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It's nice to hear it at least because it sounds like the elevated target share and usage for Njoku will remain and isn't a fluke with Watson. If they're actively trying to develop the relationship. (Of course this could be owner hopium lol)


Seems forced IMO.


Fine I'll take the low hanging fruit. Being forced hasn't stopped Watson before.


Bro why does this comment have so many downvotes (-56 at time of writing). Like people haven’t made wild hopium leaps in the past off of similarly innocuous quotes


Could be because he missed the joke. Does seem unfair IMO.


It’s Reddit. It’s just a hive mind effect. You see positive reception, you upvote. You see negative, you downvote. I’ve seen identical comments on opposite karmic ends.


It’s Reddit. It’s just a hive mind effect. You see positive reception, you upvote. You see negative, you downvote. I’ve seen identical comments on opposite karmic ends.


Because once a comment gets like 2 or 3 downvotes the rest of the lemmings pile on


Disney pushed lemmings off the cliff to make them look stupid for their documentary


Neither have smelled individual talent and skill of Mahomes and Kelce so they've got some serious work to do


I’m aware of the downvotes I’ll get, but Deshaun Watson has the second highest passer rating of all time. Njoku isn’t even close to Kelce, but Deshaun has a body of work in the NFL that is very impressive.


Deshaun + Njoku = 12 letters Patrick + Kelce = 12 letters Tis meant to be


Tis meant to be: also 12 letters


I rest my case


He's also not played quarterback in a long time and I'm curious how his passer rating has changed on the aggregate since he's come back. Not saying he wasn't amazing, and can't recover it, but it's also not 2019 anymore.


He’s been rusty as expected, but improved every game. It’s definitely effecting him, but he’s still young as shit and hasn’t “forgotten” how to play football




He didn’t say it was routine


he was really solid last game, he’s gotten better and more comfortable every game he’s been back. watch [this](https://youtu.be/SmY_vq4OH24) video if you’re curious


Great video, thanks


Kelce wishes he was the athlete Njoku is. The chief is a legit athletic freak. If he can learn the game like Kelce has he can absolutely be as good. Big if but not impossible.


Agreed, deshaun Watson is a piece of shit, but there's a reason he got the contract he did. Before all of this mess, I believe he was the second most valuable player in the NFL after mahomes. He had an incredible arm and could run it at a young age. Up there with Rodgers as one of the best arms in the league, insane deep ball. It sucks because he's a piece of shit, but dude was a fucking baller.


There were quite a few that thought Watson was better than Mahomes as well. Obviously Mahomes is on another level, but it *was* much closer than people thought.


He was scary good, and with the Texans and their incompetent coaching/front office. Mahomes and Reid and Alex Smith there to teach and nurture him.


Njoku has an impressive body from hard work


> but Deshaun Watson has the second highest passer rating of all time 3rd actually, but a lot of that has to do with playing in a much better era penalty wise and scheme wise. there's a lot of guys who have put up similar passer ratings in those years Watson has played so don't get too excited about that just yet. while still definitely a great passer rating, just remember that these much higher passer ratings are becoming the new normal due to all the factors listed above so we need to re-evaluate the all-time rankings with a grain of salt right now. you can witness this in action just by looking at the all time passer ratings right now and seeing a lot of active players towards the top


Yea it’s a better passing era but his rating is still better than the vast majority of people also playing in the era. Oh he’s also like #3 all time in completion percentage. As much as no one wants to admit, he’s got a very elite passing profile


i definitely agree he's a good QB, no doubt. i'm just saying you have to add context to all those stats due to the reasons above; it's a new era so these stats will be inflated for a bit such as Andy Dalton being 26th for all time passing yards and how in year 2000 only 2 QBs had over 100 passer ratings while we saw 8 guys do it last year


People like to justify Watson's talent by bringing up his passer rating. His best season was 2020, where his team went 4-12. Nearly everyone forgets that he acquired those stats in garbage time. He never made many plays happen until game was out of control so he stat padded hard. Seasons before that he was good, not great. There's definitely ton of talent but Watson isn't even a top5 QB. Never was, and never will be with how the league is going. Yet people continue to bring up his passee rating. His passer rating is higher than Brady but he's nowhere near as good lol


This is the flaw of discussing a career of someone like Deshaun. He hasn't played since 2020 season so most people forget this but his best season was when Texans went 4-12. Nearly every game was a blowout and Watson simply padded his stat sheet lol he's also not second all time in passer rating, although it's close. His career W/L is just over .500 with no playoff success. He's very good and some teams could use a talent like that to build a franchise around but to call him elite or one of the best QB in the league is insulting to actually great QBs we have in the league.


Fuck it ima start him in that shit show weather I guess.


Many of his recent routes with Watson are 5 yards or less. I could see him still getting those in a cold weather game even if Watson throws for 150 yards, Njoku could put up 5-6 catches with the yards and a chance at a TD..


Now we have someone to blame if he doesn’t, thanks


here as well.


I'm going to pivot to.....fuck TEs suck this year. Njoku or death it is.


Was going to until I saw Everett on waivers, feel like there’s some floor with him.


I pivoted to engram


The mahommes and Kelce we have at home.


Football player thinks he’s a good football player. Film at 11.


Alright Dave, let's get a sneak peek Saturday because I'm facing Kelce.


I hope Patrick Mahones isn’t a serial rapist.


Neither is Watson?


Just being picky about wording or what? If we can’t trust that many women coming forward what’s wrong with us?


Listen man we don't have the facts, it's just a case of he said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said


I mean I could care less about the dude and I’m not on any side here but was he proven guilty in a court of law? Otherwise it’s just innocent until proven guilty. Two grand juries in TX declined to indict him.


Downvoting facts proves how dumb you idiots are..


I know reddit is going to wish you and DeSean well in this endeavor. Let me check the comments to see these sweet and uplifting comments


Only a matter of eternity




You know who was making him fantasy relevant for 12 weeks....Brissett


Think I’m still starting Muth with the better matchup and hope Pickett is back


I’m scared after that egg last game


Me too man.. me too.. idk what to do.. the weather worries me in Cleveland and the matchup sucks for njoku. I’m hoping Pickett is back so I can fire up Muth. Whatever happens happens I guess not much we can do at this point


3 TD game coming this Saturday


That would be nice to finally get some production from my TEs in the most important part of the season. I picked up njoku when someone dropped him while he was hurt.


Me too, have Hock so haven't used Joker yet. Thinking hard about it after seeing he's first red zone read for the browns and Hock had 8 points in the 36 point biggest comeback ever. Heard bad weather though.


Don't even joke like that! My heart and more importantly my considerably injured team couldn't handle that kind of production 😭


I am ever-debating between Njoku and Waller this week...Njoku has absolutely no history of performing well in cold weather (below freezing) games. However, a look at how Watson uses him — many short dump offs and screens — makes me wonder if Njoku will get enough of those in a cold weather game to make him more viable than people are thinking with the 32 over under.


I’m in the same spot but with Knox or Dulcich instead of Waller. Still leaning Njoku I think but not confident.


I just dropped Dulcich for Fant so Dulcich will def go off


I have knox too and am currently starting him. I have Allen stack though, which influenced my decision


Gotta go Waller; Browns have no reason to put the ball in the air in that wind.


That’s not really what Njoku does. As a Browns fan, he’s our short yardage YAC guy. He catches 5 yard hook routes and runs. Bad weather shouldn’t effect him.




Not historically.... He's done terrible in cold weather games.




Copying from u/chicompj 1/3/22: 4 rec, 28 yds, 1 TD, 27F degrees 12/25/21: 0 receptions on 2 targets, 34F degrees 1/10/21: 1 rec, 7 yds, 33F degrees 12/9/18: 3 rec, 35 yds, 31F degrees 12/31/17: 2 rec, 38 yds, 9F degrees 12/24/17: 1 rec, 13 yds, 21F degrees 12/10/17: 1 rec, 3 yds, 28F degrees source cross referenced with box scores http://www.nflweather.com/en/searches/120039 To be fair in his most recent cold weather game he did score a TD.


That makes sense. I’m mostly thinking there won’t be many red zone opportunities or even drop backs in general, and I’d imagine that even goal-to-go plays will be nearly all run plays. And without a threat of a real downfield pass, I wonder how much room Njoku will have to make plays.


Carr is awful in cold weather too. Gonna be like 12 degrees in their game...but FantasyPros agrees with you. The consensus is that Waller is a better play than Njoku.


I have the same decision to make. Want to start Njoku but right now I’m leaning Waller.


Start Njoku


I’m starting Waller over Goedert…. I think. Mainly because minshew is in, but minshew threw it to Goedert 6 recs, 100+ , and two tds last time Minshew played. Also considering the match up, Cowboys are good against the TE position. And Goedert had 4 points earlier this season against them. I don’t know , I just want to win lol


Dallas defense hasn’t been great lately. Engram did pretty well against them last week


Solid feedback, appreciate it!


In addition to the historically bad weather, Saints defense is lights out against tight ends. I’d pivot away from Njoku if I could.


Same decision for me with Hock who put up 8 in a 36pt biggest comeback ever pass fest.


Taysom or njoku?


In the same boat. Let me know what your thoughts are or where you're leaning


Well I heard that game is going to be windy so I figure taysom is the safer play with his rushing upside. I’ve been riding with Njoku since the Ertz injury though, so feel weird not going with him in playoffs. His injury tag tho has me leaning taysom.


Why the fuck do we need some bullshit disclosure about Deshaun Watson whenever we click on a post about him? This is a fantasy football forum, not a humanity symposium. If I posted something about OJ or Ray Lewis would we get a disclosure about how he is a murderer?


I dont get it. We should be able to shit on him. Who fucking cares that some fantasy managers can't get their analysis. I would rather we shit on him endlessly


triggered much? just minimize the post lol


People don’t want to hear it but this browns offense could be very very good next year with Watson.


Well based on what we’ve seen so far, it can literally only get better. Don’t know that I’d say “very very good” though.


I would. He’s never had a supporting cast like he does here. This offense looked good with Brissett all year. Imagine what they can do with Watson once he gets the rust shaken off.


Bro what? He had arguably the most talented receiver in football at the time in Nuk and a very stingy defense featuring Watt and Clowney. He had a better supporting cast than he does now almost every year except his last one with the Texans lmfao


Chubb, Hunt, Cooper, DPJ, Njoku > Johnson, Hyde, Hopkins, Fuller, Akins.


I disagree heavily but I respect your opinion. David Johnson was a top 10 back during his prime, not saying that prime Chubb is worse but the downgrade is not heavy. Nuk and Fuller during those years are a 1000 times better than current day Cooper/DPJ and it’s not close. Like I said, respect your opinion.


David Johnson was washed by the time he went to the Texans, and Fuller was a go route merchant. Watson also played only 12 games with DJ


I got him mixed up with his Arizona days lol the guy who was comparing players threw him in there, I mentioned before that the Texans roster the last year Watson was with him was not good.


A rapist and his body guard walk into a bar ….


Lol yeah right 😂😂😂😂😂


That’s my TE1




Yeah Watson gone eventually come into his own… maybe not this year but next year I expect to see the Watson who was like a top 5 QB in the league


How about this weekend *my TE1*


top 5 te when healthy been great this season


Nkoju is injured like 5x a season, on average, I just don’t ever see this becoming reality


Before he does that, how about his quarterback stops sexually assaulting women?


Cool dreams about you and the rapist


Dropped Cooper cause of this guy. 😔


Are you in a 4T league lol?


Well, I'm not going to drop him, but there's a good chance I actually play KJ Osborn over him this week.


They won’t get close


That's cool, save that for after this week 👍🏻


Yeah, you don’t need time, I need you to form that bond this weekend. Thanks.


can we start Saturday?


Njoku 1.01 next year??


Njoku 4-31 incoming


Honestly, I’ll take that from the TE position.




The only thing they can even come close to competing with them in is Battleshits in the bathroom stalls.


Look out ladies !


Nah, it's more like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.


Give me amari back 🤦🏾‍♂️


Breaking news: Receiver says he and his new QB are gonna be really good! He’s probably in the best shape of his life too


“It’s only a matter of time….” Starting this weekend would be nice.


Bro… just don’t


Lol, no other TE has the wiggle of Kelce. I still don't understand how he weaves through defenses at 6'5 250.


Debating starting Deshaun as my QB2 this week. Mahomes is QB1 and lost Kyler. Risk Watson in the weather, or pick up big dick Nick Monday night? Need some help friends


I mean I’d go Foles, for other reasons than I refuse to roster deshaun


Nice sounds amazing


Deshaun is ready to harass some defenses!


NJOKU or DULCICH for TE this week? Njoku has terrible weather and tough matchup but Greg D had a terrible game last week and has russell wilson as a qb?? Thanks


I’m struggling to figure out if I should start Muth or Njoku?


I love this for Njoku but idk man…wishful thinking


Do i Start njoku this week (finals) in full ppr?


I’ll see it when I believe it.


Hopefully they can start that this week while Watson fill in for Hurts.


Also a letter of talent


Maybe next year


Could have used more than 4 points last week. Big contributor to my fantasy exit


Njoku or Schultz