the what ifs are always awful, the best we can do is just try our best 2 focus on something else and take care of our bodies while we wait out the day. It couldt 100% be anxiety, and also the stomach/ intestines is a muscle and can cramp just like any other one when we move it around for no reason. how are you doing now?


i distracted myself and felt okay for about an hour but i just ate a wrap and the pains came back as soon as i was finished. not sure what's going on but i'm hoping that hour that i was okay is a sign nothing is actually wrong 😅


last year i went 9 months without a panic attack, and was drinking/smoking/eating whatever and even when i was nauseous i was very nonchalant about it. a few weeks ago they started again - i feel like i "relapsed"


I’ve had awful stomach pains today too and been freaking out also


Tu in public is my worst fear, and tu in general. I am so scared of it . there are no words . It’s my biggest phobia , the one that keeps me up at night… The one no one in my life knows about. The issue is I’m chronically ill. So I have a plethora of stomach issues — on the daily basis .and I’m not desensitized to it at all. It’s terrifying everyday, every time. I empathize with having flare ups and the frustration . StRt with something bland, and tea. Hoping the best for you.