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I'm really hoping it's not you, OP, but I (Portuguese, 29M) had literally the worst date of my life with a 26yo teacher last week and h-o-l-y s-h-i-t And yes, I'd date a teacher, why wouldn't I? Just because one have me the crappiest date of my life it doesn't mean all lady teachers are bad dates


Spill the tea… what happened?


Spilling the tea for you all to see, not in any particular order: - she was 1h30m late - proceeded to order the cheapest menu, then complained about the kiddy cup and the meatball of a burger she got back - lifeless eyes and expression - spent almost the entire date asking me about my job - made me wait for like 30 minutes on a clothing store during the date after making me feel pretty much inexistent on the way there because she was window shopping - started every topic with "I have a question for you" - used double standards about the money I spent on my desktop PC build literally 30 seconds after confessing to spend 150-200€ in clothing every month And I'm probably forgetting something here


Why would you wait 90 minutes for somebody to show up? Why would you let somebody disrespect you like that? 15 minutes is plenty.


Well, the first 15/30 because I was running errands and I could use the time. After that, well, because she kept telling me she was on her way. Still, you're totally right!


Oh you weren't at the location yet, that's different ***but*** she was still rude.




I wonder whether it's related to the profession, if not, then I don't see how it matters that the terrible date was a teacher


It would only matter the same way the race of people matter to those who want to justify their racism


I mean she could've quizzed him, just like tech bros love to quiz women when they say they're engineers, but no idea how likely it is


I’m a teacher and have also been dealt the shitty comments about income and other commentary from dates, etc. There’s nothing about your career that makes you undateable - just that you’re meeting people who aren’t empathetic enough to understand helping people versus helping themselves.


Im not even trying to butter the bread BUT a teacher is a great sounds like a great option . It’s learning , people don’t like learning they like knowing it all


Honestly it would make very little difference what your occupation is. If you hot you hot. If you not you not.


I have been told "So....you're poor?"


I’d rather be with someone that loves their career and has a passion for what they do. I make okay money but I’m a cog in a wheel for a piece of shit organization that I have no respect for and has no respect for me.


This right here! Take my angry fucking upvote!


Why they all in your pockets??


For me a stable career like that is a turn on. I'm 28 and a business owner, single. If I met a single teacher in my area and found her attractive I'd be shooting my shot! Charlotte NC..haha just in case


Damn lol, that's brutal


Look for guys who are more established. They won’t care how much you make. Teacher is a noble profession.


Oh he was a loser lol why is he worried about what you make if he’s able to provide for himself?


I mean, that just means you chatted with an asshole. Happened to me all the time dating women who shit on me for being nerdy


Where do you live where teachers are poor? They make 90-100 000 where I live


Lol the United States…. In a southern state.


They make this in California too


90k in Cali doesn't go that far. What a permanent parking spot costs in SF can buy a 2 bed 1 bath in twenty states.


Sure, but it’s a respectable salary above the median with great benefits and 3 months off a year. Not bad!


I live in Northern New Jersey and the teachers here get paid very, very well.


Damn move to Canada


I'm a teacher assistant in a southern state and only make $14.35 an hour. So I understand! Education in the south is extremely underpaid.


That's more than they offer teaching assistants in my county ($13.15 last I checked). It's a job I'd love to have, but I can't afford to.


>Men of Reddit... Would you date a teacher? (serious answers) I can't even fathom this! You leave your most precious things in the world with you and you make that! You make more than that working in a coffee shop in Canada. Teachers make 80,000-105,000 Where I live in Canada and they deserve every penny!


Years ago, while living in California, a teacher complained to me about how teachers are paid. She taught high school music. She said they start at 60-70k, and within 5 years they max out at 100k, then just small yearly bumps. At the time, I was working as an engineer. That was roughly the same pay scale for us, but we didn't get summers off. (I'm a professor now, so I get my summers off. but same pay scale.)


Were you working as an engineer in a town of 1,000 population...? In California, engineers start around 6 figures unless they didn't do their wage research and got scammed


Is that in the Northwest Territories? I’m literally willing to move to wherever in Canada to make six figures as a teacher lol 😂


I make $100 000 in Alberta, friend makes $90 000 in Toronto


Time to move to Alberta 😂 jokes aside, have you been working there for a while/ been a teacher for a long time? Also how is the teaching scene there? I’m looking forward to teach in Alberta since I have family there too; just am not sure about my chances there.


Literally any province will pay you that


$90 to $100,000K annually? I doubt you live in the United States. Shoulda kept scrolling.. Canada it is.


72k here in Manitoba.


Your cost of living is less and a have-not province. $72 000 is a good salary for Manitoba.


Yep. And I commute on top of everything!


In Manitoba, salary is dependent on your years of experience (capped at 10 years) and classification (capped at class 7, or a 5 year Education degree and up to two additional degrees, for example a Post Baccalaureate and a Masters.) In some of our divisions teachers make just over $100,000. It’s deplorable how teachers are so poorly compensated in the states.


I’m only at 6 years but they messed up my PSP form so has to start back at 4 years. *sigh*


That blows. On the bright side, it sounds like most people on this subreddit would still date you. Not all though, I saw one guy note that because of our low wage it wouldn’t be “prudent.” Imma guess that, generally speaking for all teachers, we’re good with that.


Man. I was dating a teacher. He ended up being like the biggest hoebag around! I’m gonna start dating bums 😂


Omfg when I say I gasped out loud. What a fucking douche! Who says shit like that? Jfc


Sounds like an awkward Democrat joke? I have no idea, that’s such a bizarre thing to say. Lol. There are a million jobs that make less money than teachers. … they just also don’t have to deal with children.


Ew seriously?!


I've been with a teacher since February


This so funny how you said it without elaborating


What do you want to know?


In which standard do you read, what's the name of your school.


I think answering that violates rule number 3


Don't talk about breakfast club?


also in a relationship with a teacher and i’m totally fine with the income level. Honestly this might be an unpopular opinion but I am totally cool with making majority of the money. Also nobody talks about the power of two incomes. Yeah $40k isn’t a ton of money but even a household that makes $80k total can live a normal life.


I really don't see any downsides to dating a teacher. Typically they are really smart and can have great conversation.. I guess the only downside is that if they correcting my Grammer I would get annoyed. That's not exclusive to teachers tho.


*grammar - a teacher (and apparently not a great match for you)


To be fair that whole sentence needs help. “…if they correcting my Grammer I would get annoyed.” This should be a second conditional sentence, with a past simple form in the condition clause. If they corrected my grammar, I would get annoyed.


I'm dating a law teacher and I really don't mind when she corrects my grammar. In fact, I welcome it. Annoying is when someone keeps making the same mistakes or is to proud to be corrected by someone else.




I dun type so gud


No, but not for the reasons you might suspect. I have zero issues with teachers as a profession. I don’t even care what a prospective partner does, as long as they are financially stable. The problem I would have dating a teacher is because I am a school custodian, and work 3pm to 11pm. Which is to say even if we lived together, we would almost never see each other during the week. The entire relationship would be relegated to weekends only, with the exception of holidays, winter, spring and summer breaks. Not exactly a great schedule for maintaining a healthy relationship, I don’t think.


Personally, I really avoid it. My mom was a teacher and I saw how much she worked and how little pay/respect she received. Doesn't help that she did and still does complain about her job nonstop. Personality-wise I think teachers are generally cool. My primary concern would be if you're a teacher who spends a lot of time grading and lesson planning at home because it really limits how much time we'll have together throughout the week, especially in a cohabitating situation. That being said, that is my personal opinion based on a unique experience. I don't speak for all men and I'm sure if I fell for someone, I could look past it, but honestly I swipe left on teachers.


My mother was a teacher and was at her best in the years she was teaching. And it paid well (in Canada) so we had more money. It is a calling - some people are really cut out for it.


Yeah American here so low pay in a not great school. She used to love her job when she worked in a private school but now she’s in a public school where kids straight up tell her to fuck off or worse if she asks them to put their phones away.


Sounds like America


Can confirm grading and marking takes up soooooooo much time at home.


I never bring my work home 🙌🏻 not about to ruin my evenings like that haha


Maybe OP is Finnish?


Teachers are hot and generally smart, compassionate people. Only issue I see is free time because teachers work so much outside of school hours but I'm selfish with my time so while that works for me, it may not for all


Unless you’re a gym teacher?


Do they though? Like once you have your lessons set up you can’t pretty much repeat year after year. You work m-f maybe 8am -2pm + at most an hour grading papers/day on average. You have all major holidays, multiple week long breaks and a 2 month summer vacation. They probably work half the hours of the typical 9-5er.


If they're a middle/high school teacher with 6 classes that's about 180 assignments to grade. That takes more than an hour.


Might be a cultural thing, but at least our teachers wouldn't grade 180 assignments a day, not even close. You'd only have some assignments and tests maybe once every few weeks and you don't need them graded for the next day.


Good point about the cultural thing, I didn't consider that. Here in America we almost always had daily assignments and some teachers did get them graded by the next day.


I'm from Finland so most of our assignment were "self correcting" basically, where you just check yourself if you got everything right together with the class. The teacher might check you did it, but not look through your answers. The ones you actually hand to the teacher were a bit more infrequent. Depending on subject of course.


At most an hour hahahahaha. No. It is not at most an hour. Add to that if you’re in a poor school, there are mountains of paperwork to be completed proving that you’re teaching, because poverty couldn’t possibly affect kids’ test scores, so it must be the teacher. /s


If anything I find I can’t not date teachers. Every girl seems to be one but I don’t mind, you have a caring job


I would absolutely date a teacher someone who cares to educate young minds and cares for them as their own lowkey that kind of heart is super attractive


As a former teacher who changed careers due to very, very quick burnout: I'd rather not. If we gel in other ways, it's not a total deal breaker, though.


Yeah. For some reason I’ve always wanted to date a teacher


I (29M) am dating a teacher (28F) She’s incredible, funny, so smart, and always wanting to learn.


True fact: every teacher I’ve ever gone out with/dated was sexually insatiable


What's wrong with dating a teacher?? Honestly, who comes up with these exclusions...


A woman’s occupation generally doesn’t matter to a man, unless they’re a sex worker/pornstar/stripper/only fans whatever. I would have no problem dating a teacher and am really perplexed why the guys you’re running into are.


Really? Why don’t guys care about a woman’s profession?


The simple answer is that we make our own money. The long, complicated answer is that men have less inherent value because we can’t give birth to babies. So, men have to prove themselves and show that they’re better than other men and therefore deserve women. We always have to perform and attain a higher status to get better women. “Better” means young, fertile, and attractive. It doesn’t mean “has a good job.” I know it’s weird, but that’s basically the root of the male psyche. As a man, you’re shit. You need to prove you’re less shit than other guy so pretty lady can be nice to you.


If she's hot


I would, yes. In public service myself, a federal environmental land use planner in Mississippi (saw you mention you used to work in MS in a comment). Teachers are very underpaid in the U.S. but I absolutely respect what educators do every day. I considered once about going into education, just as a college professor.


I’m supposed to date a teacher or nurse according to some compatibility test. Gotta tell ya, got a big thing for teachers. There’s something about the care and patience coupled with determination that you have I find very special.


You moved in with your boyfriend 4 days ago but you’re talking about a dry scene? You said you’re 27 in other post but you’re 26? You question your anger due to elementary kids getting shot up? Op what exactly are you teaching your kids ??? Hopefully only subjects and nothing life related


I would absolutely date a teacher. Someone in your profession usually has a lot of responsibilities and hard work for little recognition. I think that is a green flag for someone willing to put in the work on a relationship. Also, depending on how many students you work with, you’d have great experience dealing with children.


As a teacher myself, I'd say sure why not?


The only people I have met that hate teachers are extreme right wing.


If she's an English teacher I would be terrified, as my Grammer sucks. Other then that why not. Who cares what she does, if you have a good personality.


grammar\* ;)


Lol see why I be scared to date an English teacher


This is vocabulary but okay got the point!


Poor and over worked… can’t have both unfortunately


As long as they don’t talk to me like I’m one of their students, yeah. But a lot of them do so I guess I wouldn’t date most teachers.


How insecure are you?


No, I can’t stand teachers. I don’t want to hear about how you make no money, have no money to do things, your teacher salary in general. I don’t want to hear about the kids you teach, they are not my kids nor family nor do I know them. Oh, and I do t care that you have summers off, I have more vacation than I know what to do with and can take it whenever I want. I don’t want to wait around for summers to be able to travel with you. #SwipeLeftOnTeachers


I was raised by a teacher. The one track martyrdom mindset is real.


> Would you date a teacher? Why or why not? Yes, but I don't care about her being a teacher. However, I can see why guys wouldn't want a teacher these days. Teachers are highly susceptible to politics that don't favor great male-female relations.


Depends on what you teach and if you put in any OT at all. I want someone who leaves work at work and comes the fuck home on time to spend the evening/weekend with me. Having summer off sounds pretty good, but I'm rather biased against teachers because they spend so much time assigning book reports and useless shit that serve no purpose for the future of 99% of their students. Then they have to fucking grade it.


Roleplay? Sure. But seriously I don't see a reason not to. Only thing to worry about these days are school shooters and you dying.


If you're a teacher because you're passionate about teaching, that's attractive. In my specific community, however, I think there's a lot of women that become teachers simply because it's "a women job" and they don't want to challenge the status quo. To me, that's very unattractive.


No, I don't think they can turn off the authority bullshit once they get home. I had many teacher who took out their crap on the kids in class.


I would have a couple of years ago when I was in my 20s, but not anymore. I've seen too many men get screwed over in divorce that I've limited my dating pool to women whose net worth and income are close to mine. I don't make the rules but I do have to operate within them. I'd prefer to not give 2 shits about it, especially for someone in an altruistic field. However, t that's no longer prudent.


I think that teachers have a great love for what they do, and what they do is incredibly important...but what are the real long term possibilities? You will stay in one place, making a meager salary, and retire with MAYBE enough money to survive. I honor you for your career choice. But I am with someone who makes maybe 10x your salary and frankly can't see myself with someone making less.


I have. I would. I can understand the aversion though. An extreme amount of hours, for very little pay. In the future, very little pay, with long hours. There isn't much else in being a teacher. That's great for students. Terrible for long term relationships, though. Usually, long hours will lead to fewer hours with better pay (eventually). But with being a teacher, there is little hope of that. So how would that look for long term growth potential? There are so many other jobs out there, with just as much work, but with far better growth plans. These days, there are work from home options better than that. I'm all for making sacrifices, for long term gains, if that's the intelligent decision. But, it doesn't seem to be in the case of teachers. As their spouse, I would have to be good with my SO almost never having enough time for me, and having little to no energy left for me. I'd have to be OK with my SO being a secondary income, with little or no chance at being able to support both of us, should something major happen. We'd have to both be OK with her likely needing to take off work, if we should decide on having kids (as I make more than the large majority of teachers. So, it would just be better, economically). There are few pros, and many cons. Doesn't look good. That said, if she later decides to change fields, etc, then that might make a huge difference.


I'm not a Men of Reddit, but I certainly have the confidence of one. As a Ladies of Reddit who isn't interested in children, I would find it difficult to believe any teacher didn't want a family. Not a bad thing, but not something that aligns with my goals in life. So while I have nothing against teachers, I probably wouldn't date one. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with teachers, or that every teacher wants to fill me/themselves/both of us with babies. It's just a statistical thing. I don't like the odds.


> I would find it difficult to believe any teacher didn't want a family. Oddly enough, at least based on my observations through family members who teach and their many teacher friends (in super fertile utah of all places) it seems teachers are less likely to have or want kids. They know way more child free teachers than I know child free engineers. They have more child free teacher friends that they keep in contact with and hang out with than ive met child free engineers in my entire career. Having to deal with everyone else's kids, including lots of difficult ones, really seems to put them off Having their own.


*Having to deal with everyone else's kids, including lots of difficult ones, really seems to put them off Having their own.* ​ we're leaving the world to the dummies, aren't we...


I wouldn't be surprised if a teacher didn't want kids. Like if you think about it, kids are fucking shitty cocky dick heads with an unbelievable amount of arrogance and confidence in a school setting. Naming their child would be a nightmare. Non-teacher partner: I like the name keiran, what do you think? Teacher: *stares into the distance with the sounds of war playing in their heads due to the classroom PTSD the teacher has from teaching Keiran Jones, their worst student ever. Also, If I was a teacher I would so not be down for attending like 2 different parents evenings in the same week. Like it's just like you're at work minus the pay.


Fellow Lady of Reddit^TM who is a teacher who does not want kids. There are quite a few of us--probably a good chunk more than you think.


Yeah, I mean, kind of a weird coincidence, or I have a type, idk, but like a handful of the girls I was into in the past either were teachers or going to school to be a teacher, but it never made a difference to me. Found it cool tho, cause it requires another level of patience and strong will to be able to be a teacher imo


I don’t see why not. Ironically enough, in my geographical location it seems there’s a lot of teachers and nurses on the dating apps.


Career isn’t a put off at all (why would it be?! You get the most holidays a year!) but I know it’s a pass if someone already has their own kids.


Why would it be?


Sigh… okay. The truth? I feel like an ass writing this. It’s just how I live my life. Never married, no kids. I have lived a full and exciting life, I like the luxuries, freedom to travel, freedom from being on someone else’s work time, and I want to share that for a while with someone special when I meet them. Someone who already has kids is not my thing- their life revolves around the child and that makes me the outsider. Then everything revolves around the child and to be honest - it’s a bit of a burden I don’t need or want. I’m saving kids for the right person and at a point when I’m truly mature enough to teach the best qualities and in the best financial position to do so. I’m only 36, I’m just building my empire and not having kids yet as far I’m concerned is a bit of an accomplishment in todays world. Thankfully I look in my 20’s so I have that going for me ! So there you go. Brutally honest answer from me.


Hey I asked for honesty! Can’t be mad, right? :)


I’m not mad at all! It’s just a bit of humbling moment when you’re practicing humility. I know that some people would read that and think I was a jerk …


I was that kid my stepmom did not want. Thank you for being honest with yourself and having the respect and humility to not put someone else in my position. It was really hard growing up with someone who didn’t want me but loved her own kids she had with my dad <3


It wouldn't matter to me. The only job that would be a red flag for me is sex work or night life work.


No no, honestly the career itself isn’t an issue. It’s more so your interests, passions, how you carry yourself as a person. That’s the most important!!


A teacher, hell yes. You meeting someone who is educated and if your intrested in family, has a ton of child coping skills.


I love teachers, have dated many, doesn't make a difference, can't understand why?


Career doesn't really matter to me too much (with some exceptions I bet everyone can guess.) If she interests me, I'd definitely date a teacher


I’m about to be a teacher so yes I would


Yeah, I married one


Definitely, teachers are usually passionate about some area of study (i.e. interesting to talk with).


My friend is dating a teacher and she’s so sweet. They’re so in love and she’s ended up becoming a good friend of mine.


100%. Teachers are super important, and probably pretty dang smart. Maybe people would be intimidated?


In a heart beat. Teachers are hot sweet intelligent and I love to help them make lesson plans and what not lol sorry nerd here.


(21M) here, personally I wouldn’t care what your occupation is as long as you love what you’re doing, in terms of relationships moneys not one of my biggest concerns as long as each party can individually support their own lifestyle and one isn’t relying on the other financially.


That would not be a factor for me. I’ve dated teachers. It’s using cocaine to rake the leaves by herself on a Thursday that caused the parting of ways.


Why is a teacher a turn off?




I’ve been hit with the opposite… they want to live out a fantasy


I actually would love to date a teacher. Just because I used to do a lot of volunteering teaching in college plus I like kids even though im 24 male btw. As long as you are passionate about the career and you can always tell me fun stories about your students or faculty im 100% down


it's probably a work load thing. at least where i live teachers are under a lot of work load, so there's the normal mon-fri teahing than staying back a bit after to organize for the next day and normally the work comes home with the teachers here.


Teachers, nurses and lawyers some of the biggest freaks I know


Yes. I am not opposed to anyone. You work hard, are good to me then yes.


Wouldn't even cross my mind... I'm assuming you'd have patience and positivity as a teacher. It would just be like any other occupation for me.


My brother and his wife are both teachers, as are many of their friends. It's a fine job and doing much better than what I usually attract. The main things I'd be worried about is the annoyance of nothing but teacher talk when hanging out with family and the schedule difference during summer. I have basically a straight 9-5 (but I have every other Friday off) with 3 weeks of PTO. They can be somewhat flexible but it requires more careful planning. My teacher family and retired/self employed family ALWAYS avoid planning things around my schedule because optimizing my time off usually requires attaching to a holiday such as the upcoming 4th of July week. I could use 3 days of PTO and have 9 straight days off work. So I'd probably still end up left behind because everyone else would want to leave on Monday the 11th of July or whatever, when there'd be no holidayand/or weekend crowds. Where it requires maxim PTO use by me.


Yes, im a busy person. I would prefer date a teacher. They are good with kids.


My GF is a teacher!


I was a private company stem instructor and everyone in the office agreed that they wouldn’t date teachers because they’re “crazy.” I didn’t really understand but take that as you will.


I’m so trying to figure you out. Your post history is mostly removed AITA posts. Your last one before this (days ago) was talking about moving in with a boyfriend and yet you’re dating?? I guess my question is 1) Are you for real and 2) If you’re self professing your awkwardness in your own username, and constantly seeking reassurance for your social interactions… are you sure your occupation is what’s keeping you dry? If you actually are real I think you just need to cast a wider net. Cuz there are plenty of quirky nerd guys who would love a quirky smart girlfriend regardless of how much money she makes.


I don’t see why not? Shit when I was in HS I would’ve dated my own teachers if they were mid 20’s and attractive


Aw, then you could have sent them your papers to proofread from prison.


He'll yes I would date a teacher. Unfortunately I'm in my 50s and when women find out my age I can't even get them to talk with me never mind dating me. I haven't had a date in almost 8 years.


Teachers are fuckin hot, I’d love to date a teacher


Your profession doesn't dissuade people from dating you, but I do believe some men are taken a back by the idea.. it is a honorable career path that not all individuals can pursue. The thing that comes to mind is the grueling teaching schedule preventing dating and other activities unless its school break or summer vacation starts. Personally I would date a teacher.. hope you find someone interesting and cool.


I know you requested guys, but I have briefly dated a teacher. She's a teacher, but also a VFF and I'm a cop, so I met her through the Civil services network. We had a lot of fun together and the relationship was good, but .y schedule was a bit demanding for her, so we respectfully parted ways.if guys are off put by your occupation, then you are talking to boys, not men. Men with careers, obligations, and priorities won't care that you're a teacher.


If she was loyal enough I mean she's a person outside of being a teacher


Yes...what kind of a question is that? Most guys would reject a woman for her professional career if that career were prostitute or similar


Yes I would and I can't imagine any reason someone wouldn't other than personal reasons


Teaching is an admirable and very respectable career. How guys find that a turn off, I'll never know. Maybe they sucked at school.


I've had a crush on someone who wanted to be a grade school teacher. That's telling enough lol


Currently, no. The only reason is because I know I'm not healthy enough for a relationship now in any sense. But if I was, why not? If she was enjoying her job when it came to interacting with the kids, I feel that she'd be a great person to be with.


Based on your post history, I would assume it’s because you just moved in with your boyfriend 4 days ago and not so much that you’re a teacher


If you like your career and are motivated in life to do things and grow then it doesn't really matter what career you have to me. It's only if you plan to just slide by in life and never grow as a person that I have issues.


Generally it wouldn't be a problem. It's not like you're a cop or a mattress salesman. Teachers do however sometimes come off as way too impressed with themselves. It's cool if you love your job, and it's good work, but some of you need some humility. I dated a teacher once who seriously thought after I worked 12-14 hr days I should help her grade papers. The same one had the gal to say to me "It's nice you have time to go to the gym". I think that's more a her problem than a teacher thing, but being a teacher was very much her identity and she was kind of insufferable.


Men turned off when you say you're a teacher? Pfft! If you said that to me, I'd just one more thing to like about you, and I'd ask you questions about how you do things. Teaching is a noble profession. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. The dating pool is very dry for people who are passionate about some thing, trust me. Most people are driven away the moment you start speaking about something other than the usual chit-chat.


I just married a teacher a few days ago. There is hope! Hang in there


I'm dating a teacher right now and we're roughly your age, I think it's lovely It may not be a lucrative career but it's certainly a noble and respectable one, with a fair amount of government benefits, relatively stress-free, lots of free time I think it also shows you have a good set of values instilled


I had a few dates with a teacher when I was dating. I had NO problems with her other than that she was closed off to the idea of marriage.


Looking at your post history you moved in with your boyfriend 4 days ago, you told your brother he was a shitty son, and you told one of your friends to get a divorce. I’d look at other aspects of yourself other than your career choice personally. Not saying you weren’t in the right, but maybe you’re stressed and looking for happiness from a relationship instead of being happy alone


Wouldn't bother me at all. An education and a job are two points in your favour.


Who on earth would say no???


My bff is a high school teacher, I’d totally date a teacher if I thought I had my shit together enough that one would want to date me


If a womanl is a teacher or RN, that actually makes them more desirable to me. Those two professions. And if anyone wants to know why, DM me. 😅


So working in a office supply store for nearly 10 years, I can honestly say I have a thing for teachers, they tend to be more eager to listen, the love of children, the hate of administration. The patience they have is awesome too. So yeah I like teachers, more than a doctor or lawyer I rather get with a teacher


I went on a date with a teacher and all she spoke about was being a teacher. She’d told me that she adds ex-students to her social media. She was adamant the person sitting in front of us was an ex student and looked them up on social media to see if he was in town. I didn’t see her again. I recommend you have some other things to talk about besides your job.


You have a legitimate stable job that is a net positive to society. That's a plus. Teachers usually want to have kids at some point. That's not for me. If you're one of the few teachers who just does not want a kid ever then your job is a pro, not a con.


Don’t worry about it. Guys who few that way are users. There’s lots of users out there these days 👀👀👀👀


Um, yes?


Depends. Kindergarten to 8th grade teachers are not my type... Way too boring and dry for my taste. High school teachers are usually a little more palatable. Especially when they're passionate about the subjects they teach because they can provide more intellectually-stimulating conversation.


I don’t think it’s anything to do with your occupation. I think it’s more to do with their own insecurities. Most of my teacher friends have gone on to marry men with wonderful careers and no issues with their wives being teachers. In fact, they’re pretty proud of them. As long as you love what you do and are driven to be the best you can at it, I think most guys will appreciate that. If you give off a vibe of hating your job and possibly wanting to quit to stay home…he may think twice. I’d be cautious of a guy laser focused on your income. He may have some messy finances and a lot of debt on his plate. He could be looking for a sucker to help dig him out. Especially now when people are up to their eyeballs in debt living beyond their means. That goes for guys who are higher earners too—beware. A guy who has his house in order isn’t going to lose sleep over a partner with steady income, good benefits and good financial habits.


I’m a teacher and would love to date a fellow teacher. Summers off basically spending the whole thing together on the boat? Hell yes.