Wait, who's the one in the middle? Have I been missing a source of boosting my Raider rep?!


Blackeye at Ohio River Adventures. Bring her mirelurk meat for raider rep. One queen meat will give you the max possible.


Ok, cool. I suck at killing the queens in 76, but I can give it a go and try! LoL


Get a vamps flamer and aim at the spot between legs and carapace. Otherwise use the poison resistance perk and use your weapon to aim at the spouts. Should ease things a bit.


I hadn't thought of shuffling perk card, thanks!


She's always cycling between all the Raider outfits so maybe you've seen her, but in case you haven't actually met her yet it's Blackeye at Ohio River Adventure. If you bring her Mirelurk meat it increases your rep. Queen meat for the highest amount.


I don't think I have met her. I'm not sure where Ohio River Adventures is, so I'll have to Google it and try to find her! Thanks!


On your map it's all the way in the Western border along the Ohio River, a ways north of Kanawah Nuka Plant. It's the only Diehards Raider icon (identical to the Crater Icon) on that side of the map. Great place for plastic and springs to boot. You don't *have* to return Queen meat, you can source plain, softshell, or eggs instead, Queen just carries the highest reward.


Ok, thanks for the tips!


Ohio river gang rise up!


I always try to lure the two Mirelurks near the spawn point to the guards at Ohio River Adventures. They actually do a lot of damage to those things


Even at level 700 she still talks to me like im scum lol


I can kinda sympathize, since it seems like she's the only tech support person for a whole settlement of Raiders.