Minoxidil. Very expensive though and fatal to cats so keep that in mind


Fatal to Cats? Well damn, this means a never use of that for me ever then. Not that I planned but damn, always saw it's not good for Cats but deadly? wow


It’s toxic to animals if ingested/absorbed through skin. For humans, topical minoxidil is rapidly absorbed into skin (50% of the full effectiveness within the first hour) and can safely be washed off after 4hrs without loosing any of the dose. Safely storing it where pets can’t reach and applying it before leaving for work/school/completing errands should be plenty of protection for your pets.


As an aside, quite a few medicines and foods are fatal to pets — keeping the two separate is possible, and plenty do. For example, I apply my minox in one particular bathroom every morning that the cats are never allowed into. I fully scrub my hands/wrists after, and don’t touch the cats for ~4 hrs if it’s a day I’m staying home. It’s been a year and they’re fine, just gotta be mindful. :)


minox is more for regrowth. if you prevent the hair loss in the first place with finasteride you don't really need to take it.


Is it in pill form?


Yes, there is Minoxidil that can be taken orally. You might need an actual prescription for it, though. Pills usually aren't as common as the topical solutions (oil/foam). You can find topical Minoxidil since it's considered an over the counter medication in many stores/pharmacies without a prescription. If you can manage to get a prescription from your doctor, though, using things like GoodRx or other coupon sites can help lower the cost of it depending on where you live.


Actually, contrary to what some people are saying, yes, minoxidil IS available in oral tablet form. It’s actually a pretty shit medication at lowering blood pressure. People who used to take it for that had to take pretty large doses, whereas for hair loss the dose is much smaller. Idk where you are located (US or other country) but if you go to a dermatologist that also treats hair loss and talk to them about your concerns that is the best way to really understand your options. I used finasteride for a while (~2 years) when I first started T and it worked great for my head but completely blocked all facial/body hair and bottom growth, and honestly I had problems passing. Stopped it and switched to topical minoxidil, which worked but made my scalp itch like crazy. Now, after almost 3 years of being on and off it because of irritation, I finally went to a derm and I’m on oral minox and my scalp hasn’t been this happy in AGES. I will probably start finasteride again in about a year after I’ve had meta - my point being: you can always start finasteride later after you are happy with your bottom growth or facial hair, etc, depending if either of those are important to you.


I don't think it works for hair growth if taken orally. It was intended to be used for hypertension until it was discovered that it helps facial hair and scalp hair growth when applied to the face and head


The fact that we’ve gone full circle and the oral form is being used again is based on clinical evidence. I was prescribed oral minox by a dermatologist because it actually works *better* than topical. It’s just that you need a prescription to get it, which is in-part because people who have sensitive hearts can get reactions to even low doses - but the same issue can also happen to people using topical. Ultimately the conclusion is what it usually is - *talk to a doctor*


Get the generic brand from Safeway. It’s the exact same ingredients and dose but it’s like $10 instead of $60


60? In my country Minoxidil comes to around 120 dollars lol I would buy it if I could get it for 60


Holy shit sorry man, yeah that’s pretty expensive.


Finasteride blocks the hormones responsible for hair loss :p


Seconded. I started on finasteride the second I started thinning and I still have hair! I will say my doctor said it would stop body hair/facial hair growth and potentially downstairs growth so keep that in mind.


Downstairs growth as in bottom growth? Or hair down there?


Bottom growth.


Damn that'd suck, do you know if it would affect it if you've had meta?


I had a meta and have used it. It had not impacted me.


Does it shrink bottom growth or just stop it from getting bigger?


In my experience, it just stopped it from getting bigger, but that's just my experience!




I also second this. I used Minoxidil for 6 months while my hair was thinning, no results. Started topical finasteride, and I went from losing 200+ hairs in the shower to 40 in less than a week. After 2 months, it's starting to thicken back up. Absolute game changer.


This is your best chance. Try to go on it immediately. Prevention is key.


or once you start noticing hair thinning, that's my plan anyway


I waited a little too long. Also, it might take awhile to get onto the medication or figure out how to get insurance to pay for it. My hair is thinner than I would like it to be and I wish I had started the process sooner.


Just make sure you had chest surgery with zero tissue left behind bc it also blocks testosterone to breast tissue so cis men are prone to developing breast tissue, especially if their testosterone runs high.


oh that's interesting I had no clue, I had top surgery but they never specified how much tissue they removed so I assumed they just removed all of it, I mean my chest was so flat it was almost concave so must be right


Some people have reported success with taking Finasteride, but be aware it can also make it harder to grow facial hair, (I know that sounds weird, but it makes sense chemically), reduce bottom growth, & encourage menstruation.


I was told that's only if you take the oral version. From other trans men I've talked to, they didn't see this with the topical solution.


You could well be right. I don't know much about the non-oral stuff


Had the same problem, asked my HRT provider about it and she told me to just check for signs of thinning or fall out like checking my pillow case or during showers for hair loss. And that if I’m seeing it, she could prescribe finasteride for me as well. Ask your provider about it. Even if it’s genetics, it’s not 100% you will have it. Sometimes people have it, sometimes they don’t. I say look for the signs first and then go from there rather than starting without you knowing for sure.


Following because my hair is falling out an an alarming rate


Shit that sucks, and also actually sounds scary ngl.


Eh, I’m mostly sad because I have a very lumpy head and an implant in my skull that would look awful if it were showing


Damn, why do you have a implant if you don’t mind me asking?


I make too much spinal fluid, so I have a shunt on my skull and it pumps spinal fluid from my head down my neck and chest into my abdomen


Wow that’s fascinating, do you know what causes it?


Yeah, it’s called IIH. Don’t know what causes the IIH though. There are a lot of factors. Was in a lot of chronic pain for a long time before I got surgery. It helps a lot now


This is super random, but I work at a company that makes cranial implants and shunts that don’t protrude from the skin and leaves no detection of a shunt. I wonder if you could ask your surgeon if you could switch to it? (I don’t work in sales, so I’m not peddling the products😅 just found it cool that a trans guy has something I make for other people.) It really does improve patients QOL. If you’re willing and your surgeon is willing. I don’t know the longevity of surgical implants that aren’t my company’s. I am in the process of getting diagnosed/eliminating the possibility for IIH and my company would help me make my own implant if needed.


What is your company/products?


Longeviti Neuro Solutions, we have a website if you look us up. We work with surgeons domestically and internationally. I would assume our InvisiShunt would be the product analogous to what you have.


Well I’m glad there’s a solution even if it’s a bit unsightly lol.


Ok one, [here’s an article that can help!](https://www.healthline.com/health/hair-loss-treatments-for-men#alternative-remedies) It explains hair loss, medication you can take, then natural stuff you can do to help the risk of it. For us, we go bald the same reason cis men do! Maybe a little more so because of hormonal changes, but nonetheless it’s simply a man thing. There’s medicine and stuff, plume even offers certain things to help too! (I know cuz I use plume for hrt). But overall understanding it’s a fear for all men, cis or trans, in general and that when the day comes where you find a bald spot, your not alone. Genes do play a large part, and for now taking care of your hair and finding ways to avoid what causes balding is good while your young! Personally, I look at men I look up to or find hairstyles that can hide a bald spot (we don’t thin, but men in my family get spots XD) a lot of it is Norse based hairstyles, cuz some even just say fuk it n provide styles that have balding. It’s just a normal part of the process for us, yknow? Doing research and asking a doctor can help, but so can learning to one day accept it, and imagining ways to make yourself look badass when it comes!


Rogaine. My dad’s been using it for years. By the time other men in his family were 30, they just had a ring of hair left around their heads like a monk. My dad is in his 70s and still only has one small bald spot from before he started using Rogaine.


I've never met my dad, and the only photo I have of him is him with a shaved head. So idk what the hells gonna happen to my hair💀


You can't. That said: Start on minoxodil. You can avoid harming your cats by putting it on before you leave in the morning and washing it off as soon as you get home. You can also do a DHT blocking shampoo and conditioner. A DHT blocker can work for that but it blocks a lot of the effects of testosterone including bottom growth and body hair growth unfortunately and it's hard to convince a doctor to prescribe it.


Mixture of finasteride and minoxidil.


Folks say your chance of balding comes from the male folk on your moms side of the family


This is not true for trans men. The gene for male patterned baldness is on the X chromosome, so cis men only get it from their mom, but trans men get an X from both sides.


Well shit cause I know nothing about my moms biological dad, I mean she and my grandma have a full head of hair lol.


The male patterned baldness gene is on the X chromosome, so cis men only get it from their mom's side, but trans men get an X from both sides


Does that imply that trans folk with XX chromosomes who are on T are less likely to bald, since it's X-linked and we have 2 to try to balance things? Edit: nvm I understand


It would depend whether it’s recessive or dominant. For example, red-green colourblindness is x-linked and recessive, so people with XX chromosomes need the gene on both chromosomes to be colourblind. I believe it’s not known whether male pattern baldness is a recessive or dominant trait. It seems some geneticists think it’s influenced by multiple genes, so if that’s the case looking at people on either side of your family might give you an idea, but your phenotype could still end up being entirely different to theirs


Yeah but that gene is recessive, which means both sides have to have it.


I've been doing a lot of research into non prescription and non medicated shampoo methods(as those often require daily washing of hair and my hair couldn't take that) of preventing hair loss, mostly focusing on stuff that targets dht and sebum build up in the scalp, and have found a couple of promising things! caffeine applied topically to the scalp can help block the conversion of dht in the scalp and prolong the growth stage of hair follicles, though you want to make sure you don't over do it cause then it can actually stunt the hair growth. ketoconazole shampoo has also been shown to block dht and i heard it doesn't need to be used daily to achieve that affect though I've only just recently learned about this one and haven't done much research into it yet. Rosemary oil is a big one that i want to incorporate into my hair routine because it has shown to be as effective as minoxidil with hair regrowth while also having dht blocking properties and has the added benefit of helping soothe an itchy or irritated scalp. make sure you aren't applying pure rosemary essential oil to your scalp though, it needs to be diluted in a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil. while fact checking myself for this comment though i just found that there also appears to be scalp sprays or serums for both minoxidil and finasteride and topical finasteride seems to have a lower instance of side effects so if you'd prefer you can also look in to those! edit: looking through the comments about toxicity to pets with minoxidil rosemary essential oil is toxic to pets if they ingest it so keep it away from them and don't let them lick your head. apparently cats also dislike the smell of rosemary


If I remember correctly, the gene from your maternal side is more dominant, so you’re more likely to have a similar hair type involving that with your maternal grandfather. But anything is possible and you may still receive it from your dads side. Ive heard monoxidil is really good for hair growth/regrowth in the case you do start losing your hair.


IMPORTANT: Minoxidil does not prevent hair loss, but it is great at brining lost hair back. FINASTERIDE is basically your option here. It prevents head hair loss and male pattern baldness, and also acts as a DHT blocker that slows/prevents body hair and facial hair.


Combo finasteride and minoxidil you can get both in a pill form (yes even the minoxidil) and it will make your beard grow in faster too. Insurance will cover both most likely I talked to my doctor and told them my genetics were gonna make me bald and I started the meds the same time I started Testosterone, in a preventative capacity.


talk to ur Dr., you could get meds to help with it if that's something that interests u alternatively, minoxidil and also do your best to take care of your hair to keep it healthy


Minoxidil and finasteride


i would talk to your primary care or a hair loss specialist, but I take oral finasteride. I’m taking it as a preventative measure. It’s nice because it’s just a small pill you take everyday and then you don’t have to worry about anything. It blocks DHT and can even make some people grow thicker hair on their head, rather than oral minoxidil which can make you grow hair everywhere. Oral minoxidil can also cause your blood pressure to decrease. You can always try topical, but some people experience irritated/dry scalps. One thing I want to add about oral finasteride is that a lot of guys notice a decrease in facial/body hair density. I personally haven’t noticed a difference yet, but this might be a reason for some to stay away from it. I was able to get my finasteride for free with goodRX coupons too which is a major perk. Good luck man


Your doctor will bring it up and you should be qvle to start meds to keep your hair from falling out. Also use high quality thickening shampoo and conditioner.


Monoxidil and I have a cat I use it once a day on days I've got class right before leaving but on days I don't have class don't use it, male patterned baldness definitely runs in my family but so far haven't had an issue but then again I'm using a small amount of monoxidil I'm able to have it last about 3x as long as it says


Since we were born with what's considered not "male" chromosomes- it's actually your mothers side you should be mindful over.


Finasteride will block the conversion of T to DHT, the hormone primarily responsible for pattern baldness. I will say that I tried it briefly and would rather go bald, but most men don't experience any side effects.


Genetics will be the main decider on hair loss no matter what; however you can try to hinder the effects of genetics by taking medication like Finasteride. Just be aware that doing so may or may not come along with it’s own set of side effects, so if you choose to take the medication, then monitor yourself closely.


You have the same options as all other men: propecia, minoxidil, hair transplant, PRP, hair piece or snake oil


Male Pattern baldness is a trait on the X-chromosome, so you don’t inherit from your dad, it comes from you mom. Your mom’s dad’s hair is probably a better predictor of whether you’ll have hair loss. (Although, there are a lot of genes, you could maybe be influenced by your dad’s baldness- but the main “male pattern baldness” gene is matrilineal.


Just here to add that oral finasteride has saved my hair and all the men in my family struggle with hair loss from their 20s (I'm in my 30s). I have occasionally gone off it and I do notice more facial hair and bottom growth when I do, plus more libido. But I don't really want a beard and my libido is just fine when I'm on fin, I don't need it to be crazy high lol. it's definitely worth it to me to take to prevent the hair loss.


finasteride is a daily pill that stops hair loss, I’ve been using it for like 2 months and my hair fall out has completely stopped (plus I started taking a hair a nail gummy). Down side is it will slow down or stop facial hair growth. I couldn’t grow more than a few chin hairs anyways so wasn’t a big loss for me but def might be something to consider.


i haven't fact checked this but my girlfriend said that gene is recessive, and that it's on the x chromosome so if you have xx you're less likely to get it


I don’t know much about balding and how to prevent it, but I’ve heard good things about rosemary oil


No idea. Baldness does not run in my family that I know of yet I have less hair than my 75 year old father and all my brothers.