I got 7-8 games in same budget in new year sales. Haven't touched them yet.


You should be touching them lol


I'm in college and my pc is in home.


Excellent reason for a road trip


Blood Dragon is freakin awsome 😁




Just purchased all of them through the Microsoft store. Backwards compatibility 👍 Some of them come in HDR and game boost.


I’d get it on steam so you can have cloud saves, and screenshots


Epic games have cloud saves too? Screenshots you can take with anything.. I still agree though, Steam is far superior in most ways.


I like epic games and all, but it feels a little bit more barebones I like the free games though


Yeah, they definitely need improvement. Just something as simple as ETA on downloads is even missing..


TBH the onlly one you should get is blood dragon,the other will feel so outdated that you wont play them for long at all


2 still feels very modern. I even has more mechanics than it’s successor’s (fire, physics, atmosphere, gameplay).


The AI also seemed much smarter.


It does not feel modern at all. It feels incredibly dated, especially if you are used to the modern entries.


IF you are on console. On pc Its WAY different.




I have seen the console gameplay, It looks stiff and awkward. On pc atleast for me i didnt feel anything clunky or awkward, felt natural to aim move shoot. Most of the complaints i have seen were from majority consoles gamers.


I played it on pc a few months back. Very underwhelming game.


Depends on your prefrence really. I like realistic/immersive tacticals games/sims. Your preferences might be different, At the end of the day to each their own!


I love the games you just described. Fc2 is none of those things. Clunky gameplay, linear boring environment, no npcs or allies, just 10000 enemies that respawn way too fast. Malaria is terrible. The game takes place in africa and yet…. No wild Life? Idk i want to like fc2 because i appreciate the AI and fire physics but the game just isn’t fun to play.


Its a game from 2008, What more could you expect. Also there was wild life like zebras, bulls etc but not any predators. probably because of console limitations.




Oh... i thought the base game would have been better in some way.


Well i mean imo when you play fps on pc it felt more fluid than playing on a controller.


I really enjoyed 2 back in 2008, it was my first. The map making community back in the day was really something. Dont know how well the gameplay would hold up today though, it was before they cemented the gameplay in 3 and copy/pasted it ad nauseam. I miss the anticipation of waiting for 3 to come out, seems like so long ago :(


Fc 1 is a must have.


For that price it is a damn steal. *in Shia Lebouf voice* DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTT!


yes but on steam /s




for those prices, yes. even pt 2 is worth it for that amount.


I tried FC2 recently on xbox and couldn't stomach it, so PERSONALLY, I wouldn't buy 1 or 2. I've never checked out Blood Dragon, but if it's in the same vein as 3, the gameplay holds up just fine still.


>Blood Dragon its looks dope


Imho Blood Dragon is the best Far Cry experience, same gameplay structure as 3 but with an 80s scifi / action movie theme, totally over the top and absolutely amazing. Totally worth playing for anyone who likes FC3.


I own it, just never jumped into it. The whole "don't judge a book by its cover" thing...yeah...I did that with Blood Dragon and don't enjoy the covert art LOL Will sit down with it sometime in the near future though! Thanks for the insight!


You'll be disappointed unless you're into retro games.


2 is the best Far Cry to date so absolutely.


I'm doing a playthrough of all the Farcry games currently, and I can say without a doubt that not even nostalgia saved that game for me. Mechanics are clunky, TTK is outrageous, and nonstop enemy spawns with no way of permanently liberating outposts that almost always happen to be in bottlenecks made me feel like my back was against the ropes the entire game. There was a very clear meta of "run LMG and Sniper" or else you were going to get blasted. I think it's worth mentioning I am doing all my playthroughs on the hardest setting, and I've never played a Farcry title beyond Farcry 2. Farcry 2 was just frustratingly hard. If you didn't get a bunch of free kills with the sniper before going in with LMG and preferably a sidearm automatic like the MAC or UZI, you were going to get clapped. The story was cool, but somehow the side quests felt even more repetitive than future titles, which are also repetitive, but a bit more enjoyable.


For me hard enemies make for more intense gunfights, I didnt face any TTk problems as i was playing with mods on pc, Enemies die with 5 bullets highest and headshot is 1shot. I personally didnt find anything clunky Maybe its different on consoles as many people on consoles didnt really like FC2 for clunkyness and outdatedness.


I have been running all the playthroughs on PC. Aiming on FC3 was instantly more natural feeling, and beating the hardest setting was mind-numbingly easy with a few places where I'd get stuck 5-10 minutes retrying a certain battle. I'm playing FC4 now with a rule that I can't buy new weapons, or attachments, or buy ammo refills, I just have to run the barebones guns that I find or naturally unlock, because FC3 wasn't all that challenging when I was able to just deck everything out.


I agree, Aiming in older games feel like hell. You will have to tweak around with the ini file or in game console to fix that/ make it useable.


I think that's about $5 to much for Blood Dragon. Not sure about how well the first one would hold on up. It's really old and outdated. Far Cry 2 is definitely worth playing. Once you understand the basic mechanics it's a great game. The story is one of better/more disturbing ones.


Don't spend money on Epic, you can get a better offer on Ubisoft Connect anyway


I concur, I will never spend another dime on epic games. Their program is horrible and lacks many necessary features. I have to keep FC6 installed twice in separate folders because ubisoft connect and epic games don't properly communicate. Also, can't manually find games already installed or move folders without having to reinstall. The most basic of functions. Epic games are inept and I hope these exclusivity deals don't last long because I won't be buying anything on there.


Yeah, I know, every time I need to take a look at my Epic Games library (cause free games) I just go to GoG Galaxy (I have them linked) and browse them from there, not much better, but at least a little more pleasant to the eye. When it comes to good offers though, my point was that if he gets the same 3 games from UConnect directly he can apply a 20% discount on top of the already discounted games (with U coins). So, he will get the same for $9.13 instead of $11.85. And even without an additional discount, the price I see in UConnect directly is lower by a few cents.


1 is the best game ever. 2 is the only one I never finished because it was so boring. You’ll LOVE blood dragon


Not best but really worth it if you can ignore old graphics and enjoy gameplay. I still replay it every 2 years


Same, I first played it in 2004, my first pc game ever! So whilst it’s not the newest graphics, it’s a great fun game and for 2004 the graphics are mind blowing!


One of my first too , after quake 3 , far cry seems just way better technically , even on my mx440 without shaders, and slow 478 celeron. Even now it can beat almost any mobile game in terms of map size and vegetation density


100% agree bro


I agree 1 was the best. And I also didn't like 2. Let me guess you played the 1st before the 2nd was released. I say this as I am finding the people who didn't like 2 played 1 before 2 was released


100% correct, I played 1 when it came out. All of my “clan” then went to Crysis, which was ok but not so fun with multiplayer and the hard graphics demands. 2 came out and instead of the action of Farcry 1 I just got…. Hours of driving?… 3 for me is the pinnacle. I can’t really enjoy fc 6 because somehow my 900€ pc that I bought 3 years ago can barely play it even on the lowest settings lol


Count me in on that , loved 1 and didn’t put many hours into 2 before giving up on it(I’m a stubborn completionist so I rarely give up on stuff)


Why is 1 the best?


Not op but imo it’s the most immersive title which doesn’t feel repetetive as quickly as it’s successors(which is kind of ironic being linear fps)


That sounds interesting! I may have to pick it up then or at the very least watch a play through.




Hell yea


Quick question: Best FarCry game??


You won’t find a definitive answer here or really anywhere. 3 gets talked up the most out of them all probably (to the point where I was a little disappointed on my first playthrough). 4 has it’s dedicated fans. 5 is a little bit of a change to the formula, some people like the change and some don’t. 6 gets a lot of hate around here but I suspect that to be recency bias. 1 and 2 almost never get talked about.


I play FC5. And really enjoying it. If it wasn't for the hate, i would love to try FC6 tbh.


I enjoyed 6. It’s not my favorite, but it’s by no means bad. I’d recommend giving it a shot. Maybe wait for a sale if you’re unsure and don’t want to drop 60 dollars.


Yees, maybe some day I try it! Will let u know hehe thxxx


It is on a sale now for 35 dollars


Give ubisoft your money, NOW!




Hell yeah for 11 buck go for it


Worth it for Blood Dragon alone.


You can buy blood dragon for cheaper online


Absolutely. Might as well round out the collection


Dew it


Never played them but if you wanna try them thats not a bad price


Blood Dragon was hilarious. I ever got to platinum the PS3 version of Far Cry 2 because the online community vanished. I played it too late.




Blood Dragon is friggin awesome


Out of these I’ve only played 2 but I loved it, should definitely get it


No, you shouldn't enjoy those games at a complete bargain.


Ngl far cry and far cry 2 aged really bad but blood dragon is a good spin off


Yes!, where is this if you don't mind me asking, I've never played 1 or 2, blood dragon it's the tits man, so much fun


Would never give money to epic games fuck them


It’s a big YES!


Lmao imagine buying stuff on epic store, you should not


Far Cry 1 is really hard, and you cannot change the difficulty during the entire playthrough. I finished the game using cheats I think


Do it you covard!


Playing through Blood Dragon was even more worth it when I first heard the credits song (it's Friends by Dragon Sound if anyone is curious).


Could be a dumb question, can i get the blood dragon dlc using epic games while my far cry 3 is on ubi connect? Is that clear?


On PC? With an FOV slider? Hell yeah! I’m don’t with far cry on consoles until I get a slide lmao


But WHY THE FUCK ON EPIC GAMES??!! I bet you can buy keys for that games for cheaper on eneba




Blood Dragon is fantastic and definitely worth playing!


I'm currently playing through the series again, so here are my thoughts: 1. I think I have completed it a long time ago, but when I went to play it again recently, I just couldn't get into it. It felt very old (which spoiled it for me, as I didn't have the nostalgia bonus), and some mechanics felt poor (such as plants etc seemingly only blocking my view, not the enemy). If you're into your old FPS games, then go for it, but otherwise, I wouldn't bother. 2. Loved playing the game since launch. Good mechanics all round, but a few issues I've always had with it: A) you need to be prepared to do A LOT of driving around. There's only a few fast travel points (5 in each half of the map, essentially 1 in the middle, then 1 in each corner). B) enemies are always spawning. You can "identify" outposts, but you cannot capture them. Enemies will have respawned at the outpost next time you travel past. C) there are very few outposts you can avoid whilst travelling around. Although it's "open world" the best majority is paths through mountains/trees, and therefore your routes are limited. Outposts are always on these routes. D) I always seemed to lose most of my upgrades when progressing to the Southern map. I'm not sure if this is a big, or intentional, but it's exciting losing access to the weapons you've unlocked. E) some missions can become repetitive. Although there's plenty of missions in the game, many are the same basis & can just feel like a repeat. Summary: if you've never played it, get it & play it through at least once. BD. I played this for the first time a couple weeks ago, after finishing 3. At first I wasn't convinced (not a fan of the cheesy cutscences etc), but it grew on me, and I had fun playing it. Most of the same mechanics as 3, but you don't get to choose your skills as you level up, they are fixed, and there's not much weapon choice. The game is much shorter than other FC games, so be aware you're only buying 10 or so hours of gameplay (and that was with me collecting everything there was to collect, don't every side mission etc.


It’s Epic. Use your money how you see fit but I only get their free games.


1000% YES


Not on the fucking epic games store, no.




Why buy the games there when you just have to install them on ubi-connect anyway? Also Kinguin has better prices.


It’s $11…… just buy it lmao


Blood dragon is awesome. Really wish they would make a sequel. As it It definitely deserves one.


I have only played 2 and i can safely tell you it’s not worth your time. I can go into more details if needed. The enemy AI is better than 5 & 6 but that’s about the only bright spot.