I shop in the boys section all the time. The clothes are cheaper.


5'1" and my go to is usually either vintage stores or target as the ones near me usually have shorter inseams. i can't usually buy youth clothes because after having a kid i now rock 41" hips 💀 also, highly recommend learning how to tailor your own clothes, or find a tailor you trust- they do most things like take up hems, take in waists, etc for pretty reasonable rates in my experience.


I'm 5'3 but chubby. Proper cloth for dress shirts, velva sheen for tees, naked and famous for jeans.


Idk Ur location but if Ur in UK I know boohoo has short options on clothing


I'm 5'1" and I've never been able to find pants that fit me perfectly in length, but I just cuff them at the bottom and that works fine for me.


I'm 5"2 and a small or medium in men's sizes, but men's sizes start at about 14 here, so if 14-16 is still in the youth section where you are I'd probably be shopping in the youth section (I can fit the biggest youth size, so I do own one or two kids shirts but I feel weird being in the kids section)




i get a lot of my stuff at target. if you’re looking for pants, i love the american eagle lived in khakis. they are the best pants i’ve bought for my small legs (im 5ft) they’re still a lil long for me but i like the baggy look on my ankles and they fit my thighs/calves really well.


I buy from an online store called under 5'11. Pants that fit my 5'2" ass


I like shopping at Uniqlo or import clothes from Japan since the sizing there is on the smaller end (it gets pretty expensive though. Uniqlo is super affordable, on the other hand, but they only stock basics)


I'm also 5' tall. I get most of my clothes at Target. The Goodfellow shirts fit me well, but I have to alter my pants. My whole family is on the shorter side (Mom is 5'3" and dad is 5'7") so they taught me how to hem my pants when I was young. My advice is to look for pants that fit you in the hip/waist and don't worry about how long they are, then just cut and hem the legs to your desired length. It can be a bit confusing at first, but it is a quick procedure once you get the hang of it, and it's quite common, so it's easy to find supplies, as well as online tutorials of how to do it.


XL boys usually work best for me. S mens are hit or miss, sometimes they work but sometimes they are too baggy and I look like a kid wearing his dad’s shirt. Haha!


i get my pants in the women’s section and my everything else in the men’s tbh.


old navy boys section 💪💪💪💪💪💪 (5'3")


Tbh, I've been pretty limited to jogger style pants.


I buy men’s chinos/ usually dickies and then get my partner to take up the bottoms (they’re very nifty at sewing). For shirts I go to Uniqlo. They have some quite small men’s and unisex options which work great and theyre stuff is usually pretty boxy which I like. I’m 148cm for reference


I’m 5”3 and just go to the men’s shirt section, I’m on the heavier side so I normally just get shorts instead of jeans or long pants. The shorts are fine in the men’s sections but the pants are long as fuckkk


5’2. I go for xl boys clothes or small to medium mens.


Thrift store! There's surprisingly a good amount of men's smalls and mediums that i can fit into as a 5'2 skinny dude. The boys section is a great place to look especially for pants and jeans


I love joggers. The ones that are cinched at the bottom of the pant legs. They always fit perfectly.


I’m 5’2 but I’m plus size. I usually shop in the men’s section. I’ve learned that cargo pants helps make my lower look less feminine.