Check out moneybags here at M&S


Why did you bring your own sandwich?


Ouch! I’ve done that a few times. Then I vow to not shop there ever again.


Yep this is why I stopped going to the tesco for the meal deal. Kept on changing which chocolate bars were in the meal deal or not depending on the day


Or you could use your eyes? Saves paying full price


That's very true but as a victim of this recently, they really don't make it that easy - little pockets of meal deal packs sprinkled throughout the sandwich selection. It's almost like it's deliberately confusing, far more so than most places.


M&S is worse than many other places as they have relatively few meal deal options. Boots put the non-offer stuff on a separate shelf. Tesco put most of the non-offer stuff on separate shelves, but locally the Christmas sandwiches get mixed in with everything else and not all of them are in the meal deal. I can’t really remember about Sainsburys as I avoid them as there are so few options — I have a feeling it’s like M&S and all mixed up. Morrisons make it quite easy from memory too. Majority is in the deal.


Yeah but Tescos tend to put chocolate bars altogether, and the 'special editions' they often have are never included, which throws the whole thing off.


What? My Sainsbury's has an awesome collection and pretty much 95% of it is in the meal deal. It's always my go-to.


It might have changed since I last went in one — pre-plague — it was a smaller “metro” type shop I used to go in (two branches) rather than a larger store. Thinking about it more, whilst most Boots stores have a massive range I can think of a smaller one which is rubbish.


Get a load of this loser, using his eyes


It's a bout time we started taxing the short-sighted. They're least likely to notice.


My eyes are literally shit (glasses don’t help much), so take your sarky attitude elsewhere. Shops deliberately try to catch shoppers out by putting in non-offer items amongst offer items. It’s not just for meal deals either, they do it frequently for all kinds of stuff.


This is why I shop at Morrisons, they don't have this bullshit--any sandwich is in the meal deal.


The sandwiches are the worst


So get a salad instead, they're in the same meal deal. (And I disagree on the sandwiches, obviously).


Tbf, everyone has different tastes! Wish I did like the Morrisons butties cause I live just next to one.


I bought the wrong choco bar to go with meal deal in peteol statio, guy behind counter said to pick another one and still be cheaper. (My hearing is crap btw) i then tried to work out what was in the meal deal and what he was pointing at and with all the 2 for 1 labels etc and massive queue behind me i just said whatever and paid full price.


I sometimes buy a sandwich and bottle at the shop and they always tell me to get crisps or a chocolate bar to get the meal deal. I know it's cheaper but I don't want to eat more for the sake of £1.


Schoolboy error, always check the price before you pay. Supermarkets can be sneaky with their stickering, you've got to watch your own back.


Did similar the other day in Tesco, their £10 finest meal deal. Got steak, chips, bottle of wine... Forgot the dessert even though I picked up and looked at the profiteroles. Cost me over £15 instead of a tenner and I had no dessert!


As someone who just left working at m&s, I can assure you that this happens not even joking 50+ times per shift, and the most common question asked was "what's in the meal deal." Don't worry about it




I always do something like that. 3 for 2 on coke/yoghurt/jam, all flavours! ^^^^Except ^^^^that ^^^^one.


I'm holding out until they include a shot


A friend recently turned me on to buying 3 sandwiches as a meal deal as the cheapest is free.


Happened to me a few times. Always a tough debate whether to back and swap it for a sandwich that is in the £3.50 meal deal, or pay the full price!


I can imagine the scene now. OP standing in shock at the self check out, quietly debating whether they should rebel against the system and demand the cashier takes the expensive sandwich away, or whether they decide to accept defeat and pay the full price, partly because they were too embarrassed to admit their mistake, but also because that was the sandwich they wanted to eat anyway.


Gutting! Do you use a sparks card? So that once in a blue moon, and inevitably only when you’ve picked up £3 worth of stuff rather than a whole load, you might get your shopping for free.


M&S meal deals bang


Done this before with the Asda Pizza meal deal. Two pizzas and a drink for £5. Accidently picked up a stone baked pizza and paid nearlly a tenner.


This is why you should just let the monarchy make decisions for the lot.


Serves you well, really, if you ask me. That's the grand plan punishing you for trying to put shit in your mouth, those sandwiches are horrid. And not, not being pretentious, I eat food from the floor and sometimes outside ground and these sandwiches are still shit.


Coop meal deal is the best imo


I watched a lady the other day pick up a pasty, a snack and a drink. The cashier informed her that she’d picked two ‘snacks’. Turns out the pasty was a ‘snack’ and she was very confused at how a full Gingster’s pasty was a snack. She’d presumed it was the main.


The cheesy bacon bites are the snack to go for, with some ice tea :D