the brain is much more powerful than many think! i’m usually able to kinda force anything out of me the other end (I know kinda gross lol) just by thinking about it


To answer your first question: - Strong immune system - Emetophobes are pretty good and just not V*ing Second, a SB* is transmitted orally (you eat it) where it will end up in your stomach. Your stomach acid will kill most of the bacteria/virus. Any Bacteria or Viruses that survive this move on into your small intestines where: - Viruses (SB*) will take over some of your body's cells to replicate themselves, irritating your digestive system. - Bacteria (FP*) will consume the food in your gut to reproduce. When bacteria eat they excrete a substance that irritates your digestive system. When your body senses this irritation it will try to expell the irritant as quickly as it can.


Lol I always worry about jinxing myself when I post this but it’s been 17 years since I v* from a SV (or it may have been FP, idk). The only time I’ve v* in recent years was from drinking and I don’t count that because it’s just so different. I really do think a big part of it is mental. Because we’re so afraid of it, our bodies just kind of sense that and we’re able to control it better than those who don’t really care and just want to feel better. I also think part of it is dependent on the specific SV you have, some are more mild than others. And how much has taken over your body / how much your immune system can fight off. I honestly don’t even know if I’ve had a SV in the past 17 years so it’s hard for me to say how I would respond if I were to get one. I’ve definitely had times where I had a lot of d* but it’s kinda hard to tell whether it’s from sickness or something else. I also have a zofran script now so my hope is that would help if I’m in that position. But kinda scary to think about it coming on without any warning


Same!! Lol it's been 15 years for me and I ALWAYS get scared that I'll jinx myself if I talk about my streak


I am one of those people who doesn’t v. Tbh I don’t even try to control it really, it just doesn’t happen. I don’t even dh. I think it’s just not something I’m prone to doing. My mom rarely has ever v either and she’s not emet.


my zofrqn <3 got me thru the last sb* i had


Did it stop active v* ? Or just nausea Did you clear up with d* afterwards?


i took it as soon as my stomach started hurting, it prevented all v* but i still had a little breakthrough n*. and i definitely had a ton of d*.


Interesting. Thank you!


How do you get prescribed Zofran?


i have a condition that causes chronic n* and v* so my doctors gave it 2 me so i could eat and not loose weight. generally you would just go to the doctor and tell them you have nonstop n* or something along the lines, maybe a bad sb* u cant get over and they will most likely give it 2 u!


I think it depends on how much of the virus your body has. V is the absolute last resort your body will take because it’s so dramatic. D is much easier for your stomach to do because the food is already in the bowels and it’s easier to come out that way.


Really? I always heard people v* first because it’s the first exit way out most intense


If they’re going to v it happens first but if not, it’s usually just a milder sb.


Oh okay thanks!


I never know if i get a sb* because i never actually feel n*. I suppose it depends


You can meditate the n- away. It really does work but there are some cons to not v-ing. If you need to induce v-ing because you ingested something bad, its kind of dangerous to not be able to.


I've done it twice. The last time was almost ten years ago. It took a lot of staying awake, chewing on ginger, and not swallowing my saliva when I felt especially close to v*. I also took Tums or Pepto Bismol pretty steadily throughout (don't do this -it's bad for your kidneys) and subsisted on ginger ale, broth, and nibbling saltines. The big downside is that it takes way longer to get it out of your system. I was sick for like 10-12 days each time, whereas the rest of my family that did v* got over it in just a few days. It was pretty agonizing and, in retrospect, probably much less healthy for my body than if I had just let it happen.


Zofran, Dramamine, extreme hygiene/food rules, meditating, rituals, determination, and sheer spite. The last time I tu I was nine and I'm 24 (almost 25) now. I always wash my hands before eating, barely ever eat out, sanitize my house constantly, etc. If someone close to me gets a SB, I will fast until the incubation period is over. I know it's bad and I'm not recommending that, but I'm just being honest. If I feel n, I'll immediately take a zofran/Dramamine and start my OCD rituals. My OCD rituals consist of laying in bed, face up, sipping water, and compulsively switching back and forth between apps on my phone. I'll play sudoku, watch YouTube, and go on social media. But it's really chaotic because I'll rapidly go back and forth between the apps to keep my brain stimulated. What works best for me though is just to get angry. Get pissed and tell the SB "Ive gone x years without tu, you won't break me." Call the SB a lil bitch, p*ssy, tell it to go f itself. Breathing exercises work well too, but getting angry has strangely worked the best for me. It'll also lighten up the situation because it's kinda funny to curse out a virus lmao