MILITARY SOURCE IN DC: “For the last week my battalion has been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria. Today the Senate kicked us out & moved us to a cold parking garage. 5000 soldiers. 1 power outlet. One bathroom. This is how Joe Biden’s America treats solders.”

MILITARY SOURCE IN DC: “For the last week my battalion has been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria. Today the Senate kicked us out & moved us to a cold parking garage. 5000 soldiers. 1 power outlet. One bathroom. This is how Joe Biden’s America treats solders.”


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let's throw some numbers out. 1 poop = 6 mins = 10 poops per hour/toilet = 240 poops per day per toilet. assuming infinite tp. ignoring tp resupply delays. 2 toilets = 480 poops per day per parking garage. 5000 soldiers per parking garage = shitshow


You forgot one fatal calculation... MRE's


So no poops at all?


^ This guy/girl/they/it MREs


How dare you assume a being


But do you have jalapeño cheese spread?


I’ll trade you chocolate peanut butter for it....


Until day *10*. *shudders*


Popcorn poop


*Fecal calculation 💩


Fecalculation, if you will. But you don't have to.


Is this a war crime on the toilet? "I didn't mean I was literally going to blow it up in there."


Do NOT go in there!


Everybody get down! It's gonna blow!


Cons: long wait, pros: warm seat




Same. It's like getting someone's warm change from their dirty, sweaty hand...


Oh god i shuttered in disgust. The warm enough change part wasn’t bad but then thought about the sweat. Ugh


The talking ones?


I had, and I mean Had to Use the Toilet in the arcata California Safeway the bathroom seat was very very warm as homeless used this for their ablutions. 3/10 I should have taken a photo, only regret.


A warm toilet seat is the most comfortable and uncomfortable thing in the world.


And the most unnerving when you live alone.


you sound like ur navy


Oooh i hate that man but to each their own!


Burn the poo in the parking garage. Unlimited heat.


I was a soldier, and I’d say jizz is going to be more of an issue.


I have it on good authority that I only need 5 minutes to poop.


i was just picking a number to provide a reference. there is great variance in the range. personally i'd chafe under a 6 minute time limit.


5000 soldiers is a lot. There is no way they could have been sleeping in the senate cafeteria in the first place.


A battalion is only up to 1000, but usually not that high. Obviously there were other soldiers/battalions sent to the parking garage as well. I mean there was 25,000. (For what, I'm not sure, but $200M worth)


for everything else, there's mastercard


So, basically, this unsourced claim made by a no-name on Twitter is suspect in how honest it's being. I'm shocked, shocked to find out BS is spread on Twitter!


Even more amazing that it is repeated in the hallowed halls of r/conspiracy.


Don't worry they only feed them mre's they will be stopped up for months


"I'll believe anything they say as long as it's bad and it's about the other guy." - Americans


Haha... US treats soldiers much worse than making them sleep in parking lots


Can confirm..spent 8 months in mud.


Thank you for your service.


It was my honor. And thank you for making me smile.


Are we talking clay mud or regular mud? If it’s clay, I imagine you’re more permanently orange than Donald Trump. Thank you much either way for sacrificing yourself in many ways. Given this is a conspiracy sub, I’d be remiss not to ask: Knowing what you know about the nefarious deeds of our government, do you find yourself conflicted by your service?


Whatever kind of mud is in Korea. Clay mixed with regular mud I think...mix in some urine and gunpowder..half frozen with an inch of snow on top. THAT kind of mud. I came very close to freezing to death on that tour. No joke. And yes, I'm VERY conflicted. I've seen people turn real ugly fast. I live with some guilt. I don't know why, I just do.


A friend of mine got caught up in the “kill some terrorists because patriotism” after 9/11, and never once questioned anything they were doing. He did multiple tours in iraq, saw some things, got injured and discharged. It wasn’t long after that he went down the rabbit hole of the conspiracy of the war and it wrecked him worse than the things he did/saw ever could. This is what makes me angry about the deception. Replacing a person’s fundamental identity with a sheet of thin ice and bullshit goes beyond the ends justify the means. It’s a regard of human life as not only expendable, but also not worthy of the respect to not torture the person before using them up. I asked my friend about the guilt he had (we were discussing PTSD in general, as I have PTSD from non-military sources, and I was asking for advice), and he said that he doesn’t feel very guilty anymore, because it is not his fault, or the fault of his brothers in arms, that someone somewhere in a mansion decided to manipulate everyone. He also said he would fight again given a similar scenario, because it isn’t possible to know if it’s a farce, or a legit threat. Better to assume you’re fighting for your friends and family than to assume it’s a farce and America fall, as fucked up as it is. I learned a great deal from him, as I have from every other veteran I’ve known, even my pain in the ass father in law lmao. Much respect to all of you.


Well said..I was shocked as well to see they'd just pour someone into a body bag and not really give any kind of fuck. A guy sweeping fingers into the sewer like it was nothing, a guy crying and screaming then running through a second floor plate glass window, the sound of a human skull on cement, or the other skull fractured with a rock.....sorry I was drifting. They don't care. We we just bullet catchers. It was a huge part of my life, I can't describe it. I would do it again yes, but I'd do some things differently.


My friend told me how he and his squad were being evac’d by chopper, and he got a stern talking to because he insisted on going back for his friends legs that had been blown off. Crazy shit, man.


Well even social media is used as propaganda now, so that could be a reason. Not to mention the US military certainly doesn't need funding lol.


My thoughts exactly 😂 but also, the idea that congress is banishing them to a parking garage... Seems kind of like a military responsibility to find sleeping quarters for their personnel. Like I can imagine congress giving them the old "well you ain't gotta go home but..." I can't really see how they get the final say on where they go.


Yup, spent many days sleeping on rocks and dirt in Iraq with no roof. They will be fine.


Seems odd though. Maybe they're there to instigate someone to attack Biden or his administration by treating these guys like shit. They'd have all the justification they need to vet every single member of the military, top to bottom, for any associations with MAGA (now terrorist insurrectionists.) Once they purged the military, they'd go after civilians. I can't help but feel like Biden's job is to well, die. We all know he likely won't make it 6 months, he barely knows where he is. And it serves their agenda to make up for lost time over the last 4 years and put everything into overdrive if a domestic terrorist takes him out.


Lol he's 4 years older than trump...


Not only that but, Trump had trouble operating a drinking glass. He’s not exactly the picture of great neurological health either.


I think they'll try to stretch him to 2 years so Kamala can finish out his term and then get two more on her own. Imagine a decade under her. Scary.


The saying “The Vice President’s job is to break ties and to wait for the president to die” has never been more true with a 50/50 senate and the oldest president ever


They’re not looking for MAGA they’re looking for right wing extremism or white supremacy extremist. Which used to be a major issue here and the FBI just suddenly stopped making it an issue in 2016. Post Waco, the FBI didn’t want to go against extremist militia groups that helped plot the OKC bombings. They pinned all of it on Timothy McVeigh and called it a day. You want a real conspiracy? Start looking and joining far right extremist forums and see what’s going on. Not “Biden purges Trump supporters” propaganda but actual conspiracy to attack the government.


Anyone who has been in the military knows this is the fuck up of their chain of command not taking care of their guys and or sticking up for them. If they are truly living like this they are not in a bad way and this is a hundred times better then any field ops on deployment but still their chain of command seems like it is not very good.


Hurry up and wait. Nothing new under the sun.


Yup, this is the first thing I crammed into my noggin before I left for basic. I don’t see the conspiracy here, other than an epic fail on their commander’s part.


Almost like people have never seen how America treats their soldiers...


Honestly it's not that much of a shit detail. At least they got a roof over their heads.


Are you crazy? That’s only what people say while they’re treating someone crazy.


Lmao or a soldier who’s had to deal with worse situations


“They get free cable, a roof over their heads, 3 hot meals and a bed” -People defending the Prison Industrial Complex


Point well made.


Oh that makes it ok then


No, that’s not what anyone saying. They’re just saying that this isn’t really about Joe Biden, this is more about America and its entire history of mistreating soldiers. People who are making this about Joe Biden are disingenuous. If anyone actually cares about the condition soldiers live in they would have been criticizing the government their whole lives


Excuse my ignorance, but surely the military have their own logistical team, with their own funds in place. I mean, it was my assumption that the US military were one of the most organised and procedurised groups in the world? Surely they would have foreseen and accounted for such basic and obvious necessities?


yeah I'm taking this with a pinch of salt. I live in South Africa, we have neanderthals for mitary, from the top to the bottom. Even they will set up a small tented camp outpost with a few outhouses, I find it hard to believe that the US just uses makeshift improv housing for the military.


Welcome to America! From the outside everything is Gucci and Prada, but underneath it all just a Walmart knock off.


The city of DC probably didnt want to set up portajohns because it would encourage the homeless population to use them, instead of defecating on the street. They'd rather make the soldiers shit their pants than be kind to homeless. Despite the fact that the military could... guard the outhouses, and would have to because they become a place to hide bombs.


um an outpost camp isn't just open to the public lol. it's a boundary area that's off limits.


This is literally fake news. The soldiers were put in hotels. The pictures of them in parking lots were soldiers in Minneapolis on break. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/jun/10/viral-image/national-guard-soldiers-werent-forced-sleep-dc-str/


You should literally check the date of the article you post as your response. June 10, 2020.


This is addressing a different photo that OP never claimed and has nothing to do with this post.


https://mobile.twitter.com/CawthornforNC/status/1352464108193542144 Seems like the Congressman has confirmed it for you.


https://twitter.com/SenDuckworth/status/1352476054666027008?s=20 And democrat senator duckworth (also wheelchair bound) actually did her job and ensured the problem was resolved and they were given somewhere to go, rather than buying pizza and going for a photo shoot.


I’m not a huge fan of either Duckworth or Cawthorn, but they both did those troops a solid tonight. Duckworth wins for getting them out of the garage, though.


What's your beef with Duckworth? I'd love to see her run for the White House in 2024.


One is straight from the horses mouth one is from politifact.. hmm


And you're gonna trust a talking horse?


And by “straight from the horse’s mouth” you mean “straight from an anonymous poster on one of the most manipulated and propagandized forums on the internet.”


The picture literally doesn’t match the statement. It’s fake news or dishonest news at the very least


What do you think horses mouth means? Does it mean totally real anonymous source from a self described contrarian.


Such as having more people packed in one city for no clear reason? There are more troops in D.C right now than in Iraq.


Look dude this is a right wing safe space and everything is Biden’s fault


I was going to say something about economy and encouraging hardship the suck but yes, ultimately like the bathroom issue it seems very foolish for an efficient fighting force I do admit. Not a good image to the world neither I think.


Yeah this seems like a problem of how the military treats the soldiers, not America as a whole or even legislators at all


No, the Troops were sent there a week ago, before Biden was in office. The second he got into office, he called up the CO for these troops and demanded that they be moved into a cold parking garage because, why? I have no idea. But that doesn't matter. This isn't about being using critical thinking, nor is it about conspiracies, it's about undercutting the Biden administration as much as possible. Nothing else matters at this point.


Correct. The Capitol Police moved them for a single day (after outrage by Congress had them move back, and now into off-Capitol housing). Get ready for lots of IBS (Irritable Biden Syndrome) from trump dupes.


5k soldiers in ONE BATTALION?! Is the NG really built like that?


No it’s not


Can not confirm not a military man.


I will not thank you for your service


I thank you both regardless of whether or not you served. As a fellow subscriber, we are all doing our part to learn the truth in this chaotic world.


How is this even a conspiracy? Like what the fuck is happening to this sub, it’s just becoming a political shit show and as a non American I don’t give a rats ass, give me pyramids in the Arctic!


Conspiracy has been monetized, politicized and mobilized. Just look at Q Anon.




Fuck yeah man. My kind of conspiracy theorist. Remember when this sub used to be about aliens or astral planes? Mayan conspiracies or NWO stuff. It’s a political sub now.


The Trumpers took over. Notice how these low effort posts don't get taken out. Literally all these posts have unverified sources and make the most absurd claims with no evidence.


What battalion has 5000 troops though. My Battalion (2/504, 82nd Airborne division) had around 700-800.


Made up batallions for shitposts. The higher the number the shittier the shitpost


It was not Joe Biden, it was the Capital police. The issue was rectified. https://twitter.com/JaceSister/status/1352465708526014467


Since when do hardcore conspiracy types support the military? Oh wait, this is just r/The_Donald2. Sick of the bullshit political propaganda here, make this sub fun again ffs


Most hardcore conspiracy theorists DONT support the military, but that’s because of things that come from the top of that hierarchy. It’d be extremely dumb and insensitive to blame or wish bad upon the normal, everyday people that make up the mass of the US armed forces. The normal population are just poor kids who had no other opportunities available to them so they joined, and don’t have any involvement at all in deciding on the fuckery that occurs from the military as a whole. I’m a veteran myself and even the highest ranked people on the bases I was stationed at were just following orders that came from the very top. It’s not a choice once you’re in unless you’re willing to piss away life and earn a dishonorable discharge (which is considerably worse than having a felony on your record).


The US military has a $700 billion budget and they can’t figure out how to temporarily house 5,000 NG? Are we supposed to bring back Quartering?


Someone replied to the tweet with: "People are messaging me that this is a lie. These guys are in the Four Seasons."


Four Seasons parking garage?


Four Seasons Landscaping


No I think the band.




I’m not on the Biden train, but this seems hard to believe that he is to blame. The military has cots they could have provided if this was the case, and this is still better than being stationed over seas. My dad was in the army and he has stories of some pretty gross places he stayed and to this day he can fall asleep anywhere in a matter of minutes because that’s what he had to learn in the army. This is by far not the worst place soldiers have to live and this looks like a place they were all just stationed while waiting for something else.


Stop making me defend Biden here. Its on their chain of command to find accommodations for the troops. Their logistics really fucked up as did their S3 section.


Solders don't deserve hospitality. Soldiers on the other hand...


Hes been pres less than a week ?


Less than 46 hours, as I’m typing this.


Where is the conspiracy ?


Here we go lol. When the dems blamed Trump for everything that happened around him it was "well its not his fault" but now we got 4 years of "there was some rain in DC and someone got wet" HOW DARE JOE BIDEN LET SOMEONE GET WET?! OH THE HUMANITY!


Suck it the fuck up. Semper Fi


Awww, stfu


Update https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1352461595419488259?s=20


Instant down vote for simply reposting something from Twitter. I’d give another down vote for your SS simply being the exact same as the Twitter post and the exact same as your title if I could (try to add something/anything to this that is not just regurgitated bullshit from Twitter). I’d give another down vote for this being a clear left/right bullshit dichotomy post if I could. I’d eliminate one down vote if there was any sort of conspiracy here, but there isn’t. Or is the conspiracy that some dude on Twitter just posted a sentence and put the words “military source from DC” ahead of it. Could this be any more of a bullshit post?


The conspiracy is they’re trying to keep the right-wing brainwashing machine going.


I was a Marine, this is how politicians treat service members. I had the displeasure of working a diplomatic assignment at an embassy, during which I met government bureaucrats at every level. Every single fucking one of them was a piece of shit to me. They think you’re some kind of robot, or thug that is there to do their bidding. Every now and then there was one who was at least some semblance of normal, but 9 out of 10 were awful. They forget you need to eat, sleep, shower, and have free time. They see that uniform and forget you’re a person. That’s why I get pissed when I see the democrats say “god bless the troops”, because they’re saying that to pander. They don’t actually give the fuck about the well being of the troops. If they did they wouldn’t be sending them to war while sitting their asses home in their big houses. This isn’t anything new.


>They think you’re some kind of robot, or thug that is there to do their bidding. well I mean technically as history has proven theyre right...


Thank you for your service.


Lmao blames it all on democrats


Some fucking how this fucking jackass managed to blame the dems. Somehow. It’s politicians in general. These weekend warriors complaining about a damn cakewalk.


I thank you for your service! The GOP plays on members of the service as well. The elite “using” service members is not a Dem or GOP thing. It’s a playing with your life thing. Service members are a pawn to them. Just like the rest of the population. The GOP (for the most part) has just done a better job at soliciting military members and pandering to them in order to get their vote. The previous commander in chief called service people “suckers”. The military is a tool for the monied class. Again, thank you for your service. No one deserves to be disrespected.






This the best comment ever!


I also lol'd at how it's Biden's fault. Like no. It's your fucking commanding officers and stuff. It doesn't go all the way up to the top. People much lower down have made this dumb ass decision. Dude is probs a right-wing nutter and any chance to blame Biden for something he jumps at. Oh no toilet paper in the toilet anymore? THANKS BIDEN. Damn we're out of sauce. THANKS BIDEN. Damn I have to do a three-month stint in Canada? THANKS BIDEN.




Surely Pizzagate™ investigators will look into this Republican congressman for buying pizza.


Seems like the Congressman just confirmed this. Also, how do you fit 5000 soldiers in his office?


https://twitter.com/SenDuckworth/status/1352476054666027008?s=20 And democrat senator duckworth (also wheelchair bound) actually did her job and ensured the problem was resolved and they were given somewhere to go, rather than buying pizza and going for a photo shoot.


Don't join the military, they give zero fucks about you, let those cunts take a gun and fight their own wars.


Is this the pussy brigade or something? Buck up buttercup, you weren't drafted.


You seem to be forgetting that it wasnt bidens fault why they are there in the first fucking place.


1 guy, unverified account, about 500 followers, with a "military source in DC"? I'm calling bs. Even the account he's responding to is skeptical.


Funny. Its like they don't want the troops to be there. Thats odd, I thought they were there to protect these people.


And allegedly, they ain't leaving anytime soon. Poor guys, at the end of the day they're just doing their job. Funnily enough though, what would those politicians do if these troops had enough of this shit and marched to their offices?


Fake news


And we got mad at Trump for him letting soldiers sleep in unoccupied rooms at his hotels lmao


We were mad for him charging us money for it, for profiting from it.


Which is fair but we should treat our service men and women better than this.


This has been true since basically the beginning of this country


They were put their in staging mode to be transported to other hotel. But sure


If I'm thinking of the same thing you are talking about the plan was to just charge expenses incurred for hosting them there without making a profit. Trump would not have made any money from it (but also wouldn't have lost money for it).


I don't think there was ever 25k troops in DC. Kuwait,Iraq, and Afghanistan together only have about 21k. So you are telling me the threat was that great they needed more. SMH


If they were doing this in secret it might even be a conspiracy.


10 years from now 1 senator will be talking about how he slept on the cafeteria floor as part of his campaign. I do like how one power outlet is mentioned LOL


Are you not just a bunch of losers as the last admin said?


And weren’t you just outraged when Trump didn’t even acknowledge the dead American soldiers due to the Russian bounties on their heads, just like you ignored when he said soldiers that die for this country are “suckers”. Eat shit fascist


I’m just gonna throw this out there. I’m willing to bet this is where they are staged during their shift hours. Once their rotation is up they go back to whatever sleeping quarters they have. No way 5,000 troops are packed into a garage. My source: served in the Marine Corps Infantry and have slept in many stupid places.


Aren't those supposed to be the tough guys? Don't forget who created this situation..


Are you fucking kidding me? I used to have to shit behind a bush, shower with a bucket of water, and sleep in the open below freezing while it's raining. No one gives a shit about this. They signed up for this. I ripped my tent, so I just put a blanket over my head. Looking back I accidentally waterboarded myself while trying to sleep. TL:DR \ Don't feel bad for these boys - this is how the military works. They know it.


“They knew what they signed up for”


best sleep I ever got was against a bush


I said it last week and I'll say it again this week. If nobody sneaks a dump into someone's drawer/desk/filing cabinet while being ✌🏿deployed✌🏿 there, then it is ALL for nothing.


This is obviously bs. Also. If you want 'comfort' don't join the army.




Are the full compliment of the National Guard still in the Capitol? Curious from the UK.


You might have to reclass to 74D just to use that latrine.




1 outlet, y’all going to have to either play rock paper scissors or fight for it.


It’s not “Biden’s” America. This is and always has been America.


Woah, disinformation and sudden hate for authority as soon as a democrat is elected, never seen that before. Geez u trump guys are sheep


Um, the Senate is the responsibility of Republicans currently.


Ah, yes, an unsourced tweet from a random person, so it must be true.


No different than the Liberal government in Canada who cut a bunch of funding to the military. When a veteran who lots his legs and was horribly scarred in an explosion stood in front of our prime minister Trudeau and asked for funding and support for veterans who have high suicide rates. Trudeau stood there and told this man to his face that he was asking for more than he can give. Meanwhile he has been spending money all around the world just to make himself look good on the world stage.


lol...they wouldn't have to be there at all if it weren't for dump fucking trump


You think sleeping in a DC parking garage is bad? Just wait until your sleeping in one in Bagdad in 2 months.


This is a vacation compared to were in Iran Biden is going to send them .


Historically Republicans have been the starter of wars. [Last ~50 years](https://imgur.com/a/VjVRauI) I'd argue Obama didn't start any wars either, he pulled out of Iraq when he shouldn't have, which caused USA having to re-enter it due to ISIS popping up. If you argue that he started that war instead of continuing it, then you have to admit he ended the Iraq one he inherited, which makes it even out. 3 wars on day 1, 3 wars when he left office. Biggest 3 wars since 1950, all started by Republicans: * Vietnam? Republicans. * Iraq? Republicans. * Afghanistan? Republicans. Bush fucked it all up and all the conservatives licked him for yearrsssss It's all drones and private contractors these days anyway. Obama did too many, then trump took it up to 10000


Oh no, soldiers have to rough it? Are you people serious?


They are soldiers, they have been through worse. Also there are there because of the failures of the last president. If you want to blame someone who doesn’t work in the Senate cafeteria then maybe you should look to the walking orange in FL.


SS:MILITARY SOURCE IN DC: “For the last week my battalion has been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria. Today the Senate kicked us out & moved us to a cold parking garage. 5000 soldiers. 1 power outlet. One bathroom. This is how Joe Biden’s America treats solders.”


They’re staying at local hotels.... I live here and have seen them checking in/out of the local hotels myself lol. This was a “break area” and not where they were sleeping. Also not Biden’s decision seems like a military chain of command/logistics issue...


The senate is split 50/50.


Yea noone in the senate was willing to raise a stink earlier than this? Shouldn’t have taken much shaming of other senators to get something worked out I don’t really understand the process by which they make decisions like that between them and the senate but that seems like a moral example in the making.


The Senate as of today is still controlled by Republicans. That makes this a partisan attack. Why are we sharing this?


What a bunch of pussies. fucking guardsman looking for their tyfys. I'm in the military grow the fuck up and deal with it. You're in dc not iraqi burning your shit taking a water bottle shower once a week.




It's just embarrassing to me and absolutely par for the course as far as reserve and guard though. I've deployed with them before... Their social media will tell you over and over again they are In the military but the 2nd shit hits the fan and you have to work hard they either don't know their job or they whine the whole time.... It's pathetic.




*I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.* -Smedley Butler, War Is a Racket


Isn’t this more a reflection on the commanding officers of these battalions and units? How is this Biden’s fault?


My thought also. This is a leadership issue, not a Biden issue.


What a bunch of crap, you think biden sent out an order to do this? You think he even knows this is happening? Smh soldiers are treated awful all the time, not the president's fault. It's a shame.


This is hardly Bidens fault and to make the claim even worse there is no conspiracy here. Username does not check out.


Well duh...you served your purpose and now he is your CIC, get used to it cause you have 4 years of this shit. 8 if he can steal another one.


If he lives that long..., looks like he could drop any minute, missus looks alright


Fuck biden


“Clap for that you stupid bastards”.- Joe Biden


Yes. Hopefully you say the same of Trump


Frick Triden


Yes one day in power and suddenly it's all Joe's fault. You guys make me laugh.