For me personally, there's no connection. I love audiobooks, I mostly listen to fiction. I tried a few podcasts but it didn't stick. I wonder if nonfiction listeners might be different.


Truth - there are definitely very different genre bents to the two formats I listen to podcasts in the background and audiobooks with intent


Same. Never got into podcasts, tried but just couldn't, but absolutely love audiobooks. Listen to both fiction and non-fiction.


I like audio books. I want a well told story. My exposure to podcasted is limited to what my kids like, which tends to be rambling shock jock conversation that are okay but not really the style that I like. Works well for my young adult kids...not my style. I don't have time to sample a lot, so I tend to stick to what I know and where to find it.


That’s fair - and I do think it is more difficult to explore podcasts than audiobooks I actually wish there were a way to get podcasts at the library I’d love to see a few highlighted series on Libby or even on Playaways or something - I have a hard time navigating between all the disparate podcast streamers


​ ​ >Just curious - do folks who like audiobooks also universally love podcasts? ....you're not going to "universally love" every audiobook. ​ "audiobooks" have been around since TAPE (have you ever seen on IRL?) ​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Books\_on\_Tape\_(company) The company was founded by Olympic gold medalist Duvall Hecht in 1975 as a direct to consumer mail order **rental service for unabridged audiobooks on cassette tape**.\[3\] It was one of the pioneering companies in the fledgling audiobook business along with Recorded Books.\[3\] a "podcast" is (any kind of) digital audio you can play back on demand. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast) A podcast is a program made available in digital format for download over the Internet.\[1\]\[2\]\[3\] **For example, an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to a personal device to listen to at a time of their choosing.** Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient and integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices. There also exist podcast search engines, which help users find and share podcast episodes.\[4\] there is no "technical" difference these days. it's mostly the words that enter your head - if you enjoy it, it doesn't matter what you call it. ​ Good Omens is a **book**, a TV show, **a full cast audio book,** a **single narrator audio book,** and, an **episodic BBC4 RADIO adaptation**.. was broadcast over the air in the UK - US had to get it as a **podcast.** ​ https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04knt4h Adaptation of the 1990 fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. An angel and a demon try to save the world from an apocalypse. Starring Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap.


I started with podcasts during my PhD (I lived alone for three years and they kept me company during commutes and house chores). Then a month ago I discovered that I really like audiobooks. I really like reading since I was a child, so I am using audiobooks to re-listen to my favourites (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, various Stephen King stuff etc.) so that my "real reading" time can be used to read new books. Since for me right now audiobooks are the new hobby I feel like I am eating too fast through them (also the nostalgia runs strong, due to my current listening material), so I am continuing to listen only to the podcasts which really interest me, in order to make audiobooks last longer. So, basically audiobooks made me picky about podcasts.


I started listening to Books on Tape as a child, 5-6 years old. My mom and my grandparents enjoyed listening to audiobooks while they drove and we did a lot of driving. I would pick out my own books to listen to after I got a walkman for a birthday. We also had a set of cassettes that contained two episodes of the old radio program I Love A Mystery. I loved them and would listen to them over and over again. I started listening to podcasts back in 2006ish and immediately started looking for ones that told me a story.


That’s awesome! I love how long you’ve been interested in audiobooks! I had one book-on-tape as a kid - it was a set of folk tales that I loved But when I got older and tried entire books on tape and then books on CD, I would get frustrated at how long it took to read them, and also by switching out the tapes or CD. (And the tapes were flipped front/back AND switched! Those were the days haha) The narrators were always soooo slooooow for my taste So that’s why I was so surprised by how much I enjoy audiobooks now that they are digitized and I can speed them up a bit! Nothing hard core, I hang out in the 1.25-1.3 range, but just enough that I don’t get bored listening lol Ah, now I want to see if I can find that old tape I had! I used to have a unicorn cassette player - it was the best


No relation. I’ve been listening to audiobooks for over 30 years, and podcasts for 15 or more, but to me they’re very different. It’s like asking whether people who read books universally love long-form journalism (or articles in general).


I started with companion podcasts for TV shows years ago before I found out dedicated subreddits for shows were a thing. But I don't listen to those anymore. Now I listen to a couple news podcasts when I wake up in the morning and then a football related podcast once a week, but that's pretty much it. I much prefer audiobooks for any sort of storytelling.


Oh interesting! I’ve seen a companion podcast for the new Black Panther movie advertised but I didn’t realize they were such a big thing Yeah that’s about how I use my podcasts - background noise talk shows while getting ready in the morning


No, I dislike most podcasts because listening to people argue about mundane things interspersed with annoying ads for weird products is not my idea of a good time. If it’s a podcast like Stephen Fry’s, where it’s a single extremely knowledgeable or passionate person speaking on a single subject at length over multiple episodes with no interruptions, then it works for me. But those are so few and far between—or, they’re hard to find and/or do not get recommended to me.


What are your favorite podcasts? I listen to 100+ books per year, mostly fiction. I rarely listen to podcasts. My brother rarely listens to audiobooks or reads. But Listens to several hours of podcasts on days he is working. When we were talking the other day. He told me he does not know if he could get into audio books. I have been thinking about trying podcasts again because he was so enthusiastic. Guess I need to ask him what podcasts he likes so I can try them.


I usually do podcasts like talk show types or things - so to be honest, I use them very differently Podcasts are for me to get ready to in the morning because I don’t care if I miss a bit lol I haven’t gotten into the more plot-wise podcasts tbh Oh, sometimes I do the “long report” form of podcasts - like “Serial” or “Nice White Parents” But that’s usually if I have a specific very long task to do - like moving haha


I love audiobooks but discovered my liking for podcasts in the last year. I like history podcasts and nature/science themed podcasts. I really enjoy some of the audible originals in german.


history of rome/ revolutions podcasts?


I started listening to podcasts when they were a pretty new thing, on topics I had interest in though, not like chapterised books. I didn't really know about audiobooks then. Someone I mentioned the podcasts to suggested audiobooks, I resisted but then tried one.... I don't listen to podcasts anymore, but love audiobooks and listen 24/7 (nearly). I use a player and wired earbud,


i was listening to an episode of ear biscuits and they did an episode where listeners wrote in things they can't live without, and someone said audiobooks because "being read to feels like royalty."


Started with podcasts and now dipping into audiobooks. Whilst a lot of my favourite paranormal podcast listening is good, it gets quite circular and discussions only go so far. Match that with the conspiracy/alternative set being forever doom-laden, I need a mental break!


For me it was podcasts first, then audiobooks.


Nope i dont listen to podcasts at all.


For me there's only a connection because I exclusively listen to audio drama, it rpg podcasts such as "The Magnus Archives","TANIS", "Podcast of the five rings" So listening to these is just like listening to an audiobook that is coming out in pieces


l listen to about 100 books a year. l only listen to one podcast and it's about books.


I started with podcasts and then got into audiobooks when I got bored with them.. I go back and forth between them pretty often. I listen to a lot of true crime and paranormal stuff. Some pods are basically like an audio documentary’s and I also like ones where it’s a first hand account


Looove podcasts!! For me it was audiobooks first, podcasts afterwards.


Love podcasts, hate audiobooks. I don’t even know why I’m in this sub.


Lol! Well welcome anyway haha


I'm a huge fan of audiobooks, and of podcasts. With me it started with listening to audio dramas on the radio, though, back when I was a kid in the 1990s. They broadcast audio dramas for kids every Saturday and I liked listening to them while drawing. When I got older, I began listening to audiobooks. It was part of a thing to get me to go outside more; I'd listen to audiobooks while I was out walking. This then led to me discovering podiobooks (audiobooks sent as podcasts), which I started listening to because they were free... and after a while I began listening to other types of podcast too. So yes, definitely a connection in my case.


That’s a really cool progression! I also like the callback to audio dramas on radio - I mostly associate radio with car rides with my dad and switching between news and CarTalk In a funny twist, I have recently been listening to CarTalk books that were released and are now on hoopla lol


I started listening to The Brain Science Podcast waaay back in college when I worked at a greenhouse. But that’s really the only podcast I’ve been into. During my kids’ nap time and while I do dishes, I sometimes put on informational YouTube videos and just listen, I guess that’s kind of like a podcast.


I’m an avid audiobook listener but I have little use for podcasts. I’m sure there’s a lot in that world that would probably interest me but I’m not a fan of “episodes” and trying to deal with them. I will occasionally get bored and listen to the most recent episode of one or two hosts but podcasts just are not and probably will never be a part of my everyday routine. I listen to enough talk radio via Sirius satellite to satisfy any need I may have for current events and I don’t have any particular special interests.


I listen to podcasts all day. They are how I transitioned into audiobooks. I turn off podcasts at 6:30 pm, same time I turn off the computer for the night. Then I listen to audiobooks. I listen to both fiction and nonfiction of both podcasts and audiobooks.


They are completely different for me. I started listening to podcasts all the way back with a first gen 1GB iPod nano in about 2005 or 2006. To me, they're very different to an audio book. They're produced specifically for an audio format, and I've never had concentration issues with them. It took a long time and a lot of attempts before I could finally listen to audio books. And even now, I read about 90% vs listen 10% of books I consume. I read a lot faster than I listen, and I would find my mind wandering. It took a book I really wanted to read which was only available as an audio book for me to finally make it to the end of the audio book - probably 10 years after I started listening to podcasts. Now I've got a better idea of which books will work for me as audio, and I usually listen to about one a month.


podcast first - got tired of listen to music at work. usually, some lighthearted ones then moved to some history podcasts. Then got into audiobooks - sci-fi mostly but a few history audiobooks thrown in for good measure.