(Spoiler Main) If you could have a novella similar to Dunk and Egg on any 2 characters in the series who would you choose?

Probably have to go with Tywin and Arya. Best decision the show ever came up with.


Duncan Targaryen and Jenny of old stones Secret meetings in ancient ruins , a sense of the mystical , a crowned prince who goes against his fathers wishes and falls for the commoner, the mystery of Jenny and the ghost of high hearts appearances ( while still kept mysterious ) Plus a sinister lead up to Summerhall


If George ever gets around to this, we will see a version of this story in dunk and egg


Please, he can’t even get around to finishing his own Magnum Opus




A romance of burning passion


So hot it burns green.


I don't know why but the term "ancient ruins" is just so sick .


Pyp and Grenn. With multiple appearances of Dolorous Edd.


That would be the greatest medieval sitcom ever made


Isn't that just seinfeld in westeros? Your point still stands, but yeah


What's the deal with the Lord of Light?


I think Ser Justin Massey became a R'hllorite just for the jokes, Septon


“These burnings are making me hungry!” - Edd


Three's Company lol


Lol I'm just imagining the studio audience going crazy every time Edd shows up in a scene.


Its me, im the studio audience


Young Ned and Robert in the Vale featuring Jon Arryn


I would kill babes to see this only if their dragon spawn though


Just force marry them to your prepubescent children. It's the civilized way.


Arthur Dayne and Edric Dayne’s father as they grow up, leading to Arthur becoming kingsguard and everything else. This gives us a good look at the Daynes, an actual name for Edric’s father and shows us how one of/the best swordsman developed


I’d like an Arthur Dayne and Jamie Lannister story. Revolving around when they faced the Kingswood Brotherhood.


This is the answer. Jaime, for all his attitude flat out hero worships Arthur. Seeing a PoV where young Jaime watches his idols would be fantastic. Let us see the "finer steel".


It'd be pretty damn fun to see as well since Jaime is pretty hyped up as one of the finest knights in the realm even as a teen


This would be perfect


I’m about to chat gpt this shit.


Aerea Targaryen and Balerion.


A horror novella more like it


I would have a magic tree house series involving brand and bloodraven where they go to different places throughout planetos and at different points of history. Blood Raven teaches brand messed up lessons about how to rule while brand accidentally messes with history. Essentially a series that would allow George to explore a little bit of every single culture and every single era


Lmao I'm picturing an eldritch, medieval version of Doctor Who where Bloodraven is the Doctor, the weirwood trees are the Tardis, and Bran is the companion.


Or Rick and Morty where bran turns into 'evil eye patch bran' at the end.


"Bran, Bran, you *burp* y-you have to put the *burp* the weirwood root in your *burp* in your butt, Bran"


* hideously ghasps* "Ahhh Bran I need you to eat blood porridge it's, ahhhh, ahhhh *burps* ah fu#k it it's your buddy jojen we need you to eat jojen Bran!"


I laughed way too hard at this. Somebody needs to make a fan animation of this


Lmao “brand”


Auto correct is a bitch lol


LoL it's the same everybody makes with raisin bran.


The Once and Future Bran, basically?


I mean... It's my theory that's what's actually literally happening in the books 😅. George has written an entire Twilight zone episode based on the book with the same title... And it involved time travel.


Garlan Tyrell and Leonette Fossoway living their best life in Highgarden.


Maybe the most criminally underutilized characters in ASOIAF


Well, him being an awesome dude in just a few segments is what makes people love him. He may not be so great if we had his POV with him bickering about court life and him divulging everything that playing the game of thrones entails. I’m starting to imagine Tyrell family meetings that happen off page now.


Not for long. Euron's coming for them.


I feel like we're gonna see a lot of him and Willas in TWOW


George promised us, after all.


Strong Belwas and Arstan Whitebeard! ;)


I'm all for anything involving Strong Belwas, probably my favorite character.


Varys and Illyrio


Howland Reed and Ned Stark


The Kettleblack boys. Would love to see the nitty gritty of King Landing crime


Tommen and Ser Pounce. A tale of a prince and his cat. High jinks galore with zero repercussions because his mom is a demon straight from hell.


Yeah we definitely need some ser pounce action haha




Beric and thoros would be interesting


Would make a savage dark graphic novel


Arya and the Hound.


This is the right answer.


Bron and Tyrion ​ Stannis and Davos ​ Jamie and anyone. Jamie and Brienne. Jamie and Tyrion roaming through Essos.


I know it is kinda boring but I would love a little story about Jaime and Pia. Not a sexual one, more like brothers and siste- oh.


Young ned and Robert.


Aemond and aegon


Oberyn Martell as a sellsword in Essos. Give him a witty sidekick if you need another character.


He needs a Fafhrd type oaf to counter his finesse


One of the sand snakes would be a fun parallel to Egg


Dunk and Egg, but that seems pretty unlikely at this point.


Jon and Tyrion. Both'd be clouting each other's ears


Tywin and Aerys’ friendship during the war of the ninepenny kings


Don't forget Steffon!


I’d rather get a whole book series of just Arya and the Hound adventuring around Westeros before I’d rather have another fire and blood..


Aerea and Balerion, for obvious reasons


Myrcella and Jaime Lannister, as a hedge knight and his suspiciously girly looking squire. Whenever Myrcella gets mouthy, Jaime could threaten to clout her in the ear, and Myrcella would point out that she only has one ear left and Jaime will admit that he only has the one hand left and they'd just agree to call it even.


Get back to work on Winds, George.


Jon and Satin love story beyond the wall.




because they’re adorable.


Septon Meribald and Dog


Would be an interesting show like those old 80's adventure shows like the hulk or the fugitive. They'll roll into some nameless village fix an issue there and get back on the road.


This is what I came to say


Maegor I and Aenys I


I'd love that Arya in Bravos novela George said he could hypothetically write. Maybe team her up with a new character or someone like Sam.


Not in the series but Aemon the dragonknight and Baelor’s insane journey from Dorne.


jaime and bran, bran becomes a squire for jaime, and they have adventures, ned never finds out and well uhh the war never happens, alternate universe.


Like a Marvel What If? I love it


What goes around, comes around. Arya and the Hound must have been fun to write and are quite popular. Their duo probably inspired GRRM to continue that sort of duo adventure story, but with a Targaryen backstory novella.


Dany and Viserys before they were offered sanctuary by Illyrio in Pentos.


Arya Tyrion


The wacky adventures of kid Aerys and Tywin


I know they haven't met yet but Sarella and Alleras would be interesting I reckon....


Howland Reed and his shotgun


Pod and Brienne


Euron and Gerion


Rhaella and Bonifer if we're allowed ship fanfiction trash. For platonic adventures, Jaime Tyrion seems amazing.


The Blackfish with anyone else during his youth.


Yandry and Ysilla. Can you imagine all the amazing shit they'd come across going up and down that river trading? Or a young Varys and Illyrio Mopatis. Those two running around the Free Cities tangling their wicked webs and revealing a the secret doings of the "Great Men" of the cities. Could make for some interesting and creative reads. My brain is struggling to think of the past characters that came in two. Maybe Mushroom and some unknown partner. Mushroom seems like a hell of a mischievous character that could be fun.


Sheira and Bloodraven. Maybe I'm forgetting someone I'd rather because I haven't had coffee yet, but that sounds pretty good to me right now.


A novella with Bessie and her tits


Jon and Satin


Jaime and Brienne.


Young Tywin and young Aerys


Probably already said—but just someone who exploded the world.. someone who has been to Ye Ti, Southoros, and every other part of the “known” world. Would be super interesting


I make a strong case for Addam and Alyn Velaryon. Alyn especially has a super-interesting life that fits what you’re looking for to a T.


I agree with Illyrio & Varys or Jamie & Dayne (already stated) but for a contemporary pair I'd be interested in the Citadel/some acolytes--probably Lazy Leo & "Alleras." Their backstories, relationship w/ Marwyn, and current context offer perfect setup for a series that would shed light on some of the higher mysteries of Westeros.


Stannis and Davos


Some Tywin and Tytos chapters, I want to disdain that goes through Tywin’s mind, towards his dad and anyone who isn’t a Lannister.


Robert and Ned


Rhaegar Targaryen and Arthur Dayne


Daemon Blackfyre & Bittersteel


Hot Pie and The Hound.


Aemon and Baelon (and heck, throw in Alyssa too) Please


Stannis and Patchface


Could be cool to get one about the early days of Jon Connington and Young Griff, echoing the “Aegon in disguise” elements of Dunk and Egg.


rhaegar and lyanna. arthur dayne and gerald hightower. daemon blackfyre and bittersteel. daeron i and viserys .


Arya and the Hound, I would love more detail into their escapades through the riverlands


Bloodraven and Shiera Seastar would be cool. We'd get to see the extent of whatever magic the were usung at the time, and give more light to Bloodraven as a character.


Bloodraven and Shiera Seastar. I know Bloodraven appears in the Dunk & Egg series, but as a side character. They're such interesting characters (magic-using Targaryen bastards who have a TON of influence at court, c'mon, so good). I'd love to get a more in depth look at them, both as individuals and the two of them together as weirdo sorcerer incest lovers.


Marwyn and Sarella.


A young Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon and there time in the Vale and leading up to the rebellion.


Nymeria & whoever her supporting cast would be Daenys the Dreamer


Quentyn Fireball and Daemon Blackfyre, would be great.


Septon Meribald and Dog


Mushroom and mushroom


I wouldn't use characters that exist already. It would be a young higher up and his guard during the last 10 years of Valyria, the story will end with Valyria being destroyed.


Olyvar Frey (who got the Rosby inheritence) and Bronn Blackwater have a fun neighbor feud at first, but then they become friends and bond over how much more they hate cersei.


Bob and Ned


Robert and Ned in the Val with Jon Arryn


Robert and Ned


I’d just like Dunk and Egg itself finished…


Brieene and podrick would be a fire novella series.


Podrick Payne and Brienne


Thoros and Beric. I would love to see both of their inner monologues; Beric’s visions and having to bring back Beric, and his feelings regarding Rhllor and his past life; and Berics death, his decisions to protect others, and to even pass on his flame to Cat. I would want to know their thought and feelings towards their own actions, and what they wrought.


I just REALLY want to make it to Summerhall.


Darkstar and Penny, the two best characters in the series.


Oberyn Martell and the Tattered prince in essos


War of Ninepenny Kings, aka the 4th black tyre rebellion, and Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Bryden Tully as the characters. Barristan because he is the hero of the whole thing by slaying the past male Blackfyre in battle And Bryden because many people overlook now much of a legend he is to people on the books, Jaime Lwnnister idolized him 2nd only to Arthur DayNe as boy, Jaime mentions in ZA feast of Crows being sent to visit Riverrun for a fortnignt as a boy, tywin was thinking of A match between Jaime and Lysa, and he ignored Lysa and followed the Blackfish around like a puppy asking questions.


Rorge and Biter would pretty dark


Wow, what a cool thread idea! Off the top of my head, I think I might actually say Addam and Alyn Velaryon, the two bastard sons of either Laenor Velaryon or the Sea Snake himself depending on who you ask. I just think that they have some of the best and coolest story material in the entire world of ASoIaF, especially when you look at them as sort of one character. Addam has this unbelievably heroic, honorable, and incredibly badass arc where he avenges some of the most horrific stuff in the entire Dance of Dragons (the treason of Tumbleton and subsequent sackings). Just the fact that he’s a bastard wharf rat who rises to be a dragon-rider and war hero at age 15/16 is cool enough in and of itself. And if Addam has a brief, explosive, action-packed and heroic arc then his brother Alyn would seem to have a long, epic drawn-out life with a career as a sailor nearly as storied as the Sea Snake - though we don’t quite know his whole story yet. But what we do know from the last few chapters of Fire & Blood is *really* interesting and cool, in my opinion. Alyn turns into Unwin Peake’s chief hated rival during his run as Aegon III’s regent, and successfully gets the better of him while repeatedly tweaking his nose. Single-handedly defeats the Ironborn on a suicide mission after dominating the Braavosi in the stepstones, and then triumphantly returns Aegon III’s long-lost brother Viserys from Essos. And we don’t even know much of what he does after that, but there’s room for lots more. So yeah, I think you could write some pretty awesome novellas about these two. You could do it in lots of ways, too - because we know very little about their early lives together before the Dance, so you could focus on that. Or you could focus on Addam’s exploits during the Dance and/or Alyn’s afterwards. Alyn especially is a very cool character who lived during an especially dim period of the Targaryen dynasty, in terms of what we know as fans.


I know that GRRM is not going to give us the Disney ending, but I want to see a Jon & Dany co-ruling, returning Targ Dynasty (including new Dragon hatchlings). Throw Tyrion in as Hand, and Dragon rider....


Bloodraven and Maester Aemon


The Lord of Winterfell, his Wolf and their wildling companion.


Or 4 books of freaking Benjen Stark


I don’t care who it is, just let Dolorous Edd go nuts with expository dialogue.


My pick probably be Smiling Knight and Ser Arthur Dayne. Of course they will not be on the same side. As the episodes change, we can see the perspectives on both sides. It would be fun to watch how Arthur pulls people to his side while the locals used to support the Kingswood Brotherhood.


Cassana Estermont, Steffon Baratheon would be great too. Since they were sent to find a bride for his son, we can deduce that they were close to the Mad king. We could also learn about the mad king, the youth of the Baratheon children, and Rhaegar. In addition, they may encountered many strange events in free citys.


Ramsay and Reek


Hm... Brynden Rivers and Aemon Targaryen at the Wall. Would like to learn more about the whole Blackfyre Rebellion era in general; most pairs from those civil wars would've worked.


Tywin Lannister and Aerys Targaryen. How was their friendship, and how did it fall apart? Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives: Rhaenys and Visenya (I know that's 3 characters) Daeron the Young Dragon and Baelor the Blessed (this would be a fascinating tale).


The love story between Tyrion and Tysha


Aegon II and Helaena.


Blood and Cheese.


Ser Harwin "Breakbones" Strong and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen


It was an intensenly stupid change, foreshadowing the many stupid changes they would make. Arya not killing Tywin made her complicet in the Red Wedding and the death of her family.


Arya could kill tywin in the books too, he was in harrenhal with the mountain but arya wasted her deaths on unimportant people because she's an stupid 9 year old and she realized that when they were leaving.


Elissa Farman and her adventures. How she stole the eggs and all the places she sailed to.


I would love a novella on The Hound, and the Mountain. I think it would be interesting to know what happens to their mother? Why do they believe that the Mountains killed his father, and his sister? and why their father treated the Hound the way he did?


Those two hedge knights Brienne ran into on the road, Ser Illifer the Pennyless and Ser Creyton Longbow.


Buddy cop show, but it's Davos and Bronn


None. I don’t want any more novella’s or history book, I want the next book in the series.


Giantsbane and Rattleshirt


Probably a mercenary company but smaller then the golden company. U could rlly show the havoc on people that aren’t the main characters.


I would love a series that could parallel to dunk and egg with a famous knight and squire (maybe not a secret targ squire) young Barristan meeting dunc and egg and seeing some of his own journey would be really cool. He clearly has a respect and love for knighthood and tradition. You could potentially see how young Barry is influenced by his first lord commander (dunk) and carries on the value of knighthood and teaches it to his squires (like he is for dany’s knights in training) might be too similar to the hedge knight series but could also be cool


I’d have 3 more books of dunk and egg and then way more, I don’t want more stories right now I want the stories we already have to progress further


Ned and Ashara baiby


Something involving Yi Ti


Cant say i ever met a literate stone mason. Have you met many stone masons my lord? Careful now girl. I enjoy you but be careful


Would honestly love a novella about Daemon & Nettles, like if George allowed them to secretly survive after The Dance. But tbh would love if George just published a book short stories from Westeros and Essos with each chapter featuring a new pov in a new point in time. Like imagine a short chapter from the point of view of Aerea as she rode atop Balerion and her arrival in the ruins of Valyria. Or some other random POVs from across the history of ASOIAF.


Barristan Selmy and Jaime Lannister.