I didn't know i had autism until recently because my parent never told me (im almost 40) but I was in a similar position torturing myself for 20 years pretending to be neuro typical. I just ended up self medicating with alcohol opiates etc at work because i was so desperate to escape the anxiety and mental pain i was experiencing. I've had so many meltdowns at work and made so many people feel miserable. Without going into further detail this experience this has permanently fucked my life up and I will never forgive my parents for putting me through this hell. You Are Not The Problem. The environment is. Trying to force yourself to be something you're not is only going to end in pain and frustration.


i had a feeling it was hurting me, but i was expected to deal with it. im terribly sorry to hear that. that was awful of them to do


i love the idea that society seems to have that autism can just be "fixed" by pushing you until you break and become numb 🙃 if you're cool with a little physical labor i've heard overnight stocking highly recommended. little to no interaction. warehouse jobs too but those tend to be higher on the physical aspect and more stressful. but if your main concern is staying away from people, it's worth a shot. fuck whatever your parents think is "right" for you.


I'll see what I can do, cuz it's been taking a while


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