I litreally have no idea, wanted to replace termal paste on my cpu and when i removed my cpu cooler i moved my pc a litle bit and thoes holes where the screws go just moved and i can't get them back on place.


It's under the board. Try sliding it with something thin through the hole or take out the motherboard...


Or open the back of the case behind the mobo, I bet the cooler bracket fell a little bit.


I forgor most cases have a window


So most cases have two sides that can be taken off. The most common one is where we install things onto the motherboard. Then there is the other side...the dark side of the mobo! That's where the bracket may have fallen off.




Hehehe forgor


I was trying to slide it for 1 hour but it did not work.. I guess taking motherboard out is the only option..


You can open the back pannel, case dependent obviously but nearly every case can


Take the motherboard out (gently) and put it on some cardboard (clean). That plate that holds the cooler in isn't secured to anything, the cooler pulls the plate against the motherboard and that how it all stays in place. Even if you get the pegs back in, it's going to be a pain to get the cooler back on without pushing the plate out of the way again. So take the mobo out, put the plate back in place, and put the whole thing down on a surface. Now when you put the cooler back in, you'll be pushing directly against the table you're working on. Unless you're using offsets that would hold the plate in place, of course - if you're using the stock cooler you don't have those offsets and the board needs to come out.


Open the real panel of your computer, you should see the back plate that has all 4 screw holes. Use one hand to hold it in place, or ask someone else to do it while you screw in the cooler.


Thank you guys so much for the help, i manged to open the back of the case and move it back to place.


Remove the backpanel and you will find what you are looking for.


You should be able to take the panel on the other side off as well to give you access to the backside of the motherboard. And there is almost certainly a cutout at least big enough to see the bracket. Probably 2 screws on the back of the case on that panel then you may have to slide it back a slight bit then it should come off.


Well.. The back plate must have moved. You need to look for it on the other side of the case or you might need to remove the whole motherboard to mount the heat sink again


Do you mean motherboard stands (under the MB). If so, just remove motherboard and screw them back into appropriate place


If you’re using a stock cooler you’re missing the brackets. If you had an aio or aftermarket cooler the retention bracket probably slid behind the motherboard.