a reflection of it. It's a quality pedal, but I get most of my distortion from the amps, so I didn't need all it can do. I really like EAE and definitely want to try one or two others of theirs soon. If you wanted to dip your toes in, the Dagger is a stripped down Longsword.


Barber Gain Changer is one I consider to be very smooth. I also do like the DRV and The Elements.


EQD Westwood, sounds so good, so damn versatile, and seen often on both guitar and bass boards cause it's so nice with either one


OCD. I just think it’s a pedal always worth having on your board.


Yup 👍


You’re using a Marshall so I would definitely recommend the Timmy. It was literally designed to open up a Marshall without changing the core tone. You can get the Paul C original but it’ll take you some extra effort or go for the MXR.






bd 2


Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault v2 - you can really shape anytime you’d like from clean boost to full distortion.


Throwing out a wildcard here TC Mojo Mojo


i havent played one but have heard people say a blues driver is hella smooth and cleans up nice with the volume knob


Mojo hand dmbl, big howdy.


Tumnus Deluxe