Drafted Najee R1, Kamara R2 and Keenan Allen R4


Drafted Kamara round 1, AJ Dillon round 3, Sutton round 4, Gabe Davis round 6, Brady round 7. By magic and luck I still ended up with a first round bye and most points scored. Picked up Christian Watson and Fields off waivers and traded for Pollard. Dallas D and Carlson have been awesome too.


Aj Dillon in the third has to be the worst pick I’ve ever heard of, and some dude in my league drafted James white for some reason


It was 3.12 and I absolutely panicked watching all the RBs go off the board and fucking Josh Jacobs went in like the 5th. Hopefully I can still manage to win the whole thing.


Lmao I mean considering you recovered from it I assume you got some waiver gods


I don't want to say it as a Packers fan, but yeah that's wild. Way too early for the quadfather.


It’s a great pick if you ignore the existence of Aaron Jones


That’s crazy bro


Good kicker and defense are underrated


Couldn’t agree more. People shit on kickers but a great set and forget kicker usually gives you 10+ points. Which is basically a RB3.


I had Najee, Aaron Jones, Javonte Williams, Allen Robinson, Trey Lance as my first five picks in a league. I only won 2 games the whole year


Kyle pitts round 3. Ugh the rest of my picks were pretty good Also dropping some guys early like Pacheco and Lazard and Garrett Wilson


Dropped Pacheco the week before he blew up after holding him all season during my bye week hell + losing chase. Big fuck up


Me too. Luckily the other manager that got him dropped him a week later after his first game as the "starter" was disappointing so I got him back


tbf trying to get out of TE hell is a good idea. The top picks out of Kelce just all busted this year.


I was ecstatic when someone grabbed Kittle before Pitts and i got him early round 4.


Same, Michael Thomas was also a nightmare.


Not drafting Kelce. In all seriousness, fading both Saquon and Chubb was a big mistake. I've always avoided Saquon because I didn't believe in a true bounce-back season ever happening (WRONG), and then I bought into the narrative that the entire offense in Cleveland would go to shit with Jacoby at the helm. Wrong.


Chubb don’t look like the knight I need for the playoffs now that Watson is in


I got Kelce in the 3rd round. Made up for taking Taylor 1OA


Damn man, that’s insane. Would’ve been extremely happy with that. Who was your pick in the 2nd?


Got Tyreek in the 2nd. So I ended up in pretty decent position at the end of the day


Imagine you took mccaffrey or Jefferson. You’re team would have been nasty with Kelce and hill too


Traded picks for Jefferson, Burrow and Herbert at the deadline haha


2 years ago I drafted both saquon and Chubb and watched them both get hurt. FML


Instead the reverse happened, fade Chubb now that Watson is back


Waiting to take a QB and ending up with Tom Brady


This was me too. Luckily I ended up with Dak and Fields off waivers right before he hit big.


This but Matthew Stafford.


This but Aaron rodgers


This but Tom Brady


Same but Cousins, who I dropped quickly. I've lost like 2 games this season due to my streaming option putting up sub-10 points, and I was 1 game off the playoff bye


Underestimated that my league would draft 2QBs so widely, so early.


Kyle Pitts, no question 100%. Drafted him in 2 leagues and absolutely weighed down both teams, directly responsible for a few losses in each. Couldn't pivot because of 'upside' and of course, sunk cost draft capital.




Yeah, all caveats for him as a person aside, that was a huge weight lifted and a turning point for all Pitts owners. It was sooo brutal owning him this season.


I’ve probably had as many points from my streaming te’s in the past 3 weeks as I’ve had with Pitts for the rest of the season.


Yeah for sure. As ugly as TE always is, I feel like this was a fairly solid season for playing the streaming game.


Kyle Pitts was not directly responsible for a few loses, YOU were!


Overestimated: Cam Akers, Brandin Cooks, Alvin Kamara, any TE not named Kelce, Najee Harris, Gabe Davis Underestimated: Josh Jacobs, Christian Kirk, Tony Pollard, Jamaal Williams, Amari Cooper


Got Kirk with zero expectations. He's turned out as an awesome value pick. Got Zeke but wish I had Pollard. Pollard passes the eye test every time I see him play - wish I had him bc he's so explosive


I took Zeke in the second (10 team, laugh away) and handcuffed Pollard in the 5th or 6th. Ive started pollard every week since like 3 or 4 and used Zeke as a flex when he wasn’t injured. Tried so hard to trade him all season and no one would bite and now it looks like I’ll be starting both through the playoffs. For context I took Henry in the first. I was 7th overall and it’s PPR so Adams, JJ, and Kupp went before him. I thought it was a good pick. Ended up with Tyreek in the third so I’m not complaining but having to start Brandon Aiyuk most weeks was, well, interesting.


I dropped pollard probably 2 weeks before his big game against the Bears. I was sick


D'Andre "Mr. Glass" Swift


I resent this remark…


At this point the mid-season injury I was able to stay afloat during, but I'm beginning to severely dislike Campbell for his usage of swift. Dan Campbell and duce Staley cost me playoffs.


As a fellow Swift owner, it’s his fault. Doesn’t run hard enough.


Overhyping Sutton and picking him over Hill. Still got a bye, but man the ship would have been mine to lose


In what league is Hill available in the 4/5th?


....unless he took Sutton in the 2nd?


that’s even crazier


He probably took sutton in the early third


He probably took sutton early in R3 would be my guess. Which is crazy


Oh man that’s rough…


I went Najee, Adams, Sutton, Montgomery, Diontae, Lance, Gibson, Mooney, Brady, Toney. In a fucking 12 team. My brothers in christ, showing up to the draft in that league was my biggest mistake.


Traded Jacobs and Olave for Cook before week 4. Ok trade at the time… tried selling high on Olave and “throwing in a RB… hmm Jacobs hasn’t hit double digits… I’m getting his first round pick so…”. Big oof immediately wk4 Then thought, “he can’t keep this up” He kept it up.


I took cook over a slew of better options this year because I had a feeling lol


I've made multiple mistakes this year: 1) Went after potential as my draft strategy and ended up with guys like Kyle Pitts, Michael Pittman, and D'Andre Swift. I'm just lucky I was able to trade them away before further damage was done to my season. 2) Drafting poorly late in the draft (Rashaad Penny, Treylon Burks, Tyler Boyd, etc..) left me with no depth whatsoever. 3) Burned my third overall waiver claim on Kadarius Toney instead of Christian Watson, I would've ended up with him had I put in a claim for him. However, I've also made some big moves this season that helped carry me to the playoffs, such as: 1) Traded for Rhamondre Stevenson, Tyler Lockett, and Jalen Hurts early in the season. 2) Made some solid waiver wire moves over the course of the season (picking up DPJ, Rachaad White, Samaje Perine, and Deon Jackson that one week lol) 3) bought low on Keenan Allen from his frustrated owner, he was a big boost to my team these past few weeks. All in all, I've made moves both good and bad this year, finished 8-6 to make the playoffs as the 5th seed, and would've had a playoff bye had I won just one more week this year, here's hoping I make it far in the playoffs!


JT #1 overall and Swift 2nd round. Looked great at the time.


This is me. Went from projected 2nd overall to finishing 7th in a 10 man.


You’re me?!?


Playing FF this year over something more fun and/or productive.


Playing fantasy football


Brady/Evans stack in superflex rounds 3-4. Somehow still made playoffs and have a pretty good team.


Omg same... now I've dropped Brady and benched Evans


Drafting Jonathan Taylor first overall


Drafting Javonte Williams!


Hope he gets better though


He was the only player I said by name before the draft that I would reach for early. Grabbed him at 3.2, two picks ahead of tyreek. Pain


Taking JT #1 and Javonte #2 really has me questioning things about my life


I cut Jamaal Williams the day before Swift got injured…


I drafted dj moore, and continued to start him believing he was one game away from blowing up. Sat him week 7, he puts up 19, I lost by 2. Following week I'm thinking no way he does it again, he puts up 27. I think ok, hes got it going now, I put him back in the next 3 weeks. 4 points, 6 points, 5 points. Goddamnit dj, you're going back on my bench. Then guess what? 20 points on my bench, 9 from jakobi meyers in my flex and I lose by 4. If I did the exact opposite of my instinct with him, he would've been great for me. And guess what? Now I have to start him next week in round 2 of playoffs (if I make it that far) because Tyler lockett broke his goddamn finger, soooo if you have him, don't start him since I will be


I am DONE drafting bengals players not named Jamaar chase.


rage traded JT for a handful of magic beans


Magic beans ROS?


Looks alright now😂


LOL. Lep🤪


Traded Najee and Cousins for Chubb…back when Chubb was RB1. Watson broke him. And I needs him today. Real real bad.


Drafting kyler over hurts and then grabbing renfrow/Mooney as my wr2/flex. Somehow still made playoffs though.


Yeah I drafted Renfrow as my WR2. Mooney as my flex. Thankfully I drafted Kirk. And yeah same as you I’m in the playoffs and still could make the championship game despite it all


Hey I drafted Etienne so the jags carried us in spite of our mismanagement lol


Trusting higgins twice. Didn’t make the playoffs because of his 0s. Finished 8-6 with a STACKED team because of so many injuries. Get to watch my cmc kittle sf def pop off in the consolation round.


not accepting my week 0 offered trade of AJB for my keenan allen its the biggest reason im fighting for the playoffs rn lol


Drafting Brady thinking Bucs offense would still be good. Drafting Pitts in the Hype. Drafting Cooks as a safe WR2.


Dropping ETN instead of Robinson.


Drafting JT and Akers as my rb1 and rb2


My draft picks 3-8….Keenan Allen, Darren Waller, Dionte Johnson, Javonte Williams, Michael Thomas, Kareem Hunt. Keenan has been good when he’s been healthy but still missed half the season. Somehow I was able to make playoffs thanks to Jefferson, Pollard and Fields.


I drafted Allen and Thomas as well. Great week one! I also made the mistake of holding onto Thomas for way too long when I could’ve used that roster spot for literally anyone else. Fields was an FA in my league for like 5-6 weeks after week one or two when he got dropped. I did keep Allen because Herbert is my QB and I like the point stack but I also added Palmer in Thomas’ absence cause the only other wideout I had to pair with Tyreek was Brandon Aiyuk and it’s been a weird guessing game trying to figure out what to do with LAC receivers since MW seemingly can’t stay in the field to save his life and whoever I bench always has the better game. Edit lol I drafted Hunt too. What’s your QB and RB situation now? We apparently had a similar draft


Where do I begin! I dropped both Kenneth Walker and Garrett Wilson this year. The latter half of my draft was terrible. The guys that ended up breaking out (Walker, Wilson) I dropped. The guys I drafted after AJ Brown in round 4 were Sutton, Diontae, Edmonds, Dillon (also dropped), Aiyuk, ARob, Carr…not good at all. QB for me this year has just been awful. And I missed out on a lot of waiver winners. I missed out on Watson, Foreman, Bam Knight, Pacheco, and maybe a few others.


My whole draft. Cook, Aaron Jones, Mitchell, DJ Moore, Dillon, Hollywood, Michael Thomas, Lance, Toney, Mattison, JRob, Irv Smith, Jameson Williams, Tonyan. Pretty much whiffed on every pick


Being offered Gabe Wilson and Pacheco for Toney and any other bum I wanted after week 10


Kyle Pitts sent me to the pit of hell. I could have drafted the Sun God.


Starting Chris Moore over Waddle and Godwin this week


First three picks: Najee, Swift, Pittman Somehow managed to flip all three and have the one seed


I traded Jalen Hurts instead of Lamar Jackson


Trading Davantae Adams and Antonio Gibson for Aaron Jones and James Robinson in Week 3


Checking out at the end of the season, missing out on waivers. Now I'm somehow in the playoffs and my bench is real thin.


I dropped, yes dropped, josh Jacobs after week two.


Why? Literally why? This is by far the worst one I’ve read so far


Look at his first two weeks. Plus, I really thought the raiders were going to awful and to my defense, they are


Im sorry but i find humour in how bad some of you are at fantasy football lmfaoo


Dude above traded Tyreek for Andrews the week after tyreek put up 40…..


Someone in my league dropped K Walker before the Penny injury. I saw him on the waiver wire but decided to wait till Pennys status was set in stone, and someone else swiped him up. Now my starting RBs are Donta Foreman and Bam Knight (lost Elijah Mitchell and dropped JWJ after the trade). Just a bad RB season for me


Breece Hall died. I had no solid RB2 behind Walker, so I found a trade. At the time I had Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp, and AJ Brown. I figured I needed a RB bad, and my WR’s were elite enough in Reek and Kupp to do more than enough, so I shipped AJ Brown off for Dameon Pierce. I fucking hate myself.


Agreeing to play again


Trusting D’Andre Swift could stay healthy. He’s totally lost the trust of his coaching staff now too. Such a bummer to see him do nothing.


Traded waddle for jacobs before the season started


I was in first place. Days before the trade deadline I had a trade in place with a guy who was borderline to make the playoffs. I was trading Mike Evans and Eli Mitchell for chase and dobbins, who were on IR. I got nervous of the injuries and got the trade vetoed the night before it was supposed to go through.


Traded away Sanders for G Davis after week 6. I had Ekeler, Pierce, J and B Rob. My receivers were and still are ass.


Drafted Bateman when I should’ve drafted Burrow at my 4th pick. I drafted Chase rd 1, could’ve had a decent stack. I also neglected the TE position entirely.


Taking Diontae and Cooks in Rounds 4 and 5 instead of Waddle. I took Tyreek Round 3 so at the time I did not like having both Fins WRs. Season would’ve been more fun than it already was.


Drafting Brady, luckily I dumped him week 3 and max out ok with Fields and Goff. If past me came to Reddit and read this comment, I would have never believed it lol


I drafted Najee, Pittman, Sutton, Dobbins (didn't play most of the year), Penny, and Brady. Pretty much every single pick was a bust lmao


In one league (12 teamer) I drafted najee, Kamara, mark andrews, Sutton, Allen Robinson, aj dillon, chase edmonds, (Hollywood), Trey lance. In order. With exception of Hollywood, my whole team was busts or injured for massive chunks of the season.


I bought in on the whole AFC West. Thought it was going to be a passing mecca of high powered offenses.


Dropped Kenneth Walker for basically no reason.


I'll tell you someone else's worst mistake: trading me Amon Ra 2nd week for Kareem Hunt


drafting javonte pitts and diontae luckily still made playoffs and got the bye but damn all 3 of those were horrible picks


JT and Sutton have been disappointing based on where I drafted them


Traded away Josh Jacobs before week 1. The trade was: Josh Jacobs, Robert Woods, James Cook for Brandon Aiyuk, Damien Harris, James Robinson I then proceeded to drop Aiyuk the week before he started being good. For MVS.


Trusting heath cummings from cbs and drafting DJ Moore with my 3rd round pick after he said baker is the best QB he’s ever played with and he’s going to be too 5 eoy ahaha


Middle rounds of my draft were brutal, started with ekeler, Aaron jones and Saquon. Followed it up with DJ moore, diontae and Elijah Mitchell. I’m in the playoffs but I really struck out on receivers this year, kinda bailed out by Christian Watson


Dropped Goff for White on Thursday evening. Benched Geno and now have to start Dalton if I can’t get Goff back for my remaining FAAB tomorrow morning. Im an idiot


Bought in on Zeke’s down year being from injury and took him as my RB2. Gave up my bias and traded him away after week 4. So bad draft pick and bad trade all in one player. Other than that Sutton but I traded him away before it got really bad so I think that was a net positive. Kyler was disappointing as well.


My Herbert and Mike Williams stack I drafted looks great now but it was too little too late.


Drafting AROB as my WR 1 (after drafting him last year!! Lol). Luckily I also drafted Sun God and Lockett later.


not selling high on clyde edwards after he was literally a top5 rb the first month of football. I was stupid enough to ignore the low snap share which would make it impossible for that level of efficiency to continue. probably could have flipped him for somebody good...now hes not even on my roster


Dropped Amati Cooper after week 1. Dropped Ken Walker after week 5.


Swift and Sutton 2 and 4


Had Hollywood last year and watched a lot of Raven games. To me, it looked like Bateman was the better WR. I figured he’d have a breakout season this year so I really wanted him as my #2. Mistake


Fields, C. Watson, G. Wilson, and Pacheco have all been on my team and I dropped them at some point this season.


My draft started Najee, Mixon, Evans, Pitts, Sutton. Y’all should just fade me next year


Dropping Rhomandre after game 2. Swapping handcuffs in my league with another guy. He gave me Kareem Hunt and I gave him Jamaal


Russel Wilson & Aaron Rodgers rounds 2-3 of a SF league. Still made playoffs


Oh where do I start. - drafted mixon instead of Henry cause Henry was "old" - Drafted najee with my second pick over saquon because I wanted the "safe" RB. - Dropped Kenneth walker from my team - decided to draft terry mclaurin over Jalen hurts because it was "too early" Somehow I made playoffs at 7-7.


Drafted Swift 1.12, Akers 3.12, Arob 4.01. Trading CEH and Jrob for deebo saved me from not coming dead last


My QB1 was Tom Brady My QB2 was Trey Lance


Kyle. Pitts.


Drafted Kyle pitts…


fournette round 2 when the writing was on the wall sticks out. diontae johnson same deal in the 5th


That’s on you unless it’s a 35 man league


hadnt played fantasy football in a couple years (school was taking up too much of my time), thought it was crazy guys like tom brady and aaron rodgers were available so i drafted them both thinking i was set at qb.... safe to say on my second ff team i learned my lesson and got some new blood at qb


Drafting Akers in the 4th I somehow still managed to get the 1st seed but that was an absolute waste of a pick


Swift r2, Pitts r3. Luckily somebody was even crazier about Pitts than me so I traded him for Kittle like week 9


Playing every single team when they had their gameweek of the season. I have scored 200 points more than every other team in my league, but I'm sitting at 8th in our 10 team league. Sucks. :(


Stared at Herbert or Mahomes in the 5th, and thought Herb would have a top 3 finish. Point differential for a few weeks just on this decision alone would've won me at least 3 more games. As is, missed playoffs by 13 points in a multi-way tie. And 100% Kyle Pitts in the 3rd in my other league. Cratered my whole team based on missed opportunity and draft strategy.


Really thought OBJ was worth a roster stash so he could blow up in the playoffs. Finally time to give up on that dream but waivers are so thin. Guess I’ll just wait to for Burks to get healthy / out of my IR slot and drop OBJ then.




I was convinced and drafted Russell Wilson under the impression I was getting the league mvp as a steal


Jk Dobbins with mikes sanders and Josh Jacob’s sitting there. Will haunt me the rest of my life, but a solid early draft and good waiver hunting left me with the 1 seed (though there’s definitely stronger teams than mine)


Bought shares of Broncos and Colts. I did better than expected but in spite of, not due to, those shares.


Traded tua for CEH week after he came back from concussion thinking he would be out for a while


Dropping Jamaal Williams when Swift "came back " from injury. I had both, shoulda kept both instead of taking chances on random WR prospects.


I really outkicked my coverage this year to be honest. Only mistake was targeting Devonta Smith instead of Sun God. It was obvious St Brown was going to do what he was going to do but I thought Devonta was going to buss it wide open with AJ Brown involved. It isn’t that bad of a mistake to be honest. Let’s go out and win a ship boys!!


Taking Michael Pittman Jr 2 picks before AJ Brown 🤡


Like many, I regret investing heavily in the Broncos. I figured that even if they weren’t good, their baseline would still be average. Best case scenario I would have a top 5 offense. There’s no way I could have known the Broncos would be this bad. And then it was hard to quit Russ for a while honestly because of the name. I made my own bed though, so I can’t blame anyone else. Just happy I made the playoffs in a couple of leagues in spite of Russ.


Drafted Stafford over Hurts. Finished 2nd but would have definitely won the league otherwise.


Cam Akers , Matthew Stafford, Kyle Pitts, D-Swift over S. Diggs and S. Barkley, B Cooks. D. London. IM in a 2 keeper league and i finished 12th (last place) last year and pick first in every round this year and i finished 11th this year, and my keepers for next year are worse lol.


Starting aiyuk this past Thursday 🥲


I have so many teams that I have a laundry list of mistakes... 1. Kyle Pitts. Even though 2 of the teams I drafted him in have survived to make the playoffs, blowing your third pick on a TE that didn't pan out means I have holes somewhere else. 2. Falling for some of the reddit hype trains. Even though I usually am pretty good at avoiding them I did fall for the Sutton hype train and got him in like 4 leagues. 3. Fading some guys: Chubb, Tyreke, Miles Sanders, AJ Brown Pollard. I own zero shares of these guys. 4. Not trusting my gut more. There were picks I felt were terrible 5 seconds after I clicked on the player to draft them. Zeke in the 4th in one league, Pitts in the second in another, Keenean Allen in the thrid in another. DJ Moore and Diontae Johnson at all. 5. Not being aggressive in pursuing certain players that I really liked more: Namely Hurts (only have him in one league), Jacobs (2 leagues only), Amon-Ra (6 leagues, but I should have done all 10), Rhamondre (1 league only).


hung onto james robinson for a week longer than i should have. ETN was on the wire, but, i still had hope for jrob. biggest draft mistake was bateman over waddle.


Drafted Najee in the first round. Then drafted Darren Waller a few rounds later (round 4 if I remember right). Then another huge mistake was dropping Jamaal Williams. It looked like his production was slowing down and Swift was coming back so I figured Jamaal wouldn’t be worth keeping. Idk what I was thinking


Drafting Najee or playing Isaiah likely week 9 instead of hockensen (the week he was traded) cost me a loss and eventually a playoff spot


First time playing FF, I didn’t realize ESPN wouldn’t just auto-place the next guy on my roster if a person was injured. Once I figured out the basics of playing, made the playoffs but this (and goddamn TEE last week) cost me a bye. Also, dropping Aiyuk to add..Chase Claypool. Man I can’t even remember my logic on that one.


Before the season started, I nearly traded away Jalen Hurts and Josh Jacobs for Najee and Allen Robinson. My league mates vetoed it because "Najee was a first round pick." I was pretty angry when it happened and now I am very glad it didn't go through. Still ended up trading Josh Jacobs for kamara later in the season though. So that was probably my biggest mistake.


Flying American Airlines from California to Tennessee and getting stuck in DFW because they didn't assign a pilot to my connection


I offered a lot of trades that would have ruined my team. Luckily they were all turned down.


Drafting Matt Stafford in the 4th of a superflex. I picked up Heineke half way through, and managed to go 6-1 in the second half to sneak into the playoffs, but my team would’ve been way better had I taken a receiver there.


I didn’t trade Jeff Wilson for Garrett Wilson during Week 11 If I had garret wilson 2 weeks ago I win and get a Bye week for playoffs as #1 seed


Drafted Bills heavy: Allen, Diggs, Singletary, and their defense. I had to shift things around during their bye week, so I dropped James Connor cause he had been underperforming, then got hurt. I’m now hoping that the team that picked him up loses this week so I have a shot to get in the last spot for the playoffs


I took aj Dillon in r4. Two picks BEFORE Josh jacobs. I also drafted swift. It has been….. not fun.


Mike will and Sutton at the 3/4 turn. Russ and kittle at the 5/6 turn. Not sure how I managed a playoff spot.


dropping Friermuth on his bye week to keep MVS


Dalvin Cook over Justin Jefferson. I was torn but always consider the elite RB so scarce and expected a blowup year for JJ to benefit Dalvin but that hasn’t really been the case.


Dalvin Cook #5 overall


Kamara Rnd 1 ruined me


Not getting a good wr early. I went JT, swift, dj moore. Season went south pretty fast.


Picking Elijah Mitchell, Darnell Mooney, kadarius toney, Brandin cooks. All picked with josh Jacobs still available...


Dropping Garret Wilson and not picking up mondre week 2 when he was dropped.


Keeper : Kamara Rookie keeper : Bateman (over Amon-Ra) R1: Andrews R2: Zeke Lamar over Hurts Brandin Cooks - Drake London - Amari Cooper back to back to back Chase Edmonds, Melvin Gordon I made ALL the mistakes. Tua and Brian Robinson Jr. are the only bright spots I have. Not even sure who to keep next year (Robinson as my rookie but we have to keep someone or forfeit our pick) - Kamara likely suspended. Andrews? That’s the only choice right?


I dropped Tony Pollard because I have/had Dalvin, Etienne and Breece Hall and needed depth at WR.


The one that really frustrates me is that I was a big Josh Jacobs guy all through the off season, I generally drafted him in mocks, when all the fantasy analysts on podcasts were saying the Raiders backfield is a mess with Kenyan Drake, Zamir White etc, I stuck to the principle "bet on talent" and he was a "my guy". Until it came to the draft when for whatever reason I decided to let him slide despite multiple chances to take him. I took Chase Edmonds over him lmao.


Thought about drafting Kelce in round 1... chose Swift instead.


Traded Godwin and Olave for Kamara. Dropped Aiyuk


Traded Jacobs for Lamar after Dak went down week 1. Felt like a genius for week 2-3, feel like an absolute clown now


Drafting the colts defense as the first defense selected in my draft:( also drafting Rodgers and then Lance. Yeha my draft sucked


Had the chance to trade Mike Evans and Deon Jackson for Davante (to the Taylor owner). I got greedy and asked for more, eventually not doing the trade.


Dropped Walker the day before Penny went down


Taking a deadzone rb CPatt instead of early QB Hurts. Also, Sutton over Amon Ra


Yup Sutton, javonte, Elijah Mitchell in 3rd, trey lance, kittle, pitts. Still made playoffs in both leagues but the teams I’m deploying are hilarious.


Dropping eagles def after week 1, first fantasy season and I got spooked with the high scoring game against a “bad” team


I did a “handcuff swap” in week 2 when my RB1 Dalvin Cook injured his shoulder. He sent me Mattison, I sent him Rhamondre Stevenson. The next week, Harris got injured and the rest is history


Pitts. Never reaching for a TE again. 5+ Rd from now on.