Hi i quit last year!! As for dealing with withdrawal symptoms, i had almost none! I bought a mod (vape) and slowly reduced the amount of nicotine in my juice every week for about 3 ish months maybe? If you taper it shouldnt be bad at all! and if u quit cold turkey, as ive had a few friends do. they always seem to be fine, no n* or anything besides headaches and extreme grumpiness. Its super awesome of you for quitting! edit: i also lived on ginger tea + pedialite and that definitely helped!


i don’t have an experience quitting cause i still vape, if you need i could ask my mom, but i will say quitting anything cold turkey usually isn’t a good way to go. Even when i was still in high school and got caught vaping the vice principal and SRO told me to tell my mom to get me nicotine gum or patches to help quit and have minimal withdrawals. You probably know this but don’t turn to e-cigarettes. i just highly suggest getting something to help you quit so the process won’t be as hard on your body.


I quit smoking cold turkey for 3 months (and then started vaping, pitty me lol) and felt barely any side effects within then! I got super irritable sometimes, and moody (I have adhd so doesn’t help) I was also worried I’d feel n*, but I just didn’t. The only thing I experienced was cold/flu like symptoms after the first couple of weeks, I was coughing more and stuff. That could of been a cold but I heard it’s common with quitting! There are so many ways to quit and cut down without bad side effects these days! Also the nicotine is the least bit bad compared to all the other chemicals and what not in cigarettes, so if you can maybe get a vape to help when the craving is super bad and the withdrawals from no nicotine hit, if you trust you’ll stop vaping eventually too I would! Congrats on quitting, you’ll save so much money and time! The worst part of it all for me was the social aspect of it for sure!