Yeah I bought a pair of infrared 90s back in 2008. My friend tried them on and stuffed up the padding on the heel of one side. Still wrecked to this day. Only a couple of weeks ago it got really bad.


sorry if it’s a bit late to comment, i put my air max 90 worldwide’s in the washing machine after an onit and the lump appeared as well. the only way ive found to fix it is to heat the inner heel part with a hair dryer and push it back to as normal as possible. mines still feel a bit uncomfortable but they’re so much better than before. the more time you spend doing it the better, i did this in 10 minutes max, for both shoes.


If you've still got them or have the same issue with other trainers, put something in the front of the shoe (I use a tea towel) then ball up a pair of socks and soak in hot water. Put these in the trainer so it pushes back against the heel. Sorts the issue out within an hour!