[Time Arrow]Fifty Fathoms homage

[Time Arrow]Fifty Fathoms homage


Just picked this up a few days ago off of EBay! I’ve always been attracted to 50’s dive watches, but considering I’m not in the financial position to purchase one right now I’ve had to settle for homages. Modeled after the Tornek Rayville Fifty Fathoms. At $125 it’s one of the cheapest watches I own but it definitely doesn’t look it. Quartz movement, sapphire glass, rated to 10 ATM with a screw down crown and case back. The dial and bezel are both lumed but at this price point it’s not the greatest which I can understand. A very solid watch for the price and looks awesome if you’re into the vintage style. I put it on a Maratac mil-nato to complete the look and I’m really pleased with it. They do a “no radiation” dial one as well which I’m going to pick up eventually.


That is stunning, I love the 50 fathoms


That is really cool. By far the coolest homage I've seen from anything.